Before Aze arrived, Ajin and Hyenas obviously fought another battle. Apart from the scratch marks on the back at the beginning, many wounds have been added to the body now. The wounds have been oozing blood because they can't form scabs. Not only is the animal skin on the body thoroughly stained with blood, but also the skin on the body that was scratched looks pitiful.

Because the other party has fallen into a coma, can't automatically take back the skins, Aze can only clean up the wound after all the hair around the wound.

Ai Li has been watching Aze's skillful bandaging action nervously. Although he wants to help, he dare not disturb each other. He can only hold Aze's body so that Aze can be bandaged smoothly.

After helping Ajin deal with the wound simply, the two men did not dare to stay where they were. Aze could only take the two men to a safe place to stop for repair. Perhaps it was because of the heavy injury, Ajin started to burn shortly after he arrived at the rest place.

Aze frowned tightly. It is not a good thing for a Beastmen to have a fever after serious injury. One cannot live without proper handling.

Aze found some hay to make a simple mattress, and ordered Ai Li to light a fire nearby, and then covered all the skins on Aze's body. The wounded Beastmen has very poor cold resistance, and now it is in the first snow. If the other party can't survive this evening, there is nothing he can do.

After escaping the danger, Ai Li calmed down. After the fire was born, he took out a shea from Ajin's backpack, broke it open with a bone knife and did not drink the juice inside. He poured out the milky juice inside, took some clean snow on the spot and simply brushed it. Then he put a large shell of snow on the fire and burned it.

After all the snow in the fruit shell melted, Ai Li took out a tender green weed wrapped in animal skins from his backpack. There were still a little yellow flowers on it. It was probably put in the backpack for too long, and the leaves of the weed were already a little weak.

Ai Li untied the hide wrapped in weeds. The inside root was even wrapped in a small handful of soil, which was still a little wet. It can be seen that people have been carefully treated.

With melted snow water, the soil on the roots of the weeds was washed clean, revealing brown roots as thick as little fingers. Ai Li thought for a moment, then took out another one and put it aside for later use. After the snow water in the second round of fruit shells was heated to give off heat, Ai Li boiled the two weeds in the water.

Aze also did not know what the other party was cooking. Seeing the other party put the weeds in the fruit shell and cooked them, Aze came to take care of Ajin. He voluntarily gave up his position to the other party. He stood on the other side of the fire at a distance from the two and was on guard. After all, they had just met a hyenas and were not allowed to encounter other dangers.

The eyes in Aze's eyes sank. Has the dragon's activities on the plain become more and more frequent recently? I wonder if Qi Ze City will be fine.

"thank you."

Hearing the voice, Aze looked back doubtfully. Ai Li was bowing his head to wipe the sweat seeping out of Ajin's forehead. Just when Aze thought he heard wrong, Ai Li said softly, "Thank you for saving us."

Aze stun, did not expect the other party would say thank you to yourself, gently well after didn't ignore him.

The atmosphere quieted down again, except for the crackling sound of firewood, as the sky gradually darkened, the surroundings became quieter and quieter.

Aze dug up his usual dried meat from his backpack and threw two pieces to Ai Li. He squatted aside and ate it in the icy snow.

Although Ai Li, who had not eaten for a long time after running for his life, also felt very hungry, he did not rush to pick up the dried meat and eat it. After watching the snowy water boiling weeds gradually turn dark green, Ai Li carefully moved the fruit shells out of the fire.

Seeing that Ai Li was going to feed this strange soup to the sleepy Ajin, Aze finally couldn't help asking, "What did you feed him?"

Ai Li paused in his hand and explained: "He is hot. This thing can cool down." As long as it is not always high fever, according to the body that Ajin has been treated to stop bleeding now, he should be able to survive when the high fever recedes. Ale didn't want to get out of danger but died of fever.

After listening to Ai Li's words, Aze said nothing more, only quietly finished his dinner and continued to guard around. What he could do to help Adan has already been done. Whether the rest can survive depends on him.

Because there is no spoon suitable for feeding the soup, coma and can't drink directly on the fruit shell, Ai Li wanted to think, can only mouth-to-mouth to cross the soup to each other, the bitter taste of the dark green soup entrance made Ai Li couldn't help but frowned, but he still patiently fed a large fruit shell soup.

Wipe off the lip angle edge stained with the juice, o into the beast skin clothing yi yi, this just cooked a shell of snow wash gargle to solve their own dinner.

Aze made a circle around and returned to the temporary camp after confirming that there was no danger. Ai Li looked up slightly when he saw the other side coming back and slowly lowered his head when he saw the other side sitting down in the distance. Wanted to think, looked back at Ajin, who was reddish with fever, shook his fist and stood up and walked beside Aze.

