Since the Beastmen female was lost after crossing the river, this small group of hyenas temporarily moved their range to the other side of Chishui River. They had seen Beastmen moving here at a distance. But for the wooden bridge that could have allowed them to cross the river, they would have rushed over and tore up the Beastmen and swallowed their bellies.

Several hyenas stirred up their noses as they walked around, trying to smell the beasts from the air.

Occasionally, hyenas stop to look around on an abandoned termite mound, but they also know that it is not easy to meet a Beastmen in this vast wasteland.

Unfortunately, the Beastmen tribe is not so easy to find. Otherwise, these hyenas will probably plan to hoard near the Beastmen tribe. Even if there is no way to gnaw down the whole Beastmen tribe, as long as they can occasionally kill one person, it is enough for their small group. As long as they accumulate slowly, they can also be as wise as those in the forest.

The head stood high on the termite mound with its head held high. It looked like the male hyenas, the leader of the hyenas group, thought of here. There was a flash of cold light in his eyes, and he stuck out his tongue and licked his lip corner, with an expression of determination.

He walked slowly down the termite mound and shouted to his companions around him. The hyenas stood up one after another. They were going to abandon the newly confirmed territory near Chishui River and walk into the wilderness.

As a team to lure the hyenas, Aze did not dare to spread out to look for them. After walking through the small bamboo forest that the patrol had not investigated, the three men slowed down their steps consciously, and the five senses also mentioned the highest. They were always ready to turn around and run as soon as they saw the hyenas.

"Stay away from the tall grass. Hyenas may hide in it waiting for ambush." Aze reminded the two in a low voice.

Ale swallowed saliva, and was further away from the tall grass, which was not far from him.

Two days ago, I didn't feel anything when I went to seduce Ankylosaurus without any plan. Now, when everyone is fully prepared to kill these hyenas who dare to wander around Qi Ze City, Ale is seldom nervous.

This time they were not wearing camouflage uniforms, but ordinary T-shirts. Ale was also wearing a big red one in a tart manner. It was extremely dazzling on the plain. It was impossible to miss him.

This slightly depressing atmosphere made Ale feel a little uncomfortable. He took a sip of his lip and asked in a low voice, "Will they have returned to the opposite side of Chishui River? If we don't see them here, do we need to run across the Chishui River to bring them here?"

Aze glanced around. "Let's take a look around the neighborhood and make plans if we don't find any sign of hyenas."

"oh." Ale replied in a low voice.

See Aze and no longer speak, Ali quiet for a while, still can't help but change the goal to Asu side.

"What's the matter?" See Ale leaned in, Asu asked curiously.

Ale's face turned red. "It's too quiet around here. I'm a little nervous."

Asu turned over a supercilious look at him. "Who importuned to join yesterday?"

Ale coughed slightly awkwardly, "I have looked at the situation around me well, but you all look dignified and make me feel a little stressed."

"That was my fault." Asu slap shot each other on the head, didn't good the spirit to move to the outside a little position, and this worry-free guy pulled away a short distance.

Ale giggled and leaned up again, "Why don't we just have a chat?"

"What do you want to talk about?"

Ale wanted to think distressingly. He usually said that chatting started directly. Now he suddenly said to ask him to find a topic. Instead, he got stuck. He cocked his head for a long time and asked tentatively, "What is your relationship with Axu?"

Asu paused, then lifted his foot and kicked the other side, too lazy to take a reason him, and took a few steps in the direction of his responsibility.

Ale looked at Asu's suspiciously red ears and curled his lips. "Clearly the whole tribe knows about you."

Walk in front of the Asu smell speech at the foot of a stumble.

After the three men went a long way in silence, Ale suddenly stepped forward to hold Asu's wrist.

"What's wrong with you?" Asu headache to ask back.

Ale stare big eyes, stretched out his hand and pointed to the left side of the direction, "are those hyenas?"

Asu looked along the direction of each other's fingers, and sure enough he saw a small group of silver-brown figures resting on the edge of a tall bush. He seemed to be aware of the movement here. As Ale's voice dropped, all the hyenas looked back at the direction of the three. The originally calm and wave-free eyes were gradually spread by cold light and greed.

"Withdraw." Aze shouted to the two people and turned to run away directly in the direction of Qi Ze City.

The other two also return to absolute being, follow closely behind Aze to leave.

Headed by hyenas roar loud, all other hyenas cheer up, see a few Beastmen turned and ran away, hurriedly took up arms and legs to the direction of the Beastmen in the past, for this small number of Beastmen, hyenas are fully confident that they can be captured.

Hyenas run very fast. Although Aze people want to control the distance between them, they still need to do their best not to be caught up by the hyenas.

The males and females in Qi Ze City have moved to hide in the cellar of the school, while the beasts on the wall hide behind the battlements. They don't want hyenas to see themselves and thus alert them. The whole city of Qi Ze is shrouded in a quiet atmosphere.

The luring team had left for most of the day. The others did not know if they could meet the hyenas, but waited quietly.

Don't know how long, suddenly a female cried in a low voice, "they are back."

