Chen Qi looked at the man who ran to his house in the morning without saying anything. Without saying anything, he pulled him to embellish the things he met last night. He also tenderly poured the other party a cup of tea to moisten his throat.

Aze brought the prepared breakfast to the table and gave Chen Qi congee before reminding the man sitting opposite, "Uncle Azhang, the Lion Wolf Tribe are leaving today. Don't you need to go and see?"

Azhang waved his hand and said, "They still need to send someone to look around before leaving at noon. It's still early." He pointed to the pancake Aze had just served. "I haven't eaten in the morning, please give me one."

Chen Qi pushed the pottery dish with pancakes to Azhang and asked doubtfully, "Didn't Ali make breakfast for you today?"

Azhang picked up a pancake and answered Chen Qi's question while eating. "He went to arrange the affairs of the few people left behind by the Flame Hill tribe early in the morning."

The new arrivals have to register and arrange for the building of houses and jobs for them. It is not many days before the first snow, and there are many things to do to store food for the winter.

A few people are talking gap, Ye Huo took Ale came in, two people came in Ye Huo just like a few people said hello, Ale hiding behind each other, action is a bit at home.

Chen Qi looked meaningfully at the two men's clasped hands, beckoned each other to sit down, and asked Aze to pour a cup of tea for the two.

Ye Huo declined Chen Qi's proposal to invite herself to breakfast. After sitting down, he faced Azhang, looked serious and went straight to the point, "Chief of the clan, I would like to ask you to help me and Ale complete the mating ceremony."

Azhang was almost choked by the pancake he hadn't swallowed. He looked at the two in surprise. "Are you going to be partners?"

Ye Huo nodded, feel the line of sight of Azhang, Ale ears red followed nodded his head.

"Congratulations." Chen Qi looked at the two in amazement. I didn't think Ale would like a person so much older than himself. Although the two married a little faster, they still sincerely gave their blessing. They were also a successful start to the party.

"Ha, ha, ha, I didn't expect you to come together first." Azhang was also very happy after receiving the affirmative answer from the two men. Ale is now the youngest adult female in Qi Ze City. Azhang is also the child Azhang grew up watching from his childhood. Azhang, the male who recently came to the tribe, secretly observed. Although Ye Huo in Luoshui tribe is a little older, he is still very stable. He learns things quickly and he is also very happy that Ale can be with each other.

"But I'm afraid it will take two days for your partner ceremony to take place. Today the Lion Wolf Tribe will go back and have a lot of things to deal with."

Ye Huo know nodded, he has confirmed the relationship with Ale, in no hurry for a while.

"Otherwise, let's see how many couples are getting married this time, and have a group wedding." Chen Qi suggested smiling.

"This is a good proposal. It will be more crowded and lively." Azhang replied.

Ye Huo turned and looked at Ale, Ale looked at Chen Qi sparkling, "Chen Qi do you have any idea? Will you teach us how to do this wedding?"

Chen Qi was stunned, then replied, "Although I don't know if it is well done, I can help if you like."

Ale nodded repeatedly when he heard this, "Willing to."

Today is, after all, the day when the Lion Wolf Tribe will leave. Azhang can't stay long even if he wants to be lazy. several people chatted for a while and then broke up after breakfast.

Azhang had just left Chen Qi's house and was stuck in the road by Bai De, but during the day Qi Ze was crowded with people walking around the city, and Azhang had no good complexion for Bai De. Bai De broke up without saying the last two words.

What makes Azhang depressed is that I don't know how the former chief of the clan suddenly came up with the idea of looking for a partner. He is not a little old either. When he was a Yanshan tribe, he added a lot of obstacles to each other. There are also many strong single females in the Lion Wolf tribe. How could he possibly run here to find himself and ask for a partner?

However, Azhang did not have the mind to think about why Bai De did this. Qi Ze City still has many things to arrange for him, and he has no time to take a reason for this person whom he has always hated.


Several females in furs were running on the moors. They were the Lion Wolf Tribe who came out early to explore the road conditions.

The females did not probe in the direction of the main entrance where the Ankylosaurus had visited. Instead, they took a detour and left through the back door. They took a big detour and then came to the Chishui River. The Chishui River here did not have a huge trunk to cross the river. Several females apparently came prepared. Soon they chose a acacia tree not far away. After all the branches and leaves on the acacia tree were cleaned, they laid the acacia tree down directly and crossed the whole river. Thus a crude wooden bridge appeared in front of everyone.

Several females made another round of rounds and returned to Qi Ze City after confirming that no abnormality was found.

