Chen Qi was the first to find Aze back. Aze was carrying a lot of luggage, which covered almost all of him. When he crossed the wooden bridge in the moat, the whole weight of the bridge was bent somewhat.

Chen Qi hurried down from the city wall. When he ran out of the city, Aze had already returned to the city gate. At this time, he was looking curiously at the clansmen who were busy stripping their armor.

"Don't bring dragons to the tribe next time." Azhang slapped Ale on the head with a big slap and scolded 1.

"I saw the small number of these armored dragons before I brought them here." Ale hid behind Asu, clutching his head, muttering a rebuttal.

Asu smiled and blocked Azhang's stare for him. "It's not all Ale's fault. The hunting party discussed the feasibility of this method before it was implemented. However, we did not discuss it with you in advance, which is really too thoughtless."

"But, with this batch of armored dragon armor, we can do some more iron. The knife Chen Qi made last time is much better than a bone knife. I want to make one for Ye Huo." Ale added.

". . . . . . Aze inexplicably looked at Azhang, who was threatening to lecture others, and at Ale, who kept dodging," What's going on? Is it not Ankylosaurus who attacked? But did you take the initiative to lead Ankylosaurus?"

See Aze, Ale surprise nodded, and then pointed to the direction of the gate, "Aze, you come back, how did you leave so long this time? Chen Qi worries about whether something will happen to you every day. He runs to the city wall early in the morning and waits for you to come back. He has been waiting for you on the city wall for several days."

"How did you go so long this time? Have you found the snow bear?" After seeing Aze come back, Azhang's facial expression loosened a little. He glared at Ale and waved him to help deal with Ankylosaurus.

Ale smiled ingratiatingly and ran after Asu.

"I met two Beastmen from the Lion Wolf Tribe on the road who were attacked by hyenas and saved them. they were slightly injured, so I sent them back to the tribe before I came back." With that, Aze pointed to the fur backpack in front of him. "The fur of the snow bear is inside."

"Are there hyenas on the plain again?" Azhang's face became dignified.

"On my way back, I also met a small group of hyenas, which seemed to be fixed near Chishui River." Aze gave Azhang a brief mention of the encounter with the hyenas last night.

Azhang hesitated for a moment and patted Aze on the shoulder. "We'll talk about this later. You've just come back and are tired. Go back and pack up your things and have a rest. Chen Qi is worried about you these days."

Aze nodded.

"Aze." When the two men were talking, Chen Qi had already come down from the wall and ran out. He wanted to have a warm hug with Aze, but Aze's whole body was full of luggage. Chen Qi felt that his hands were not enough. It was estimated that he could only hold the fur backpack in front of Aze.

Aze hurriedly greeted him, and Chen Qi looked at each other up and down. He found that Aze's spirit was not bad except for the blue and black eyes that appeared due to poor rest. His heart that had been hanging was put down.

"This time how so long to come back? Is there any danger?" Chen Qi unloaded Aze's fur backpack in front of him. It was stuffed with only the three fur-covered snow bears. However, the whole fur backpack was still a little heavy because of a dip in the river, even though it was no longer dripping.

Aze stopped each other's actions. "I saved two people on the road, so I delayed some time. I'm sorry to worry you, but I didn't encounter any danger. This backpack is a little heavy, let me take it myself."

"I'm much stronger now than when you first met me, so a little weight doesn't matter." Chen Qi said, taking over the hide backpack.

After a summer of exercise, although Chen Qi's strength is not as good as that of the female, it is much better than that when he first came here, he looked a bit weak due to lack of exercise. He also has a few more abdominal muscles. Although the hide backpack is a bit heavy, he doesn't feel much difficulty in picking it up.

Aze saw that Chen Qi was not reluctant to take it, so he let him go and carefully helped the other side carry the backpack behind him.

"Did you roll on the ground several times along the way? Why are you in such a mess?" Chen Qi looked at Aze's shirt dyed red and grey, and felt a little distressed. Several places were cut on it, and he didn't know if the other party was injured.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. Let's go home first." Aze slightly guiltily touched the nose. There are many people coming and going at the gate of the city, and many Beastmen who came here to help because the guard was lifted. Now it is not suitable for two people to talk for a long time.

Chen Qi nodded and walked with Aze to the tribe.

Ka Luo was walking towards the city gate with Ayao. He saw Aze from a distance and walked a few steps quickly. He was surprised and said, "Brother, are you back?"

"Mmm." Aze pinched Ayao's little face. "They are dealing with Ankylosaurus outside. Why did you come out with Ayao?"

"I heard that this batch of Ankylosaurus was led by Ale. I want to come and have a look." Say that finish and looked behind him, "did you meet Ake when you came back? He hasn't come back to see you for so long."

