With the departure of the Luoshui tribe and the disappearance of the first snowfall, the Dora Plain has seen another annual harvest and a season of food storage for the coming winter.

Chen Qi led the Beastmen to plant crops on that large wasteland and the crops began to mature one after another. With the forging of iron farm tools completed, even males who could not be domesticated could help harvest, and the Beastmen harvested much faster.

However, people are worried about the storage of crops. Only some crops such as beans and sweet potatoes and barnyard grass, which are resistant to storage, are good, but the limit of 10 days and half months for crops such as vegetables is already reached.

Since this summer, Chen Qi has sun dried many kinds of dried vegetables and pickled many pickled sauerkraut. However, he had a headache when he thought that fresh vegetables and fruits would be difficult to eat after winter. After thinking for a while, he decided to ask Aze to help dig a cellar when he came back.

When Ka Luo heard that he could dig a cellar to store things, he took Ake to dig one in the yard on the same day. Now the tribe has started to dry dried fish as the main food in winter. The dried fish should be put back into the storage room of the house. Before, the quantity was small but he didn't feel any problem. Now when a large batch of dried fish was processed, the whole house smelled of salted fish.

After several days of treatment, not only inside the house but also standing in the courtyard can smell a smell of salted fish. Chen Qi pinched his nose with disgust as soon as he entered.

Azhang also brought two females to help. Besides looking at how to dig the cellar, Azhang also discussed with Chen Qi about what materials to use to build the house for the newly-left Beastmen. After all, they had already emptied the rocks in the original Yanshan tribe, and met dragons only two days ago. The matter of collecting slates in the forest can only wait until next summer to see the situation.

"When my brother comes back, your house will smell like salted fish." Although we have to experience this kind of taste every year when we start to store food, it is obvious that the pickled meat in previous years smells much better than the salted fish. Rao is that Ka Luo has been prepared for it and can't stand it after staying in the room for a long time. Now even at night he dreams of being pressed by a pile of salted fish, not to mention how depressed he is.

"No, even if the meat doesn't exist in the cellar, we still have another house to pile things up." Chen Qi pointed to Aze's original house, which had become a debris room, not far away. He took out a cloth mask from his pocket and handed it to Ajing, by the way, to let him take Ayao back to his home to play, so as not to suffer here.

Obsidian o also don't know whether these two days was smoked by the taste of salted fish, early in the morning look a bit Ayan clicking, Chen Qi took his favorite French fries to come over can't let the little guy up.

"Don't worry, he's just preparing to be a beast. He'll be fine in a few days." Seeing Chen Qi's worry, Ake explained.

"Beast? Didn't he become a beast last year?"

"Last year's animal was not completely domesticated. It was born to him. This time he needs to domesticate the fur himself." Every Beastmen female has to go through such a process. Although there are also some young females who died in winter due to the failure of thermalization, Ayao was well fed by Ka Luo this summer and there is no problem of thermalization failure. So Ake is not very worried, as long as this period of time guides Ayao to learn how to thermalize.

Ka Luo handed Chen Qi an iron hoe. "hasn't my brother come back yet?"

Chen Qi shook his head. According to the estimated time when Aze left, the other party should have returned yesterday, but he did not see the other party until today.

"Don't worry, there will be no accident with the strength of Aze. It is estimated that something happened on the road has been delayed." Ake comforted.

Although Aze didn't come back as scheduled, Chen Qi was not worried about it, but he also knew Aze was a tough female, and the other party also mentioned to himself before leaving that he should not worry too much after returning for a few days.

Alas, Chen Qi began to miss the mobile phones in the original world again. If this situation had been solved by one phone call in the past, how could he have imagined himself here?

The excavation of the cellar went smoothly. The cellar of Ka Luo's house was dug up that day. In order to prevent snow from burying the cellar door in winter, Ake also built a trellis on it with wood.

Chen Qi wanted to wait for Aze to come back to work on his cellar, but Ake took several people to help him finish it the next day.

As every family in the tribe dug up the cellar for storing things, the plants in the wasteland were all ripe. Azhang and his men gathered all the crops in the wasteland at one time and distributed them to everyone. Even the newly settled animals in the tribe were given a share. Originally, the uneasy animals who had just arrived in the new tribe also settled down and actively participated in the harvest and construction of the tribe.

Aze still didn't see each other on the fifth day when he was supposed to be back. Chen Qi's eyebrows grew tighter and tighter. After harvesting all the crops in his yard, Chen Qi planted cabbage with fast growth cycle and no fear of cold, so that even if no more crops can be planted in winter, the cabbage in this yard should be able to eat for some time.

Instead of planting anything else on the wasteland, some plant ash farmlands were laid on it.

