When he returned, Aze did not return to Qi Ze City according to the original route. Instead, Aze detoured to a nearby place with water-bearing fruit. It was discovered unintentionally when he came to the Lion Wolf Tribe to attend a gathering a few years ago. The water-bearing fruit there was not only bigger, but also sweeter in juice than other places. After estimating the time, it should be the time when the water-bearing fruit is ripe.

The next evening Aze found the place, which was behind a large clump of imperata cylindrica, because the plant was extremely tall, stretching for a large area, and it was impossible to find the place without opening the clump of imperata cylindrica, so there was no sign of wild fruits being collected even if they grew well.

In addition to a few milky fruit trees, there are also some other wild fruits here, all of which are basically mature at this time, with purple and red dotted in a piece of gradually withered and yellow grass leaves, which is really good-looking.

Aze took out the fishing net he had used to catch the snow bear and made it into a simple basket with some tough vines on the spot. Then he collected the largest and best wild fruits in this piece and stuffed the fishing net until it could no longer fit.

Today is the 1st of the month. Aze doesn't have to worry about losing sight of the road at night. After picking up all the wild fruits, he will carry all the luggage on his back. He plans to go back overnight. According to the current speed, he should be able to get back to Qi Ze City around noon tomorrow.

Chen Qi should be very worried after he left for so long this time.

Aze planned very well, but what surprised him was to meet a small group of hyenas not far from Chishui River.

The hyenas had just hunted the female of a Lion Wolf Tribe who had returned to the tribe some time ago. At that time, there were too many Beastmen. After catching one, they hastily withdrew and divided the food.

With the Beastmen padded the stomach, the hyenas at least temporarily solved their hunger caused by not eating for several months. After tasting the benefits, several hyenas planned to take this area as their own territory and sent one hyenas to monitor the Chishui River every day. Once the Beastmen crossed the river, they would attack again.

However, to their disappointment, even if a few Beastmen came to Chishui River occasionally, most of them stayed on the other side of the river for a while and then left. They had no plans to cross the river at all. There were no tree trunks set up by the Beastmen to cross the river nearby. The hyenas could only watch the food disappear after wandering around in front of their eyes.

The small group of hyenas didn't find Aze at first. Today they hunted an underage dolphin near the Chishui River. The fur of the dolphin still hung with moisture. It looked as if it had just climbed out of the water before long. It was not clear whether it had fallen into the Chishui River in the forest. It was not until it drifted to the nearby that it found the chance to climb ashore.

For this unexpected food, the hyenas were very happy and relaxed their vigilance to the surrounding environment. Several hyenas gathered together to enjoy the dinner they had only eaten after nearly half a month.

The fig trees around cover not only the breath of the beast people, but also the breath of the hyenas enjoying dinner.

Because of the night, Aze was more cautious than usual, which made him find an anomaly when he broke into the territory of the hyenas. However, the tall grass blocked Aze's view. When he saw the hyenas under the moon, it was already late. One of the hyenas, which had eaten some dolphin meat, had already found him when he looked up to patrol around.

Aze's reaction speed was very fast. He turned and ran to Chishui River as soon as he found something wrong.

The hyenas that had found Aze gave a loud roar of excitement, and ran after Aze in the direction of escape like an arrow from the Xuan. Other hyenas that were eating also found something wrong. They all looked up to see the direction of their companions' departure. When they saw the female running under the moonlit night, their eyes were all bright, and they no longer cared about the dolphin that was only half eaten. Without saying anything, they scattered around, intending to drive the female who had broken in by mistake into their enclosure.

Aze was slower than usual because he was carrying heavy luggage. Fortunately, he was a long distance away from the hyenas, and it was not far from Chishui River. Aze didn't want to throw away his luggage until he was close to the tribe, so he had to run with his luggage on his back.

As he ran, Aze took out a bone from the animal skin backpack in front of him. The three bones diverged from the bone and were polished into the shape of hooks, one end of which was tied with a rope.

Neatly put the rope through his luggage, tied a stone to the section with the hook to increase the weight of the beast's bone. As soon as he ran to the Chishui River, Aze took aim at an acacia tree across the river and threw the beast's bone directly into the past. The stone took the beast's bone along the branch of one of the acacia trees and made two turns. Aze did not have time to determine whether the simple hook of the beast's bone was firm, so he unloaded his luggage and threw it into the Chishui River. Then he jumped in too.

A head of hyenas has been chasing behind because see Aze's action, also can't help so much, a leap directly, want to throw down each other when the other jumped into the water, but the sharp claws in addition to tear off a piece of white cloth with blood left nothing, hyenas can be stopped his forward rush strength didn't follow the Beastmen fell into the Chishui river.

The hyenas that followed did not expect that the female would jump into the river and cross the river impatiently. Their eyes were fixed on the dark water. Once the Beastmen showed signs of landing, they must tear each other up with their sharp teeth and claws.

