Even though two new rows of dormitories were built, the sudden influx of so many people was still not enough to live in. After all the males were arranged, the other young females camped out directly on the playground next door, just as Chen Qi did when he attended the lion and wolf tribal assembly.

Just looking at the wooden platform set up in the middle of the playground is a little surprised, but Qi Ze City has a lot of novelty, but no one feels strange.

Because of his guilt, Ayan also actively helped when arranging accommodation. After he finished, he also actively joined in today's fishing and hunting. The females of the Flame Hill tribe also helped each other pack up their belongings.

A drain milky tree has been planted around the playground for a long time, but the fruit tree has just sprouted and has not yet grown up. In addition, in the hot weather, the sun in the daytime can make people hot. It is a very difficult thing to sleep on the playground in such weather without shade.

After discussing with Azhang, Chen Qi decided to replace the single bed in the dormitory with the form of upper and lower bunks, and then adjust the distance of the beds so as to be able to move out two more beds.

So the dormitory with four people turned into a dormitory with twelve people in an instant.

The beast people in Qi Ze City all have experience in carpentry. In addition, people from Luoshui Tribe are learning to do it recently. After receiving Chen Qi's advice, it didn't take much effort to add another layer to the original wooden bed. The new bed board was also cut directly from the whole thick stump. At noon the next day, all the people who had camped out on the playground moved into the dormitory, while the extra number went to other people's homes to make do with the living. after all the arrangements were made, it was found that they were just able to accommodate the full population.

Azhang also breathed a sigh of relief. After all, it is still summer. It is not as cool as the weather after the first snow. He is also sorry to let people from other tribes come here and suffer in the sun.

After the arrangement was made, Azhang went to the leaders of several other tribes to discuss the meeting.

Since Yanshan tribe merged into lion wolf tribe, Azhang has not seen the former patriarch for several years. Bai De's spirit is a little tired. he lives with several males of his tribe. the males think that the things in Qi Ze City are novel and interesting. Azhang ran out to hang out early in the morning. when Azhang arrived, Bai De was the only one in the room.

Bai De is older than Ali, probably because he lost his partner and then his only son after going to the lion and wolf department. He looks a lot older. See Azhang stood at the door stun.

"We'd like to discuss about the meeting. Can you come to the house next to the gate later?" Azhang did not mean to enter, but stood at the door and asked.

Because against the light, Bai De couldn't see each other's expression clearly. Azhang didn't intend to turn around and leave after he reached the message.

"Are you blaming me for not taking you away?"

Hearing Bai De's words without head or tail, Azhang's steps to leave paused. He looked back at each other with fixed eyes. Bai De straightened his back a bit. He had been in the role of superior for a long time. Even though he has now become an ordinary Beastmen, he still doesn't want to be pinned down by Azhang's momentum.

Azhang picked his brow and said, "No, I don't blame you."

Bai De's eyes showed some surprise, but before the surprise was completely displayed, Azhang passed it on without any emotional ups and downs. "We stayed here voluntarily." Then he turned and left.

He didn't want to say another word to this man at all. If he knew that the Lion Wolf Tribe would send Bai De, he would not hesitate to refuse their request to come here to attend the rally.

Bai De's face instantly sank, clenched fist out of the veins stood out, slowly loosen for a long time, the gloomy look on his face has receded, the whole body fur clothing, headed for the direction of the gate.

Azhang left the dormitory and went to find Axu and Ayan. Axu moved to Asu's house again because the dormitory was not enough to live in. At the moment, Axu and Asu are working together on two jars of newly brewed wine.

In order to fully ferment the wine, it needs to be stirred several times with a clean wooden stick in the morning and evening. Because of the reason that Asu poured a cup of wine, he did not like the wine very much. Axu did not trust him to handle all the wine and left with Azhang after he had handled all the two jars of wine.

When the three men arrived at the gate of the city, they saw two groups of about 50 or 60 Beastmen from the Lion Wolf Tribe leaving the tribe.

Although it is a gathering, Qi Ze City does not restrict the access of the beast people, just say hello to the guards and indicate how long it will be back.

Today, the guard at the gate was Ake. He saw the three people who approached him jump down the wooden ladder from the wall and nodded to the other two as a greeting. Only then did he report to Ake: "The Lion Wolf Tribe are going to hunt in the forest."

"To hunt in the forest?" Azhang frowned. "Don't they know the changes in the forest?"

Ake shook his head and said he did not know.

