During the period when the dormitory was completely completed, Chen Qi rebuilt the cowhide drum again. He melted the leftover bits and pieces of iron armor and made nails, and then took the opportunity to make many bone nails.

The newly-made cowhide drum no longer uses ropes to tighten its two ends, but instead uses nails to make the whole drum look like a model. Chen Qi also found large red colored fruits and painted the drum body several times. A row of red drums were placed together and were dazzling.

The drumstick is no longer the two sticks of a straight barrel, but the hammerhead is made into a circle, which is also wrapped with red cloth.

Chen Qi checked a large stack of choreographed movements again. Among them, two were the design drawings of clothing. In order to make the local animal people feel more substituted, all the materials used to make the clothing were animal skins, only some neck ornaments, hand ornaments and headdresses were added. As long as this part is in the charge of Ali, the other party has already done a lot of things designed by Chen Qi, and can fully present Chen Qi's requirements without Chen Qi worrying much.

"Chen Qi, the morning class is over." Aze stood by the door and cried.

Chen Qi replied and packed up the things. After the dormitory construction was completed, except for the hunting every other day, there was no large-scale activity that required all the Beastmen to participate in. After discussing with Azhang, he planned to rehearse the war dance from today.

The rehearsal site for the war dance is set on the school playground, which is very large and has been designated as a football field by Chen Qi. unfortunately, the beast people do not have time to play football now, and Chen Qi has no special interest in sports, otherwise he might try to play cuju.

The main purpose of this activity is to enable single females to attract the attention of males. Although the old females in Qi Ze City do not need to do such things as attracting whom, they are also very interested in this so-called dance. In order to rehearse, the four gates were closed early, and several old women also took the initiative to exchange work with several young guards on the wall to let them rehearse.

So when Chen Qi went to the playground, almost all the animals in Qi Ze City were waiting for him.

A amateur choreographer is doomed to be a mess for a bunch of novices. Although everyone's roles have been assigned early in the morning, the time in the morning is just enough for the drummers to touch the drums and the dancers to set up formations and movements.

Until the break, Chen Qi did not see any tacit cooperation. He was a little worried and wondered if he could teach the Beastmen how to dance before the first snow.

Azhang is very optimistic. Although he hasn't seen the effect of rehearsals yet, it is more than enough for Zhuo Zhuo to attract the attention of the males just by looking at the design drawings drawn by Chen Qi.

The days passed slowly in such a busy and unusual day. A wooden platform half a person high was set up in the playground. The Red fruits trees in the tribe had grown half a person high. Patches of potatoes had begun to blossom. Chen Qi and his men carried out artificial pollination for the whole flowering plant due to the lack of insects on the plain. Fortunately, the flowering periods of potatoes and sweet potatoes were staggered for a period of time, but they were not in a hurry.

During this period, Chen Qi also discovered white wax.

The discovery of white wax is actually a coincidence. Although Azhang was warned by the giant wolf god not to enter the forest any more, all the wood to be burned in the tribe came from cutting down trees in the forest, and white wax was found in a tree that Chen Qi had never seen before among the piles of trees cut back from Aze.

It is easy to make candles with white wax, because white wax is white, and Chen Qi has added different colors of dyed fruits to the melted wax. the candle made in this way is also different in color. after having candles, some lanterns are pasted with paper, and the lanterns are dyed red. several are hung under each eaves, which looks very festive.


"Is Qi Ze City ahead?"

"Their walls are built of earth? How can you build so high?"

"Have you heard any strange sounds?"

"It seems to be coming from Qi Ze City."

. . . . . .

A group of young males were carried by their relatives. When they saw the tall wall, they could not hide their excitement. They seldom had the chance to stay away from the tribe. This time the patriarch let them out. In fact, they already knew the patriarch's plan from the bottom of their hearts. Although they were a little uneasy and uneasy, they could not help but be attracted when they heard the females in Qi Ze talking about this strange tribe.

When seeing the familiar red-brown tall city wall, Axu's eyes softened a lot. Along the way, even if there was no biological attack, he did not dare to relax a little. At that time, he could not help secretly relieved when he saw the destination right in front of him. The corners of his mouth also took a little imperceptible radian to greet the crowd and ran to Qi Ze City in a mighty way.

Because of training, the wooden bridge on the moat has long been closed up. When a line of Luoshui tribe came and looked at the huge moat in front of them, they couldn't help but look at each other. Axu shouted at the watchtower on the gate. It took a long time to see a wrinkled old female head sticking out.

The old woman still remembered Axu. He looked back as if he had whispered something to someone. Then he shouted to Axu and his party to wait.

