Although the four gates of Qi Ze City have been closed early, in order to allow the beast people to see the first performance in Qi Ze City's history, the females who were originally guarding the city wall were rarely given a holiday by Azhang to let them play at the bonfire party.

Aze didn't like this kind of crowded play, and Chen Qi didn't have much interest in this kind of too primitive entertainment. So Aze took over the defense work that night after the performance. Chen Qi and Chen Qi made do with each other all night in the watchtower on the city wall in order to accompany him.

Near morning, Chen Qi woke himself up early to watch the Japanese sell Aze. Who knew that there was still Ankylosaurus coming with the sunrise?

The leaders of several tribes and Azhang went up to the wall together, while Asu and Ali were responsible for gathering some old females and males to the school, which was close to the back door of the wall. If Ankylosaurus broke through the gate and came in, they could quickly retreat to the wall or leave Qi Ze City directly through the back door.

Ankylosaurus was still a long way from Qi Ze City, and Chen Qi, who had seen the shadow of Ankylosaurus until the Beastmen climbed up the wall one after another.

This time, there was not much to say, not much to say, about 50 or 60 heads, including several hyenas half the size of Ankylosaurus.

At first, the beast people did not know whether this group of armored dragons came to Qi Ze City. After all, they had already experienced the transit of locust dragons and antelope dragons in winter. Even if they were replaced by a group of carnivorous armored dragons now, it did not mean that armored dragons were harmful. Maybe they were just passing by.

Just when the Beastmen hoped that this was a group of passing Ankylosaurus, as the sun rose slowly, the shadow of Ankylosaurus became clearer and clearer. It was not until a group of Ankylosaurus and the Beastmen on the city wall stood opposite each other across the moat without water that the Beastmen threw away their previous luck.

This group of Ankylosaurus came for them.

"What now?" Axu asked Azhang, who stood beside him with a frown.

Azhang beckoned the Beastmen in Qi Ze City to remove all the wooden bows in the watchtower. Half of the arrows were made of iron, but most of them were made of bone and wood. The damage was not enough and could only disturb the opponent's movements.

"Let's look at the situation first. If the moat can't stop them, we'll attack them with bows and arrows first." Azhang ordered.

The Beastmen scattered at once, each holding a bow and arrow ready for battle.

Aze gathered up to Chen Qi and said, "I'll take you to Uncle Ali first."

Chen Qi shook his head." Those armored dragons are not as high as the city wall. Even if they pass through the moat smoothly, they will not do me any harm."

Seeing Aze frowning with a face of disapproval, Chen Qi patted his palm and comforted him: "Besides, you won't let me have an accident if you are here. I will only stand on the city wall and look at it. I will definitely not approach the Ankylosaurus."

Aze wanted to think, and finally nodded. Chen Qi's presence at his side really reassured him.

This group of ankylosaurus seems to be headed by the several hyenas. When they walked to the moat, several hyenas stepped up to the front of the team. One of the hyenas walked around the moat for some distance, then sniffed at the moat with its head down. Only then did they raise their heads and look at the dark Beastmen on the wall.

The hyenas' eyes are just looking in the direction of Chen Qi. Even if Chen Qi knew that the hyenas were not staring at himself, Chen Qi was startled by the greed in the other's eyes, just like he had become prey under the other's claws and could be torn apart by sharp teeth at any time.

The hyenas' eyes made Chen Qi look uncomfortable. He looked up at the other ankylosaurs with slightly staggered eyes.

Ankylosaurus was located further back hyenas, and scattered thinly for a distance to make the group look larger than their actual number.

Chen Qi's eyes flashed across the sunlight-reflecting armor plates on each other. If this batch of armored dragons can be killed, the armor on them should be enough to forge farm tools and kitchenware that can be used throughout Qi Ze City, right?

However, the armor on Ankylosaurus is too thick, and it is difficult for females to do harm to it. Even if the number of females in Qi Ze City is three or four times as many as that of each other now, Azhang is afraid to rush out of the city to attack. After all, no one knows whether there are other dragons hiding in the distance.

Beasts and dragons stood one on the high wall and the other on the opposite side of the moat. No one attacked first.

However, the confrontation did not last long. The hyenas, led by the hyenas, withdrew their eyes and stared at the animals. They slowly shook their tails a few times. The ankylosaurus, who was standing quietly behind, suddenly moved.

Azhang raised his hand slightly, and the Beastmen drew the wooden bow full. Once the dragons started to rush toward this side, the arrows would shoot down their weakest eyes.

To the surprise of the beast people, Ankylosaurus and Hyenas did not mean to rush into Qi Ze City, but turned and retreated in the direction of the forest.

