Ajing's age is not too old, but he probably suffered too early. He is not as playful as those children Chen Qi had seen before. Chen Qi felt a little heartache every time he saw the child rushing for work and acting too mature.

Chen Qi walked over and took the pen in Ajing's hand. He pulled out a rattle from behind and put it into the other's hand. He looked at him with a smile, "This is yours."

Ajing  dazed shrugged and looked at his hand, Chen Qi holding each other's hand gently shook twice, crisp drums came from his hand.

"Do you like it?"

See Ajing sipping lips don't talk, Chen Qi directly hold each other down from the chair, suddenly weightlessness startled Ajing, scrambling to encircle Chen Qi's neck, to prevent myself from falling to the ground, the rattle in the hand also because of this shaking there was a string of "state" voice.

Chen Qi put Ajing on the ground. As the first snow was coming, there were also children scurrying around the house. Chen Qi covered the ground with a thick fur blanket early on, and the fire in the house had already been lit. Even if he rolled on the ground, he would not feel cold.

"Well, let's take a rest and continue copying. I'll tell you a new story later. You can record it later and show it to others tomorrow." Looking at Ajing's small frowning brows, Chen Qi reluctantly played the other side's eyebrows.

"Mmm." Ajing nodded obediently. He didn't insist on finishing his work first, but his hand holding the rattle was tightened.

Ayao got the rattle and no longer play with young Wolf, a person obediently sat on one side, curiously shook his rattle, heard a noise and began to "giggle".

Little Wolf gave him a light look, sure he won't run again, then back to the scene side slowly get down, slightly stir up eyes, lazily looking at the scene with the same things and obsidian hands in play games.

Ajing's interest in this rattle is obviously not as big as Chen Qi's story. After shaking for two times, he stopped and looked up at Chen Qi, motioning for the other party to tell his story.

Chen Qi reluctantly rubbed each other's small head, first went to the hearth and took a small plate of potato cakes made in the morning, then poured several cups of warm milk fruit, poured the milk fruit belonging to the young wolf into its exclusive wooden plate, then handed a cup to Ajing, then held Ayao over, slowly fed him milk fruit, and told the story to the little ones.

. . . . . .

However, before a story is half told, a loud howl of wolves resounded through Qi Ze City, which was a signal of danger.

Chen Qi hurriedly put a thick coat on these small ones. This just picked up Ayao and took Ajing to the school. Others in Qi Ze City also heard the warning sound. The young females had quickly turned over to the wall and the others were assembled in the school in an orderly way. The number of people in Qi Ze City is relatively small. It is convenient to get together when there is danger. It is also convenient for females to protect them.

Chen Qi's family arrived earlier than the others because they were at the edge of the school. When Ka Luo arrived, he handed over Ayao to the other party immediately and told Ajing not to wander around at random before rushing to the gate.

In order to facilitate walking, the snow on the road has already cleared away. Even if it snows for a short time in the morning, it will not affect walking now. Chen Qi soon came to the wall at the gate.

In addition to a few females who stayed near the school and guarded them, all the other females had assembled on the wall and saw Chen Qi on the wall. One of the females also pointed to Chen Qi in the other direction. Azhang was standing there whispering something to the people beside him.

Seeing Chen Qi coming up, Azhang pointed to the front, "there are dragons coming up."

Chen Qi just looked out of the city, because his eyesight was not as good as that of the females. when he climbed up the wall, he could not see what was the danger outside the city. at the moment, he was explained by Azhang. in addition, the dragons were also a lot closer to Qi Ze City. Chen Qi finally saw the appearance of the dragons gathered around this time. it was a group of mighty armored dragons, with as many as 50 or 60 heads. their running speed was not fast, but because the plains had just been covered by snow, the figure of this group of armored dragons was still very obvious. no wonder the females were so far away.

"There are no hyenas mixed in this time."

Azhang nodded, his face very dignified, so in such a short period of time there are two groups of dragons came to the nearby, this is never happened in previous years.

At that time, Axu, who had been looking in other directions, also came and saw Chen Qi nod and say hello to him slightly. only then did he say, "no sign of dragons was found in other directions. it should be that only this group of dragons came to Qi Ze City."

Azhang nodded slightly and ordered to the people around him: "Everyone be ready for battle."

On the wall of the female heard Azhang, have scattered, eyes tightly staring at the closer group of ankylosaurus, seems ready to jump down to fight at any time.

Chen Qi picked up his wooden bow, also gather together to the edge of the wall, moment is not instantaneous to stare at the situation outside the city.

