A war dance was neither long nor short. As another horn sounded, the drums stopped slowly, and the beasts also stopped gradually. Their faces remained solemn and solemn. They began to retreat from behind in an orderly manner only when the horn gradually weakened.

Aze walked down with a big red drum about 1. 5 meters wide. Chen Qi hurriedly took a clean towel to meet him. Aze was already a partner after all. Chen Qi did not let him go on the stage to dance, but stood behind the drum with Ake, and all the women responsible for dancing were single.

"Hard work." Chen Qi helped him wipe the sweat from his face. Aze station was located near the fire plate outside the stadium, and his fur coat was relatively thick. After a round of drums, sweat began to pour out.

Aze smiled and lowered his head slightly to let Chen Qi wipe it.

Chen Qi came to this world half a head shorter than Aze. A year has passed, and now he can almost look straight at Aze. Aze can see each other's hair spin with a slight bow. Chen activated the towel and gently rubbed it twice on his head. "How do I feel I'm getting taller?"

Ka Luo, who also looked at his handsome partner tonight with sparkling eyes, heard Chen Qi's whisper and interjected, "You are not yet fully developed, of course you will grow taller."

". . . . . . Chen Qi's hand movements, horrified to look back at Ka Luo," what do you mean haven't developed yet?"

"Beastmen can grow tall until they are 30." Ka Luo stretched out his hand than himself and Ake's body, a little depressed, "how Chen Qi once grow so high? I don't seem to have grown any taller than last year."

Ake indulged in squeezing his face. "Not afraid, you will certainly grow taller than me."

After hearing Ake's words, Ka Luo smiled and pulled his hand over his handsome partner today.

Chen Qi, who had stopped growing since he was 20 years old, was stunned by Ka Luo's words.

At this moment, other males and females began to lean toward this side. Aze, fearing that others would crowd Chen Qi, put the drum back into the temporary clothes changing room behind the table and pulled Chen Qi to detour away from the playground.

In order to reach the goal of blind date, the single females who just appeared on the stage were ordered to stay on the playground by Azhang. However, they were surrounded by some familiar females as soon as they stepped off the stage.

"What did you jump on just now?"

"You this beast leather is how to do? Look good."

"What is on your face? Why do you want to wipe these things?"

"What is that thing that makes strange sounds?"

. . . . . .

Because of strenuous exercise, Asu's skin was slightly red and his neck was still hung with sweat that could not be wiped. He received more attention than others because of the lead dance. Not only were curious and envious females surrounded, but also several males crowded in front, with a pair of eyes staring at him brightly. The purpose was self-evident.

Asu, who had never been the focus for decades, was a bit cramped, especially when the males approached him. He was at a loss to find help. After looking around, he found that his dancing companions had long been separated by the crowd and could only see a group of dark heads.

The crowd was so crowded that Asu subconsciously stepped back a few steps. It was probably the reason why he retreated too fast. He ran into a strong chest behind him.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Asu apologized and turned back. The man was taller than him. He saw only a piece of bronzed skin on his neck because he was too close. He looked up slightly staggered and crashed into a pair of blue eyes.

Axu's Adam's apple slipped up and down a few times, withdrew his eyes and smiled at the crowd around him. "Sorry, I have something to discuss with Asu."

Axu, as the leader of the Luoshui tribe, naturally everyone knew him. After hearing what he said, he didn't gather around again. Instead, he looked for other dancing females to continue to satisfy his curiosity.

Some males may have taken an interest in Asu. Instead of turning around and leaving like other females, they stepped forward a few steps. One of them pointed to a small fire nearby and said to Asu, "We are members of the Lion Wolf Tribe. You can find us there after you have discussed things."

The meaning of ". . . is very obvious. Asu, who has not been hooked up so actively by Yukiko for decades, did not know how to reply at that time.

"Thank you. We'll leave first." Axu nodded politely to several males, then pulled Asu to leave without hesitation.

It was not until he got out of the hot sight that Asu breathed a sigh of relief. Although he knew at the time of training that the sound of the cowhide drum of the horn would attract the attention of the beast people, he did not expect to become the focus of the crowd and patted his chest with fear. "Fortunately, you are here. I was really scared to death just now."

Axu walked with a calm face and a stuffy head, his eyebrows tightly knit together, as if thinking about something. Obviously, he did not hear what Asu said.

"Axu?" Asu called out to the other party and tried to take back the wrist he had caught.

Axu is very tall and stronger than the average female. Asu can't earn it all at once.

Feeling the strength of the struggle from his hand, Axu returned to absolute being, "What's the matter?"

Asu grumpily rolled his eyes and pointed around, "What do you want to say to me?"

Axu discovered that the two men had unknowingly arrived in a remote place, because he had not found them all the way because of the oil lamp burning around. Axu let go of each other's hand in embarrassment.

"What did you want to say to me just now?" Asu did not care. Rather, he thanked the other party for rescuing him and asked again when he saw Axu's embarrassed look.

