"why?" Ayan obviously did not agree with Bai De's decision. Ankylosaurus and hyenas had just left. Even though they were leaving in the direction of the forest, there was no guarantee that they would not ambush on the road. This time they came to Qi Ze City with a lot of males, plus the prey they had hunted yesterday. Once they met dragons again, whether they abandoned their prey or directly fought against them, they obviously could not get any benefits. It was better to listen to Azhang's advice and stay for a few days to see the situation before making any plans.

Bai De stood up and motioned Ayan to follow him. after they left the classroom, they stopped in a remote corner, where they could see the figure on the wall in the distance as long as they looked up.

Bai De narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at the distance. instead of answering the question raised by Ayan a moment ago, he asked, "which do you think is stronger, their wall, than the rocky mountain of our tribe?"

Ayan looked at the nearby city wall, "of course, Yanshan is stronger." The rocky mountains of the lion wolf tribe are much higher and larger than these earth-made walls. naturally, their defense capability is not comparable to these walls.

Bai De nodded, "then since you said that the dragons came to explore, what are the chances of them turning back again?"

Bai De saw Ayan looking at himself in amazement and continued, "If the number of those armored dragons is double or several times, do you think this small wall can hold them back? And do you think people in Qi Ze City alone can hold back those dragons? Can we still kill those dragons?"

Ayan was silent, he did not consider these issues, he wanted to refute Bai De, but felt Bai De's question was no problem. "But what if those armored dragons are on our way back?"

Bai De frowned, then shook his head. "We can send a few people out early tomorrow morning to find out, and we don't have to go back the same way, we can bypass that area, even if it's a day or two in the evening, we can get back to the tribe before the first snow."

See Bai De has made a decision, Ayan didn't speak again. If they are leaving tomorrow, there are still many things to be busy today. After greeting Bai De, he hurried away. He also needs to tell Azhang about the Lion Wolf Tribe's return.

To Ayan's surprise, Azhang heard that they were leaving tomorrow and did not speak to retain them. He did not even have one more comment. He only told them to pack up their things and continue to arrange the inspection work without leaving anything behind.

Because of the ankylosaurus and hyenas, Qi Ze City defense mentioned the highest level, he will arrange some people to go nearby to see if there are any traces left by other dragons, especially along the way to the Chishui river need to find someone to probe, after all, they also need to go to the Chishui river fishing, if found the dragon or consider how to fish in the future.

Ayan left not long ago, the whole Qi Ze City knew that the lion wolf tribe and the Flame Hill tribe would go back early tomorrow morning. Because of last night's bonfire party, several lion wolf tribe's females and males planned to stay in Qi Ze City. As a result, they suddenly said they would leave in the afternoon. The Beastmen who had been kind to them and were planning to form a partner were unavoidably a little disappointed, but they still didn't say much and only carefully helped them pack their luggage.

It turns out that several old females of the Flame Hill tribe are determined to stay. Their animating ability is beginning to deteriorate step by step with the growth of their age. In the next few years, I'm afraid I can't even get rid of the cold fur during the winter. Even if the Lion Wolf tribe, as a big tribe, wants to feed several of them, it is not difficult, but the females who used to be the guardian tribe cannot allow themselves to be useless to the tribe.

Although I don't know what I can do to stay in Qi Ze City, but this time they have also seen those old females in Qi Ze City have their own work to do. even if these work is not as good as going out hunting, it is better than doing nothing and waiting for the tribe to support them, so several old females decided to stay after considering it without much consideration.

Also decided to stay are two or three middle-aged males from Flame Hill tribes. They all had partners before. Unfortunately, they all died of hyenas in recent years and did not even take back the body of their partners. They did not even know if their partners had become food in the mouth of the hyenas.

The reason why these males stayed was not because they saw who in Qi Ze wanted to partner with each other, but because they were similar to those old females. If they stayed in Qi Ze, it was inevitable that they would have to partner with a female from the Lion Wolf Tribe. They could not get out of the pain of losing their partner. Naturally, they could not accept another person immediately. If they stayed in Qi Ze, at least they could support themselves with their own hands.

On the first day of their arrival in Qi Ze City, the patriarch of Qi Ze City told them that they would not force them to do anything if they did not want to stay in Qi Ze City in order to find a mate. Of course, this matter is privately, Ayan secretly went to ask Azhang, Azhang explained to them, otherwise, it would not be good to rob people openly under Bai De's nose.

Ayan gave Azhang the people who were going to stay. Azhang asked Ka Luo to settle the males. Although Ka Luo was careless at ordinary times, he still comforted people. Originally, several males who were a little out of breath because they wanted to leave the tribe to live in this new environment were relieved by Ka Luo. Several older females from the Flame Hill tribe left Acheng in charge.