Not far from the other side of Chishui River, there is a tall fig tree. Under the fig tree, there is a thick piece of Rhizoma. A young hyena lies quietly in the grass. The smell of figs perfectly hides its smell. Even if the orcish females on the other side of the river are on guard again, they have not found anything unusual.

It was not until the females were completely out of sight that the hyenas slowly got up and left from this piece of Rhizoma. Not far away there were five or six other hyenas resting on a termite mound. The hyenas walked over and bowed their heads and said something to their companions. The hyenas who had been lying lazily got up one after another. The hyenas headed by the hyenas growled and all the hyenas left the place orderly.

Although the Lion Wolf Tribe did not have a successful blind date, the transaction was very successful. they not only hunted many dragons, but also exchanged the things they brought for many articles. they also learned the papermaking, bamboo weaving, sewing and other things in Qi Ze City in a short period of time.

The people of Qi Ze City do not hide anything. As long as anyone learns, they are willing to teach. Now the whole Beastmen world is too primitive. Chen Qi also hopes to spread some methods to make life more convenient. However, the Lion Wolf Tribe did not take advantage in vain. they handed over more than half of the materials they brought to Qi Ze City as the cost of study.

After the females who went out to explore the road came back and confirmed that there was no sign of any dragon activity on the road, the lion wolf tribe and the Flame Hill tribe said good-bye to Qi Ze City and left. When they came, they came with a vast expanse. When they left, they carried many dragons, making the whole team look more spectacular.

After the people of the two tribes completely left, Qi Ze City suddenly became empty. The sudden silence was really uncomfortable.

Perhaps this kind of feeling is only found in Chen Qi. When other Beastmen saw the Lion Wolf Tribe and the Flame Hill tribe leaving, they closed the gate and went as they should. As the first snow approaches, people in Qi Ze City will also begin to prepare for the winter.

"Chen Qi." As soon as the Lion Wolf Tribe left, Azhang came to Chen Qi's house with a hide backpack. when he opened the hide backpack, a strong smell of sulfur came to his nostrils.

"Sulfur?" Chen Qi put down his work and gathered together in the past. The backpack was full of brimstone, which was very different from the powder Chen Qi had seen before.

"Ayan gave it to me to see if it was the sulfur you were looking for?"

Azhang heard Chen Qi talk about fire/medicine before, and also heard Chen Qi talk about the power of fire/medicine. Materials brought over by other tribes for unified use as study expenses are stored in the same place. Azhang didn't want the fire/medicine to be known to other tribes first, so he didn't bring it to Chen Qi immediately when he got what might be sulfur. However, Ayan has described the discovery place of these stones in detail. If these materials are really raw materials for gunpowder, he can also directly send someone to the original Flame Hill tribe's location to mine them later, even if necessary.

Chen Qi naturally knows that fire/medicine is not as simple as improving the quality of life as other things. Although he still does not know how powerful things he can make, it is not suitable to be disclosed to other tribes immediately. Now, except for a few of their close friends, even the others in Qi Ze City do not know the power of fire/medicine.

Chen Qi was very happy when he got the sulfur stone and couldn't wait to find a corner in his yard to study it.

Azhang didn't come until everything was arranged. He followed Chen Qi to see how he was working on it.

The Lion Wolf Tribe's returning troops walked on the wilderness for two days. because of the large number of people, the team also pulled longer. today is a moonless day. the team did not want to travel overnight, so they planned to find a place to rest early. but they obviously did not control the time. when they found a comfortable resting place, the sun was going to set.

Bai De waved the team behind to catch up.

Just then, a strong hyena suddenly emerged from the grass and rushed at the last Beastmen female in the team, probably because he was about to arrive at the resting place. The female's vigilance was relaxed until the hyena's sharp teeth pierced his skin.

The Beastmen around the female were stunned and reflexively avoided the attack of the hyenas. When they found out that the hyenas had tackled their companions, they quickly turned into liga and were trying to rescue their companions. However, the hyenas that jumped out first did not mean to fight with them. They dragged the female and retreated. At that time, several other hyenas that were lying in the bushes also jumped out and stood in front of the other females. After receiving cover, the hyenas that grabbed the throat of the Beastmen directly dragged their prey back into the tall grass. After other hyenas blocked a wave of attacks from the Beastmen, the hyenas quickly withdrew and did not love to fight.

The whole process took place too quickly. When the females in front of them found out, the hyenas would have dragged their prey into the tall grass long ago. A few tall fig trees grew near the tall grass. Their smell perfectly covered up the scent of blood. But for the fact that the ground was covered with brilliant red blood and a companion was missing, no one could have imagined that they had been attacked by hyenas.

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