"Aze, can I talk to you?"

Aze raised his head in surprise. He knew that Ai Li had always had a problem with himself. Although he had saved him this time, he did not think how grateful the other party would be to him. He thought that the silent relationship between the two would last until the wounded Beastmen woke up.

Seeing Aze neither nodded nor shook his head, Ai Li didn't care either. He considered and said, "I'd like you to escort us back to the tribe."

Aze eyebrows picked, here is two or three days away from the lion Wolf tribe, he can't carry in addition to Chen Qi male on his way, and with the male's feet to double this time, if you return from the lion Wolf tribe Qi Ze City will take another two or three days, this time is too long, if you haven't returned for so long, I don't know Chen Qi will rush into what kind, Aze didn't want to agree to Ai Li this request. Eyes flashed across the unconscious female, and a little tangled. If you don't escort them, if you encounter another attack, even if it is not hyenas, but a head of ankylosaurus, maybe these two people will not survive.

Seeing Aze's silence, Ai Li continued: "I didn't let you escort us in vain. Just now you saw the herb I cooked for Aze. It's called Aigeisha. It's a kind of plant that can quickly reduce fever only my former tribe knows. If you can send us back to Lion Wolf Tribe, I'd like to exchange half of the herb with you."

Ai Li did not immediately take the hot herb out of his backpack. Although it is not easy to find this herb, Aze might be able to find it by himself in the forest if he knew the appearance of this herb. He also wanted the other party to send the two of him back to the tribe. His son was still in high fever and had no time to delay him.

"Winter is coming, you also have a favorite male? If your favorite male gets hot in winter, this herb might save your life." Ai Li tried hard to recall last year's male who was very aggressive in protecting Aze behind him.

Aze was silent for a long time, until Ai Li thought that the other party would reject his offer. Aze then said, "Wait till he wakes up." Then he stopped caring about Ai Li and closed his eyes to rest.

Although Aze did not agree to his proposal, Ai Li was not worried. Even though he didn't like the female without pregnant stripes, he still knew Aze a little after getting along with the other party for a period of time. The other party could not allow a seriously injured female without self-protection ability and a male without any fighting capacity to wander on the plain. The reason why he proposed to use Aze grass as a trade was that he didn't want to owe any favors to the other party.

Ajin's fever subsided in the middle of the night, and his face turned pale with the heat's disappearance due to excessive blood loss. Ai Li, who had stayed for most of the night, could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

After dawn, the surrounding snow began to slowly melt into snow and seep into the reddish-brown soil below. When the sun rises the next day, the originally white snowfield will slowly reveal the original lush green. However, these green colors are mixed with some weeds that have begun to wither and yellow gradually. When these green colors completely fade, winter will come.

When Aze made a simple patrol around and found no sign of dragons moving nearby, the seriously injured female named Ajin woke up, only his face was not very good due to excessive blood loss.

Aze peeled and diced some sweet potatoes just found in his hand, put them into the shell of water milk and made a large bowl of sugar water for breakfast for Ajin, while he continued to take out the hard meat and simply solved it with cold water.

Look at Ajin. He can't catch the road today. Even if he is in a hurry to go back, Ai Li can only endure it. He coaxed the other party to go to bed early after feeding him breakfast. After all, sleep is the fastest way for females to recover their strength.

Ajin looked apologetically at Ai Li, thanked Aze and then fell into a coma. He didn't wake up until the evening. If it weren't for hunger, it was estimated that he could sleep until all his injuries were healed.

In order for the female to supplement his strength, Aze cut a large piece of the flesh of the snow bear he had hunted to Ai Li at night and asked him to cook some broth for the female to drink.

Wooly snow bear's meat was simply smoked. Although a little salt was smeared on the surface, it could not be preserved for a long time. If the two were sent back to the Lion Wolf Tribe, they would only contribute to make food, or else it would be wasted.

Fortunately, the snow bear's meat is not very delicious. Aze doesn't mind very much. This time he wants to bring back the snow bear's meat just to let Chen Qi taste it. It seems that he can only try a fresh one next time.

"thank you." Because he was injured and slept all day and night, Ajin's voice was hoarse.

"You're welcome." Aze threw the sticks in his hand into the fire and told him, "Please rest after eating. I will be on guard nearby. Tomorrow I will send you back to the Lion Wolf Tribe."

Ai Li is scooping broth paused, he put down his newly made rough wooden spoon, walked to the side of his backpack, took out a dozen leaves from the inside has been a little YanYan hot grass to Aze.

Aze is also not at all welcome. He took it directly and put it on his luggage. If Chen Qi could see it, he would be very happy.

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