After a busy time, Azhang finally managed to finish the follow-up to last night's bonfire party in the middle of the night, as well as the sudden encounter with dragons and the arrangement for the Lion Wolf Tribes and the Flame Hill tribe to return early tomorrow morning.

After a routine turn on the city wall, Azhang and the female guard tonight said hello and went home.

The oil lamps on both sides of the road have begun to dim, but this does not affect the eyesight of the females. Even without these oil lamps, the brightness of the moonlight alone is enough for Azhang to find his way.

"I'm leaving tomorrow, don't you say hello?"

A slightly husky voice sounded, Azhang "tut" a cry, thought it would be good to ignore each other directly leave, early know each other will make noise if he should detour.

He turned around and Bai De stood under Ared fruits tree, which was a little taller than him, but the trees that had not yet fully grown were not enough to shade an adult Beastmen. I don't know how long the other party has been standing here. Two wooden fences around Red fruits fell down and two deep pits were dug under the fence.

Azhang moved his eyes to Bai De's feet. Well, the other side was gouged out with his feet.

Seeing Azhang ignored himself, Bai De came out directly from behind the Red fruits tree. His face was gloomy and ugly. "I have something to tell you."

Azhang didn't want to get too close to the former patriarch. seeing the other side approaching, he quickly stepped back and distanced himself. he looked a little disgusted, "well, go ahead."

Bai De didn't mind Azhang's reaction either. He pointed to the playground on the other side of the school. "Can we go there and have a chat?" After all, this is the middle of the main road. Although the people in the surrounding houses may not be able to hear it if the voice is lowered, Bai De still wants to find a remote place to talk.

Azhang didn't even bother to glance at the place he pointed at and shook his head, "No."

Bai De choked, "I have something very important to say to you."

"Since it is very important, then you can speak directly here." Azhang was unmoved.

Bai De tightened his fist, took a deep breath to calm the mood provoked by the other party. Azhang is tall and taller than him. Bai De needs to lift his head slightly to see each other's eyes.

"We have known each other for decades." Bai De looked at Azhang and said that his tone was lighter than before, like whispering in a low voice. Azhang frowned at the emotion contained in it.

Bai De sighed, "You know I lost my partner after we merged into the Lion Wolf Tribe. Last year I also lost my only son. Now I am alone."

Azhang's eyelids jumped, then he saw Bai De step forward again and asked sincerely, "So Azhang, would you like to be my partner? If you are my partner, you will not need to be the patriarch of this small Qi Ze City for many years, but you will have the opportunity to become the patriarch of the Lion Wolf Tribe."

Azhang was stunned, apparently unable to respond to the current situation. "Are you asking me to be your partner?"

"Yes." Bai De nodded.

"aren't you here looking for Ali?"

Remembering that he had asked each other for information about Ali a few days ago, and thinking that Azhang must have misunderstood, Bai De hurriedly smiled and shook his head to deny it. He said with a deep feeling, "No, the incident between me and Ali was over decades ago. I didn't know Ali was here before I came here. I came here for you." Bai De gave Azhang a helpless look. "I know you and Ali have always had a good relationship. you have always taken care of him secretly, so I only planned to use Ali to close the relationship with you a few days ago. I didn't expect you to misunderstand."

After listening to Bai De's words, Azhang suddenly burst out laughing. Later, he remembered that it was now on the main road, and the surrounding area was too quiet. The female children in the surrounding houses would hear too much noise. Only then did he bear it. He smiled and stretched out his hand and patted Bai De on the shoulder. "I would have been relieved if I hadn't come to see Ali."

See Azhang suddenly cheerful expression, Bai De eyes a bright, "that you agree to form a partner with me? We will go back to the Lion Wolf Tribe together tomorrow, the things here . . ."

Azhang raised his hand to interrupt the other party. Although the smile on his face could not be withdrawn, his eyes became cold. "No, I won't be your partner."

Heard Azhang o refused to Bai De face stiff, "why? Are you reluctant to take up the position of the little patriarch of Qi Ze City?"

Azhang hooked his lips and smiled, "I just loathe to give up my partner."

After that, Azhang was too lazy to take a reason with each other. He crossed Bai De and returned happily to the house where a lamp was lit for him.

Bai De, who had been left alone, stared at Azhang's far-away figure in a haze. His eyes were full of chill. His clenched fist and nails were deeply embedded in the meat. I don't know how long it took to get back to the place where the Lion Wolf Tribe lived.

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