Chen Qi brought back his backpack and called the two females who were going back to guard to sit down. Now everyone was busy hunting. There were not many females guarding the wall.

"Have you had breakfast?" Chen Qi asked as he took out the food box in his backpack.

With the opening of the food box, a strong fragrance pervaded. Although several other people had already eaten breakfast, they couldn't help swallowing the food box staring at Chen Qi at the moment.

"Yes . . . yes, the roast fish in the morning." One of the females covered his lips with his fist and replied with a gentle cough.

Because he woke up too early and didn't want to make himself paranoid, he just found something to do, so Chen Qi made a good breakfast today.

The wooden food box is very large. It contains several bowls of still steaming beancurd flowers. Ginger sugar for seasoning has been mixed beside it. You can eat it directly as long as you add it to the bowls of beancurd flowers according to your taste.

Some of the barnyard grass has been dried and shelled after harvest. Chen Qi originally wanted to brew some barnyard grass wine. unfortunately, the amount of barnyard grass harvested was not large, so he had to give up this idea temporarily. he had never eaten barnyard grass rice before, so he used a little bit of newly picked wild vegetables to cook a pot of vegetable porridge today.

The rest is the fried dough sticks he has just tried to make, because there are no eggs and no yeast and other materials. The fried dough sticks do not grow well and are flat and small after being fried. They are not fluffy and good-looking like the ones he bought in the breakfast shop outside before. They have an appetite when looking at them.

Although the appearance is not very good, the fried food smells very sweet. Chen Qi tried it when he was just out of the pan. Although it was a little hard, it was still crisp and tasted good. He was just going to give it a try to others.

Take out a few clean cups from the backpack, then take out the bamboo tube with soya-bean milk and pour a cup for everyone, greeting several people to eat together.

The Beastmen sat down unceremoniously after only a slight hesitation in front of the food. They all ate the food made by Chen Qi. Although they would learn to make some at ordinary times, the tastes of the things made from the same materials are not different at all. Therefore, every time Chen Qi makes something new and invites them to eat, the Beastmen in Qi Ze City will be very happy.

Of course, they will not eat Chen Qi's food for nothing. sometimes they will help Chen Qi to do some things. sometimes they will send some to Chen Qi when they go out to pick fresh wild fruits or catch extra food.

"Isn't this stuff fried with meat?" Ye Huo took a bite of the fried dough sticks, which were not very good looking.

"It's made of powder from rice berries. If you like, I can teach you when you are free."

Ye Huo has spent most of his time studying since he learned writing. He has only learned a few methods of handling fish meat in cooking. Sometimes the fish baked directly tastes better, and he is too lazy to stir up other methods. Therefore, he and Ale eat very simple food every day. At the moment, it is very surprised to see Chen Qi produce so many kinds of fish for breakfast alone.

"Is this difficult to learn?" Ye Huo glanced at the two boxes of woodcut characters lying at his feet. There was a twinge in his eyes. He was now fully focused on learning the characters. In fact, he didn't have much time to make food. Ale either went out hunting or patrolled and defended every day. He didn't have time to learn this. Even if Chen Qi said he wanted to teach himself, Ye Huo wouldn't dare to promise to come down immediately.

"It's not difficult, but the preliminary treatment may be a little troublesome."

Ye Huo sighed, "I'll learn when I have time after winter."

Chen Qi nodded.

The other two female guards did not speak. They did not have a partner. Their main work was also defense and hunting. Although they liked Chen Qi's food very much, they didn't pay much attention to it when eating alone. Now the processing methods of several kinds of food are much better than before, so they have no interest in the food that takes a lot of time to make. Occasionally they can rub one or two meals and are very satisfied.

The females ate very fast. Chen Qi ate half of the food and they had already finished it. After tidying up the dishes they had eaten, Chen Qi returned to his post to continue guarding.

After breakfast, Ye Huo continued to take out paper and fruit dyeing solution to print thousands of characters, while Chen Qi Ze took out needle and thread to bind the printed characters.

Because there are things to do, even if Chen Qi occasionally deserted to look out of the city on the plain, one morning is enough time for two people to finish the last two thousand characters.

At noon, the defending female didn't need to go home and cook his own lunch, but Ali prepared it and brought it to several people.

Chen Qi took out two books and handed them to the two defending females. He then handed over dozens of bound books to Ali for distribution to other ethnic groups.

Ali picked up a few books and flipped through them. Looking at the exact same words in them, he was still a little surprised. "With this book, others can recognize words much faster." Ali carefully packed the book in a cloth bag. "Recently, people who learn Chinese characters have started to exchange daily diaries. Many people write that they have to run to the gate of the city to look up characters. They should be very happy with this book."

"Exchange diaries?" Chen Qi asked in surprise that although he mentioned that the beast people could try to write down what they saw every day, he did not seem to have told the beast people that they could exchange diaries with others. Unexpectedly, they invented this method themselves.

