Qi Ze City has been planting all kinds of fruit trees around it since the weeds were completely removed. Red fruits is on both sides of the road, there are water and milk fruits around the playground, and even milk fruits and the like are planted under the street lamps at intervals as decorations. Although these planted fruit trees have not yet fully grown up, weeding, watering, fertilizing and other work are indispensable at ordinary times.

Aze followed Chen Qi with a big bucket full of water. It was not an easy job to irrigate the entire tribe's fruit trees. Although there were other females to help with the work, Chen Qi would check the situation of these fruit trees every once in a while. If the fruit trees showed signs of withering, Aze would dig them up and replant them. At this time Aze would always follow him to help. Most of the time, he would help to pick up the water.

For several months, except for a rainstorm on the way back from Luoshui tribe, it has never rained again until now. Chen Qi visited the Chishui river two days ago. even if it has never rained again, the water in the Chishui river has not dropped much. the plants on the plain are still luxuriant and there is no sign of being troubled by drought.

One morning, only half of the fruit trees in Qi Ze City had time to be disposed of. The two men had just prepared to go back to prepare lunch and wait for the temperature to drop in the evening before continuing. As a result, when they passed the office near the city gate, they heard a loud "bang" sound.

Aze and Chen Qi looked at each other and then hurriedly jumped in. They saw Azhang's black and calm face, while the big wooden table in front of him had been smashed out of a huge hole.

Bai De knew Azhang had hated himself since he was young. Although he did not know where the hostility came from, since the other party became the chief of the clan, it would be better for him to make friends with the other party anyway.

Know Azhang and Ali's relationship has always been very good, originally is only a simple question, I didn't think Azhang would directly angry face to face, looking at the big wooden table smashed by the other party, although the in the mind a little scared, the look on his face is very ugly, think of at the beginning is Azhang lead said to stay in the tribe is not willing to go, this just let him lost a lot of strong female.

See inside confrontation with two people, Chen Qi stun, just want to ask what happened, Aze a pull Chen Qi wrist, gently shook his head to him.

Chen Qi said that he could only swallow what he said silently and stood aside with Aze.

Azhang saw the two men come in to slightly restrain their emotions, and saw others who heard the noise here and wanted to come to see also came along, also don't want to turn against Bai De now. After all, now he represents the whole Qi Ze City, and Bai De represents the lion wolf tribe. Although he doesn't like Bai De, he doesn't have any opinions about the lion wolf tribe.

Azhang took a deep breath and withdrew his hand after the expression on his face returned to normal. "Sorry, my hand is shaking." He said this sentence not to Bai De, but to Chen Qi, who was standing beside him.

". . . . . ." Hand shaking to smash a big wooden table?

Simply explained, Azhang also no longer say more, turned and left the office.

See Azhang gone, Aze glanced at Bai De lightly, also took Chen Qi to leave, Chen Qi looked back before leaving the door, but see Bai De looks pale to stare at two people, even with a few silk resentment in his eyes. Chen Qi frowned and strode away with Aze.

People who had heard the noise outside wanted to come and see what was going on. Azhang probably explained it to others when he came out. When Aze and Chen Qi came out, the people around him had dispersed, and Azhang did not know where he had gone.

Chen Qi saw Azhang for the first time who was emotionally disturbed, and his heart was not a little worried. "Azhang, what's wrong with this? Will it be all right?"

Aze tightened Chen Qi's wrist and comforted him: "Don't worry, Uncle Azhang will be fine."

Chen Qi hesitated, "Does he have a problem with that person?"

The man Chen Qi was referring to was naturally Bai De and Aze paused. "He was our former patriarch."

"Chief of the clan?" Chen Qi, though occasionally listening to others mention something about the previous tribe, looked at Azhang's concern for those who merged into the Lion Wolf Tribe. However, I didn't expect him to have so much contradiction with the previous patriarch. What exactly did the two say that would make Azhang so angry?

Seeing Chen Qi's doubts, Aze hesitated for a moment, then explained to Chen Qi in a low voice, "He is the man Uncle Ali used to form a partner."

". . . . . ."

Azhang left the office and ran home as fast as he could. Because of Bai De's arrival, Azhang didn't want Ali to see each other. In the name of Chen Qi, Azhang asked Ali to help make two sets of clothes, from weaving, dyeing, cutting and sewing, all of which were done by Ali himself. Even the things that taught other tribes to learn skills were arranged for others. Therefore, in the past two days, apart from taking care of the crops in his yard in the morning and evening, Ali hardly went out of the door.

Of course, he knew about Bai De's arrival.

