After watching Chen Qi finish his dinner, Aze tidied up the dishes and went back to help build the house.

Chen Qi picked up the antelope horn that had been cut. The antelope horn was too hard, the incision was not smooth, and the yellow-brown horn texture was very rough. Although the cut was only a part of the horn tip, it was also as long as the forearm. The horn body had a slight radian, with a small incision on one side and a fist-sized hole on the other.

Chen Qi played for a while and saw Ajing come in. The other party first looked for a circle under the table and on the fire bed, then ran to several rooms for a turn and came out again soon.

"What are you looking for?" Chen Qi called out Ajing, who wanted to go out with a small frown, and asked doubtfully.

"Nothing." Ajing replied vaguely: "There are still things to be done at school. I'll go first."

"Can I help you?"

Ajing shook his head." Just put the things away. I can do it all by myself."

Chen Qi did not doubt him and told him, "Well, just do what you can and don't force yourself."

Ajing replied, hurriedly go out, since meet young Wolf, young Wolf has never left his sight, haven't seen each other since dinner today, Ajing heart faint a little worried. Where will the wolf go?

Chen Qi wiped the narrow side of the antelope horn with a clean cloth, then took a deep breath and blew it up against the small opening. A low melodious voice came from the horns of the antelope and dragon. Before Chen Qi could be happy, the voice stopped.

Chen Qi dumped jilt ling long horn, "it seems that lung capacity is not enough to use this thing."

Although the sound of the horn didn't appear for long, the abrupt sound made the working females stop their work. Before they could consider where the sound came from, Aze threw the slate in his hand and ran home.


After walking through a tall bush, running along the direction of the original Yanshan tribe for a while, one can see a small bamboo forest. Those extremely thick bamboos in the small bamboo forest have long been cut down. Now the rest are only a dozen bamboos as thick as arms, while the others are only one or two meters tall.

The giant wolf god with huge body was lying quietly in a bush in front of the small bamboo forest, his head tilted slightly, and the soft moonlight sprinkled on each other's body like a monster in the forest.

Hearing the noise, the white giant wolf god named Chen withdrew his eyes and looked at the moon all the time. he lowered his head slightly and saw a small white regiment standing on guard not far away.

Chen didn't speak, just quietly watching, young Wolf was it look scalp pins and needles, the whole body hair to fry up, knowing that the strength of the two sides disparity, throat still can't help but issued a low threat.

Chen narrowed his eyes like he saw something interesting, patted the position beside him with his thick front paws, and said with a sort of command, "Come here."

Young Wolf hesitated for a moment, his tail drooped, and turned uneasily for two rounds in the same place. Only then did he walk slowly past, and Chen did not urge him. After that, he continued to turn around and look at the unchangeable huge moon in the sky.

Until came to Chen's side, see each other and no further action, young Wolf has been tight body only slightly relaxed. Looking down Chen's eyes, there is nothing special about the unchanging moon except the brightness of each day. Young Wolf cocked his head and couldn't understand what's good about it.

"Whether in the forest or on the plain, only the two moons we see are the same." Chen's voice is very light, it doesn't sound like talking to the little wolf cub, but rather like talking to himself naturally.

Hearing Chen's voice, the young wolf's body, which had just relaxed, suddenly tightened up again. he jumped several steps reflexively and pulled away from the other side.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha." Chen suddenly laughed, "It seems that you have been taught well by them." The tone did not recognize whether it was sarcasm or praise. "Did I scare you?"

The pup did not answer either. Of course, he did not know how to speak now except that he could whine.

Chen was silent again, this time the little wolf cub didn't come near each other again, just stood there. When the other party finally saw enough of the moon and looked back at him, the pup could not help shaking and the claws that had been put away on the pup emerged.

Chen's eyes glanced at the paws of the young wolf and then fell on each other's faces.

Little Wolf cub has been well fed by Chen Qi for more than ten months. Even without the fluffy white hair, the whole body is round and mediocre. It is almost incomparable with the slender, strong and thin body of Giant Wolf God. It is also because of this reason that its limbs look a bit short. Plus, its big eyes, how can it be a stupid word?

Looking at such a little wolf cub Chen is not a general aversion, his nostrils could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, "since you have received my signal, are you going to go with me?"

When the young wolf heard this, his head shook like a rattle and he took a few steps back to show his position.

Chen was a little surprised. "Why did you come if you didn't want to leave?" Did you send the wrong signal? It hasn't sent a signal to its people for decades and it's not sure.

