In the evening, Chen Qi came out after washing and saw Aze sitting by the fire staring blankly. His hair was still dripping with water because it had not been wiped, and the shoulders of his pajamas were wet.

Chen Qi walked over and put his towel on the other person's head to wipe it up slowly. Blame the way: "How can I wash my head and not dry my hair? What if you catch a cold like this?"

Aze raised his head slightly and looked at Chen Qi. "I won't get sick."

"Yes, yes, how can you get sick when you are so healthy, but you still need to dry your hair after washing it, you know?"

"Mmm." Aze, please respond.

The two stopped talking. The wood was crackling in the silent hall. The water in the pottery kettle had already boiled. Aze took out the kettle, found out how many dried flowers had been put into the cup of the two, and poured boiling water into it. The dried flowers were whirled around in the cup by the current. The originally transparent water was slowly stained with light yellow.

"Do you have something on your mind?" Chen Qi pinched and pinched Aze's earlobe, which was somewhat transparent due to the reverse fire light, and asked in a low voice.

Aze smell speech nodded, paused, and shook his head.

Chen Qi smiled and sat down beside him. He put the towel that had become wet due to wiping Aze's wet hair on his head and continued to wipe it. He had just finished washing his hair, and now his hair was still dripping. "Are you doing something or not?"

Aze naturally brought the towel in each other's hands, Chen Qi handed it to him, skillfully found a comfortable position to lie down and put his head on each other's thighs.

"Ayan's words today . . ."

"hmm?" Chen Qi lazily narrowed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the other side's slender fingers rubbing on his scalp with a little coolness, waiting for the other side to go on.

Aze was silent for a moment. "Dragon activities in the forest have been very unusual since last winter. This winter may be even more dangerous than usual. Even if we hide in the tribe, the dragons should still attack the tribe directly as before." Aze's hand, wiping his hair, paused. "There were not many dragons before, so the moat trap alone could stop them. However, the next time if the number of dragons increased several times or dozens of times, the earth wall alone could not stop the dragons."

Aze had experienced the war that almost destroyed the Yanshan tribe. No matter how long the battle lasted, the surrounding area was full of hyenas. The fallen bodies were full of clansmen. The snow was flushed with blood. Aze once thought he would die in the battle. Fortunately, he finally held on. Even though the casualties were heavy, at least many people survived.

However, Aze did not want Chen Qi to encounter such a big war. He could not guarantee that Chen Qi would be protected from any harm in such a chaotic scene.

Chen Qi opened his eyes, stretched out his hand and touched Aze's tightly knit eyebrows, his lips slightly bent, and smiled: "Why? Are you afraid?"

"No." Aze shook his head. "I'm just worried that you will get hurt."

"What are you going to do?"

"Hold on to the wall. I'll kill one hyena when I come in, and one pair when I come in."

Aze's eyes dimmed, and Chen Qi felt warm with firmness inside. He hooked his fingers and motioned for the other party to lower his head. When Aze bent slightly, he quickly kissed him on the lip corner of the other party.

"If there are a few giant creatures like stegosaurus running here, the moat can't be kept by itself. Last year, we met hyenas that would use the snow bear to make holes. This year, even if we met hyenas that used stegosaurus to cross the moat trap, it wouldn't be surprising."

"Hyenas crossing the river with the help of stegosaurus?" Aze looked at Chen Qi in surprise. He did not think about the possibility at all. Now there are hyenas cooperating with Ankylosaurus for some reason. In case even Stegosaurus and hyenas appear together, it is not only a small Qi Ze City with only a few dozen people. Maybe even the Lion Wolf Tribe with thousands of people may not be able to hold on to it?

What about the beast people who live in this area? Move inland? Or merge into more powerful tribes than Lion Wolf Tribes?

"It's just a guess. After all, we only need to think about the worst and consider the defense with this as our goal, then we won't be afraid of the way hyenas will attack."

Aze nodded approvingly.

Chen Qi continued: "With our present defense, we can barely block one or two stegosaurus, but it is impossible to block a group of stegosaurus. Moreover, you have seen the situation of the locust swarm last year. If the locust swarm rushes towards us, the moat can be filled up with the giant body of the locust swarm with only a few heads. As long as they trample on the corpses of their companions and attack recklessly, it is estimated that our earth wall will be breached in a few minutes."

With Chen Qi's conjecture, Aze's face became more and more dignified. The moat initially considered only to prevent the relatively petite hyenas. Aze would not even dare to think if even those large dragons went crazy with hyenas.