Even though it was separated by a tall city wall, Axu's sensitive hearing could still hear the noise coming from Qi Ze City. It was only after the old woman said that he would wait for a while that he regained calm and could not allow him to think about it. A wooden bridge was slowly lowered and then the thick gate was slowly opened.

The old woman stood by the door and saw a line of people from the Luoshui tribe with smiles on their faces. "It's still some time before the first snow. I didn't expect you to come so early."

Axu greeted him and replied, "After all, with the male, if you encounter the first snow on the road, you will be in trouble." The Luoshui tribe and Qi Ze City are very far apart. Axu planned to come earlier at the beginning, so that when he returned after the first snow, he would not have to encounter winter on the road. Otherwise, because of the physique of the males, he was afraid that the males who were not used to winter outside the tribe would get sick.

The old woman nodded clearly, led the crowd to the big wooden table beside the door, and took out a notebook and feather pen from the drawer. Axu knew that this was to register, and put his name on the newspaper with good knowledge. Then he introduced all the members of his tribe to the old woman one by one.

The old woman gently greeted them while slowly registering his name. Although he was slow in writing, fortunately everyone knew their names. He did not need to run to the side to recite a thousand words like Ale.

The males all came down from the back of the females and looked at everything around them curiously. When they saw the old females sitting at the table writing, they would gather their heads and ask questions. The old females would patiently answer them one by one.

A total of 50 people from the Luoshui tribe came this time, of whom 20 were males and the rest were females. The females were all very young, and everyone else except Axu looked as if they had just come of age. Male looks bad age is not neat, including a sideburns have a few silk, canthus have crow's feet, age looks older than Azhang, he is not as curious as others, although eyes have surprised, but has been quietly standing at the edge of the crowd, only at the time of registration came forward a few steps to the old female nodded slightly, is said hello.

"Brother." Ashu, who had just been rehearsed, was still covered with sweat on his forehead. His face was a little red after strenuous exercise, and his eyes became extremely bright when he saw familiar people.

Because the people who knew the Luoshui tribe came early, Chen Qi told them not to disclose the performance to the Luoshui tribe in advance when they were disbanded. After all, knowing in advance would reduce a lot of surprises.

See a period of time no longer grow taller, eyebrow eye also mature a lot of younger brother, Axu couldn't help but corners of the mouth slightly curved, but he only stretched out his hand and rubbed his tree hair a bit hard hair across him to come over to the back of the Azhang to meet up.

The Beastmen of other Luoshui tribes who had stayed in Qi Ze City saw their clansmen and all rushed forward to help with their luggage. Under the guidance of Asu, they arranged a line of people to stay in the dormitory. After all, they had been traveling for almost a month, and both the male and female faces were full of fatigue.

Most of the Ali brought by the Luoshui tribe this time were saltpeter, followed by various dried aquatic products, and some seeds of cotton and kapok that Chen Qi had asked Axu to pay special attention to.

Chen Qi was not in a hurry to plant these seeds. After all, there is only more than half a month left before the first snow. Chen Qi is also afraid that the newly grown seedlings will not survive the winter, which will be wasted.

Azhang led Axu toward the school. During this period, a room was built next to the school as a reception hall. Usually it was the dining hall for the rest of the tribe to eat together. It was very convenient to be near the cooking classroom.

Axu looked at the tribe which had changed a lot since he came last time. "I can hardly recognize it."

Ashu leaned in and said proudly, "Elder brother, I'll show you around later. There are many things you haven't seen."

Looking at each other's small facial expression, Axu ground his teeth and lowered his voice. "Do you still remember that you are from the Luoshui tribe?"

Ashu xi xi smiled, vomited to stick out tongue back.

Looking at the interaction between the two brothers, Azhang Haha smiled and patted Axu on the shoulder. He said to Ashu who was following him, "When you are settled, you can take the people of your tribe around. Now the people of the Flame Hill tribe have not come yet, and the gathering is not in a hurry."

Ashu nodded should be.

Because of the arrival of the Luoshui tribe, the rehearsals have come to an end. almost one month is enough for the Beastmen to learn the whole performance process by heart. now they can go on stage and perform directly when the meeting starts.

Chen Qi smiled and shook his head, looked at the sky, went home and lit a candle, intending to light up the oil lamp in the tribe.

Aze came out with a pottery filled with cooked fish oil. He walked in front of Chen Qi and filled the oil lamp with oil. Chen Qi lit the lamp. Before long, the dim light lit up from the tribe and looked extremely dazzling after the sun had completely set.

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