The next day Ajin was able to stand up and walk. Ai Li changed the herbs for the other party once, and learned the method before Aze to re-wrap each wound with cloth strips.

The first snow was over and Ajin's fur had been collected. before, because there were still some hairs that could not be seen clearly, after the shade was removed at the moment, the wound deep enough to see the bone made Ai Li look straight frowning. fortunately, although the wound looked very serious, the blood had stopped somehow. as long as the blood stopped, it was only a matter of time before the recovery of the female's ability to recover.

Because of excessive blood loss, Ajin's face was still a little pale. After eating breakfast made of the snow bear's meat, he was much better.

Aze made half of the meat into dried meat as food for the road, and the other half as food for three people in these two days.

"Is this fur for your children?" Azhang watched Aze carefully tie the fur of the snow bear and the dried meat separately so as not to contaminate the fur with meat flavor.

"No." Aze kept fixing the luggage and neatly carried it back to his shoulder. "This is for my partner."

Ai Li's eyes glanced at Aze's wrist without trace. Aze's hair had been collected. Today, he changed into a long-sleeved white shirt. The cuffs were loosely rolled up to reveal the thin marks on his wrist like pregnant marks. If he hadn't known earlier that this man had no pregnant marks, he might have thought that the other party was hunting the snow bear for his own children. I just didn't expect that I haven't seen him for a few years. The other party has stopped wearing fur around his wrist.

Ajin was stunned. It was the first time he saw a female hunting a snow bear for his mate. You know, snow bears are not easy to find. Some females may not be able to hunt a head after sitting for two or three years. "You are very kind to your partner." If you are willing to spend a lot of time looking for the females of the snow bear, you are reluctant to let your partner suffer a little cold.

Aze nodded naturally, "He is also very kind to me."

"when we are ready, let's hurry back." Ai Li interrupted the conversation. He is now in anxious to return. If it weren't for his concern for Ajin's injuries, he would have wanted to go back when he was just out of the attack by the hyenas. It would be a torment for him to stay outside for a while now.

Ajin also knew the other party's mood and patted him apologetically on the back of his hand to comfort him.

Aze didn't say much, take the initiative to take the luggage of the two people in front of the road, after all, into the body was injured too much, also can't carry Ai Li, Ai Li can only hold each other with Aze behind, even if the heart again anxious can only patiently stop on his way.

At ordinary times, Aze did not finish one-third of the day's journey today until dark. During the evening rest, Ai Li let Adan finish early and drove the other party to bed. Now only by allowing Adan to recover as soon as possible can he shorten the time spent on the road. He knew Aze could not walk behind his back, and it would only take several more days to get back to the tribe at his own speed. What he lacked most now was time.

A little water was poured into the hot grass in the backpack. after checking that Ajin's wound showed no signs of cracking, Ai Li went to sleep under the warm fire. at ordinary times, he seldom walked for such a long time in the tribe as he did today. in addition, Ai Li was too tired to go on running for days. he fell asleep soon after lying down.

There are no trees in this area that are tall enough to allow people to lie down directly. The three of them can only rest under a fig tree. Aze did not dare to sleep to death completely. He could only sit with his eyes half narrowed against the trunk and doze off. He did not have a good sleep for several days. Aze's eyes turned black and blue.

Feeling a noise coming from his side, Aze suddenly raised his head and saw Ai Li coming with a piece of hide. It seemed that he didn't expect Aze to suddenly open his eyes and look a little embarrassed. Then he coughed softly and said naturally, "Well, you can sleep for a while. I'll watch over it in the middle of the night." Ai Li handed over the hide.

After the first snowfall, the weather will be cool at night. Aze did not take over the skins, but simply glanced at each other and closed his eyes. "If you want to get back to the Lion Wolf Tribe earlier, go to bed earlier." It is impossible for him to let the other party keep vigil and go to sleep by himself.

Since moving out of Yanshan tribe to live alone on the plain, Aze takes some precautions when he falls asleep every day. He dare not sleep to death completely. It was only after he met Chen Qi that he dared to sleep peacefully. I didn't expect that he was a bit unaccustomed to returning to the old days after only coming out for a few days.

Aze sighed secretly in his heart, and now he really wants to go home immediately.


Once again, seeing the snow that disappeared overnight, Chen Qi was still amazed by this world which did not conform to his own cognition.

After the first snow, the animals of the Luoshui tribe will also be ready to leave for their own tribe. Chen Qi took a few days to copy the bound books with Ajing and went to the dormitory area to find Axu. this is a gift he prepared for the Luoshui tribe. it recorded the planting methods of some plants and the utility of some known herbs. Chen Qi also carefully assigned color pictures to each plant.

Axu was not in the dormitory. Chen Qi could only give the things to Ashu. Ashu moved in after Ashu had confirmed the relationship with Ye Huo. looking at each other, Chen Qi felt a little funny, "how can we pack now when we have to leave?"

Ashu saw Chen Qi's eyes brighten and then curled his lips. "Next time he comes back, he will have to wait for next year, so he talked with Ale on the city wall all night last night." Later, Ale also stuffed a lot of things for him, otherwise he would have packed up.