Axu stared at each other's opening and closing lips a little absent until Asu called his name several times.

Asu looked at him with a little worry, "what happened to you tonight? Why are you always distracted?"

"No . . . nothing." Axu shook his head in disguise, looked at Asu, and suddenly laughed in a low voice, "You look very nice today."

Asu: ". . . . . ." Pulled him all the way to such a remote corner to say this?

The excitement on the playground did not calm down because of Asu's departure. Azhang was surrounded by several females and wanted to know how the horn of the beast made that sound.

Azhang was already prepared and took out several complete antelope horns. The scene showed the animals how to make horns and then taught them how to play. The corner of the playground began to hear a burst of horn sounds.

Several cowhide drums originally used for playing were also moved out of the dressing room. A female was teaching the crowd how to knock. Unfortunately, the making of cowhide drums was not as simple as that of animal horns. Otherwise, it was estimated that they would be caught performing live how to make cowhide drums.

There are several females pulling one of them to let him perform another war dance. Even without the accompaniment of drums, the lively voice seemed to be a natural accompaniment. At first it was just one person dancing, but later it developed into a grand occasion of dancing together with a hundred people. Of course, the rhythm was not neat for the females specially trained by Chen Qi, and it felt a bit like a magic flurry, but this could not hide the enthusiasm of the beast people to learn dancing.

Ali and several younger females were surrounded by several males, probably affected by the war dance. The males' emotions were stirred up and they directly asked several people if they had any partners.

Ale knew that it was impossible for the male of the Lion Wolf Tribe to go to other tribes. Even if he had formed a partner with each other, he could only move to the Lion Wolf Tribe. Ale had no plan to leave Qi Ze City and no plan to find a partner. He had been busy building the tribe since this summer. Later, even though hunting was not as frequent as before, the tribe started planting again. Ale had long forgotten about finding a partner. Now, in his mind, Qi Ze City is the most important thing.

For several male Ale suddenly warm up a little headache, this time he didn't go to these male gather together, also can't recognize who they are at the moment, but look at the dress should also be lion Wolf tribe, he took sip lip, try to let his face calmly answer several people's question.

A white figure passed in front of several people. As soon as Ale's eyes lit up, he pulled the man's arm and turned to the males and said, "I'm sorry, I already have a male." Having said that, I still pointed to several other young females from the Luoshui tribe who also danced. "Some of them are still single. Please go and ask."

Several males looked at Ye Huo in white, then at Ale, who was holding the other's arm. Ale saw the barbecue with chili powder mixed in the dish in the hand of Ye Huo, stretched out his hand and twisted a piece of it into his mouth. He also said, "The barbecue with chili powder is the best."

"Eat more if it is delicious." Ye Huo said, handing the wooden chopsticks to each other.

Ale is also not at all. He directly picked up the wooden chopsticks and the plate full of roast meat and ate them happily. He had not eaten anything because of nervousness before dancing and was already hungry at the moment.

Looking at the intimate interaction between the two people, and the way Ale was smiling, several females looked at each other, nodded and greeted Ye Huo and left.

Why do the females they like always get cut off without saying a word? The males of several Lion Wolf Tribes clubbed together in another crowd.

Such as Ale will eat a full plate of barbecue, Ye Huo also kindly handed him a cup of tea, a mouthful of warm tea down, dilute the barbecue flavor in the mouth, Ale was satisfied to vomit a sigh of relief.

When the other party finished drinking the tea at night, he picked his eyebrows and asked lightly, "When did I become your son?"

". . ." Ale remembered the excuse he had just made to get out of trouble. As a result, he was embarrassed to disturb the back of his head by the mention of Ye Huo because he forgot the delicious food before. "Well, listen to me . . ."

"Since you said I was your male, then I will be your male."

". . . . . . Wait, what is the situation now? Ale looked at each other with a face of meng force.

"Did the roast just now taste good?"


"Now that you have agreed, let's find Azhang and form a partner tomorrow."

". . . . . ." Wait, what did I promise?

Although there was only one program for the bonfire party this evening, the beast people were still having a great time. Several females and males who had already had a good feeling had secretly hid aside to develop their feelings, which was regarded as a success for the purpose of the bonfire party.

The wood in the fire pan was added several times. The red lanterns and oil lamps around the fire pan did not know when they had gone out, but the small fire on the playground burned all night. The noise of the people also rang all night. Some people were tired and slept on the floor by the fire.

When the sun rose on the plain, Qi Ze City fell into a quiet state. People who had been playing all night lay on the playground. Fortunately, many bamboo mats were laid around to sit by the fire and barbecue, so that they could not sleep directly on the mud.

However, the peace did not last long. A howl of wolves tore through the peace and everyone was awakened.

Aze flexibly turned down from the wall. At that time, Azhang, the patriarch, had already arrived at the gate.

"What's the matter?"

Aze did not lower his voice. He glanced at the Beastmen who were coming behind Azhang."There's an armored dragon coming."

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