"Whew" a sharp arrow burst through the air. The armored dragon under the riverbed only bent a little. The arrow shot straight at the hard armor behind each other. Then there was a ringing metal crash and it fell to the ground.

Chen Qi gently tut out a cry, it seems that with far attack can't do harm to these creatures with hard armor defense.

Several females took a stout rope and fell to the ground along the rope ladder on the wall. according to the method practiced before, one of them threw the rope tied with the rope directly toward the head of the outermost ankylosaurus. the head of the ankylosaurus kept leaning back and howled at the animals. probably, they didn't know what the rope thrown over was. instead, they were caught right in the middle. the female's face lit up and pulled directly. the rope tied directly to the neck of the ankylosaurus. then before ankylosaurus could react, the head of the ankylosaurus

Several other females looked at also not idle, saw the ankylosaurus was pulled up, one person to directly control the ankylosaurus limbs, another person directly control each other's jaw, then the other hand quickly beast, fast must be malicious directly into the ankylosaurus exposed weak neck skin, ankylosaurus could struggle, reflex convulsions after a few times and then no sound.

The armored dragons under the riverbed seemed to feel the threat from the beasts, or smelled the blood smell of their companions, and began to stir restlessly. Several armored dragons also began to grope around the riverbed to escape, and did not seem to want to stay where they were waiting for the hunters.

Axu called several females of Luoshui tribe to help along the rope ladder to the river bank. They took several thick rope nets one after the other, and directly cut off the way forward of Ankylosaurus with the rope nets. The first head of Ankylosaurus rushed directly into the rope net. One of the front hooves was caught by the rope net and almost fell to the ground without maintaining the body balance. Fortunately, it did not accelerate the collision, so the survey stabilized itself.

However, Axu did not give the other party the chance to break free. Together with another female holding the rope net, the head of the rope net tightly netted the ankylosaurus, and then directly dragged it along with the rope net. The tall ankylosaurus was dragged to the shore, stopped, hunted and killed in one go.

More than 20 armored dragons trapped under the moat were cleaned up by the beast people without much effort. All the armored dragons were stripped off and sent directly to the forging house. Unfortunately, it is still in the day of early snow. The temperature is too low to fire and forge at once. Only the armored dragons can be disposed of first, and then all the captured armored dragons will be sent to Chishui River.

The carnivorous dragons not only carry toxins in their insides, but also carry certain toxins in their flesh, especially the hyenas that feed on Beastmen. Therefore, even if they look at piles of meat like hills before their eyes, they can only look at it but dare not try to eat it easily.

Chen Qi left when he saw that the iron armor had been disposed of. If he continued to watch the piles of meat being moved to Chishui River and thrown away, he would not know if he would feel overwhelmed.

Looking at the vast expanse of snow outside the city, I didn't think I had been in this world for a year. Aze has been away for several days from opening Qi Ze City to hunt the snow bear. The counting days should come back in three days.

Chen Qi is still not used to being separated from Aze for such a long time since he came to this world.

Well, I miss him a little.


In the tall acacia tree, the white-haired Beastmen was squatting on the branch to rest. He was chewing a piece of dried meat that was already cold and hard in his mouth. In order to save time for cooking on the road, Aze asked Chen Qi to help prepare a lot of dried meat before leaving the tribe. All he had to do was take it out and eat it. No additional processing was needed.

Of course, it would be better if a small fire could be made to roast the dried meat a little, but Aze didn't care. He would like to save some time and go back to the tribe earlier than eating the chewy dried meat.

Three or two people swallow the food in their mouth. Aze clapped his hands to pick up the meat crumbs from his hands. He took out a bamboo tube from his pocket and pulled off the lid. Seeing that the snow inside had melted into snowy water, Aze looked up and took a long drink with satisfaction. The icy touch of the entrance made him shudder.

After eating and drinking, I simply tidied up my things and decided to leave. The snow will end tomorrow. According to my own speed, if I travel overnight at night, I should be able to get back to the tribe tomorrow night.

Axu, who had just carried his luggage back, suddenly saw several small spots running towards here in the distance. He could vaguely hear the roars of some wild animals. The direction in which the small spots ran looked like Loya Forest. Axu narrowed his eyes slightly, cleanly came down from the acacia tree and ran towards the small spots.

On the snow-white ground, with the messy footprints of the Beastmen, there are still some brilliant red blood stains. The blood stains guide the hyenas that follow closely behind. No matter how the Beastmen avoid, the hyenas can always easily find each other's traces.

It's a pity that there isn't even a tall tree in this area. Otherwise, he can hide his male in the tree and fight with the hyenas himself. Even if he can't beat it, how can he be chased so badly?

