"I'm fine." Seeing Chen Qi coming down from the wall, he pulled himself up and down to check it again. Aze smiled helplessly and said, "This is true. I didn't cheat you."

Chen Qi was relieved to see that Aze's clothes were not really torn. This can't blame him for worrying, mainly because the scene before Aze was chased by the hyenas was too breathtaking. If the other party was accidentally attacked by the hyenas, Chen Qi felt that he would have nightmares for several days.

The hyenas' actions have become a little slow because they have been drugged by tobacco. Although the strength of the struggle has become less, the beast people dare not relax their vigilance. They directly pull the hyenas into the air and then use newly-made spears to pierce the throat of the hyenas first. When the hyenas are completely motionless, they will be pulled up again. Although the process is a little longer, it is safer.

This time, the killing of hyenas excited all the animals in Qi Ze City. They had never killed or injured so many hyenas before. If they had not had four or five times more people than hyenas before, the animals would not have wanted to attack the hyenas.

After handling this batch of hyenas, Azhang and the Beastmen of the patrol team explored several times along the Chishui River. Even the area across the Chishui River was searched. After confirming that there were no signs of other dragon activities, the routine hunting was resumed.

Thanks to the hyenas and ankylosaurus, the Beastmen have enough baits to use without fear of waste, and only a few days can capture enough meat for the entire tribe in winter.

After sufficient meat, Azhang stopped letting people go fishing and began to harvest all the tobacco around Qi Ze City before winter came. Tobacco withers after winter. When it is mixed with other weeds, it will be difficult to distinguish between tobacco and common weeds. Therefore, we can only reserve the required amount during the last week or so.

The moat was restored to its original disguise, and a layer of hay mixed with grease and tobacco was resurfaced under the riverbed.

Ye Huo moved his study place to Chen Qi's courtyard because he had to follow Chen Qi in his study.

This period of time the young wolf has grown up a lot, and every time Ye Huo comes over and sees a giant wolf god standing in the courtyard, his heart is a little swollen. when he used to live in Luoshui tribe, he has never been so close to the giant wolf god. Even if I know the habits of the giant wolf god, I am still not used to it in a short time.

It's a pity that although this giant wolf god was raised in the Beastmen tribe, he did not like to be touched by other Beastmen except for a few familiar people. he always ignored every time he saw Ye Huo coming. of course, if the other party was willing to bring something to feed it, the young wolf was reluctant to let the other party touch his white hair.

As soon as he pushed open the fence door of the courtyard, he saw the giant wolf god standing at the door. Ye Huo skillfully took out something wrapped in cloth from his cloth bag and handed it to the young wolf. the young wolf went up to him and sniffed it with his nose. then he opened his mouth and picked it up. he looked up at Ye Huo, then dumped his tail a few times and turned back to find Ajing.

Ajing is sitting at the table reviewing his lessons. in Chen Qi's words, Ajing's age is the right time to learn, so the other party learns professor Chen Qi's lessons and teaches the tribe's animals to read besides going to the playground for exercise every morning and evening. Once in a while, Aze would take Ajing with him when picking wild fruits nearby, mainly taking him to identify various plants.

The whole tribe estimated that only Ajing could stand sitting at the table facing the boring words everyday. Even if others thought the words were more interesting, they could not stand learning them for at most two or three hours a day. Ka Luo did accompany the other party for a few days at the beginning, but he gave up before long. The process of learning words did not produce a delicious food. Of course, those who can stand these boring words now have to add a Ye Huo.

See young Wolf come over, Ajing stopped writing, young Wolf will be carrying things to Ajing, Ajing expertly took it open, there are two with warm baked sweet potatoes, Ajing expertly stripped a young Wolf, the remaining one stripped to eat.

At the beginning of Ye Huo, when feeding the young wolf, he once brought over the roasted fish. I don't know if the taste of the young wolf was spoiled. he didn't even throw the food at all. finally, he found that only the roasted sweet potato, which didn't need to test his cooking skills, entered the mouth of the young wolf. Ye Huo once doubted whether his cooking was so bad that even the giant wolf god disliked him, but he gave up thinking about it every time he saw Ali eating happily.

Chen Qi finished watering the two plates of hot moxa grass. While the morning sun was not too strong, Chen Qi was moving the two plates of hot moxa grass that were still rattling to the middle of the yard to bask in the sun.

"Can this thing feed?" Ye Huo put its own things on the wooden table under the fig tree and asked.

Chen Qi fiddled with the withered leaves of the hot grass and stood up. "I think so. I have kept it for several days and haven't killed it yet, and the flowers on it have begun to seed slowly."

"Can you still seed this way?" Ye Huo leaned over curiously and looked at it. It turned out that the little yellow flowers had indeed started to wither and seed.

"Why did you bring so many things today?" Chen Qi looked at the two big cloth bags on the table and asked doubtfully.

"There is no need to hunt these days. Ale has found a lot of wild fruits and I have brought you some."

Chen Qi opened the cloth bag and found that there were some things he had seen and some things he had not seen. In a pile of red and purple wild fruits, there was a familiar thing as thick as a child's arm. He picked it up and peeled off the green coat on the outside. Indeed, he saw the familiar golden particles inside, "This is corn?"