"Awoo, Awoo." The little wolf cried twice.

Chen was able to speak very early, but he could still understand the cub's original animal language. after hearing it, he curled his mouth. "rest assured, I am not going to hurt the Beastmen."

Young Wolf got the answer he wanted. He seemed to feel at ease. He leaned down slightly and made a gesture of obedience. This is a message inherited from his blood. Even if he had never been around his people, he knew that he would not be hurt as long as he obeyed.

Chen seemed amused to see the young wolf like this. "I really want to show that stupid dragon how stupid you are now."

Little Wolf cub raised his head slightly doubtfully to see it.

Chen humanized pendulum front PAWS, "forget it, now said you don't understand. This time I will not come back here for a long time after I leave. The water of the San Chen River has been polluted. Those fools in the forest have begun to stir. Even if they haven't found you yet, sooner or later you will be caught back into the forest by them. If you don't want to be trapped in the San Chen River, you won't be found by them."

Then Chen slowly stood up, his body was tall, even if the pup stood some distance away from him, he was still shrouded in his shadow, only a pair of golden pupils were unusually bright because they reflected the moonlight.

"It is estimated that the Beastmen will soon become the food of those fools." Chen's tone is cold, without any temperature, just like telling a very ordinary little thing.

"Awoo." Little Wolf whole body hair blown up, the light in the animal pupil seems to be bright again a few minutes, as if Chen as long as say a few words about the Beastmen will pounce on bite.

Chen was too lazy to dispute with a cub, and his current strength gave him the degree of itching. He shook some pieces of grass on his body and said, "Grow up quickly."

"Since you don't want to go with me, then go back early and don't be caught by the fools in the forest or killed by the Beastmen." Chen took a few steps forward, lowered his head slightly and approached the young wolf. "remember, you must not eat Beastmen."

Young Wolf stiff nodded, Chen didn't say more, slowly straight up, dumped tail, turned and walked towards the direction of the moon without looking back.

Until Chen tall figure completely disappeared in the moonlight, little Wolf this just relax the body, also don't want to stay outside, with their fastest speed ran in the direction of the Qi Ze City, came out for so long, Ajing can't see oneself is to worry about.


Aze kicked open the fence door in the yard and broke in. The wooden door in the hall was not closed because of the hot weather. Aze saw the familiar figure sitting under the dim oil lamp with the antelope horn playing games as soon as he crossed the yard.

Chen Qi was going to use the freshly made horn to blow it again when he heard a loud noise in the courtyard. Then Aze rushed in with a face of nervousness, pulling himself up and down and asking anxiously, "Are you all right?"

Aze's voice just fell, and Ake and Azhang at the back followed him. They could naturally recognize the sound coming from Chen Qi's home. They didn't check Chen Qi's situation like Aze did when they came in, but ran to the four rooms and made a turn first. They didn't come out until they found nothing unusual.

Chen Qi looked at more and more people coming in with a puzzled face. "What are you doing?"

"Did you hear a strange sound just now? We are worried about dragons breaking in." See Azhang with people around the yard and there is no special discovery, Ake this just ask Chen Qi.

"Strange voice?"

"The voice I have never heard before is a bit low and disappears after a while." Aze explained.

". . ." Chen Qi looked at the worried Aze whose eyes had not yet dissipated, looked at the other Beastmen gathered at the door, and looked at the prongs of a gazelle in his hand. Chen Qi blinked, picked up the antelope horn in his hand, took a deep breath and blew at the antelope horn. A low melodious voice came from the antelope horn, and the females who came in looked at Chen Qi in shock.

At the end of the breath, Chen Qi waved the horn of the antelope and dragon innocently and asked, "is that the voice?"

Azhang, who heard the same sound from the room again, returned to the room and just heard Chen Qi. Even though he had seen Chen Qi make many strange things, Azhang was still a little unbelievable this time. "How did you do it?"

How? Chen Qi really didn't know how to explain the principle that the horn can produce sound. He couldn't help but pass the horn to Aze and let him try.

Aze's vital capacity is better than Chen Qi's. According to Chen Qi's request, he blew up at one end of the horn. This time, the voice was much louder than Chen Qi's. It spread far and wide. Even the young wolf, who was still outside the city, heard it. The sound lasted for almost half a minute before stopping.

Hearing this strange sound, the speed of the young wolf accelerated a lot. as soon as he ran into the city gate, he saw a familiar voice calling himself. the young wolf rushed towards the figure.

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