Looking at Chen Qi frowning and helping himself to deal with the wound seriously, Aze felt a little guilty, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hide the injury from you."

The injury on his arm was not serious. Aze, after leaving Chishui River, in order to prevent the hyenas from smelling their own blood, chewed up some mud and hay and covered it in the wound. Although the bleeding was stopped at that time, the wound scratched by the hyenas did not heal easily. Aze wanted to handle the fur of the snow bear first after returning, and then he sorted out the pile of wild fruits with Chen Qi and forgot about his injuries.

Chen Qi tied up the bandage, then found a piece of dry cloth to pad on the edge of the bath tub to prevent Aze's injured arm from touching the water. Only then did he gather together and kiss the other person's forehead. "I don't blame you, but your method of treating the wound is too rough, and you are not afraid that the wound will become inflamed." Just now, when he was cleaning the wound for the other party, he could clearly see that there was still a lot of mud on the wound.

"I'm sorry." Aze apologized honestly.

Chen Qi took a fig, crushed it and put it on Aze's black hair, which was a little messy and had not been taken care of for a long time. He moistened the hair with a little water from the bath tub and said, "Then tell me how you got this injury."

Feeling the touch of Chen Qi's fingers rubbing on his scalp, Aze's face could not help but feel a little feverish. He leaned back slightly to let Chen Qi take good action, and then told him everything that had happened in the past few days.

"There is a small group of hyenas around Chishui River?" Chen Qi washed the foam rubbed out from Aze's hair with water. "That is too dangerous for us. Now the hunting team goes to Chishui River every day to hunt. If they suddenly meet those hyenas, they may be injured."

"Well, I have already mentioned it to Uncle Azhang. He will come over later and ask me about the details."

"I wish I could dispose of these hyenas. If I just drive them away, no one knows when they will return."

Aze looked up into Chen Qi's eyes. "Do you have any way to wipe them out?"

Chen Qi pressed down the other side's fidgeting head and picked up the dry towel beside him to wipe the water droplets on his hair. "I didn't think of any good method, but if we can lure all the hyenas into the trap like we did today, we might be able to wipe them out."

"Hyenas are not as stupid as Ankylosaurus. They are very sensitive to danger. If they know there is danger ahead, they will not necessarily rush into the trap."

"If only they had to fall into the trap."

Aze smiled. "We can discuss this matter with you later. Maybe others will come up with a solution."

"Well, that's right, too. It's a high flame when people gather firewood." Chen Qi patted Aze on the shoulder. "Then you should wash it quickly and I'll go out and cook something for you."


Looking at Aze wait for a while calmly taking the towel, Chen Qi smiled a little closer and asked in each other's ear, "Do you want me to wash it for you?"

Aze's face became red and he shook his head. If he was asked to wash it for himself, who knows how long it will take, it is still daytime.

Chen Qi kissed Aze on the lip corner and went out of the bathroom to help Aze prepare lunch. Seeing the dusty appearance of the other party when they first came back, it is estimated that they didn't even eat breakfast.

As soon as the two had finished their lunch, Azhang came with them, because this time it was about hyenas. The number of people coming was a little too large, almost filling half the hall.

Ka Luo also held the obsidian, Ayao saw so many people together began to alarm, can't, Chen Qi can only let the scene with Ayao to play in the yard, lest disturb the people talking about things.

Chen Qi cooked a pot of tea and poured everyone a cup of tea. Aze said again in detail about his encounter with the hyenas.

The number of hyenas in this group is not very large, but it is enough to bring fatal damage to the hunting teams in Qi Ze City.

"You said you could try to introduce the hyenas into the moat trap like today?" Azhang watched Chen Qi after hearing Aze's story.

Chen Qi paused. "It's just that there is such a method, but hyenas are much more powerful than ankylosaurus. It is very dangerous to use females as bait, and this method may not be successful."

"But in addition to this method, there is no other way to kill all these hyenas? If they are allowed to escape one or two heads, we will be afraid to go hunting in the future, and we may be ambushed by hyenas at any time." Asu interjected that he remembered Azhang telling him before that he was nearly ambushed by a group of hyenas last winter.

"We can't always hide in the city don't go out hunting? At present, the food storage in the tribe should not be sufficient."

"But it is too bad for us to go to war directly with the hyenas. The number of females in our tribe is too small to hunt the hyenas directly."

"Even if we want to separate the head of the hyenas to wipe them out, it will take some time, and we will probably lose something." What Qi Ze City lacks most now is population. The loss of any one person is significant to Qi Ze City.

. . . . . .

