The Lion Wolf Tribe's hunting team went back for three days. Chen Qi saw the hunting ability of the big tribe for the first time. all kinds of dragons as high as hills were moved into Qi Ze City. there were about ten positions. one was a locust dragon with bad meat, and the other was a dragon that Chen Qi had never seen before. to his surprise, two of them were dolphin dragons that had disappeared from the forest periphery since winter.

The females who came back from the hunt each had more or less some injuries, but there were no major fatal injuries. The bumper harvest also concealed their slightly tired and embarrassed look.

Seeing the females returning from the hunt, Bai De was naturally very happy as the leader of the Lion Wolf Tribe. he was satisfied with the surprised eyes of others. he was swept away by Azhang's warning two days ago. he also made a complete dolphin dragon come out as food for the bonfire party.

Azhang's mood has stabilized since he was appeased by Ali. He is indifferent to Bai De's insistent temptation. Of course, he will not pass on his skills to the Lion Wolf Tribe because of Bai De. Although he is slightly dissatisfied with the Lion Wolf Tribe's people running into the forest at this time, he will not refuse the lion Wolf Tribe's generous contribution of food. He will give it directly to Ka Luo and let him take people to handle the food and arrange a bonfire party in the evening.

"Do the lions and wolves need to rest for a day before they start hunting?" Ka Luo asked Ake to carry the dolphin away before asking Azhang.

Azhang shook his head. "No, they just sat and ate. It was us who needed to perform. I've finished teaching what I can these days, and I want them to go back to the party as soon as possible." Azhang doesn't care about tunnels.

Ka Luo said little and did not say much. He hurried to the playground to make preparations. It's getting close to evening now, and it's not long before it gets dark. Although the party is simple, there are many things to prepare.

After the news of the bonfire party to be held in the evening was carried on, the whole Qi Ze City was boiling up. Although the people from the Lion Wolf Tribe and the Flame Hill Tribe who joined in later did not understand what the bonfire party did, those who did not go hunting saw a lot of things in Qi Ze City these days, and naturally expected much more from the so-called party.

The playground of the school was built with a large platform, so instead of lighting a big fire, four pottery were placed on the four corners of the platform and firewood was lit in the pottery pan.

At the back of the platform, there are several thick wooden poles. The wooden poles hold ropes. Paper red lanterns are hung high on the wooden poles directly connected to the outside of the playground. Rows of lanterns brighten the whole playground.

The oil lamps on both sides of the road were lit up in advance. The wick and oil were all replaced with new ones. At first glance, they were brighter than usual.

The city's bright red lanterns and oil lamps almost shone the whole city of Qi Ze as if it were day, which amazed people from other tribes.

In front of the platform, many small fires were lit, on which shelves were set for barbecue. The cleaned and cut dolphin meat was placed beside the pottery dish. There were also some simple seasonings and sweet potatoes, which were used to barbecue for the animals themselves.

In the middle of these small fires, there are about a dozen tables, which are filled with cleaned wild fruits of various colors with pottery. Chen Qi also has some wild fruits cut and placed on plates, which are piled up so as to arouse people's appetite.

In addition to wild fruits, there are some cooked food. In recent days, because several tribes have sent people to learn cooking and some people have helped to make them together, the food on the black table has almost been ready before it falls.

Ka Luo handed Ayao over to Ajing and his pups to help take care of him. He took back the dolphin dragon contributed by the Lion Wolf Tribe and then commanded the others to start busy.

There is also a small house behind the platform, which is only pulled up by pieces of cloth to cover their eyes. They have rehearsed the war dance performance for so long that they naturally don't want others to see it in advance, so they have made a place like this for changing clothes.

Azhang handed over the arrangement for the beast people to enter the playground to Axu and Ayan. The four gates of Qi Ze City had long been closed because there was a moat blocking it. Azhang did not let people continue to watch on the wall this time, but everyone went to the playground to attend the party.

The playground of the school is very large, accommodating 300 or 400 people but still not crowded.

As soon as they entered the Black Beasts gathered in succession, everyone knew the real purpose of the so-called bonfire party. They were looking forward to it from the very beginning when they knew that the party would be held in the evening. Some single Beasts also washed well in advance and changed into their best-looking clothes before coming.

The people of Qi Ze City and most of the Luoshui Tribes have long been accustomed to cloth clothing, while the Lion Wolf Tribe and the Flame Hill Tribe are still wearing fur clothing. Even though some people have learned to make cloth clothing these days, they still cannot get used to the feeling of wearing cloth clothing immediately. As soon as they arrive at the playground, they can clearly tell which tribe is the person from their clothes.

Probably because everyone is relatively young, some courageous females gather around the males who are somewhat fond of each other as soon as they arrive at the playground. Even though they are shocked by the costumes of Qi Ze City, they still return to absolute being and politely chat with the males. Occasionally, they take the initiative to fetch food for each other or bake food directly on a small fire that has been lit for a long time, hoping to let the males taste their own craft. Of course, most of the time they will find that the baked food is not as good as the food set on the table earlier.

