"Well, thank you for coming to this world." Chen Qi poked away a few strands of hair on each other's forehead and explained, "Didn't you say you were born on the first day of the first snow? Speaking, is this our fate? We met on the first day of the first snow last year." Although he fainted from the cold as soon as he met, when he woke up again, the first snow was over.

Aze raised his head, but Chen Qi still remembered the incident. He could not remember when he mentioned to the other party when he was born. "Then you asked me to come back earlier . . ."

"I wanted to celebrate for you at that time. Who knew you would come back so late? Before the Lion Wolf Tribe left, I traded two cowhide drums for two pterosaur eggs." Half a month has passed and I hope those two eggs haven't broken.

"I'm sorry." Aze lowered his head to apologize.

Beasts have no habit of celebrating their birthdays, but Aze enjoys the fact that Chen Qi kept the date of his birth in his mind. He doesn't know what he was like when he was born, but he is not so happy when he thought about it because he didn't have pregnant stripes. It is estimated that no one expected his birth except his parents. When he was still in the original tribe, even though he was young at that time, most things were not clearly remembered. However, some people pointed at him to scold why people like him who have been abandoned by the beast gods still come to this world. No matter how many years have passed, the tone and manner of those people are that they can clearly remember all the details as long as they close their eyes.

"You don't have to apologize to me. You left just to help me hunt the fur of the snow bear. I haven't thanked you yet." Chen Qi smiled, "Ajing was born on the first day of winter, and your two birthdays are within a few days of each other. Why don't you celebrate your birthday with him first this year, so that we can celebrate the beginning of winter together. I'll leave you alone next year."

"Well, you have the final say." Aze had no idea of his birthday, "but why should we celebrate it in winter?"

Winter is not a good thing for Beastmen, but rather a bad thing. Winter means hunger, cold and life-threatening danger. Every Beastmen has been looking forward to the early end of winter and the early arrival of summer since the beginning of winter.

"Why can't we celebrate? After winter, we can stay at home without going out to work. We have plenty of food, warm clothes and enough firewood to keep us warm all winter. What's wrong with such a comfortable life at home without worrying about food and drink?"

Aze wanted to think, nodded, there is nothing wrong with it. This summer he has to go out to pick or hunt every day, and he doesn't have much time to be with Chen Qi every day. If winter comes, he can stay with Chen Qi every day except for routine guarding tasks.

At the thought of this, Aze's face softened somewhat. "After hearing what you said, I also want to celebrate the beginning of winter."

"That's settled then. When winter comes, let's celebrate together. When the time comes, let's call the people from the tribe to play together for a day, and let's take out the jars of wine I brewed. When the time comes, when you came back from picking a lot of grapes, Ale also sent a lot of them. Tomorrow I'll brew some more, so that we can have something to drink again in winter."

"And the half of corn I left you today, do you think it's delicious? When you go out these two days, remember to help me pick some back . . ."

Listening to Chen Qi's garrulous words, Aze doted on him and nodded. He occasionally said "well" and kept each other's garrulous words in mind.

The second day early in the morning before the hunting party went out, Chen Qi and Aze went to Azhang to talk about what they had talked about last night. After Azhang heard it, Azhang directly decided to do it according to Chen Qi's advice. They also asked the other Beastmen who stayed in the tribe to stop their work for a while and to make some barriers like deer's bareness, while the females continued to cut firewood near the forest.

That night Aze did bring back two corns. This wild fruit will swell up painfully after eating it, so Aze would not have picked it specially even if he happened to meet it, and he was afraid Chen Qi might eat it bad. However, corn was not so easy to find. Today, I happened to see one tree at the place where the tree was cut down. Later, I did not see the second tree after turning around.

Knowing that the corn was not easy to find, Chen Qi could only press down Chan Nian and dry the two corn that looked a little old. He planned to use them as seeds next year.

The busy and calm days passed quickly, and no dragons appeared nearby during this period of time. Chen Qi felt a sense of quietness in the years.

On the last day before winter, Azhang and his hunting team took the fur of the hyenas that had not rotted away and prepared to go to Chishui River to catch the last fish. The fish caught this time will no longer be pickled with salt, but will be stored directly. When midnight comes, the suddenly lowered temperature will become a natural refrigerator to freeze the prey, so that the prey can be kept for a long time without rotting.

Chen Qi started to be busy for the evening celebrations early in the morning. He planned to make a birthday cake for Aze and Ajing.

