With young Wolf get along for a long time, the scene has long been very familiar with the smell of young Wolf, along the Qi Ze City after looking for a circle didn't find each other's figure also can't help but a little anxious, the in the mind of the unease is slowly expanding, mind even emerged the idea of young Wolf will disappear forever, of course, this idea is just stir up was he directly put out.

When the horn sounded for the first time, he was next to the dormitory that had just begun to be built. He didn't care too much when he saw Aze and other Beastmen put down their work and ran to the direction of the sound. There were so many people who could not be solved by nature. Now the disappearance of the wolf is the big deal.

When the second horn sounded, Ajing had already reached the vicinity of the city gate. The newly planted Red fruits trees on both sides of the road had already reached the height of a palm in about a month. As soon as the wind blew through the tender green leaves, Ajing was worried that the young wolves would drill into these wooden fences around the Red fruits saplings and could not get out. Therefore, he was extremely careful in finding them one by one. However, this second horn sound lasted too long. Even if I knew that Aze would not be able to do anything in Chen Qi, I couldn't help but worry a little and wondered if I should go back and have a look first.


The familiar cry made Ajing stun. Looking back, he saw a white dumpling rush toward him directly in the dark night. Young Wolf was already half as tall as Ajing. The impact of rushing directly into Ajing's arms was still a little difficult for a child who was about to be eight years old. One man and one beast fell directly on the main road.

"Where have you been?" Ajing also did not consider the pain when his back hit the ground, holding the two pointed ears of the young wolf and tearing up the other's big head.

Young Wolf quietly looked at him and suddenly stuck out his tongue and licked Ajing's pink and tender little face, with baby fat, much better than last year's bony malnutrition.

Ajing also didn't abandon the drool on his face, only tugged at his ear, and taught the young wolf his foolish face: "don't run away without saying hello."

"Awoo."Little Wolf whelp please stick out your tongue, in the scene on the other side of the face also licked, finished with big head arch arch each other's chin, hope to let the scene don't angry because he suddenly ran away.

Plush hair friction on the skin is a little itchy, Ajing  rubbed his head hard, see each other's lovely appearance also don't have the heart to blame it, sit up, "just have you heard those strange voices? Let's go back and see what happened."

Young Wolf nodded, one man and one beast quickly headed for home.

In addition to still insist on guarding the gate of the female, Qi Ze City all the beast people were attracted by the sound of the horn, now in the three layers outside the three layers are packed tightly are people, also fortunately, Ajing and young wolf are relatively small, with cracks very not easy to squeeze in.

"To attract the attention of males in this way?"

"Mmm." Chen Qi nodded. The beast people already have their own unique warning signal. Chen Qi pounded the horn out not for warning, but to make some instruments that can be used. The horn is the simplest of them, so long as the two ends of the horn are cut open, the sound can be produced.

Of course, the horn alone cannot make the males look askance at the females, and although the sound of the horn can spread far, it is also a bit too monotonous, and if one can notice it, one must be able to attract the attention of others. Chen Qi considered for a long time and finally set the goal as dance.

For this primitive world without any form of entertainment at all, too many fancy dancing animals naturally cannot appreciate it. Chen Qi has no basis for dancing either. However, even the casually produced things Chen Qi is confident that he can let the animals take a look at them. Novelty things are always especially easy to attract the attention of others.

Chen Qi told several people in the room about his preliminary idea. Although he didn't understand it very well, it was obvious that others were still interested in it. They were surprised by the horn that could make strange sounds.

"I still need to make a few more drums, the horn alone is still a bit weak."

"What is a drum?"

Chen Qi got up and went to the side to take out two pieces of cowhide that had been treated in advance. This is the beast leather garment worn by Aze before. It has been put on hold since it was replaced by cloth. The intact cowhide that has not been used has not been saved at all. There is no way out. Chen Qi can only take out these two pieces of cowhide clothes and make do with them.

While everyone was there, Chen Qi was going to show them the drum directly. He found a wooden bucket filled with water and soaked cowhide in the water. Then he took all the people in the house to the outside of the courtyard and the onlookers took the initiative to get out of the way for them.

There was a piece of wood that Chen Qi had already prepared in the yard. The wood was about half a meter wide. Aze had cut it back from the forest before it was too late to cut it.

This piece of wood is a bit like poplar, bark can be peeled off, Chen Qi has already dealt with it, at the moment he took out a small piece of charcoal, drew a circle around the wood, waved to Aze, let him carefully hollowed out the wood.

