Only two people from the Flame Hill tribe came this time. Ayan left Ayu behind. Azhang was worried that the other party had not taken care of him after walking so far. He arranged a female from Qi Ze City to go back with him.

After thanking all the people, Ayan went away with some of the things he collected and enough food behind his back. he didn't bring paper, bamboo sieve, cloth and so on in Qi Ze City. he did bring a wooden bow. the arrow was made of the iron armor of ankylosaurus. because the quantity was not large, he only made two, and the other arrows were still made of bone.

After the arrow was replaced by iron, its lethality was obviously much stronger than that of the original bone arrow. It was easy to shoot through those arrows. It's a pity that grinding iron is a hard work. Even if it is now proved that iron can be obtained by recasting the iron after melting it, it takes a lot of resources and manpower. For firewood alone, Ayan went to the edge of the forest to cut down two times in the past few days. Only then did he make several arrows and a shovel and iron hoe.

In addition to Amin and Ayan, who returned to the tribe to deliver the news, Azhang also sent Asu and another female to the Lion Wolf Tribe. They told the Lion Wolf Tribe all the information they now know, and then the Lion Wolf Tribe informed the other tribes.

Can't, Qi Ze City's number is too small, simply can't tell people to notice one tribe by one, can only give the lion Wolf tribe to do it.

After receiving the advice of the giant wolf god, Azhang also dismissed the practice of letting people hunt in the forest again. the main meat of Qi Ze City people can only come from chishui river, so that they can no longer catch fish with the method of Buddhist fishing as before, but weave fishing nets and catch fish with nets according to the method Chen Qi taught Luoshui tribe before.

However, this time the beast people will not only catch fish in a few fixed spots, but will also change places along the Chishui River to catch fish within a distance of one day, which will not scare all the fish away, and will also be beneficial to the cultivation and living of the fish.

Hunting activities are still held once every other day, while other times huge construction work is started.

Before Azhang and his family came back from the forest, Chen Qi had already drawn many renderings of the moat, because they were not professionals, and only Chen Qi could do such work as site selection and survey roughly.

In order not to affect the existing city wall, the moat is also some distance away from the city wall, and the excavated silt is heightened and compacted along the edge of the city wall.

When Chen Qi measured the moat, Ali and some people cut the sprouted potatoes one by one, leaving only one bud on each piece, and then planted all the remaining half of the open land in Qi Ze City, while planting sweet potatoes in the remaining vacant land.

The pieces of ironware brought back this time were all made into farm tools by Chen Qi. he also had only two hoes and three shovels. although they were not as good as the claws of the females, for those who could no longer be turned into beasts and for the males, the ironware was already comparable to the existence of swords and horns. unfortunately, there were not many ironware. now he had to dig the moat, otherwise Chen Qi really wanted to make some kitchen utensils.

It was hot at noon, and Chen Qi was not like the beasts who had been exposed to the sun all day. Even with their hats on, he was a little dizzy before noon. Aze carried him home without saying anything, and he was not allowed to go to the moat to help.

Chen Qi couldn't help but go to school to help Ka Luo cook lunch for the beast people after he recovered.

Because the beast people in Qi Ze City are busy building moat, so now lunch and evening meals are sent directly to the outside of the city. in order to finish moat earlier, females do not stop work until midnight every day except for the moonless days. as long as they have good eyesight, they need to be replaced by Chen Qi. once it is dark and there is no oil lamp, they can't see things around them at all depending on the faint moonlight.

Now is responsible for managing the entire Qi Ze City food is Ka Luo and Ajing, young wolf is responsible for watching the unusually lively obsidian o forbid him to touch.

Ayao now is active age, curious about everything, accidentally ran a shadow also have no, Ka Luo also dare not let him out of his sight.

And young Wolf age is not big, it is no patience, saw the obsidian o ran out or want to climb to a high place, word will each other off, also from the throat threatening voice let him don't move.

Ayao will be a little afraid of it at first because of the threat of the young wolf. later he found out that the other party would not hurt himself at all, so he did what he should do. as a result, the young wolf learned to directly press the other party on the bed with his front paws and did not move. for more than ten months, the young wolf has grown up to the waist height of Ajing. it is easy to suppress the three-headed small dumplings.

When Chen Qi came in, he saw Ka Luo frying fish balls. In such hot weather, he could not eat the fried food.

Seeing Chen Qi come in with a cloth bag, Ka Luo knew that the other party must not be able to stand the big sun being rushed back by his eldest brother. He grinned and said, "I didn't need you to dig the moat in person. The big sun will soon make you dizzy."

Chen Qi choked and watched him happily blow a freshly fried and steaming fish ball into his mouth at random. Then he was undoubtedly scalded and loathe to spit out the fish ball. He could only keep breathing and trying to blow it cold. When he finally swallowed, he found that the other person's eyes were foggy.