Chen Qi used the experience of baking bread on the hearth before. Although he wanted to make cakes, in fact, limited by materials and props, he could only bake alternative bread with a larger shape than the previous bread. Chen Qi did not intend to tangle with the taste of the cakes, but only to decorate the cakes decently.

The celebration was arranged in Chen Qi's courtyard and the hall in the house. Fortunately, the number of people in Qi Ze City was not large. Apart from the planting area in the courtyard, the rest was just enough to accommodate the people in the tribe.

Early in the morning, Ka Luo and Ye Huo helped to move some tables and chairs to the school canteen to set them up. Chen Qi also cut a lot into the bamboo tube for decoration before the ghost needle flowers around the yard withered. in order to prevent the bamboo tube from falling over when it was too light, he also put some crushed stones in the bamboo tube to add weight.

Several red lanterns were hung in the courtyard as lighting, the surrounding stone lamps were filled with grease, and large newly-made candles were placed on each table, so that even if it was a moonless night, there was no need to worry about not seeing anything clearly.

In order to set off the atmosphere, Chen Qi also made some colored paper to hang around, especially the tall fig tree, red, yellow and yellow colored paper hanging down, swaying slightly when the wind blows, which is really good-looking.

After lunch, Chen Qi asked Ajing to help with the batch of flocs brought back by Ah Ze. There was no cream, but the flocs were white and a little sticky, sweet and fragrant, but they could be used instead of cream.

Spread the mixed flocs on the surface of the cake that has been baked and cooled, then decorate it with various fruits, and write the words "Happy Birthday" and the like on the cake with a little fruit juice of other colors. Although the cake is made in a simple way, it looks like a model.

However, only one piece of cake was written, and all the other cakes for others were simply decorated.

Can't, the stove can't bake large things, can only make do with it.

Everyone has other things to do during the day. Chen Qi does not have so much time to prepare all the food, so the theme at night is self-help barbecue.

At ordinary times, Chen Qi will collect some charcoal for winter use after burning wood, so he is not worried about not enough charcoal at this time. The iron plates used for barbecue are made of iron.

In the evening, the hunting party returned with a rich variety of fish, because it was the last day of winter hunting, and the hunting party all made great efforts to catch fish. Azhang generously contributed several big fish for the tribal dinner this evening, and finally distributed a lot of fresh fish to everyone. Chen Qi's big wooden box used to store prey last winter was fully filled with a box.

Perhaps it was because on the last night before winter, the crowd was not formal and had a good time playing. Everyone's face was full of smiles, and the newly-added beast people felt a little sour and a little sad.

In previous years, when winter came, the whole tribe was plunged into a gloomy atmosphere where they stayed. They needed to start planning the consumption of food for the whole winter. They would not even have a party and eat and drink like now when winter is just beginning.

Although this is the first winter in Qi Ze City, and the way Qi Ze City does things is quite different from what they have known before, all of them have no panic, instead they have a solid sense of peace of mind. They even have a premonition that this winter will probably be the best winter they have ever spent.

Beasts gathered in twos and threes. For the time being, their eyes were only on the food in front of them and the happy atmosphere around them. The upcoming winter and the dragon threat in the forest had long been forgotten by them.

Ale took Chen Qi's chili sauce and walked to a table. He dug up a spoon and put it into the dish on Ye Huo, which had just filled the baked fish fillet. "Ye Huo, you quickly try Chen Qi's chili sauce. If it tastes good, I'll learn how to do it from him tomorrow."

Ye Huo caught a slice of chili sauce and handed it to Ale first. After Ale opened his mouth to eat it, he took another slice and tried it, "Well, it's delicious."

Ale tut tut tut mouth food, "Ye Huo, when were you born? Next time I'll give you a birthday party like this."

Ye Huo froze. "I was born in summer."

"Hey, what a coincidence? I was born in summer, too. I heard that the rain had just stopped on the day I was born, otherwise we would celebrate our birthdays together."

Ye Huo spoiled the other party with another piece of meat and said with a smile, "Good."

Ali squatted beside the fire plate with a plate and watched Azhang rummaging through the food on the iron plate. Azhang's cooking skills were not good. In the past, when he was in Yanshan Tribe, he was unwilling to cook for the purpose of going to eat at Ali's house on purpose. Now when he arrived here, Ali took the initiative to feed and did not need to do it himself. At the moment, when he wanted to let Ali taste his craft, he found it even harder than hunting a dolphin dragon himself.

"The one over there is burning." Ali looked at each other scrambling to turn over the meat, while smiling to open advice, such Azhang unexpectedly let him feel a little cute.

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