This is a detailed and long work, others are already busy building dormitory, nature can't have been watching here, see nothing after Azhang let Asu with all the people back to work first, he and Aze stayed.

Naturally, the drum body cannot be handled in a straight barrel, with a radian and almost a semicircle. Even though it is not difficult for the females to split the wood, it took almost an entire night to finish the whole process and simply polish the wood inside and outside.

Ajing and the young wolf were so sleepy that they were rushed back by Chen Qi to wash and sleep in the middle of the night.

After the drum body was almost treated, Chen Qi simply applied a layer of jelly and brought over the soft cowhide after it was almost dried. The cowhide was tightly covered at both sides of the drum mouth, allowing Aze and Azhang to help tighten.

The cowhide has long been punched by Chen Qi. At the moment, he is holding a strong rope to fasten the cowhide on both sides together, and then he is firmly fixed at the drum mouth with the rope. There is no nail suitable for use here, so he can only make do with it. After treatment, put it on a wooden shelf prepared in advance to dry.

Azhang also knew that he was not in a hurry and went back to rest after fixing the drum.

The next day is the day when hunting is needed. Because of fishing nets, as long as there are five or six people, they will be enough to hunt back to feed the whole tribe for two days. Moreover, the rest will often be salted and dried to make dried salted fish. Although the taste does not smell very good, it can be preserved directly into winter. Therefore, hunters will catch a little more each time.

The cowhide was almost dry after drying for one day. Chen Qi moved directly to the playground of the school while eating dinner. The temperature also dropped when the sun was setting. Even if the roof was covered with weeds and sprinkled with water to cool it, it still could not drive away the heat in the room, so dinner was usually eaten outdoors.

Chen Qi asked the others to sit on the spot. He took out two sticks that were used as drumsticks and slapped them across each other. The sound of wood hitting each other was not loud. Chen Qi tried to knock on the edge of the cowhide drum. The sound was a bit dull. Recalling the drums I have seen before, I started to drop the wooden stick on the drum surface.

The sound of "drumming" began to ring. At first there was no rhythm. Slowly, it seemed to find a little feeling. The sound of "drumming" sounded on the playground with a little rhythm. Although the sound was not very loud, it was enough to surprise the beast people. Azhang, who helped to make the drum together all the way, was also full of surprise.

All eyes were focused on Chen Qi, and also on the other side holding a stick and knocking it down on the hands of the drum head. Everyone felt the shock in their hearts at every sound of the drum.

When Chen Qi finally stopped, he looked up and saw dozens of pairs of uniform looking at his eyes. He was a little embarrassed to ask Azhang, who was closest to him, "How was it? Is this enough to attract the attention of the males?"

Before Azhang could speak, Ka Luo, who was next to him, had already answered: "If a female knocks on this thing like this in front of me, I will definitely be attracted by him."

Sitting next to him is holding the obsidian, look at the past, poor Ka Luo behind felt a chill, hurriedly shrink neck, dare not to look in the direction of the Ake, also dare not to say more.

Ale's eyes lit up. "Chen Qi, do you want to teach us to knock on such things?"

Chen Qi nodded.

Other females were delighted. They all knew that many males would come to the gathering. If they could attract the eyes of the males, they might find a mate this year. Even Asu, who had not expected much from this gathering, couldn't help giving birth to a little conation.

Ashu looked at the jubilant females in Qi Ze City and at the envious females in his tribe. He could not help but ask, "Can we learn too?"

Chen Qi turned his eyes to Azhang and silently asked for his opinion. Azhang smiled and nodded, "Of course, all the females in Qi Ze can learn now."

Ashu bowed gratefully to him. Although most of the males this time came from their Luoshui tribe, isn't this from the Flame Hill tribe? Maybe this year they will get rid of the status of no partner.

Although the drum thing has been finalized, the dance thing has not been decided yet. In the construction of the dormitory in full swing, Chen Qi finally decided that dance is a kind of dance with simple movements, original flavor, and shouting to increase momentum, which is somewhat similar to war dance. This is the dance that he can think of that is most suitable for these beasts, and it is also the most easy to show the wild, brave and strong side that belongs to the Beastmen alone. Of course, it is also the easiest to attract the attention of others.

Beasts don't advocate delicate partners. The females here are responsible for hunting and supporting the family. The stronger the females are, the better they can protect their partners from starvation and freezing.

Strength is the most important thing for the beast people, and it is also what Chen Qi hopes to take out this time to help these females attract their partners. After all, the males have not had a chance to see the females when hunting.

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