It was not until the dragons disappeared completely on the plain that Ayan asked incredulously, "Did they just leave like this?" You know, if you meet with hyenas at ordinary times, the other party will never willingly leave without rushing up to bite the two Beastmen.

Azhang shook his head. The dragons appeared inexplicably and left inexplicably. They did not seem to have come to attack, but rather to probe ahead of time.

He told several people his guess. Aze's eyes darkened when he remembered the hyenas that came in through the snow bear's cave in winter and the hyenas that ambushed Beastmen in the snow.

Ayan didn't know what had been ambushed by hyenas here, and he didn't believe that a group of wild animals could do anything to probe the prey before hunting.

The Luoshui tribe is the most remote from the forest. Although it has never encountered such a situation before, it has lived with the people of Qi Ze City for a long time. Axu's speculation about Azhang also cannot help thinking deeply.

"Whether or not they came to investigate ahead of time, don't leave Qi Ze City for a few days. After all, it is not clear whether they are still lying in ambush outside the city." See Ayan don't believe it, Azhang suggested.

Ayan did not promise on the spot. He was not the leader of the Lion Wolf Tribe. He needed to discuss with Bai De before making a decision.


The males and some elderly females were orderly arranged in the classroom of the school. There were desks and chairs specially used for classes in the classroom. Ali also cooked a pot of tea and poured everyone a cup of pressure and shock.

Qi Ze City several old female keep outside the classroom, Flame Hill tribe to several old female see older than their older female all look calm, methodically busy work, not because there are dragons appear outside the tribe and panic, can't help but looked at each other.

At last, one of the old women walked up to Ali and asked if there was anything he could do to help.

Ali stun, smiled and brought the old female to the front of Acheng, Acheng although is kept outside the classroom, but he also knew that his five senses have become much weaker, there is no Asu those young female sensitive, and sat on the side of the bamboo made up a bamboo sieve.

Two people put a lot of broken bamboo strips beside them. At first, Acheng only made it for better paper making. Later, they slowly groped for improvement. Under the advice of Chen Qi, even baskets and the like can be made now. Acheng has long handed over the job of making paper to Achu and the females of several Luoshui tribes. He has made many bamboo products during this period of time. The bamboo mat the beast people slept in last night was made by Acheng.

After hearing Ali's visit, Acheng warmly greeted the old women to sit down and handed them the bamboo strips to show them how the bamboo sieve was made.

Bai De quietly looked at busy Ali, the other side of the lame a lame figure let him abandon frowned, in fact, in recent decades he had forgotten the existence of Ali this person, if it weren't for came to Qi Ze City to see the other side was surrounded by a group of people to ask things, coupled with the lame figure, and others called him when the slightly familiar name, maybe Bai De simply can't remember this person or decades ago had engagement with his daughter.

A few decades ago, Ali can be said to be one of the toughest females in the Yanshan tribe. during the coming of age ceremony, he also led the same adult females to hunt an adult male stegosaurus. when the other party came back with the stegosaurus on their shoulders, their high-spirited appearance attracted the attention of many young males. Bai De was a lot older than other males at that time, and naturally experienced much more things than other males who had just reached adulthood and had not retired their childlike qualities. this undoubtedly attracted the attention of single females.

However, Rao still spent some time trying to catch up with Ali. Ali also gave him the blade horn of the adult male stegosaurus at that time. if there is no accident, the two of them will soon form a partner. unfortunately, before that, the other party actually lost one foot due to the attack of hyenas. moreover, due to the injury, even the beast's ability gradually weakened.

How can a female who cannot run without the ability to become a beast hunt to support his family? Bai De knew the situation and without saying anything, he became a partner with another powerful female who was also from the tribe.

"Ali." Bai De called out to the other party.

Since entering the classroom, Ali felt that Bai De's line of sight had been glued to him without leaving. This kind of situation made him a bit agitated, but after all, the other party was the leader of the Lion Wolf Tribe, and he was not able to directly turn against each other.

Heard Bai De calling his name, Ali took a puff at the corner of his mouth, but he didn't want to take a reason with each other. He handed over several old females of the Flame Hill tribe to Acheng and left the school.

If Azhang sees himself talking to Bai De, he doesn't know if the other party will suddenly and violently beat Bai De. Ali smiled at the thought of here. He forgot about Bai De as early as several decades ago. However, I didn't expect Azhang to remember it so clearly. Although I don't know how Bai De suddenly took an interest in himself, he doesn't want to have any intersection with each other now.

Ayan came soon after he left. Bai De was surprised that the other party came back so soon. Are the dragons so difficult to deal with?

At the time of Bai De's wild speculation, Ayan said briefly what had just happened and also said what Azhang suggested they stay for a few more days.

Bai De bowed his head and hesitated for a moment before finally shaking his head. "No, we will leave for the tribe tomorrow at the latest."

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