A whole summer was enough for Aze to learn how to swim. Soon after he jumped into the water, Aze surfaced. Looking back, he saw the hyenas that did not jump down with him. He felt relieved. Only then did he start to check whether his luggage thrown into the water had been washed away.

The fish in Chishui River have long had a shadow on the taste of the Beastmen, because Aze's arm was scratched by the hyenas, and the water around him was stained with the scent of the Beastmen. At the moment, even if the smell of the meat in Aze's fur backpack was smelled, they would not dare to lean over, for fear that it was a trap and they would become the meat of the other party.

The weight of the luggage in the fishing net basket and the hide backpack is quite large. The buoyancy of the river is not enough to support these things on the water surface. Although the bone hooks are simple and crude, they can still support for a period of time. Aze stopped staying in the water, crossed the Chishui River with all his limbs and then pulled the luggage ashore.

In addition to a few wild fruit because of shaking fell into the bottom of the river, Aze luggage was not lost, will be because of the dip in the river and a lot of heavy luggage back well, looked up to the other side of the river, the other side of the hyenas only two or three head still twisted with his face, the others have all disappeared.

Aze's eyes were darkened. Hyenas are not creatures that easily give up their prey. Maybe the other party is not leaving, but is looking for a way to cross the river. Aze did not dare to stay long. He simply tore a piece of cloth and tied the wound hastily. He turned and left in the direction of Qi Ze City.

The hyenas on the other side of the river could not help roaring when they saw their prey leaving, but the calm Chishui River blocked their way and could only watch their prey go further and further as the sun rose another day.


Chen Qi finished Ajing's breakfast early in the morning and sent the other party to the school. He took his own breakfast to the city wall. Aze left for too long. Since he came to this world, he has never been separated from Aze for such a long time. Even knowing Aze's ability is very strong, Chen Qi still cannot help worrying.

Especially last night, I don't know why I suddenly felt flustered. I couldn't sleep any more after waking up. Fortunately, it wasn't long before dawn, so I planned to go to the city wall early to see if Aze had come back.

"Chen Qi." When Chen Qi went out, he heard someone shouting at him. He looked through the sound and found it was a Ye Huo. The other party was carrying a cloth bag with a lot of paper in it.

"Why did you get up so early?" Ye Huo has been waiting with Chen Qi on the wall these days. Even though Chen Qi is staring at the plain for most of the time, Ye Huo still learned a lot from Chen Qi. The words made him deeply addicted to it. After decades of living, Ye Huo first knew that this strange symbol could express so many meanings, and it didn't need to tell in person to know what others were thinking.

Ye Huo greeted him. "It's not too early. Ale has gone fishing with today's hunting party."

"It seems that the fish in Chishui River is not so easy to catch recently, is it?" Chen Qi.

After entering the season of storing food for winter, the tribe's hunting teams not only need to hunt enough food for the entire tribe, but also some females who already have partners will hunt alone at other times in order to make their partners more prosperous in winter. At that time, the hunted prey does not need to be shared equally with the whole tribe.

Although food for the winter in Qi Ze City was not in short supply in previous years due to the planting of a batch of crops in this winter, Azhang did not allow the orchards to enter the forest again for safety reasons due to the premature disappearance of dolphin dragons and the occasional encounter with dragons on the plains.

After the source of meat becomes a single fish in Chishui River, it is not enough. Therefore, after the first snow, the females of the hunting team will set off for Chishui River before dawn every day. Probably due to a large amount of fishing, the fish in Chishui River do not know whether it is normal to reduce or sense the danger and move to other river sections. Now it will take a whole day to catch the amount caught in half a day in summer.

Moreover, with the decrease of fish, the beast people have already started to fish in other river sections. With the increase of distance, the hunting teams set off earlier and earlier every day.

"Although there are not as many fish caught as before, the quantity is much better than that of my previous tribe. The present food storage alone will be enough to finish this winter." Ye Huo smiled and said with some emotion, "This is the first time I have encountered winter when I can store so much food."

Luoshui Tribe also feeds on aquatic creatures. Although it can hunt occasionally in winter, it does not catch too many prey. In addition to the females who are responsible for guarding the tribe, other people, including males, can only eat one meal a day to supplement their physical strength in winter.

Now Qi Ze City is obviously different from Luoshui Tribe's practice. Judging from the existing food storage, it is clearly intended that everyone will have enough food to eat like summer after winter. This was something that had never even been thought of before.

"There will be more and more in the future."

A female jumped down from the wall, took the bag full of Ye Huo and Chen Qi's things and then mentioned it. Chen Qi and Ye Huo have become frequent visitors on the wall during this period.

"Do you want to print a story today?" The female smiled and asked. Chen Qi brought several storybooks transcribed by Ajing with him every time he came. The female guards were very interested in the beautiful stories inside. After hearing that Chen Qi was going to print some books and distribute them to the public, they were asked enthusiastically every time they came.

"No, today it is still printed in thousands of characters." After going up to the wall, Ye Huo took back what the female had in his hands and skillfully spread it out on a nearby table. Another female on the wall had already carried out the large boxes containing the woodcut characters.

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