Aze shook his head. "I came back from the lion wolf tribe. I may have missed it with him."

"How did you come back from there? Ake should be back in two days if he doesn't see you." Said Ka Luo to Aze sniffed, "elder brother, are you rolling all the way back? Have you not washed since leaving the tribe? What a strange smell?"

Aze choked. Didn't he just turn around in a smelly bush to hide the smell when he climbed the Chishui River? It really smelled so bad?

Chen Qi tenderly tugged at each other's arms that wanted to be lifted and sniffed."Ka Luo, if you want to see those armored dragons that fell into the moat, you should still be able to see them now, and they will be finished in a little while."

"So fast? Then I'll go first, brother, and I'll come to you in the evening." Ka Luo said that before Aze could answer, he ran out of the city without looking back.

"Let's go, go back and wash it and it will be tasteless."

That is to say, they really stink? Aze pulled down his shoulder and let Chen Qi pull himself home.

After returning home, Aze did not immediately enter the bathroom to take a bath. Instead, he filled the bath tub with water, took out the fur of the three woolly snow bears and soaked it in. He also picked some figs from the yard, crushed them and threw them into the bath tub to stir.

Wooly snow bear's fur was soaked in the river water, and it was inevitably stained with a little blood when it was first treated. If it was not treated first, the beautiful white fur would easily be stained with dirt.

Chen Qi helped Aze to take out a clean suit and saw the other party working on the skins in the bath tub. He stretched out his hand curiously and touched them. Although the fur of the snow bear looks thick and big, the touch is very soft, completely different from the tanned and rough skins stored at home.

"No wonder you use this kind of hide to make clothes for the newborn Beastmen. It feels better than the cloth woven from wool cocoons."

"Let Uncle Ali help you make some clothes after these skins dry." Aze smiled and washed the foam from his hands. "I brought you something else."

"What is it?" Chen Qi asked curiously.

Aze pulled Chen Qi out of the hall and the basket made of fishing nets was placed in the corner.

Carefully pouring out the wild fruits, Chen Qi went to fetch some empty small wooden boxes and sorted out some recognized wild fruits. "Why did you pick so many wild fruits back?" After all the wild fruits are poured out, they pile up like hills. Even if two people can eat for two or three months every day, the distribution of wild fruits on the plain is not concentrated. How long will it take to pick so many wild fruits?

Seemingly aware of Chen Qi's doubts, Aze explained: "I found a wild fruit bush on my way back. all of these were picked there and didn't take much time."

Aze plucked out a few tiny, brown hard-shelled fruits from the wild fruit pile and handed them to Chen Qi.

"What is this?" Chen Qi took it and looked at it up and down. He also tried to pick up one and break it off. It was completely impossible to break it off.

"This is a floc." Aze took the floc fruit that Chen Qi could not break open, twisted it in his hand and squeezed it hard. With a "pa", the shell split into two pieces, revealing the glistening floc-like pulp inside.

Aze handed Chen Qi the broken flocs. He could smell a smell of My Sweetie close up. "Do you like it?"

Chen Qi took a small bite gently. It was sweet but not greasy. It tasted a bit like cotton candy, "delicious."

See Chen Qi like, Aze and help each other to knead open a few into Chen Qi's hands.

The shells of these flocs are very hard, even the males are hard to break with their bare hands. Sometimes stones cannot break the shells of these flocs. Therefore, Beastmen generally do not like picking flocs because they are too troublesome to eat.

However, the taste of the flocs is very good. Aze doesn't like sweets very much. He once ate flocs occasionally and felt the taste of flocs was good. He knew Chen Qi liked most sweets very much, so he picked a lot of them when he saw them this time. Chen Qi really liked them.

"It's just too much trouble to eat. I can't break these shells." Chen Qi tried to break off the fruit shell after eating the opened fruit in his hand, and the result was a failure.

"It's okay. I'll break it for you later if you want to eat." Aze comforted.

Chen Qi stuffed the pulp of a piece of floss fruit into Aze's mouth and smiled and said, "Then I'll trouble you."

Aze swallowed My Sweetie's flocs. "I'd love to."

After reclassifying and packing the wild fruits, Chen Qi set aside some wild fruits that could not be picked nearby to give others a taste and then moved some of the wild fruits to the cellar for storage.

Aze cleaned the fur of the snow bear and aired it in the yard. Only then did Aze return to the bathroom to take a good bath, but he hastily disposed of the place where the hyenas scratched his arm. There was still a lot of mud around the wound. At the moment, when he was immersed in water and cleaned, he began to ooze blood.

Chen Qi, who was burning hot water for Aze, saw the wound and rushed back to the house to find out the hemostatic drugs and bandages, and helped him to carefully reprocess the wound.

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