Because of the arrival of the Luoshui tribe, the whole city of Qi Ze has become extremely lively. Ali takes several old females to prepare dinner for everyone in the cooking classroom, while Asu arranges the Luoshui tribe to settle in the dormitory next to the school, and then has to fetch water and chop wood for the males, so it is very busy.

Ka Luo, as the only male in Qi Ze City except Chen Qi, naturally shouldered the responsibility of taking care of those males and replaced them with a batch of cloth made early in the morning. Although the people of Luoshui tribe also know how to sew simply now, obviously their sewing technology is still very rough, and the sewing style is a bit neither fish nor fowl. It looks like a few pieces of cloth draped over the body. Also because of this, many people still wear fur clothing. Even if the temperature drops a lot after the sun sets, Ka Luo still feels very hot when looking at their fur.

"Hey, Ale, why are you still at home?"

Ale's house is just across the street from the dormitory of the school. There are two lampposts at the door. Chen Qi and Aze are lighting the lamp in the lamppost. They find Ale holding a stone medicine roller and sitting on the stone steps.

Hearing the sound, Ale raised his head and saw Chen Qi and Aze. He picked up a cup-shaped pottery nearby and poured out the contents, which were several dried red chilies. He replied, "Several chilies I planted have been dried in the sun and are going to make chili powder."

Ale is one of the few people who can eat spicy food in Qi Ze City. Half of his yard is planted with chili. Chen Qi asked him to stagger the planting time before, so every once in a while there will be a batch of chili harvest in his yard.

Ale doesn't like eating whole peppers, but he likes to eat things with a little spicy taste. At first, he just uses peppers to cook together in food. After cooking, he will throw away the peppers and eat only spicy food. Chen Qi asked the reason several times and then taught him to grind the peppers into powder, so as long as he cooks or adds a little when eating, the food can bring spicy taste, and there is no need to waste the peppers.

Cut the chili into sections with sharp nails, then put it into a medicine mill and grind it slowly. Looking at Ale's earnest appearance, Chen Qi leaned over the wooden fence at the gate of the courtyard and said, "There are so many males in the tribe, don't you go and help and greet them?"

Hearing Chen Qi's words, Ale paused and bowed his head slightly awkwardly. "There are others here. I've finished eating my chili powder. I won't have to eat tonight if I don't make some."

Chen Qi did not tease him any more. It was also a time-consuming thing for the entire tribe to have all the oil lamps lit up. "Remember to go to the canteen for dinner later."

Ale hurriedly nodded and said he knew. Ale's cooking has always been poor. He studied with Ka Luo several times before. It was obviously the same material and the same steps, but the taste was very different. If you want to say who eats the most happily from this big pot now, the whole Qi Ze City must belong to Ale. Thinking of the dinner for a while, the action of grinding chili powder by the musicians also accelerated a lot. I think the dinner will be very rich with guests coming today.

Chen Qi and Aze walked out a few steps, folded back as if remembering something, pointed to the two red lanterns hanging at the door of Ale's house, and suggested with a smile: "Didn't you get a lot of white wax back the other day? Now these lanterns can be lit, and the males can't see as well as you, and you can't see anything with the oil lamps on the road."

After that, before Ale could answer, he left with Aze. After lighting all the lights, he would go to help Ali cook dinner.

Ale looked up at the two red lanterns overhead. During this time he made many candles and added some crushed pollen to the melted wax according to Chen Qi's instructions. When the candle burns, it will bring a little light fragrance and smell very good.

Even without thinking about Ale, he knew what Chen Qi was up to. He looked up at the busy dormitory nearby and sipped his lips. He went back to the room and took out the candle and lit it in a red lantern. The dim candle lit up a large area in front of the door.

The canteen is very large and can accommodate more than 200 or 300 people in Zhuo Zhuo. The inside was already filled with wooden tables and chairs. Before the sun went down, water had been sprinkled on the roof to cool down. All the wooden windows were wide open, which was somewhat cooler than the outside.

Chen Qi and Ali arranged all the tables around them, leaving a middle part of the tables together for stacking food and making it into a buffet so that they could choose their favorite food. There are two sets of tables around, but there are only two chairs beside each table. After all, this gathering is a large-scale blind date gathering from a certain angle. It is not bad for them to get in touch with each other earlier.

Pan after pan of food was placed in the middle of the canteen. There were dozens of dishes. Each dish was different. Fried fish slices, baked sweet potatoes, potato stew, pancakes . . . Ali almost finished all the food he could cook. He was not worried about the material. Not only the Luoshui tribe was shocked, but also Chen Qi was shocked.