. . . . . . This way of eating is not afraid of getting angry.

Seeing Chen Qi open the bag he was holding and take out some bags from it, Ka Luo leaned over curiously, "What did you bring?"

"Barnyard and mung bean, and sugar." Chen Qi replied as he spread out the things.

The barnyard grass he had picked with Aze had almost dried up in two days in this sun. He set aside half of the seeds and planted them in some specially left fields on the wasteland. The remaining half could not help but get a stone mortar, and then shelled the barnyard grass to get a small bag of rice grains.

When he was dizzy from the sun just now, he wanted to do something to clear away the heat and relieve the summer heat for those beasts who worked hard in the hot sun. Seeing barnyard grass rice nearby, he found out the remaining mung beans and a bag of sugar and went to the cooking classroom on this side of the school to find Ka Luo.

After all, there is not much material, Chen Qi can only be divided into two big pottery and add a little more water to make it thinner, which can ensure everyone can eat a bowl.

Wash mung beans and put them in pottery, add water to soften them, then wash barnyard grass and rice and put them in, boil them until they are slightly sticky, then add sugar.

In order to eat mung bean porridge for the only time, Chen Qi also took saltpeter and made a plate of ice. He put the cooked mung bean porridge into the ice and put it on ice. During this period of time, he also took out a large jar of pickled cabbage, cleaned it all, cut the bacon and fried a large pottery.

Then he cooked two plates of fish porridge with rice berries, and after seeing that it was almost time, he sent Ajing to call back the beast people for dinner. After all, the ice was too easy to melt, and he carried this pile of things to the outside of the city. There was no ice mung bean porridge.

After hearing Chen Qi call them back to dinner today, Azhang was puzzled for a moment, but stopped to call the crowd to tidy up and go back.

Chen Qi had already prepared two large wooden barrels outside the door, filled with well water that Ajing had just hit, and ordered the beast people to wash their hands before coming in.

Because of the large number of people, the meal was divided into two places: the classroom and the sewing room.

Aze came to help carry out the cooked dishes together. Chen Qi just gave each of them a bowl of mung bean porridge, no more, no less, just one bowl for each person.

The beast people ate the fried meat pie and fried fish balls cooked by Ka Luo for two days in a row, suddenly holding the mung bean congee with cold ice for a while. The people in Qi Ze City haven't eaten anything frozen in the summer, but the Luoshui tribe had eaten it every day before. Now their eyes are bright when they see the mung bean congee with cold ice. Can't wait to drink a mouthful of, from the outside to the inside, feel the sun for a morning of heat were dispersed by half.

Ale was the first to shout, "Chen Qi, I'll take care of your job of digging the moat."

O sitting next to the tree also hurriedly follow nod.

Chen Qi smiled and said, "This mung bean porridge has run out of tares and mung beans. This is the only meal you want to eat."

. . . . . . After listening to Chen Qi's words, everyone's eating slowed down suddenly, and no one was willing to eat up the cold ice immediately.

Ka Luo held his own bowl of mung bean porridge and looked at the plates of golden fried fish balls piled full on the table. He silently reached his chopsticks over the plates of pickled cabbage and fried meat made by Chen Qi. With this cold and icy mung bean porridge from My Sweetie, he felt that the heat around him was not so unbearable.

With mung bean porridge to stimulate the appetite, the following fish porridge was swept away by the beast people. Even the fish balls made by Ka Luo could not be left in front of the beast people who consume a lot because of strong labor.

Seeing that everyone had eaten about the same, Chen Qi went to the cooking classroom and took some honeydew melons and cut them out. The honeydew melons did not use ice, but they soaked in the well water that had just been beaten for a long time. Even in such hot weather, the well water that had just been beaten was cold. Although the effect was not as good as the real ice, it was much better than not soaking in the well water and eating directly.

"I never thought well water could be used in this way." After a bite of honeydew melon, Ali couldn't help feeling 1.

Chen Qi put the honeydew melon cut into small pieces in a pottery dish and handed it to Aze. He also carefully cut a bamboo stick for him, so that he wouldn't have to take a large piece and chew it directly like others.

"In the future, if you want to eat fruit, you can soak it first." Chen Qi, admiring Aze's elegant eating style, replied.

Today's lunch can be said to be the most comfortable meal for people in Qi Ze City since the beginning of summer. Even if there is no whole meat favorite by the females, everyone enjoyed it very much and went back to work after a short rest.

After all, porridge is easy to digest. Shortly after noon, Chen Qi made many pancakes for them. The pancakes were filled with minced meat and were soon eaten separately.

As a result, after a moat was dug up, even after daily hard work, the females felt that their companions seemed stronger than before.

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