"Corn?" Ye Huo looked at Chen Qi's things. "These wild fruits have no name and are not delicious. If you eat too much, your stomach will swell up. Ale said that you like to collect all kinds of strange wild fruits, and he picked some for you."

Chen Qi excitedly asked, "How many wild fruits are there? Where was it picked?"

Ye Huo froze. "This kind of wild fruit does not grow very much on the plain. As to where to pick it, you need to ask Ale."

"Well, could you please ask Ale for me later? If there are still such wild fruits, please pick them back no matter how many." Chen Qi also knew that Ale went out with Aze early in the morning and was not in the tribe at the moment. Today, they need to go to the edge of the forest to cut down the firewood used in winter. Almost all the young females are out. In the last week before winter comes, they all need to cut down the firewood used by the whole tribe.

Chen Qi turned out all the corn in the bag. There were only three in all. He took the corn back to the room and cleaned it. He put his coat in a pottery dish with water and began to boil the fire.

Ye Huo followed and looked at Chen Qi's movements. "Do you need to boil this wild fruit with fire?"

"Well, it can be baked with fire." Chen Qi smiled. "Cooked food tastes much better than raw food." But he has never eaten raw corn.

After the water was boiled, Chen Qi added some salt to it to taste. Taking advantage of the cooking time of corn, in order to save some firewood, Chen Qi directly cooked his lunch with Ajing in advance.

The fresh corn is sweet and waxy, and I don't know whether Chen Qi hasn't eaten corn for too long or whether the taste cooked by plants in this world is especially good. Chen Qi thinks this is the best corn he has ever eaten.

After tasting the taste of corn, Ye Huo deeply regretted that he had spoiled such delicious wild fruits in the past decades. This time, Chen Qi was not required to remind him. In my heart, I have made up my mind to let Ale look around for any corn after returning.

Chen Qi left half a root for Aze, and Ajing and the young wolf shared one.

After eating boiled corn, Ye Huo followed Ajing to learn how to read. Chen Qi took the printed books bound these days to the school.

A wooden bookcase was built at the back door of the school's classroom. Now Chen Qi puts the book in the bookcase as long as he has finished his new book. Beasts who have nothing to do will come here to read and read. Beastmen will also take the book home and return it after reading.

In the sewing classroom, Ali is teaching several males to learn how to sew clothes. The fur of the snow bear that Aze hunted back has been aired. Chen Qi has also drawn up the design for Ali. At the moment, Ali is explaining to the males while making a new fur coat for Chen Qi.

Since the settlement of the hyenas wandering along Chishui River, the days in Qi Ze City have once again changed back to quiet and peaceful. The tribal construction is also progressing slowly. The preparations for the winter are almost in storage. Even the newly-added beast people are full of confidence that they can safely and adequately finish this winter.

This year, the Beastmen in Qi Ze did not go to the Lion Wolf Tribe to attend the tribal assembly. instead, Ayan came again with several females. they wanted to remind the people of Qi Ze that there were hyenas on the Chishui river. when they arrived, they found that Qi Ze City had wiped out the hyenas.

The arrival of Ayan only let the beast people in Qi Ze know that the Lion Wolf Tribe had encountered the attack of hyenas on their return journey. fortunately, there were more Beastmen in the Lion Wolf Tribe. hyenas quickly evacuated after killing only one Beastmen. there were no other casualties except the loss of one tribe.

"However, many small tribes gathered this time have been attacked by armored dragons or hyenas, and several tribes have already planned to merge into Lion Wolf Tribes before winter."The reason why Ayan came to Qi Ze City so late is that he plans to inform Azhang together after other tribes arrive at Lion Wolf Tribe to find out what happened this year.

"It is no wonder that dragon activities have been so frequent recently. Recently, we alone have encountered several dragon species here. Last year, there were several swarms of locusts and gazelles passing by. The avalanche of Lion Wolf Tribes was also caused by the dragon groups. Even if the number of you increased a lot this year, you cannot be careless."

"Mmm." Ayan nodded, "recently our tribe also began to build walls, but the tribe is too big, but also surrounded by mountains on three sides, unlike you here can also dig a moat. However, the number of females who go out to guard has increased a lot. People from other tribes also followed us in this gathering to learn how to fish and cook fish. In summer, they ventured into the forest and damaged many guards. Many tribes did not store enough food for the winter. They should be able to survive the winter by fishing fish after returning this time, and it will be good when the animals on the plains migrate back next year."

Ayan bowed gratefully to all the people in Qi Ze City, "thank you for this exchange." Otherwise, maybe many tribes will not survive this winter due to lack of enough food.

Azhang patted him on the shoulder. "It's also thanks to your message."

After all the information to be conveyed was conveyed, Ayan took people away. The Lion Wolf Tribe's winter preparations had not been completed. He could not stay here too long. After exchanging the materials he brought with the beast people in Qi Ze City before leaving, he knew that the hyenas near Chishui River had been disposed of and rushed back to the Lion Wolf Tribe overnight.

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