In order to shade, a fig tree was also planted in the yard of the Ali family. Only this tree was planted in summer. Now it has only grown to about two meters, which is far less than that of the Chen family, which is already more than ten meters high. The shadow cast can cover half of the house.

There are some branches and weeds on the roof to keep out direct sunlight, which can also be directly used to burn the fire after drying.

As soon as Azhang entered the room, he saw Ali sitting not far from the door, with two woolen cocoons at his feet and cloth woven flexibly with his hands. He was extremely focused. The wind blowing in from the door gently lifted a few wisps of bangs, which also brought some warmth to the other party.

May be heard, Ali looked up and saw is Azhang, a gentle smile, "why come back at this time? Have the affairs in the tribe been arranged?" Recently, there have been too many people flooding into Qi Ze City. Azhang, as the chief of the clan, naturally needs to follow up from time to time. Although he will eat three meals a day at home, the time is obviously not yet the usual lunch time.

See sitting not far away smiling at his Ali, Azhang restless heart from just now on like a pair of warm hands gently comfort, he stepped forward a few steps, will each other a hug in his arms, his head buried in each other's neck nest, also gently arch the arch.

Ali smiled and patted him on the head. "How old are you, how can you act like a spoiled brat?"

"Will you be with me all the time?" Azhang asked in a low voice.

Ali was stunned. Then he thought of something and asked tentatively, "What did Bai De tell you?"

Azhang's body stiffened a little, holding the other side harder for a few minutes. Ali felt a little uncomfortable. However, Ali did not push the other side away. Instead, he turned his head slightly and looked at Azhang's slightly disheveled head. "Azhang, we are already partners."

Unless one of the Beastmen's partners dies, once they marry, they will all die.

"Bai De is single now."

"Azhang." Ali suddenly snapped a drink, Azhang was startled by the anger inside, looked up and saw Ali cold face looked at himself, can't help but hit the sudden heart.

Ali took a deep breath. "Bai De and I have been together for decades. I don't know what makes you think I will be with him again, but one thing I want to tell you clearly, whether you are a female or a male, you are my partner now, so you can only be my partner now or in the future. Since you have chosen me, even if there is a powerful male who wants to take you away from me, I will not let go."

Azhang looked at him steadily.

Ali held out his hand and held each other's face, his eyes firmly making him look straight at himself. "Of course, if my leg had not been injured, I might have become a partner with Bai De, but now I'm very glad that I hurt my leg to save you. Otherwise, how could I have known that a fool had kept silent for decades?"

Ali smiled lightly and continued: "You can't deny my present feelings just because of what I have done. If you feel uneasy, then I can tell the whole tribe right now that you Azhang is my partner and can only be my partner. No matter who can take you away from me, of course, I also promise you that I will never take the initiative to leave your side."

Listening to Ali's firm words, Azhang's eyes turned reddish, as if the dust that had covered his heart for decades had been instantly erased. "I'm sorry."

Ali smiled and kissed him at the corner of his eye. "How old are you to cry like a child?" Although what he said seemed somewhat distasteful, his face was full of spoil.

At the corner outside the wall, Ashu did not dare to move too much to attract the attention of the people inside. He patted the hand that covered his mouth and motioned the other party to let go of himself.

Axu glared at him warningly and pulled the other party away from the other direction directly. He didn't let go until he walked out a distance and was not found by the people in the house.

Ashu turned a little red after struggling for a few times, "elder brother, they . . . . . . are they all females?"

Ashu's task today was arranged to help deal with the plants on this side of the vegetable plot. Axu wanted to talk to the other party about the matters discussed at the meeting after the meeting. Who knew that he had just walked to the edge of the vegetable plot when he saw Azhang rushed back to his home with a sullen face. Axu now lived in Qi Ze City, and Azhang was, after all, the chief of the clan. He was worried about what happened and wanted to ask if there was anything he could do to help. As a result, he heard these words before entering the courtyard.

Seeing Axu standing in a daze at the door of Ah Zhang's house, Ashu just wanted to say hello to him. As a result, he was pulled aside by his brother and covered his mouth. He also heard this shocking thing.

Axu knocked on the other side's head and warned, "Forget all you have just heard and don't tell anyone." Axu has never heard of the fact that the female and the female are together, but he also knows that it is impossible for the two females to be admitted by the Beast God. Since the parties are not telling the truth about this, he naturally does not want to spread it out because he overhears it.

"I know." Although Ashu is young, he also knows what to say and what not to say.

The two brothers looked at each other. Ashu felt a little embarrassed and touched his nose to go back to work.

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