The hunting party did not come back for three days in a row. Ake, who had only been watching, was a little worried.

With the passage of time, the uneasiness and anxiety in my heart became more and more intense, which made Ali unable to stay in the ironmaking room any longer. He handed over the matter to Ayan and another female and ran to the wall to guard it.

At last several people discussed it, Ake and Aze took several females into the forest to look for it.

"It will be all right." Chen Qi brought Ali back to his home and cooked him a pot of tea.

Ajing also leaned in worriedly. Chen Qi touched his little head and said, "You go and do your homework. I'll just leave it here."

Ajing nodded and left with the young wolf.

Aze's visit lasted another two days. The females in Qi Ze City put down their work and were assigned to guard in watchtowers on the four gates. They knew that there could not be any living creatures on the plain now, but everyone was still on the alert.

At sunset that day, I don't know who shouted, "They're back."

Chen Qi hurriedly looked along the direction pointed out by the female. The plain vegetation in summer was lush. Chen Qi's eyesight was not as good as that of the female, and he could not see any movement there.

After about a minute or so, I finally saw a few dots moving slowly toward this side. When they came under the wall, Chen Qi discovered the flustered Azhang and his party.

In fact, Azhang several people escaped from the pursuit of stegosaurus before the mess at the moment, but when they walked along the river for a day there was still no sign that they could leave the dense forest. After discussion, they planned to deviate from the small river and follow the direction of the sun.

Who knows not how far, and then met an adult stegosaurus, stegosaurus sharp sword Angle in the sun with cold light, the stegosaurus did not take the initiative to attack a few people, just standing in the direction of a few people forward looking at a distance, Azhang know, if they dare to go forward, the stegosaurus will not hesitate to step on them, or with a sharp sword Angle pierced their bodies.

Feel the threat of stegosaurus, Azhang helpless, can only take people back to the riverside, strange to say, when walking along the riverside in addition to the occasional wild fruit on the road, even if not far away clearly can hear birds and insects, but whether on the road or in the water, into the eye but there is no figure of any creature.

In this way, they walked for another day and a night. When the food they had brought with them was consumed and they could only feed on wild fruits, they finally returned to the waterfall where they met pterosaurs.

Then they met another pterosaur here, which was looking for its mate. this pterosaur didn't just want to capture the Beastmen, but wanted to kill all the Beastmen who had killed their mate. it knew that it wasn't the Beastmen' opponent on land, so it didn't confront them at all. it used its huge wings to fan up strong winds to block the way of the Beastmen. when the Beastmen were fleeing, it swooped down and left terrible scars on the Beastmen with sharp iron claws. if it weren't for Ake, they found the movement and went to find it here, maybe the shape of their team would have to mess up again.

After seeing the undamaged Azhang appeared in front of him, Ali's hanging heart finally fell to the ground. The corner of his eye was a little red because of too much emotional turmoil. He rushed up to meet Azhang and carefully checked Azhang up and down several times before he felt relieved.

Azhang allowed the other party to check continuously. He held his wrist until he finally stopped, comforting him in a low voice: "Don't worry, I'm fine."

Ali took the backpack behind him and said, "hmm."

At this moment is not suitable for Azhang and Syria, he called on a few old female and Ayan and Chen Qi to discuss this strange thing in the forest.

"The talking giant wolf god?" After hearing Azhang's account, everyone got a fright.

"Are you sure you heard correctly?" The oldest Acheng asked incredulously.

"I was there, and the two giant wolf gods really spoke." See the people are not very believe, Ashu also interjected.

"But . . ." Acheng said with some difficulty: "The Wolf God does not eat Beastmen."

The giant wolf god does not eat Beastmen. it is the only carnivorous creature in the world that does not eat Beastmen. legends that have been passed down all along show that once the giant wolf god eats Beastmen, it will be poisoned to death.

However, after listening to the legend and passing it on to the young beast people, Acheng was shocked by the incident.

"Eat the Beastmen and you will gain the same wisdom as the Beastmen?" Chen Qi's concerns are obviously different from those of Acheng.

"Well, that's what they say." Azhang's face is also very heavy.

Chen activated his fingers and lit his chin, lost in thought. When he came to this world, he always considered one thing. Why are people in this world called Beastmen? Even though the animals like Aze shed fur in winter, they are still human beings. At first, he thought that the Beastmen's explanation would refer to this kind of person with some kind of animalization ability? But after hearing Azhang's description this time, a slightly absurd idea suddenly flashed through his mind.