On the wall of the main entrance, there is a awning for shade. There is a wooden table and chairs in the awning. Chen Qi teaches him how to use movable type while practicing calligraphy at night.

Ye Huo is very talented in learning characters. However, in a short period of time, it will catch up with Ale in the speed of reading characters. Chen Qi, who is similar to Ajing in learning, is also very happy in the tribe. He will directly let Ye Huo learn from himself and hand over the printed matters to the other party, so that the books in the tribe can slowly start to increase.

Chen Qi thought that as he spent more and more time in this world, his memory of the previous world should become more and more blurred. Therefore, since he made the paper, he began to record everything he knew one by one when he was free. Sometimes when he told Ajing any story, he also asked the other party to write it down silently.

However, the situation is just the opposite. Chen Qi's memory of the past world becomes clearer and clearer with the passage of time. Sometimes he can even think of every word spoken by an actor on a TV program.

Therefore, Chen Qi is no longer as afraid of forgetting things as he used to be, and he hurriedly forced himself to copy books every day. Instead, he slowed down and occasionally went to school to give new lessons to the animals.

"Are you worried about Aze?" Looking at Chen Qi, I don't know how many times I looked out of the city and lost my mind. At night the fire put a newly printed page of text aside to dry.

The first one was printed with thousands of characters for reading. The 1000 characters have been engraved for more than a month. Now there are two boxes for these woodcut reverse characters piled up at the feet.

Ye Huo has just begun to control the quantity of fruit dyeing liquid. The printed words are all pasted into a piece that cannot be recognized clearly. It is better to try several times.

Chen Qi came back to absolute being and gave a gentle grunt, "He left too long this time."

"Don't worry too much, may be something delayed on the road, Ake is not to find him? Maybe he will come back tomorrow." The females sometimes go hunting for ten days and a half months, and Qi Ze City is close to the forest, so they can run back and forth in one day. Therefore, Ye Huo is not too worried about the females who go hunting. Unless they meet hyenas, otherwise other dragons, the females can still run.

Chen Qi nodded and helped Ye Huo to arrange the next page of words to be printed one by one, but there were not many, and his eyes couldn't help drifting towards the outside of the city.

Ye Huo sighed silently, only burying his head in doing his work well, while brushing new fruit dyeing liquid on the woodcut text, remembering the above words silently.


After another day's sleep, Ajin's wound slowly scabbed, because the wound on his back was too heavy to walk behind Ai Li's back, but it was still barely possible to run with him. Although the speed was much slower than when he was not injured, it was also much faster than yesterday's slow pace of travel.

Looking at Ajin, who was panting and sweating because of the wound pain or because of running, Ai Li's eyes were very complicated, but he didn't mean to let the other party rest. he just wiped the sweat dripping from his face with a piece of already dirty cloth from his pocket.

Ai Li's action made running Ajin's body stiff for a moment. He looked down at the person in his arms and saw that the other side had wiped the sweat for himself as if nothing had happened. He naturally stuffed the cloth back into his arms and couldn't help laughing.


Ai Li looked up and did not understand why the other party wanted to apologize to himself.

Ajin withdrew his eyes, and the speed at his feet increased a little unconsciously. He knew the purpose of Ai Li's coming out this time and didn't want to miss the treatment of the little female who was still in the tribe with high fever because of his injury.

Feeling a lot faster, Ai Li stopped talking and took the initiative to put Ajin's neck around to ease the burden on the other side.

Fortunately, it was not far from the Lion Wolf Tribe, and there was no accident on the road. two days later, the three men could already see the three tall rock mountains of the Lion Wolf Tribe. soon after walking forward, they should be able to meet the females of the Lion Wolf Tribe guarding nearby.

Aze did not escort the two to the gate of the Lion Wolf Tribe, but looked at the distance and returned the luggage to the other party, intending to say goodbye to the two.

"Thank you for saving us, will you come after the tribal assembly starts? When the time comes, I will send my thank-you gift." Azhang took their luggage and said gratefully to Aze.

Aze shook his head. "No, I won't attend the rally."

"Then we'll send a thank-you gift next time we meet." Ajin said with a slight regret: "If you need any help from me, you can also come to the Lion Wolf Tribe to find me."

Aze nodded, but his heart did not take Ajin's thanks to heart. He saved them just for convenience, not for honoraria, even if the other party was not the two.

Ai Li stood by, looked at Aze and turned away, biting his lips and making no conversation.

Azhang and Aze picked up Ai Li and ran towards the Lion Wolf Tribe. Aze did not care about Ai Li's attitude. He found a tall acacia tree nearby and climbed up. He watched the two men turn and leave after they met the female guarded by the Lion Wolf Tribe nearby.

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