The crowd began to discuss in twos and threes.

Azhang hesitated for a moment, then turned to ask Chen Qi, "If you can lure the hyenas here, do you have any way to let the hyenas fall into the trap?" If the group of hyenas were wiped out with the least loss from their own side, Azhang did not want his own people and hyenas to be forced to take a stand.

Chen Qi thought for a moment, "If the hyenas stopped at the edge of the moat, perhaps they can try to fall in with fright."

"Do you mean that as long as the hyenas are led to the moat, they will not have the idea of turning around and running away?"

"It can be said so." Chen Qi explained to the public what he had just thought.

"I think we can give it a try." Ale raised his hand to express his opinion.

After all, it is too dangerous for a small group of hyenas to move around, and they have already had two successful experiences in killing ankylosaurus. It should be feasible to kill hyenas if you are careful.

Azhang did not immediately make a decision, "We can rehearse it first."

Chen Qi nodded. He was not 100% sure that his idea would succeed. It would be safer to demonstrate it again first. If the demonstration failed, they could change another method to deal with the hyenas.

After another discussion, the crowd dispersed.

"I will join in the task of luring hyenas." Aze looked at Chen Qi and asked tentatively.


Aze was dazed. "I thought you would object."

Chen Qi smiled. "You have your own ideas. Since you think you can do the task of luring hyenas, you can do it. Although I won't stop you, you also need to know that I am worried about you. You can't just eat it for hyenas."


"Just now I found some plants that have been rattling in my hide backpack. What is that?" Chen Qi took out the few already a little withered moxa hot grass in the hide backpack.

"This is a thank-you gift I got for Ai Li. I heard that boiling water with this grass can reduce fever."

Isn't that for fever reduction? Chen Qi's eyes were shining and he looked up and down at the grass. Unfortunately, there were no grass seeds on the grass. I don't know if it can be fed by direct planting.

The roots of the wormwood are still wrapped in animal skins, and there is still a small piece of mud with a trace of moisture in it.

Chen Qi wanted to think and asked Aze to help make two Xiao Mu cups at the scene. He pricked several small holes in the bottom of the cups for water seepage and ventilation. Then he dug some mud in the yard and planted the two mugwort plants. The two mugwort plants were not placed in the yard but on the windowsill.

The rest of the wormwood seemed to have almost dried up, so Chen Qi washed them clean and dried them in the sun, hoping that their dried effect would be similar to that of the fresh one.

After the busy day is coming to an end, Ajing took the wolf cub back to his room after washing and eating early in the morning, and saw Chen Qi's eyes twitch. however, Chen Qi planned to make him his favorite French fries tomorrow for the sake of knowing each other so well.

When Chen Qi packed up his things and returned to his room, Aze had already fallen asleep in bed. His eyebrows, which he always liked to twist, also spread out and his face was calm. Even when Chen Qi approached, he was not awakened.

The next morning Azhang came and asked Chen Qi to go with him to prepare the props for hunting hyenas, which involved the configuration of a little fire/medicine. Now only Chen Qi and Azhang in the whole tribe can do it. Azhang does not intend to let the people of the clan come into contact with the production of fire/medicine immediately, so Chen Qi is required to do the props with his own hands.

The bodies of the ankylosaurus outside the city were piled up on the wasteland used for planting by the beast people. Now there are still hyenas wandering around the Chishui River, which can only be disposed of after the hyenas are solved.

Azhang also dug a cellar in the school to take refuge. The entrance of the cellar was in the sewing room, which was blocked by a wooden box with many fig leaves piled inside to cover up the smell. Even if the hyenas could rush into the city, they could not find the beast people hiding in the ground.

The patrol has also stepped up its patrols around these two days. They have extended their patrols to the vicinity of the small bamboo forest, but they have not found the hyenas yet. They do not know whether the hyenas are still on the Chishui River or have returned to the other side of the Chishui River.

After the preparations were almost completed, Azhang began to let the animals who had lured the hyenas set off for Chishui River.

Chen Qi gave Aze a wooden bow and a specially treated arrow. He also gave Aze the saber he carried with him as self-defense. Although Aze's claws are much harder than the saber, it is always safer to take them just in case.

There are only three people in the luring team, namely Aze, Ale and Asu. Azhang wants to stay in the tribe to command and arrange the affairs of the tribe. After Aze left, the heavy gate of Qi Ze City slammed shut again. Chen Qi climbed to the wall and waited with others for the luring team to successfully bring back the hyenas.

Once again, the moat has been disguised by dried weeds. It is quiet outside the city. Everything looks so quiet and peaceful.

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