"Ye Huo?"

"Well, because I was born at night, when the house was lighted with fire, Father gave me the name." Ye Huo lightly explained.

"It sounds good." Ale pointed to the food in the pottery dish in front of Ye Huo." Sprinkle some chili powder and mix it."

Ye Huo paused, but he took the cork off the bone bottle and carefully sprinkled some chili powder into the barbecue. Before he could learn how to use chopsticks, Ale handed the bone fork he had not used to the other party. The bone fork was much sharper than the wooden fork and could be directly inserted into the cooked meat. Although Ale's cooking technique was not good, he had a different kind of obstinacy about food and eating. Otherwise, he wouldn't have specially made a bone bottle to contain chili powder. A small bone bottle alone took him more than half a month.

Curiously looked at the bone fork in his hand, according to Ale's demonstration action will be sprinkled with chili powder barbecue mix, looked up at Ale, this just put a piece of meat fork into the import, with a little spicy meat well stimulate the taste buds, to adapt to the strange taste and feel a little strange.

Ale watched in fear and trembling as the other party slowly chewed the food in his mouth. Ye Huo ate slowly. He swallowed the food only when Ale was about to lose patience. Ale leaned forward slightly, carefully looked at each other's expression, "how? Is it delicious?"

Ye Huo forked up another piece of meat. This time, the chewing speed was faster. Only three or four times did it swallow the belly. Only then did it nod to Ale: "Well, it's delicious."

Ale breathed a sigh of relief and smiled again. "Wait a minute, I'll get you some more delicious food." With that, he ran away without waiting for an answer from Ye Huo.

". . . . . ."

Looking at the four or five pottery filled with food already on the table, Ye Huo picked up a fork and ate silently. His lip angle could not help but bring a little smile.

Axu, who was worried that Ye Huo would not adapt, just saw this scene and paused. He took a pottery dish filled with potato stew in his hand, turned around and walked towards the table by the window.

"Why are you hiding here alone?" Axu put down the pottery dish and looked at the man who was eating carefully in surprise.

Beasts eat a lot, and the corresponding pottery is not small either. Seeing the two big pottery suddenly placed in front of them, Asu moved his share of food aside to make room for each other. Looking up, he saw Axu and smiled. "As I am old, this opportunity is left to their young people."

Axu pulled open his chair and sat down. He couldn't help rolling his eyes. Besides Ale, the youngest of the remaining single females in Qi Ze City is Asu. Of course, even if he is younger, he is much older than Axu. Otherwise, he will not lose interest in finding a mate.

In fact, it is not only Asu, but other single females in Qi Ze City are not very interested in this blind date. Even though they are happy because there are so many males in the tribe, they do not think that they can arouse the interest of these male children at that age. Decades of single life have long made them accustomed to it, but everyone knows Azhang's painstaking efforts and Chen Qi's constant attention to their training and performance during this period. Even though he feels that there is no possibility of finding a partner for this, he is still very active in greeting the male children.

"You are not old at all. My father still boasts that he is still a young female when he is just an adult."

Asu was a little startled, thinking of Achu's face. Achu's face did look younger, and standing with Axu was more like a brother than a father and son. He smiled and stuffed a golden fish ball into his mouth without answering.

Today's dinner can be said to have been very successful, even if so much food has been cooked by the Beastmen. The Luoshui tribesmen were curious about everything in Qi Ze City, and the females patiently explained to them the problems thrown out one by one. It was late at night when the crowd slowly dispersed.


In the early morning of the next day, Aze was dragged by Azhang to catch fish by Chishui River. This time he only brought Aze and Ake, and the rest were females from Luoshui Tribe, while all the single females from Qi Ze City were left in the tribe by him, allowing them to show Luoshui Tribe people around Qi Ze City.

This morning's morning class Chen Qi did not let Ajing continue to take over the class, but caught up with Ashu and taught everyone a lesson. Ashu learned a lot of words during this time. Although he could not write all the words on the thousands of words, his back was no problem. Perhaps because Ashu is also a member of the Luoshui tribe, the new Beastmen have lost their restraint when they arrived yesterday. Ashu, who was flushed and caught up with the teaching world, started to heckle and sometimes was moved to say a few words. This lesson has become the most noisy one ever in Qi Ze City. Ajing, holding a young wolf in his arms, could not help but cast a sympathetic look at Ashu in the corner.

Chen Qi's days are free again after the training and performance are not needed. It will take about a month for the crops in the field to fully mature. The task of watering and weeding will now be taken care of by regular people every day. Chen Qi only needs to go to the ground and look at the growth of the crops every day.

The newly picked vegetables were salted and put into the storage room. This time the Luoshui tribe also brought a lot of refined salt. Now the salt storage in Qi Ze City is enough for everyone to use next winter, so Chen Qi does not need to save anything now.