Chen Qi was lying on the gap between the two battlements and looked out of the city. He saw Aze three people closely following a small group of hyenas, with about ten heads. The hyenas did not gather together but spread out slowly. Although the distance was not very large, it was obviously intended to surround and kill the Beastmen.

Looking at the distance between Aze and Hyenas getting closer and closer, Chen Qi's whole heart was pulled up, his hands holding the wooden bow were all wet with sweat, and his eyes followed Aze's figure unblinkingly, fearing that the other party would happen something he could not accept.

However, the more nervous Chen Qi became, the calmer he became. He picked up a special arrow from the side and held it in his hand, ready to draw a bow and draw an arrow to assist his partner.

The hyenas did not need to stop deliberately to chase after them, because the intense running made Ale's face a little red. Recalling the scene of luring the Ankylosaurus two days ago, compared with the hyenas, those Ankylosaurs were simply lovely more than one thousand times and one hundred times.

Ale cursed the hyenas in his heart, while running, see Qi Ze City wall is getting closer and closer to Ale secretly relieved, but still dare not have any stagnation.

Watched the prey will flee back to the tribe, headed by hyenas roar loud, at the foot of the speed and a few minutes faster, how could it allow these Beastmen to escape from their claws, and is a rare three alone Beastmen.

The encirclement began to form slowly, and the hyenas on the left and right sides began to move closer to the Beastmen.

Observing nothing in the Beastmen tribe, several hyenas, which were only a few steps behind, suddenly jumped and planned to throw the running Beastmen to the ground. Just then, the three Beastmen suddenly hooked up a rope in front of them with their feet. They did not know when the claws of the beast easily cut off one end of the rope and then swung directly away from a distance.

The hyenas, which had already begun to swoop, watched as the prey they nearly reached left a distance, their whole eyes flushed with anger, and their inertia in front of them also failed to stop. They were going to catch up after going to the fields. Who knew that this time the limbs were not stepping on a solid ground, but on a soft thing. Before they could react, they fell down.

The following hyenas found that the situation was not good and stopped at once. However, they ran too fast at the beginning. The two hyenas that rushed at the front still rushed forward for a certain distance, then fell into the moat like the previous hyenas.

Azhang waved his hand and let the Beastmen pull up the three men who were still climbing the rope.

There are three or four heads of hyenas, including the chief hyenas, who have stopped at the edge of the moat. His eyes looked darkly at the deep holes in the moat. Although he did not understand why there were several large holes in the good ground, his instinct for danger made him dare not be careless. He shouted to other companions in a low voice and took a step back carefully.

Seeing that some hyenas had fallen into the trap, Chen Qi did not hesitate to light the arrows in his hand on the fire plate beside him. He then stood up and drew the arrows with his bow and shot them at the feet of the chief hyenas.

Arrows from light to shoot out quickly, the arrow wrapped in mixed fire/medicine, such as the surface of the flame will fuse after burning, arrows just fell at the feet of the chief hyenas, followed by a loud "poof" sound, the arrow burst with the sound, although the blast of sawdust did not do any substantial damage to the hyenas, but the chief hyenas were still startled by the close voice, reflexively hiding behind.

Chen Qi did not wait for the chief hyenas to reflect on what had happened. Then the second flaming arrow exploded at the feet of the chief hyenas. After three or four steps back, before the chief hyenas realized it was wrong, they saw it stumble and fell uncontrollably into the moat.

Several other hyenas were scared into the moat by this method, so far, all the hyenas that had followed after them had become prey for the beast people.

This harmless modified arrow was originally intended to scare the hyenas, and they also prepared hooks with lassos. They planned to pull the hyenas directly into the lassos if the hyenas were not scared into the traps after the arrow. I just didn't think the final result was better than Chen Qi expected.

The cover on the moat was opened, and the hyenas angrily looked up at the animals and grinned. Chen Qi drew an ordinary arrow and shot it straight at the hyenas. Although the hyenas had become objects in the cage, the moat was dug deep at the beginning, and the width was long enough. The hyenas were twice as small as the ankylosaurus. Even if trapped, they were still flexible enough to avoid opening Chen Qi's arrow.

"It is very difficult to kill them even if they are trapped." Azhang walked beside Chen Qi, looked at the hyenas under the riverbed and said.

"Yes." Chen Qi took out a mask from his coat pocket and put it on, then handed it to Azhang casually. "It can only make them lose their mobility and kill again."

Pulling out an arrow wrapped in fire/medicine, Chen Qi lit the fire plate, drew strings with his bow, and the arrow with fire fell straight down to the riverbed, where people had long been covered with a layer of hay with grease. when the rocket landed, the hay was quickly ignited, and a thick black smoke began to spread in the moat.

Azhang naturally put on his mask and waved the others away from the black smoke. "I didn't expect you to think of the use of tobacco. with this moat, you shouldn't be afraid of dragons."

"The anesthetic effect of these tobaccos is not very good. After the smoke dissipates a little, let others dispose of the hyenas in the same way as before."

Azhang nodded, and the two men stood on the top of the city, quietly watching the hyenas in the riverbed growling as they tried to flee.

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