Chen Qi looked at a little blue under the corner of his eye, went over to help, and told him to put away the books he had sent. "All ready to go. Why isn't Axu here?"

"Maybe to say goodbye to others." Ashu shook his head, he didn't see his brother's shadow when he came back.

After helping Ashu pack up his luggage and seeing Chen Qi leaving, Ashu couldn't help shouting at each other.

"what's the matter? Is there anything else?"

Ashu tugged at his clothes and hesitated before saying, "I will come again next summer."

"Well, welcome to come again."

Although I only got along for a few months, let alone Ashu, who was unwilling to leave, Chen Qi was unwilling to let them go. Will it be quieter here after today? Chen Qi looked at the situation as he walked. There were not many people on the road, but shaking figures could be seen in many houses. It was estimated that everyone was seizing the last moment to say goodbye.

Chen Qi walked to the side of the gate. The door of Asu's house was suddenly slammed shut with a "bang". The sound seemed to show how hard the knocker had used.

Chen Qi looked doubtfully in the direction of the sound. He could only see the back of Axu, who twisted his eyebrows and hurried away from Asu's courtyard. Although it was only a glance, the gloomy face of the other party still startled Chen Qi. He had never seen such an expression since he knew Axu.

Is this . . . . . . a fight?

Outside the city gate, females have rearranged the bamboo weaving on the moat and covered it with a thin layer of hay. Last night, the blood of the group of Ankylosaurus had been washed away by the melted snow. Even if it was close, it could not smell any blood.

Because there were dragons coming yesterday, Azhang personally took the patrol team to check the situation around early in the morning, and when they came back to make sure there was no problem on the road, the Luoshui tribe will set out to return to the tribe.

There were not many males left by the Luoshui tribe at this blind date. Apart from Ye Huo, another male left was also married to a middle-aged female from Qi Ze City. However, several females who had lost their loved ones stayed after asking for Axu's advice, so Azhang also sent a lot of things for Axu to take back.

"I'll miss you." Ashu eyes flush with fog, cling to hug Ale's waist, ignoring Ye Huo warning eyes, head jar voice jar spirit ground say.

Ale is also very loathed to give up each other, the embrace each other not to talk.

Other people's mood is also a little low, especially those female children who came to Qi Ze City early on, but also gathered around the people they know well, listening to the old female children telling them to be careful on the road.

"Why didn't Asu come?" Chen Qi looked at Axu, who stood quietly and waited patiently for the family to say goodbye. He remembered the sound of the door slamming and bowed his head to ask the people nearby.

"He and Ake went fishing on Chishui River just now." Ka Luo replied.

Chen Qi picked his eyebrows and did not ask any more questions.

After waiting for people to say goodbye, Luoshui tribesmen left Qi Ze City vastly and mightily. Just now, the bustling gate suddenly quieted down. It was really uncomfortable for people. Several females were not willing to part with or use the parting at once. They also sent Luoshui tribesmen directly across the Chishui River before coming back reluctantly.


"Since I'm not willing to give up, why don't I follow him?" Ake skillfully disposed of the fish that had just been caught and asked the man standing beside him staring blankly.

Asu recovered and returned several small fish in the fishing net to Chishui River.

"Are you worried that the Luoshui tribe cannot accept two females together?"

"I am not with Axu." Asu sipped his lip and explained.

Ake glanced at each other's over-dressed clothes today. Even the top button of his shirt was buttoned neatly, covering his entire neck tightly. "Is the mark on your neck bitten by a mosquito dragon?"

Asu turned his head unnaturally, his face flushed bright red, and he didn't know how Ake saw what had happened between him and Axu.

Looking at the other side's silence with his head bowed, Ake could not say anything. After handling the remaining two fish, he said, "We should still see them in the past, otherwise we will have to wait until next summer. I remember Axu seems to be the next patriarch. Although the Luoshui tribe is not big, there should be many things to be done, and I don't know if he can come here next year."

The tip of Asu's ear moved for a long time. After Ake dragged the fish caught in the second round of fishing nets to the shore, Asu stood up, hesitated and gritted his teeth. "I'll leave first." Without waiting for Ake's answer, he ran down the Chishui River.

Axu, who was walking behind the team, did not look very well. He did not understand why the man was not willing to leave with himself, because he was a female, when he had agreed to let several clansmen stay in Qi Ze City. And why didn't you even come to give yourself a free ride in the end?

Axu's mood was very irritable. He even had an impulse to rush back and fight the man.

All of a sudden, like there is some kind of induction, Axu raised his head and looked at the Chishui River. On the top of a tall acacia tree in the distance, Asu stood there looking straight at the direction of the Luoshui tribe's departure.

"Elder brother, why did you stop?" Ashu saw Axu, who stopped suddenly, and turned back and cried.

"You go first and I'll catch up with you later." Axu waved to Ashu and then turned to run away in the direction of the pagoda tree.

Ashu looked doubtfully in Axu's distant direction, as if he saw a shadow jump cleanly from the acacia tree. Ashu could not see each other clearly, but he also knew that it should be a Beastmen from Qi Ze City. Perhaps his brother forgot to explain something else.

Ashu didn't tube his brother's things, turned and quickly caught up with the team.

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