The eyes of the Beastmen were darkened and the scratches on the back were still painful, but he couldn't help it. After looking around the surrounding environment, he went straight into the tall grass nearby.

The area of this tall grass is large enough. The Beastmen found that the hyenas had been pulled apart for some distance after circling several directions. They put down the male in their arms. His breath was a little unstable because of the sharp running. "Ai Li, I can't take you with me. I am hurt and can't leave the hyenas. You hide in this tall grass for a while first, and then you can leave after I draw the hyenas away."

As the Beastmen spoke, he took out a large handful of fig leaves from his backpack and stuffed them into the arms of the male. The fig leaves could well cover up the smell of the Beastmen. Unfortunately, even though he was well prepared when he went out, he did not expect to be attacked by hyenas on his way back and was left with wounds.

Looking at the Beastmen who dyed the snow red after only a short talk, Ai Li's eyes were very complicated. Although he only pretended to agree to be with the female in front of him just to enter the forest to find a plant that could reduce fever for his son who was always hot, but looking at the other person who was still thinking of protecting himself after being injured, he said it was false not to be moved. However, he also knew that if he continued to be with the other person, the hyenas that followed after the two people could not escape at all. At this time, it was the only chance for him to live.

Ai Li bit his lip tightly and did not return to absolute being until he tasted a trace of blood smell in his mouth. However, the Beastmen had no time to pay attention to each other's emotions. He hurried through the words and left backwards. Before leaving, he also wiped the blood from the snow. He could not let the hyenas find the hiding place of the male.

A loud birdsong cut the sky, the Beastmen slightly raised his head and saw a letter eagle hovering in the air. He knew that the hyenas were getting closer and closer to here. He did not think much of it, and he no longer cared about the blood on the ground. He greeted the hyenas directly in the direction of the hyenas Long Ben. The Beastmen quickly saw the figure of the hyenas in only a few breathing rooms. Then he turned a direction and ran away into the distance.

Hyenas also clearly found each other and resolutely pursued the Beastmen in the direction of fleeing.

Ai Li gritted his teeth and controlled his trembling body so as not to let his excessive movement attract the attention of the hyenas. However, even if he listened to the roar of the hyenas getting farther and farther away, his nervous mood could not calm down at all. Even the female could not come back, could he?

Ai Li did not dare to think about it. He hugged his hide backpack and found some plants for his son to reduce fever. If he could not return to the tribe, maybe his son would not survive the next winter. Ai Li finally smiled and told the Beastmen to get rid of their facial expression from their minds and planned to leave the tall grass in another direction. There was still blood left by the Beastmen and it was not safe.

Before Ai Li stood up, the tall grass in front of him was suddenly pushed aside and a tall figure appeared in front of him.

"Ai Li?"

Ai Li was surprised to see the Beastmen suddenly appeared in front of him. In a trance, time seemed to flow back many years ago. When he was lying on the ground waiting for death to come, the man suddenly appeared in front of him like this.

There was no time for Ai Li to recover from all this mess. He had already pulled Aze's fur coat at the bottom, and his voice was a little tearful. "Save Ajin, he was attacked by hyenas."

Aze looked at Ai Li's face and heard the roars of wild animals nearby. He pulled out the tall grass and ran out.

Ai Li had grabbed Aze's fur coat hem and was thrown to the ground by the force of the other party's sudden departure. He found Aze had lost his figure, bit his teeth, got up and ran out in the direction of Aze's departure.

He knew that Aze was a powerful female even though he did not have pregnant stripes. He had also seen the other side hunt hyenas by himself. If Ajin were alive today, he or the female who protected himself from entering the forest should be able to survive.

There was only one hyena that attacked the two men. It was a female hyena that had been pregnant for many years. It needed more nutrition to feed the children in its belly. Therefore, the female hyena was also the fiercest at this time.

Ai Li is not as fast as Aze. Even though he knows Aze's strength is strong, he still dare not make too much noise to reveal his position. So when he heard the sound of the battle getting louder and louder, and finally managed to push through the last tuft of grass, the battle between the Beastmen and the hyenas came to an end as early as possible.

Ai Li didn't know how Aze killed the hyenas under his claws. When the other side was slightly stained with blood and looked in his direction, he couldn't help shivering. The hyenas and Beastmen that fell to the ground didn't seem to get into his eyes. It seemed that only the tall Beastmen was left between heaven and earth.

Aze did not return to absolute being until he crouched down to examine Ajin's injury. he staggered a few times and ran towards the two men.

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