I washed my hands out of the corner of my eye and caught a glimpse of several jars of wine piled up in the corner. I had the last experience of failure. Chen Qi was careful in every step this time. I counted the days when these wines had almost fermented. I took one jar out to see how the results were.

As soon as the seal was opened, a strong smell of wine aroma came to my nostrils. It was a far cry from the previous failed products that smelled of soil decay.

Chen Qi picked up the clean pottery cup next to him and poured a small cup. The color was beautiful orange and purple, very pale. He put it under his nose and smelled it, with a little unique fruit aroma of grapes.

Chen Qi gently took a sip. The taste of the wine is not very heavy, with a little sweetness, and the taste is very refreshing. There is no doubt that the wine was successfully brewed this time.

Just about to take another sip, a head poked out of the door, "Chen Qi, what are you drinking?"

Looked up and looked at the door, is to see Ale smiled stepped came in, also don't forget to follow behind the recruit waved, Chen Qi remember that is the male of Luoshui tribe, just a few strands of white hair and canthus crow's feet let Chen Qi slightly surprised, eyes turned between two people, did not ask.

Ye Huo nodded to Chen Qi and took the initiative to briefly introduce himself to the other party. Ale had already gathered to the edge of the wine jar and looked into the wine jar. The jar mouth was not large, and only liquid could be seen flowing inside. However, he had also seen Chen Qi dig up the wine buried in the ground before. Seeing that it was still this kind of wine jar at the moment, he guessed that the liquid inside should be what is called wine.

Ale simply pulled a chair for Ye Huo to sit on, and received Azhang's order early this morning to let them take the males of the Luoshui tribe to visit Qi Ze City. In particular, Ale, the only female who had just come of age, was specifically told by Azhang.

Since Ale failed to turn back the male of the Lion Wolf Tribe last year, his attitude towards finding a mate has been somewhat weak and weary. He thought it would be better for him to take the male who has no interest with him. He has the same hobby of spicy food and perhaps a little more topics. So he ran to the opposite dormitory early in the morning to catch Ye Huo, went to the morning class and went to a circle of vegetable fields full of plants. At the moment, I just want to take the other party back to school for lunch and then take him to see how to burn pottery paper in the afternoon. As a result, I just passed Chen Qi's house and smelled a strange smell of good smell. I thought Chen Qi was working on something new to eat again. Without saying anything, I pulled Ye Huo and came in.

Because the wine brewed this time was still successful, Chen Qi hung a smile on his face that could not be concealed. after greeting Ye Huo, he took out two clean pottery cups and each of them filled them with a small cup. "this is the newly brewed wine. try how it tastes."

Ye Huo took over, thanked Chen Qi, put it under his nose, and took a sip. Ale is not so fastidious, took it directly stuffy a gulp, as a result, the whole face wrinkled up immediately, although the degree of this fruit wine is not high, but for people who have not drunk wine, the taste of wine is not particularly good.

Chen Qi watched with amusement as Ale swallowed a big gulp of wine with a face of bitter hatred. Then he smiled and said, "You haven't got used to the taste of wine. Don't drink it all at once."

Ale put down the empty pottery cup with his tongue sticking out. Looking back, he saw that Ye Huo was narrowing his eyes slightly like a aftertaste. He noticed the two men's eyes. He nodded to Chen Qi and commented: "Although it tasted a little strange when he first started drinking, he felt that his mouth was very fragrant after drinking, and he felt like he wanted to continue drinking."

Chen Qi resealed the opened jar and pushed it to Ye Huo. "If you like, I'll give it to you."

"How can this work?" Ye Huo was rejected. Beastmen believed in bartering and rarely accepted things from strangers. Besides, Chen Qi was still a male child and could not understand why the other party gave food to him in vain.

"It's all right. It's just a gift." Chen Qi smiled and glanced at Ale, who had already started pouring tea to try to dilute the strange wine taste in his mouth. "If you feel embarrassed about taking my things for nothing, let Ale send me two bottles of chili powder in return."

When Ale heard this, he swallowed the tea and replied, "Yes, I'll help you make it tonight." Chen Qi is not very spicy, so there is no chili powder at home. The whole Qi Ze City estimates that only Ale has the patience to grind chili into powder little by little.

After all, he has nothing to do with Ale and wants Ale to return the gift or take it for nothing. Before he could open his mouth, Ale continued, "Since you like to drink this wine at night, otherwise I will go to pick some grapes and come back tomorrow. Then let Chen Qi teach you how to brew it, so that you can always have wine to drink."

Chen Qi smiled and nodded, "Yes, it is not difficult for this wine to take some time."

Looking at the two men have been determined down, Ye Huo looked down at his front of the jar, will be refused to swallow back to the mouth. Forget it, it is good to give Chen Qi another jar after the big deal is brewed.

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