Beastmen, Beastmen, will the beast be the first, then the human?

Seeing Chen Qi's pale face suddenly after a short silence, Aze pinched Chen Qi's palm with a little worry. "Are you all right?"

The familiar tactility drew back Chen Qi's wandering thoughts. He looked at Aze sitting next to him. His beautiful black eyes were filled with worries. Chen Qi shook his head as if he wanted to shake off this absurd idea in his mind. He seemed to be answering Aze's question and said he was fine.

After fixing his mind, he turned his eyes to Azhang, "Azhang, what do you think?"

Azhang looked around at the crowd. "although it is not clear what the giant wolf god meant, I think it should be related to the abnormal phenomena in the forest. maybe the creatures in the forest will come out of the forest to attack us again." Paused, "or attack the tribe."

"It is necessary for me to go back and inform my tribe about this so that they can take precautions in advance." Armin said that they had met the bodies of Ankylosaurus on their way here. If that is a sign that the forest creatures are beginning to enter the plain, then naturally this summer they can no longer think that it is safe to have no creatures on the plain as usual.

Ayan was silent for a moment and replied, "I also need to go back and inform our tribe of this news." Flame Hill Tribe is also a tribe close to the forest. If there is any change in the forest, there is no doubt that their tribe will bear dragon attacks earlier than Qi Ze City. They have already lost many powerful females in this summer. If a few hyenas break into the tribe casually, there will be heavy casualties. Thought of here, Ayan's brow wrinkled even tighter.

"The tribal defense also needs to be strengthened a little bit."

Speaking of defense, Azhang asked Chen Qi, "Chen Qi, do you have any other ways to strengthen defense?"

Chen Qi looked at Aze and explained in detail the moat plan he mentioned earlier and all the people.

"This is a good method. We can try it. "Even if the effect is not as good as what Chen Qi said, it is still a defense.

"We need to come back again when we meet. I'll just go back and let the others stay and help you dig this so-called moat." Amin wanted to think and replied. The females of the Luoshui tribe he brought over this time are young females who have just grown up and not long ago. His failure to go back and talk to the patriarch for such a big deal shows that he is not at ease either.

Chen Qi had originally asked these people to help dig the moat together, otherwise it would take a lot of time for Qi Ze City's people to finish digging.

Azhang was also surprised when he heard this. He thanked Amin gratefully and said, "Thank you first."

The crowd discussed the matter of entering the forest until the middle of the night, which was gradually dispersed.

After everyone else left, Chen Qi stopped Azhang with a little fear and trembling and hesitated before asking: "If the giant wolf will eat the Beastmen, then the little wolf . . ."

After living with them for so long, Chen Qi has long regarded them as a part of his family. If it is good to put them back into the forest because of this, they are afraid that these beasts will kill them. But according to the situation of the young wolf now, it is no different to put it back into the forest and kill it directly. A beast that does not hunt on its own, even a giant wolf god, is not likely to live for a few days in Loya forest.

Seeing Chen Qi's worries, Aze also looked at Azhang, and he didn't want to stop living in Qi Ze City because of this.

Azhang was stunned. He didn't think about the problem at all. He looked at the two men with uneasy faces and Azhang smiled. "Don't worry, even if the two giant wolf gods I saw are a bit special, one thing will not change. The giant wolf gods will always be the Beastmen' companions, so the little wolf will always be our companions." Azhang could feel when he was in the forest that without the guidance of the giant wolf god, they would never have walked out of the forest safely this time.

Ali, who had been standing nearby, also comforted the two. "the giant wolf god is the patron saint of the three rivers. Beastmen will not harm the giant wolf god."

After listening to Azhang and Chen Qi, he was relieved. He looked at them sincerely, "Thank you."

The second day early in the morning, after telling others in his tribe, Amin took a female back to Luoshui tribe. Ayan started one day later than the two. He and Zhang talked all day and left early the next morning.

Later Chen Qi knew that this day Ayan and Azhang were talking about plans to merge the tribes of Flame Hill. This surprised Chen Qi a bit. According to Chen Qi's understanding, Beastmen tribes rarely merge into other tribes voluntarily unless they have to. Although Flame Hill tribes lost a lot of people this year, they have received food aid from Luoshui tribe. It is not a problem to continue to develop. They don't have only two males and a few healthy and normal females like Qi Ze City. The rest are all disabled or elderly females. They now have almost equal numbers of males and females. As long as they spend more time, it is absolutely unnecessary to merge into other tribes.

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