Ankylosaurus was not fast at first when it approached, but when it came to a few hundred meters away, it suddenly increased its speed and rushed straight towards Qi Ze City. The movement caused by running made Chen Qi on the wall feel a slight tremor.

At first, the armored dragons were running together. As the distance approached, they began to spread to the surrounding areas. It seemed that they wanted to directly use their solid armor to break down the reddish-brown wall.

Chen Qi swallowed nervously. Axu was worried that the other side, as a male, would be frightened by the rampage of Ankylosaurus and suggested that he go back to school and wait for news.

Chen Qi shook his head. "It's okay, I'll watch it here."

"He has seen more swarms of locusts than this one last winter. There is no need to worry." Ake, standing next to him, explained.

Axu saw that Azhang did not object to Chen Qi's staying, so he did not say more.

The vast expanse of white outside the city, even the moat that had been dug up before, was covered with snow and could not see any trace. Now it looks like a large flat white space appeared at the gate of the city.

Everyone looked at the movement of the group, 500 meters, 300 meters, the speed of the group is faster and faster, seems to be in the last section of the road and increased speed, and then arrived at the position of the moat, rushed in front of the ankylosaurus suddenly disappeared.

The closely followed Ankylosaurus stared at all the companions who suddenly disappeared. Before they could return to their original state, the inertial speed made them fall into the moat. Fortunately, in order not to injure his companions, the distance between the front and back of the group was quite different. After seeing the front two rows of companions disappear alive, a roars rang out in the group. Then the group slowed down and stopped the survey at the edge of the moat so that they did not fall in with the front companions.

Originally, there were several snow holes in the moat, and the roar from the snow could be clearly heard. Those armored dragons who did not fall into the snow holes walked to the side, trying to get near the wall from the place where there were no snow holes. As a result, several armored dragons fell into the moat.

The Tigers were in a commotion. Their eyes looked with fear at the flat snow ahead and greedily at the Beastmen standing on the wall.

"I didn't expect these dragons rushed in regardless after covering up the moat." Axu said with emotion that the mixed legion of Ankylosaurus and Hyenas had not approached the moat any more while looking at it.

Chen Qi frowned and looked at the situation of the Ankylosaurus group, because many of his companions fell into the inexplicable snow hole. The Ankylosaurus group had retreated a certain distance, no matter how their companions howled under the snow, they didn't lean forward any more.

"now what? Are you waiting?" Ake looked at the group of armored dragons who had already withdrawn and asked.

"Are these ironclad enough now?" Azhang did not immediately answer Ake's question, but turned to ask Chen Qi.

Yes, this moat trap was prepared by Chen Qi to catch the armored dragon. The target was the heavy armored armor on the other side.

Want to know the metal in this primitive world is really too important, since the last few pieces of real smelting out, Chen Qi has always wanted to get some real back, it's a pity that the last real just shook a circle and went away, to Qi Ze City power cannot directly and real group of hard to carry.

This trap still saw that the last Ankylosaurus had no intention of crossing the moat near the wall. Chen Qi tried to cover the moat, but it came in handy just after it was finished.

Chen Qi looked at half of the ankylosaurus that did not fall into the moat. He secretly expressed a pity in his heart, but he also knew that he could not be greedy. He nodded and said, "This batch of ankylosaurus is enough for us to use for a period of time. There are still too many ankylosaurus that did not fall into the moat outside. We are not many. It is not cost-effective to fight them directly. It is better to deal with the ankylosaurus that fell into the trap after they leave."

"Let's do it then." After listening to Chen Qi, Azhang thought for a moment and decided.

This time waiting did not waste too much time. I probably knew that I couldn't get close to the city wall, and the rest of the armored dragon turned around and left after wandering around in the same place for a few times. I didn't care at all about those trapped companions.

Until the figure of Ankylosaurus completely disappeared in the snow, Azhang waved to the others, and several females got orders, hurriedly picked up a few thick ropes beside them and pulled hard. On the surface of the wide moat, thick snow streamed down, and then a long row of bamboo weaves was pulled up, revealing the original appearance of the moat.

The crowd looked down the opened moat and saw that under the river bed of the moat, more than 20 armored dragons were angrily hitting the surrounding mud wall with their bodies. Even if the wall body was tamped again and again with mud bricks, they were still knocked out by the strong strength of armored dragons.

However, the moat is as high as four or five heads of Ankylosaurus. Ankylosaurus is not a good climber either. Even if the other is trapped to death, it is impossible to climb up at this height. When the people on the wall saw this situation, they couldn't help cheering. They never thought they could catch so many dragons so easily and without injury.

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