The excavation of the moat lasted for about a month. Of course, there were also various things such as managing the farmlands planted in the tribe, hunting in Chishui River and taking swimming lessons while hunting.

After Asu reported the news to the Lion Wolf Tribe, several strangers whom Chen Qi did not know returned with him on this day.

Azhang introduced several people into the office not far from the gate of the city. After chatting for more than half a day, Azhang led several people to visit the tribe and then they left.

Chen Qi knew that it was the Beastmen of the Lion Wolf Tribe when he was resting at night to deliver dinner to all.

"Do they want to come to our meeting too?" Ake asked with a frown that since the Yanshan tribe merged into the Lion Wolf tribe, he had no good feeling for that tribe.

Azhang did not immediately inform the people in the tribe about the incident, but brought Chen Qi, Aze and Ake together to discuss it with several old women who helped in charge.

Asu, who brought back the Lion Wolf Tribe, interjected: "Amin and Ayan seemed to have said in the Lion Wolf Tribe before leaving that their meeting this year would come to Qi Ze City, so they planned to arrange some people to come as well."

"maybe it's not just for exchange, but for the males of other tribes." Ake gave each other a look and said slowly.

Asu touched his nose wryly.

The annual gathering is also known as the annual blind date meeting, which is usually attended by females who want to find a partner. Lion Wolf Tribe has a large population, and the number of single males is naturally the largest in the nearby tribes. Once males find a foreign partner, they usually require the other to stay in their own tribe, which can not only increase the population of the tribe, but also increase the fighting force for the tribe.

However, not all cross-eyed females are willing to leave their tribe. At this time, once the males do not want to leave their tribe, the mate will not be able to form. Last year, Ale didn't find a mate because he didn't want to stay in the Lion Wolf Tribe.

At this year's gathering, the Flame Hill tribe and the Luoshui tribe clearly want to send out their males. The Luoshui tribe is recognized as a tribe with many males, but the beast people have a strong sense of belonging to the tribe. Even if the females want to find a mate again, they do not want to leave the tribe. Therefore, even if the Luoshui tribe has more males than other tribes, there will still be many single males.

But this time the Luoshui tribe and the Flame Hill tribe are clearly planning to let the males leave their tribe. This is not only a surprise for the females of the Lion Wolf Tribe, but also a great temptation for other small tribes around. Once the news comes, it is estimated that this year's meeting place will be directly changed to Qi Ze City.

Ale is the only female in Qi Ze City who has not had a partner for a long time. Other females, like Asu, are about the same age as Ali. At least they are in their seventies and eighties, so they have not been looking for a partner for a long time.

When I first heard that the two tribes were bringing their males, although the single females were as happy as the others on the surface, they were not particularly enthusiastic about it. Even though Qi Ze City has got a lot of new things, they don't think Qi Ze City can keep the males of other tribes.

"What do you think?" Azhang turned to ask Chen Qi.

Chen Qi was stunned. "Do you want the males to have a crush on our females and stay voluntarily?"

Azhang nodded. Although other people have given up their plans to find a mate, this time it is rare for Luoshui and Flame Hill tribes to bring the males here. Azhang also does not want these Beastmen who have lived hard on the wasteland for several years to miss such an opportunity. If they can take this opportunity to leave one or two males, the tribe can also develop. Otherwise, after their females return to the arms of the beast god, Qi Ze City will be afraid to follow in the footsteps of the former Yanshan tribe and will have to wait until it dies slowly.

Chen Qi thought for a moment, "If they want to stay voluntarily, they must see what is worth their stay."

"We don't lack food, we don't lack houses to live in, the city wall is enough to ensure our safety to a certain extent, the only thing that we lack is people guarding the tribe. The Lion Wolf Tribe also has enough food, houses and natural defense. the number of people is also larger than ours, which is much larger in safety than our dozens of people. Their females are also younger and stronger. If the males can choose us, it depends on whether our females have enough charm to compare the females of other tribes." Ake shrugged his shoulders. Although he also wanted to increase the number of tribes, he obviously did not believe that the single females in his tribe who had reached middle age could keep the young males.

Asu gathered his eyebrows a little unnaturally. At his age, he actually already didn't want to find any more partners. He was surprised to hear that Azhang and Ali had formed a partner. He also secretly wondered if he could find a female like Azhang if he was afraid of living alone.