The dragons in Loya forest are generally only herbivorous, and the carnivorous dragons, such as hyenas, ankylosaurs and pterosaurs, have a maximum size of no more than 3 meters. The adult hyenas are almost the same size as lions. This feature also forms a balance between Beastmen and dragons living near the forest.

However, with various changes of dragons in the forest over the past year, dragons have a feeling that they are no longer willing to live in the forest. In the past summer, the Beastmen did not need to worry about encountering dragons on the Dora Plain, but now they are not only encountered, but also kept appearing in groups. Hyenas, in particular, used to attack Beastmen only in winter when food was scarce. Now they have begun to wander around Beastmen tribes in advance. This is undoubtedly a message to the Beastmen that the way Beastmen and dragons get along for thousands of years is about to be broken.

Looking at Aze's sunken face, Chen Qi stretched out his hand and pinched it. He also pulled at each other's corners of the mouth. "Why do you love to keep a straight face at a young age? Don't you know how good you look when you smile? You have to smile more." Chen Qi opened his mouth and gave Aze a demonstration expression. "Like me, a little more laughter from my family will make Aze the most handsome Beastmen in our tribe."

Chen Qi doesn't like the names of the females and males of the beast people. In his eyes, these females look no different from ordinary men.

Aze took a puff at the corner of his mouth, grabbed Chen Qi's insurrection hand on his face and took it down. Although it felt a little awkward, he still smiled according to Chen Qi's demonstration action just now. As a result, Chen Qi burst out uncontrollable laughter, and even Ajing, who had been warming books in the room, was attracted.

Ajing stood by the door and looked at the two people rolling together by the fire. He blinked and leaned forward to cover the eyes of the little wolf cub who came out behind him. "see no evil, see no evil." While chanting, he picked up the young wolf and went back to his room, locking his own door.

Hearing the sound of locking the door, Aze looked back with a red face and saw only a closed door.

After laughing enough, Chen Qi wiped the physiological tears at the corner of his eye. Aze reluctantly picked up the scented tea that had been completely soaked and handed it to the other side, allowing Chen Qi to moisten his throat.

Chen Qi sat up and took the cup and took a sip. "In fact, you don't have to worry too much. As I said just now, I just thought about the worst. Hyenas, a carnivorous creature, eat herbivorous dragons, and stegosaurus and locust dragons don't necessarily follow the instructions of hyenas."

Moreover, stegosaurus and locust dragons are solitary creatures. Attacking Beastmen is not good for them at all. As long as Beastmen do not provoke them voluntarily, it is hard to imagine that they will run to the plain to attack Beastmen for no reason. Of course, if it was picked and mixed, it would be another story.

"There is no possibility that such a situation as you mentioned is impossible. These things need to be told to Uncle Azhang. If it does happen, we can make preparations earlier." Whether it is to fight or retreat or merge into other tribes, Qi Ze City needs to think about its retreat in the future.

Chen Qi nodded, "But even if such things happen, we are not without the possibility of defense."

Aze looked at him doubtfully. "Didn't you just say our moat and city wall couldn't be protected?"

"It's really a little difficult to completely defend the moat and the earthen wall alone." Chen Qi stood up, went to the table and brought a bound sketch book. He took a piece of cooled charcoal from the fire. He drew on the sketch book and said to Aze, "Winter is coming soon. What is the most winter? Snow, we have inexhaustible snow to use."

"We made an ice wall last year. We discussed the ice wall before. This time we can continue to build another ice wall outside the moat. Then we can put some barriers like deer bares and resisting horses. We can also dig a few more big traps outside the ice wall. And most importantly, we have one of the most important weapons." Chen Qi quickly drew a few patterns on the sketch book, and then lit them with charcoal, "Fried/medicine. As long as this thing is used properly, no matter what kind of dragon it is, we can make it go back or not."

Listening to his partner's clear and forceful voice, Aze was a bit dazed. He always felt that his partner needed his full protection. However, even if his partner was a male with little fighting power, the other party could protect himself, even the whole tribe. No one in the whole tribe said or did what Chen Qi said or did.

Aze lips opened and closed a few times, and finally just buried his head on each other's shoulders. Although he didn't know if what Chen Qi said could really stop the dragon attack, but whether Chen Qi's method was feasible or not, he wouldn't let any dragon step into Qi Ze City this winter as long as any dragon dared to attack the tribe.

"Let's talk about defense with others tomorrow. We'll get ready early." After all, winter is coming, and some things need to be done before winter comes.

"Mmm." Chen Qi rubbed Aze's soft hair with a little moisture. "Speaking of which, you missed this year's birthday last time for hunting snow bears, I haven't told you yet. Happy birthday, my Aze."

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