The Beastmen covered with white hair squatted on tall acacia trees. The first snowfall of this year's early snow had already fallen in the early morning of last night. The Beastmen were covered with a large white fur cloak, and their black hair was not covered with the cloak. Only a pair of sharp eyes were exposed.

The Beastmen have been crouching here all night, maintaining the same movement without any discomfort. The branches of acacia trees around them are already covered with thick snow. Although the snow cannot cover all the weeds in the plain, there were also many tall and straight weeds bent by the snow yesterday. The sky and the earth were all white. Apart from the occasional wind, there was no extra sound and the silence was terrible.

The white-haired Beastmen sitting quietly on the branch was Aze of Qi Ze City. Last year he did not hunt the snow bear because he met Chen Qi. Although he did not need to prepare the snow bear's fur for his brother's son, Ayao, this year, he wanted to prepare a piece for his partner, so he said hello to Chen Qi early, left Qi Ze City a few days in advance, and came to the place where the snow bear would haunt to watch.

The site is still the place he has chosen last year. He has investigated it several times and knows that there were traces of the snow bear's activities here. He just doesn't know where the cave of the snow bear is, so he can only wait patiently and slowly.

Snow had stopped in the morning. The sun had no temperature during the first snowfall, and the sun could not dispel the chill. Aze didn't seem to feel the cold during the first snowfall. His ears stood up high and listened carefully to the sounds around him. Even though he sat motionless, his eyes looked around at the wasteland in front of him with mediocre results.

After noon, when Aze was considering whether to take out the dry food Chen Qi had prepared for himself from his backpack to fill his stomach or to continue to keep still, the tall grass nearby suddenly moved, not like the feeling of being blown by the wind, but like some animals hiding in it.

Aze's body tightened, but he was not in a hurry.

It was not long before a fluffy head emerged from the tall grass. It was a female snow bear. Its white fur was almost integrated with the snow. It was hard to recognize it when lying motionless on the ground.

Wooly snow bear looked around after his head was poked out. He waited quietly for a while before he began to cry in a low voice. His voice was regular. He only spoke when the wind blew. His voice was not like the roar of other wild animals. It could be said to be totally inconsistent with his heavy body. It was a bit like the wind. It mixed in the wind, rose with the wind, and disappeared with the wind.

Aze knew that this hairy snow bear was courting.

Wooly snow bear seemed tireless and patient. The cry lasted for almost an hour or so before it began slowly, not as frequently as when it first appeared. It only took a few minutes for the cry to occur. The situation lasted until evening.

Aze did not dare to take food out of his backpack. He is now too close to the snow bear. If he moves too much, he will frighten the other party.

Aze had good luck this year. As time went by, two male snow bears came towards this side towards evening from two different directions. Fortunately, they were in different directions, or they would have scuffled before coming here.

The three bears soon gathered together. Two of them, male and female, had their hair blown up and their eyes fixed on each other. They were ready to pounce on each other and shoot each other to death under their own hands, or to expel each other with force to obtain the mating right of this female bear.

Aze certainly won't let them scuffle together. Although the snow bear is simple and honest in appearance, it is also unequivocal in fighting. Their claws can scratch the skins of their opponents, and their sharp teeth can bite off the throats of their opponents. Aze didn't want any damage to the three skins that had appeared so hard.

See the two male snow bears are ready to pounce on each other, Aze picked up one side has been completely covered with snow fishing nets, directly from the tall acacia tree a vertical down, fishing nets a shake, directly toward the two male snow bears are about to bite together, then a turn, fingers quickly beast, several vertical jump has reached the head of the distance a little bit far away from the female snow bears.

The female the snow bear was obviously startled by the sudden appearance of the white-haired Beastmen. It also knew that it was not the Beastmen's opponent and wanted to flee back into the tall grass with a cry of alarm. Aze grabbed the other's tail directly, and with a hard effort, he threw the tall the snow bear directly over his shoulder. The heavy the snow bear fell into the snow and smashed a deep pit, revealing the reddish brown soil covered with snow.

Not waiting for the female the snow bear to return to absolute being from the sudden weightlessness to the impact of hitting the ground, Aze directly deceives the body and directly supports the chin of the female the snow bear with one hand to prevent the other party from biting into itself suddenly. A fingernail has come to the throat of the other party. Sharp fingernails penetrate directly into the throat of the other party, cutting off the throat of the other party without hindrance, and warm blood dyed red the hair on Aze's hands.