He put some baked sweet potatoes into the pottery dish in Aze's hand, glanced at Ali, who was busy entering and leaving without stopping smiling. Chen Qi could not help muttering, "This scene really looks like a son brought his wife home with difficulty, while his mother-in-law set up a large table of delicious food to impress his wife."

Aze took some of Chen Qi's favorite pancakes and bread. He heard the other side mutter in a low voice and asked, "What did you say?"

"I said these males might have stayed after eating the food made by Ali."

Aze looked at the table full of food and nodded. Ali was the best cook in Qi Ze City, and probably the best cook in the whole Dora Plain. Few of the Beasts could resist the temptation of delicious food.

Although as the leader of the Luoshui tribe, this time, after all, the males and females should have a good contact. Axu told them a few words and then let them move.

Where have the Luoshui tribesmen seen so many different foods put together, Qi Ze City had few males, and the females of the Luoshui tribesmen took the food they liked and sat down to eat.

The males are reserved. Under Azhang's sign, the single middle-aged females in Qi Ze City are also very gentlemanly to accompany the males to introduce them to various food preparation methods and necessary materials.

Ale took a large plate of grilled fish meat, several baked sweet potatoes and half a plate of steamed mussels and found a corner where no one sat down. He took out a bone bottle from his pocket, licked his lips and carefully sprinkled red chili powder on every food. He did not even let go of the peeled baked sweet potatoes. When he was trying to enjoy his own dinner, a slightly hoarse voice came from the top of his head. "What did you put?"

Ale raised his head doubtfully and saw a pair of gray-blue eyes. He looked positively at the bone bottle in his hand and was also a middle-aged male with white hair on his temples.

The bone bottle has been stuffed with cork and the contents cannot be seen. The bearer simply sat opposite Ale, reached out and pointed to the bone bottle among the musicians and asked, "Can you show me?"

This man Ale met at the gate of the city. His age seems to be the largest among the Luoshui tribe. Unlike other males, he is not full of curiosity about Qi Ze City. He is probably a little cold in character, looks older, and feels a little alienated from people. However, no one is wandering around him. After selecting good food, he plans to find a corner to slowly settle the dinner. Then he sees a little female spilling some red powder onto the food.

Ale wait for a while handed the bone bottle to the other side, and Masako took it and nodded his thanks. Taking the cork away, he could see the red powder filled inside. He sniffed it closely, as if he were choking on his nose.

Looking at each other's frown, Ali smiled, "would you like to try it?" He pushed the grilled fish meat sprinkled with chili powder to the other side.

Looking at the thin layer of red powder on the roasted golden fish, the male hesitated, twisting a piece directly into his mouth with his hand, a pungent taste instantly filled the whole oral cavity, and his gray-blue eyes unconsciously widened. Before he could chew, he wanted to spit out the meat piece stained with strange taste. He looked up and saw the little female looking at himself with a face of expectation, struggling with it or swallowing it.

Ale hurriedly handed the cooled tea to the other party with a smile between his eyes. "I didn't expect you to eat spicy food. I am the only one here who can eat this chili powder. "Even Ashu abandoned him when he saw that he was going to sprinkle chili powder on the food in Dayton. Now he suddenly met a person with similar taste to himself, which made Ale unhappy.

". . . . . ."

Male silently put the cork stopper, and then handed the bone bottle back to Ale.

The spicy taste in my mouth was watered down by tea. What I just found difficult to enter actually had a feeling of aftertaste. Ale handed another baked sweet potato to the other party, "You try this."

Looking at the thin layer of bright red powder on it, Masako said, "The taste is too heavy. I may not be able to accept it."

Ale thought for a moment, put down the baked sweet potatoes in his hand, ran to the table where the food was placed and brought back two baked sweet potatoes. This time he sprinkled chili powder the size of a fingernail on them and handed them to the other side again."This one is only a little spicy."

Male hesitated, or pick up, the taste of the entrance is not as obvious as before, but within the scope of their own acceptance.

Seeing that the other party had finished eating the baked sweet potato stained with chili powder, Ale was not so happy. He stuffed the bottle of newly-made chili powder directly into the other party's hand and said joyfully, "Does the food feel better after adding chili powder? This is for you. I am the only one in the whole tribe who has this thing now. I can teach you how to do it when you are free."

After that, he did not wait for Yukiko to answer. He continued as if remembering something: "By the way, my name is Ale. What's your name?"

After rubbing the bone bottle, which felt a little cold to the touch, it was a little uncomfortable for the young female who suddenly became enthusiastic, but he still answered the other party's question, "Ye Huo."

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