"Mmm." Ali nodded.

"At first it was because Ajing's diary recorded something about Ayao. Ka Luo wanted to take a look at it, but Ajing said that if he wanted to look at it, he would exchange the diary he wrote that day with him. As a result, everyone began to exchange it with others without knowing what to do." Ali cheerfully carried the bag behind him, "don't say, Ajing wrote quite interesting. Do you want to go home first now? The sun is too hot at noon, so wait here in the afternoon, don't faint from the heat, or else Aze will feel heartache when he comes back in two days."

Before Chen Qi could reply, a wolf howl suddenly sounded in the distance. The female, who was crouching in the shadow of the watchtower, stood up and looked in the direction of the voice. Then he shouted to Chen Qi several people, "It's the hunting party. They seem to have met dragons." Say that finish hands together virtual holding to his lips, face upwards let out a loud howl of warning.

Not long after the howl was heard, all the females in the tribe climbed up the wall. Ali had already returned to the tribe with a cloth bag filled with books to arrange non-combatants to gather in the school. Before leaving, he told Chen Qi and Ye Huo to go back early and not to stay on the wall for too long. Their partners were not there. Other Beastmen did not necessarily confirm their safety at the first time.

When Azhang went up to the wall, Chen Qi could basically see the situation outside the city. Behind the hunting party were more than 20 armored dragons. I don't know if these armored dragons came to attack Qi Ze City some time ago.

Behind Asu and Ale, they were carrying several big fish that had no time to deal with. The speed of Ankylosaurus was not as fast as that of Beastmen. The females of the hunting party did not have much difficulty in running. They were not so much chased by Ankylosaurus as they deliberately led this batch of Ankylosaurus to Qi Ze City.

Azhang couldn't help jumping with his eyebrows. He ordered the Beastmen on the city wall to throw down the rope ladder and the wooden bridge on the moat.

After all the hunting party crossed the wooden bridge on the moat, Asu waved them to take it away. However, several females of the hunting party were not in a hurry to climb to the wall. Instead, they stood in line at the edge of the moat, apparently waiting for the arrival of Ankylosaurus.

Ye Huo on the city wall looked anxious all over his face. He leaned out half of his body and shouted, "Ale, what are you doing? Come back soon, the Ankylosaurus is coming."

Ale looked up and saw it was a Ye Huo. He also showed a big white tooth and smiled and waved at each other. However, he did not mean to return to the wall.

Chen Qi looked doubtfully at the females under the city wall, then at the approaching Ankylosaurus. He had a sudden heart attack. He probably guessed the thoughts of the females, sighed secretly, patted the shoulder of Ye Huo and comforted, "Don't worry, Ankylosaurus can't hurt them."

The last attack on Ye Huo by Ankylosaurus was not at the scene. Although others said a little about the last incident afterwards, his natural fear of dragons still made him panic. "How could he not have been injured? Ankylosaurus is going to hit them." The thick and hard armor is enough to smash an adult Beastmen female into vomiting blood, and the sharp teeth of the armored dragon are enough to tear the Beastmen alive.

Chen Qi did not give much explanation, but pointed to the group of Ankylosaurus and motioned, "Don't worry, look at yourself."

As Chen Qi's voice just fell, the armored dragons that were about to rush to the front of several females all plop plop into the moat covered by hay. Ye Huo hasn't recovered from the shock. More than 20 armored dragons chasing behind the hunting party all disappeared. Only the howl of anger and the wall that was slightly shaken by the bump showed the existence of armored dragons.

Ale cheered, slowly leaned out to look at the situation under the moat, and then shouted at the people on the wall, "Come down and help to peel off the armor of Ankylosaurus."

The rest of the hunting party's faces were beaming with joy, and they went forward one after another to look at the appearance of the armored dragon under the riverbed, wondering if they had been thrown upside down. With the small short legs of Ankylosaurus, it should not be so easy to get up if you fall and turn over.

Sure enough, seeing the expressions of the women standing under the city wall, Chen Qi guessed that they were playing with the real idea of the real dragon. It seems that the last batch of iron products made the beast people think about it and saw the usage of the iron armor on Ankylosaurus, so they decided to get some more back.

Azhang heard Ale's words and his face darkened. I didn't think they actually intentionally led Ankylosaurus here. However, he did not rebuke them in a loud voice, but ordered a female to go back and tell the beast people in the tribe that the crisis was relieved, and let people pull away all the bamboo weaves used for camouflage on the moat, so the figure of more than 20 heads of armored dragons appeared in front of all the people.

After one experience in dealing with armored dragons, the beast people handled it much faster than the last time. When Aze hurried back to Qi Ze City, he saw such a picture of armored dragons stripped in full swing and the bodies piled up around him as high as hills.

. . . . . .

I just left for a few days. What happened in the tribe?

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