Ale said he would do what he said. The next day he picked a big bag of grapes and brought them together with two prepared bamboo tubes of chili powder and two jars ready for brewing.

Others heard that Chen Qi's wine had been successfully brewed this time and couldn't help but come and watch. Chen Qi generously opened another jar and poured a little for them to taste. However, some people are willing to give their hands to such things as wine. Naturally, some people do not feel much about it. To Chen Qi's surprise, the appearance of Asu is hale and hearty. In Chen Qi's original world, the image that can be drunk at a glance turned out to be a cup of wine.

Looking at the last moment, Asu, who still walked over and drank the wine in one mouthful, was lying softly on the table the next moment. All the others who were trying to taste the wine stopped at the same time. Fortunately, Axu, who was standing beside him, reached out and gave Asu a hand so that he wouldn't fall to the ground.

"I'll take him home." Axu licked his lips. He liked the taste of the wine very much, but he always felt that it was not very enjoyable. He put down the cup a little regretfully and lifted the man who was already lying on the table beside him and looked confused and walked away.

Chen Qi touched his nose a little embarrassedly and told the people around him to let them drink a little leisurely and not to get drunk like Asu.

After listening to Chen Qi's explanation, they all knew that if they were drunk, they would have nothing to worry about as long as they slept and woke up. They all picked up their own small cup of wine and tasted it carefully.

After that day, wild fruits called grapes near the forest were swept away. The pottery makers made many pottery jars overnight. Chen Qi house also had five or six more jars of fermented wine.

The people of the Luoshui tribe also adapted well to the life in Qi Ze City. Axu completely handed over the clansmen to Azhang for arrangement. Because the people of the Flame Hill tribe were also coming, the meeting was planned to be held when the people of the Flame Hill tribe came. During this period of time, the people of the Luoshui tribe were arranged to learn various skills with the people of Qi Ze City.

Seeing the sudden increase of a large number of labor force, Chen Qi's mind became active again. After all, there will be people coming back. Therefore, two rows of houses were built behind the original two dormitories. In just a week or so, the output of cloth sewing, paper making and pottery making in Qi Ze City has doubled several times.

Azhang was also embarrassed to let the Luoshui tribe work in vain and taught with great care, but he was a little worried because he did not see any signs of a couple of females and males becoming partners for several days. He also knew that the single females in his tribe were relatively old, and it was not easy to attract the attention of those young males who had just come of age. He could only hope that the performance rehearsed by Chen Qi would have some effect.

On days when hunting is not needed, Aze will make some furniture at home. Sometimes Chen Qi will draw lines on some boxes. Aze will slowly carve out shapes according to the shapes of these lines. After all, Aze is not a technical job. Aze also carves carefully, and the result is not bad.

After Aze carved it, Chen Qi sometimes painted it again with dyed fruits, but it added a lot of color, and decoration at home would no longer make the dusty stone house too monotonous.

Chen Qi was sitting on a big wooden table under the fig tree, writing down the articles he remembered little by little. Now he has a pen and paper to write words very conveniently. Aze was sitting next to him. In front of him, a bamboo sieve was filled with a large pile of square wood blocks with long fingers. One end of the wood block had already drawn lines in advance. Aze only needed to slowly draw the shape along the lines, but these lines looked like words but did not look like the words he had learned.

Aze couldn't help wondering, "Chen Qi, what do you want me to carve this time?" There are at least a few hundred of these small wooden blocks in front of him. Chen Qi was a little puzzled when he asked him to make these small wooden blocks yesterday.

Chen Qi's movements in his hand did not stop, and he replied without lifting his head: "Opposite words."

"Reverse word?"

"Well, it can be used for printing, so you don't have to copy books every day."

At present, people who copy characters are basically Ajing. Anyone who wants to learn new things must take a pen and paper to copy them back to learn. Now the number of people in Qi Ze City is relatively small and can still use this method. However, once the number of people increases, the efficiency of this method is very low. This time the Luoshui tribe brought many things and gave them everything without exchanging anything with them. It was almost for nothing. Chen Qi thought about it and planned to print some books that can be read for the Luoshui tribe to take back.

It's a pity that this pile of reverse characters is different from what he taught the beast people before, so Chen Qi also wrote the correct characters on the other end of the small wooden block with a pen, so when printing is needed, it is only necessary to arrange them in the order of the correct characters, even those who can't read the reverse characters can be recognized immediately, which is very convenient. Chen Qi plans to ask Azhang to find him a special person to take charge of the job after Aze has finished carving. Any new books will spread much faster in the future.

Aze didn't ask any more questions, picked up one of the small pieces of wood and began to carve it quietly.

Just finished carving Aze suddenly stopped his action, he frowned slightly raised his head, their home is just facing the direction of the gate, even if the distance is far away, but with Aze's vision still can see the bustling around a bunch of people at the edge of the gate.

Chen Qi raised his head and looked down Aze's line of sight. He could only see some figures shaking and could not see clearly the situation at the gate of the city. He asked doubtfully, "What's the matter?"

"It may be that people from the Flame Hill tribe are here."

Chen Qi was a little surprised. He thought that the people from the Flame Hill tribe would arrive around the beginning of the snow, but he did not expect to arrive ahead of time.