With the increase in the number of people, the playground became noisy. Ye Huo turned away a middle-aged female with a cold face and found an empty corner to sit quietly. After thinking for a moment, he picked up the two sweet potatoes lying beside him and put them into the fire to roast. He glanced at the bustling crowd bored and pulled them up aimlessly with his wooden stick in the fire.

"Who are you looking for?" Axu handed the earthenware dish filled with food to the other party and Ye Huo said.

Ye Huo glanced at him lightly, did not reply, took the pottery dish, then took out a bone bottle filled with chili powder from his pocket, opened it, and the food was soon covered with a thin layer of brilliant red.

Ashu couldn't help smoking at the corner of his mouth and said with a toothache, "Your taste is really right with Ale, or you can stay in Qi Ze City."

Ye Huo paused and picked up the chopsticks to stir the food evenly. "Do you wish I had left the tribe?"

"I didn't say that." Axu wronged the stall keeper and sat down beside him on Ye Huo. "I think everyone in Qi Ze City is fine. if I were a male, I might find a female and stay by the way."

Ye Huo didn't answer the other party's question, but after eating a piece of sweet and tender meat, it looked as if it had inadvertently asked, "didn't the people in Qi Ze City say they wanted to hold this bonfire party? Why didn't you see their figure?"

Axu took out a wild fruit, took a bite and pointed to the direction of the platform with his chin. "I heard that we are going to have a surprise, and now we are preparing there."

Ye Huo looked in the direction pointed out by the other party. The small house built temporarily behind the platform was covered with thick skins, and the inside could not be seen at all. "What surprise?"

"I don't know." Axu shrugged his shoulders. Several females from his tribe also took part in the so-called surprise, but no matter how he asked them, they just wouldn't say a word. They will know when they read it.

While the two were talking, a loud horn sounded suddenly, and the people on the playground seemed to be suddenly pressed the pause button. They all stopped their movements and looked in the direction of the sound.

Azhang changed his military green camouflage and put on animal skins again. He stood at the front of the platform, holding a brown horn and playing straight at the horn.

The sound of the horn rang for nearly half a minute and succeeded in attracting everyone's attention. Even those who were huddled together outside the playground to study the oil lamps and red lanterns stood up and looked towards the platform.

Only then did people find out that besides Azhang, there were 20 or 30 young females standing on the platform, all dressed in yellow-brown fur, with black stripes on them, necklaces made of animal teeth hanging around their necks, and several patterns painted with charcoal ash on their faces. They were handsome and wild.

With the disappearance of the horn sound, a dull drum sounded, and the beast people in several rows suddenly raised their feet to the ground together. Qi Qi Qi uttered a loud roar, which shocked the hearts of people in the place.

Originally sitting on the ground of Ye Huo and Axu couldn't help but stood up and walked a distance in the direction of the platform, and they also action and others, instantly surrounded by people around the platform.

Once again, the Beastmen on the platform took a unified action. After the action, there was a loud roar. It was discovered that the Beastmen on the platform were all females of Qi Ze City and Luoshui Tribe.

Bai De stood at the forefront of the crowd. Although he knew in advance what surprises Qi Ze City would have at the bonfire party, he didn't take it to heart. After all, hunting was the most important ability of the females. This time, the females of their tribe just entered the forest and harvested a lot of prey in three days. No matter what Qi Ze City could produce, they could not be overpowered.

I just didn't think they would make such strange things, which immediately attracted everyone's attention.

Bai De looked sullenly at Azhang who had blown the horn and retreated to the back.

"Is this the surprise they made?" Ye Huo looked at the beast people dressed up in uniform on the table. The little female who liked spicy food as much as he did was inside, but he just stood in the middle of the second row and was blocked by the front Asu. Ye Huo needed to move aside to see each other.

Probably feel the eyes of Ye Huo, the stage of Ale looked in the direction of the two people, also naughty blinked, then withdraw the line of sight, expressionless look straight ahead.

Ye Huo froze and the heart beat uncontrollably.

After the three drums, the animals' movements began to flow smoothly. Sometimes they danced quickly and sometimes they integrated their postures slowly. Although the movements were simple, they were somewhat similar to the movements of the females when hunting at ordinary times. The roar of the occasional pause strengthened their momentum. It seemed that they were now in hunting. Even the viewers could not help worrying about them with the rhythm of the drums. The gentle rhythm of the drums would give them a gentle sigh of relief.

Not only are the males who have never taken part in hunting, but even the strong females are attracted by the people on the stage. The 20 or 30 females on the stage are so dazzling that everyone's eyes move with their every move.

The leader of the dance is Asu. He has more feathers on his head as decoration than others. His bare arms are muscular. Once in a while, after he finishes his movements, the people behind him will repeat his steps. Axu feels that his sight seems to be glued to each of their movements. He can't move away at all and naturally can't answer the question of Ye Huo.

At the moment, he felt that all the people around him were no longer ordinary, only the people dancing on the table could be seen in his eyes, and only one sound could be heard in his ears, which was the sound of drums beating on his heart.

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