Azhang waved Ake back to guard, while he led the other two into the next office.

When the three entered, they found Bai De already sitting inside waiting.

The space in the office is not very large. In the middle is a rectangular table made up of several large wooden tables. The table is covered with a red tablecloth and a dozen chairs are arranged around it. Near the door there is also a pottery for burning wood. Next to it is a wooden bucket for water and a small pile of wood. These are used for cooking tea when discussing things at ordinary times.

And Bai De is sitting in the top position at the moment, facing the door, saw three people come in just smiled and said hello to a few people.

Axu frowned irretrievably. Azhang pulled open the outermost chair and sat down directly. Axu sat down beside him. Ayan paused, hesitated, and sat down beside Bai De.

"There are no more game around the forest. I should have sent someone to explain to you the situation in the forest. Why should I enter the forest now?" Azhang looked at Bai De. Although he hated each other, he could not let other Beastmen rush to take risks in the forest.

Bai De smiled. "Don't worry about it. The hunters in the forest this time are all the best females in our tribe. They have rich hunting experience, and we have been hunting in the forest all the time. This time we just started in your tribe." The implication is that they did not take the changes in the forest to heart.

"Animals on the Dora Plain will migrate back next year. The Dora River and Chishui River have already provided enough food for your tribe. Why take risks in the forest?"

Bai De wave hand, "this is the decision of the heads of the fathers, not I let them go. Besides, there are so many people in our tribe now. After thousands of years of migration on the plains, animals have lived through winter through forests. Forests are dangerous. Is winter not dangerous? Who knows if Daoguang can survive the winter by eating fish?"

Azhang laughed scornfully, "You will know if eating fish is dangerous if you try." He knew, however, that since Bai De came to Qi Ze City, his food has always avoided fish food. He said that some people have never thought about trying to survive the winter by fish alone.

"Azhang, you call me to come here to discuss the meeting? Not whether we should enter the forest." Bai De knocked on the desktop with his hand and heard a few dull "dong dong" sounds to remind the other party.

The Lion Wolf Tribe also brought supplies to exchange this time, but everything was very miscellaneous, flint, hide, cloth, salt stone and so on. They were all common items among tribes, but they were not urgently needed by people in Qi Ze City now.

In fact, the meeting could have been held at the moment they arrived. The process of exchanging things was similar to that of last year's meeting of the Lion Wolf Tribe. Those who wanted to exchange things were arranged beside the playground. Those who wanted to exchange things were just discussing with each other how to change them.

Azhang will naturally discuss with them not how materials should be exchanged, but the ultimate goal of the gathering and how the blind date should be conducted.

Before the other tribes arrived, Azhang discussed with the people in his tribe and the final plan was to use what Chen Qi called a bonfire party.

In the evening, the temperature is cooler when there is no sun, and the fire is lit around the newly-built large wooden platform. This atmosphere is also suitable for the war dance performance they rehearsed for more than half a month.

The lion wolf tribe is still determined to go into the forest to hunt things out, Azhang told several people in detail about their plans.

"I think this method can be used." Axu had no idea how to do this blind date party. Although the single females in Qi Ze City are generally much older than the males of his tribe, he really hopes the males of his tribe can stay here.

Ayan nodded and said he had no opinion.

Azhang turned his eyes to Bai De.

Bai De: "I don't have any objection either, but the people of our tribe have just gone hunting and won't be back for two or three days. this bonfire party won't open until they come back."

Azhang nodded slightly. Since the Lion Wolf Tribe said they would come to the meeting, he could not secretly open it while they were away.

After confirming the time of the bonfire party, Azhang told several people about the arrangement of the recent period of time and the time when the tribes finally left.

The Luoshui tribe, because of its long journey and many males, decided to wait until the first snow was over before returning to the tribe, even though they did not know how many males would stay.

The Lion Wolf Tribe is close to each other and plans to return to the tribe the next day after the bonfire party. It seems that it doesn't want the males of its own tribe to have more contact with the females here.

Azhang didn't care either. After confirming the events of these days with them, the meeting ended.

Seeing Azhang getting up and going to leave, Bai De stopped the other party at once, then turned to Axu and Ayan and said, "I have something to talk with Azhang. Can you two leave first?"

Axu and Ayan looked at each other, nodded slightly and left the room first.

"I don't think we have anything to talk about."

"Well, I really don't need to talk to you." Bai De nodded. "I just want to ask how is Ali doing?"

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