At this moment, Ale also ran up from a distance and did not enter the courtyard. He just dropped on the wall and said hello to the two men. "The Flame Hill tribe and the Lion Wolf tribe are all here. Uncle Azhang asked everyone to help and say hello."

Aze and Chen Qi looked at each other, "Why did the Lion Wolf Tribe come in advance?"

"I don't know, there are still many of them."

Chen Qi stood up, "How many people have they come?"

Ale cocked his head and thought, "There may be 200 or 300 people."

". . . . . ."

Aze tidied up his things. "We know, we'll be there in a minute."

Ale passed on the news and then ran to the next room to continue to pass on the news.

Although the lion wolf tribe and the Flame Hill tribe have a large number of people this time around, the number of males is not too large, totaling about 20. The lion wolf clan leader and the Flame Hill clan leader did not come, but Azhang, the leader of the two clans, knew each other. The leader of the Flame Hill clan was Ayan, while the leader of the lion wolf clan was a male. The original leader of the Yanshan clan, Bai De.

Not only did Azhang feel surprised when he saw Bai De, but even the people in Qi Ze who were originally separated from the Yanshan tribe felt a little surprised. Even the people they had not seen when they went to the lion wolf tribe to exchange goods last year did not expect to take the initiative to come over.

Azhang picked his eyebrows, but did not say much. Several people were arranged to help them register one by one.

Ayan stayed in Qi Ze City for a period of time before. Before coming, he also told people in his tribe about Qi Ze City in detail, so everyone stood aside and waited while registering. The Lion Wolf Tribe had to register for the first time when they entered the tribe. some of them were curious and would come and watch it. after all, the number of people was relatively large, and the scene looked a bit noisy.

Bai De's expression was not very good when he saw such a scene, but he also patiently let others follow the arrangement of Qi Ze City.

Ayan was the first to register. after giving some instructions to his clansmen, he stepped forward and pulled Azhang to the other side. looking back, no one noticed them. only then did he lower his voice and say, "I'm sorry, I have broken my word."

Azhang looked at the few people brought by the Flame Hill tribe, the number is not large, also less than 30 people, male only about ten, age looks like they are about the same, and the rest of the female also only six or seven looks young, the rest are ears grey face old or is a look at the legs and feet inconvenience.

Azhang looked back clearly. "Did you go to the Lion Wolf Tribe first?"

"Mmm." Ayan nodded a little embarrassed, and then told Azhang about the current situation of Flame Hill tribes.

Ayan's original plan was to merge the Flame Hill tribe into Qi Ze City. He was somehow the partner of the chief of the Flame Hill tribe. He also had a little voice in the affairs of the tribe. However, when he told the clan what he thought, the first opponent was his partner, the current chief of the Flame Hill tribe.

The problem of the Flame Hill tribe has actually appeared for several years. It was only last year that the problem became more serious because of the attack by hyenas on the way to the assembly and the changes in hyenas in the summer forest. They not only asked Ayan to seek help from the Luoshui tribe, but also sent people to the Lion Wolf tribe. After all, the Lion Wolf tribe is the largest tribe in this area at present, and even if it is to merge, the Lion Wolf tribe is preferred.

When Ayan brought back the news that he wanted to merge into Qi Ze City, the people who went to Lion Wolf Tribe also brought back the news that Lion Wolf Tribe agreed to let them merge. If there is no news of another change in the giant wolf god in the forest, the people of the Flame Hill tribe may also consider Qi Ze City, but after knowing that there is a change in the forest, the chief of the Flame Hill tribe promptly decided to merge the clansmen into the lion wolf tribe.

The reason is not only because the number of people in Qi Ze City is too small, but also because Qi Ze City, like the Flame Hill tribe, is too close to the forest, which is too unsafe for the Flame Hill tribe's Beastmen who have been threatened by dragons all summer.

Later, no matter how Ayan lobbied, not only the chief of the clan, but also other members of the clan did not agree. he could not but lead the clan to the lion wolf clan first.

However, it didn't take long for me to join the Lion Wolf Tribe. I heard that people from the Lion Wolf Tribe would also come to Qi Ze City's assembly. Ayan discussed with his partner again and then talked with other clansmen one by one. this was the only way to gather the number of people coming this time. however, most of the people who came here came because they could find many things to do in Qi Ze City even if they were old and unable to walk. those young beasts who had just joined the big tribe all wanted to show themselves in the big tribe, so they were not interested in joining Qi Ze City, a small tribe with only a few dozen people.

So this is the present situation.

After hearing Ayan's explanation, Azhang stretched out his hand and patted Ayan on the shoulder, a face of chagrin, comforting him: "It's okay, you don't mind too much. After all, Lion Wolf Tribe is a big tribe. It is really safer for you to merge into it than to come to our small tribe." It's just that I'm really a little sorry, no matter who wants to be a stronger tribe.

Ayan gratefully nodded to Azhang. In fact, he also wanted to stay in Qi Ze City. He had an intuition that although the number of people in Qi Ze City now seems small, it is definitely a safer place than the Lion Wolf Tribe. However, he also knew that he could not stay, after all, his partner was still in the Lion Wolf Tribe, and he could not leave his partner and run to other tribes alone.

"Although the females are older and some are still injured, they were very brave Beastmen when they were young. If your tribe needs them, I hope you don't abandon them."

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