Azhang looked at Chen Qi and wanted to hear his opinion. If the people of the Flame Hill tribe merge this time, he also did not want the males of the other tribe to be abducted by other tribes. But it is also impossible not to allow other tribes to attend the rally.

Chen Qi pondered for a moment and replied, "It is not impossible for males of other tribes to like our females, but I need to consider how to do this."

After receiving Chen Qi's answer, Azhang was relieved. He knew that the other party had already got a certain clue in this way.

"Since the males are coming to have a place to live, we don't have ancestral houses here to accommodate them, so we can't still assign people to each female's house like this?" Acheng interjected. Females can make do in the open air on the school playground, but males cannot.

"I'm going to build a few more empty houses as places for them." Azhang replied.

"It can be built in the open space next to the school, which is now empty."

"Well, that's what I plan to do, too. Do you have any suggestions about the planning of the house, Chen Qi?"

Chen Qi hesitated for a moment. "I'll tell you about the house after I have designed the picture." Now suddenly asked him what good plan he couldn't think of.

Azhang nodded. Several people chatted about the details and went back to work.

The moat was dug a full depth of six or seven meters, with a width of nearly ten meters. Even an adult stegosaurus of this size could be trapped.

At the beginning of digging to 4 or 5 meters, the river bottom began to seep water, but the next day the sun came out and was dried in the sun. The excavated soil was neatly piled up at the foot of the wall. As a result, it was half the height of the wall. It looked like another earth wall. The original wall was a bit short in the past. Chen Qi suggested to raise the wall by several meters.

Looking at the final results, Chen Qi had to be thankful that he had set aside enough space when planning the area of the tribe. Otherwise, the high wall now stands up and the area is too small, which would be very depressing.

After the moat was completed, the house for the males began to start construction. Azhang took people to move back all the slates from the original Yanshan tribe. Half of the houses had already been demolished for the construction of the tribe. This time, the remaining half of the tribe's houses were torn down directly, even the underground rubble was not spared. The tribe, which had appeared to be disorganized, completely disappeared from the plain and turned into a deserted clearing. If it weren't for the lone Yanshan, no one knew that there had ever been a tribe here.

The house has been built in two rows back to back. One house is not big. There is only one big room with two small rooms. The small rooms are a wash room and a kitchen respectively. The big room has six wooden beds neatly arranged, which is a bit like a modern student dormitory.

There are about ten such houses in a row, plus 20 at the front and back. The door near the road is for males and the back is for females. Because there is no wall on the playground of the school next door, the two rows of houses are empty.

Because we have to help the middle-aged females in Qi Ze City to think about what to do to make the males like it, Chen Qi took part in the early planning of the dormitory construction, and then threw it directly to Azhang.

At the moment, he was looking through a huge antelope horn. Aze brought Chen Qi's meal back from the school at night while eating and resting. Recently, tribal people had dinner together. Therefore, all the game returned from hunting were put in the school's cooking classroom. There was no fresh meat in the home, so he didn't cook at home any more.

Seeing Aze come in, Chen Qi hurriedly waved to Aze, "Aze, can you help me cut off this corner?"

Aze took it over. Ling Longjiao was very big, but its weight was very light and its texture was very hard. Chen used the saber blade many times, leaving only a shallow scratch on it. He couldn't stop cutting it. In order not to damage his saber blade, he had to leave it to Aze to deal with it.

Even the sharp fingernails of the females are not easy to break. It took Aze more than ten minutes to cut the length Chen Qi needed and hand it to the other party. Aze took it back and put it aside when Chen Qi was going to continue to work with Ling Long Horn. "Finish the food first and then do it."

Chen Qi smiled and leaned over to kiss each other's mouth. "Good."

After Ayao was carried home by Ka Luo to eat rice paste, Ajing took over Ka Luo's work, washing dishes, cleaning kitchen utensils, cleaning cooking classrooms and so on. although he was young, he acted neatly and unambiguously.

Young Wolf looked at the people around him who began to keep busy after eating and stood up slowly. It dumped its fluffy little tail, glanced at Ajing, retreated to the door, and ran towards the gate with the dim street light on the road.

The city gate will not be closed at night. There is only a wooden bridge on the moat that can bear the weight of Beastmen. The watchtower will be guarded all day long. There is no fear that dragons will break in. But apparently the guards didn't expect anyone to go out of the gate at this time. the young wolf was very fast. when the guards turned to another direction, they immediately jumped onto the wooden bridge, then they didn't enter the tall grass beside them and lost their figure.

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