Aze did not let go because he cut off the throat of the female the snow bear. Instead, he continued to hold the other side firmly in check, allowing blood from the throat of the other side to flow directly into the snow beneath him. He didn't want this beautiful white hair to get any noise.

Until the female snow bear completely stopped twitching, Aze slowly got up and looked at the two male snow bears covered in fishing nets.

This kind of fishing net is woven with a string of whiskers, and the rope is not strong. It is not very difficult to break free with the strength of a snow bear. Aze's speed from throwing out the fishing net to settling the female snow bear was fast, but it also took several minutes, which was enough time for the two male snow bears to break away from this not very strong fishing net.

But when Aze looked over, he saw two male snow bears lying motionless on the ground under the fishing net, their paws firmly covering their eyes with a trace of fur, just like two large piles of snow.

. . . . . .

Playing dead?

Aze, who had made preparations for the two male snow bears to escape from the fishing nets and flee in different directions, walked over and cut off the throats of the two bears in the same way without hesitation, without any effort.

While the snow bear's body was not completely frozen and stiff, Aze cleanly disposed of the three skins and cut off a lot of meat from the snow bear. If it weren't for his desire to get back to Qi Ze City early and the many plants collected along the way, he really wanted to bring all the meat of the three the snow bear back to the tribe.

Taking out frozen meat from the backpack, he simply filled his stomach and tidied up a little. Aze set off on his way home.


"Qi Qi." Ayao with small feet suddenly jump directly into the arms of Chen Qi, frighten Chen Qi pen hand shake a few shake, almost will write all morning words to destroy.

Sitting on the other side of the scene discontentedly stared at o wear round obsidian, Ka Luo recently to help take care of the several just stay male, don't have time to always look at Ayao, so every day before you go out directly to Ayao to Chen Qi a throw, will come back to pick up each other in the evening.

Ayao, who is almost one year old, is well fed by Ka Luo, and the whole person is chubby. Chen Qi likes to knead each other's small round face. it is probably because Chen Qi feeds a milk fruit every day. Ayao has a thick milk fragrance. Chen Qi wants to bite each time he smells this delicious smell. So Chen Qi also likes to play with each other.

The only thing that gives Chen Qi a little headache is that this boy is too noisy and can't calm down for a moment. He is fine when he has something to play with. Once no one plays with him, he will start the mode of pestering people, just like now.

But before Chen Qi began to coax each other, Ajing winked at the little wolf cub lying quietly beside him. The little wolf cub was stiff and looked a little reluctant to stand up. He walked behind the obsidian and gently tugged at the obsidian's fur with his teeth, pulling the other out of Chen Qi's arms easily.

Ayao meng was forcibly pulled out from the warm arms, looked back at the young Wolf, young Wolf innocently loose mouth, Ayao blink eyes, waving small claws, while calling rev. Qi and going to Chen Qi arms.

This time before the obsidian o jump into Chen Qi's arms, young wolf and grabbed the obsidian o beast leather behind him, a pull, and Ayao pulled away from a distance.

Ayao smile on his face is bigger, like found what fun games, waving small claws and forward, and then the young Wolf pulled back again.

Looking at this scene, Chen Qi looked back at Ajing, who continued to copy the book with a face of seriousness, and looked at Ayao, who was having a good time, and a face of little wolf cubs who had no love. He got up and went back to the room and took out a rattle.

The sound of the rattle attracted the attention of the three little people. This thing came to Chen Qi's mind these days when he was taking Ayao. Then he pounded on it and did it. There were not many things suitable for children to play here. At ordinary times, Ayao had little to play at home except running around the house. Chen Qi was thinking of making some small toys for the child.

Young Wolf also don't go to pull the obsidian beast leather, obsidian o directly rushed over and hugged Chen Qi thighs, Chen Qi squatted down patiently taught him how to play with it.

"Ajing, come and play for a while." Chen Qi smiled and waved to Ajing.

Recently, Chen Qi plans to sort out some materials and books, and plans to build a place like a library for tribal people to study. However, adult Beastmen have a lot of work to do, and they also have to build houses for the newly added Beastmen, so the book-hunting work falls to Ajing.

Although the movable type printing made last time will be much more convenient for printing books, no suitable person can be found for lettering, typesetting, etc. Chen Qi also has no time to deal with them one by one, so he can only copy them manually first, and then arrange someone to be responsible for this piece after the tribal people can read more.

"No, I haven't finished copying." Ajing looked at Chen Qi's rattle and shook his head firmly.

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