"Is it burnt?" Azhang frantically turned over the roast meat on the iron plate from left to right. Indeed as expected, he saw that the edges of two pieces of meat had turned dark brown.

"You haven't brushed the sauce yet." Ali warned slowly.

Azhang picked up a small brush and turned to look at the five or six kinds of sauces he had just brought over. I don't know why Chen Qi produced so many sauces with different tastes, salty, sweet, sour and spicy, which were enough to satisfy everyone's taste. Azhang asked with some difficulty, "What flavor would you like to eat today?"

Ali propped up his chin with his hand and cocked his head for a moment. His face looked as if he was making a difficult choice. Finally, he tentatively said, "I want to eat everything."

"Then I will do everything for you."

"good." Ali looked at him cheerfully and carefully brushed the sauce on each piece of meat.

In the end, though most of the things Azhang baked were scorched and hard, and the taste was either too heavy or too weak, Azhang finished everything the other party had made.

Ajing was sitting on a short wooden pier at the corner, holding a wooden plate with several portions of food cooked by Chen Qi, meat and vegetables, and a tempting smell when smelling. but Ajing did not rush to eat, but sat quietly, as if waiting for something.

A wooden plate filled with food was also placed on the short wooden pier beside Ajing. There was more meat in the plate than vegetables. The roasted fish fillets were carefully picked out to remove the fish bones. Although the plate did not look so beautiful, it could be seen that the person preparing the plate spent some thoughts.

After a few minutes, little wolf pup came up through the crowd with a wooden food box in his mouth. Ajing put down his plate, skillfully took what little wolf pup had in his mouth, and opened the lid of the box. inside were two steaming baked sweet potatoes.

"Do you want to eat this first?"


"Well then." Ajing returned with a clean plate, stripped off both baked sweet potatoes and put them in the plate. then he put the plate in front of the young wolf. only then did he pick up his own plate full of food and eat it.

Young Wolf cocked his head and took two steps to bite Ajing's trouser leg. Ajing looked up and looked at it inquiringly.

Young Wolf looked at the baked sweet potato in front of him and then at Ajing.

Ajing bent down and put a peeled baked sweet potato into his plate. The young wolf blinked. He bowed his head and ate it with a whoop. He also looked up at Ajing with a mouthful. His ears stirred up and watched the situation around him.

"Ake, bring Ayao back." Ka Luo shouted to Ake in the distance while making food for Ayao.

Ayao is not yet one year old and can't eat barbecue food. Ka Luo can only add some mashed meat and chopped vegetables to rice berries to cook porridge for him. Chen Qi's cake baby can eat it. he fills his stomach after eating a large piece and runs crazy in the yard. Ka Luo was worried that he would have an accident at first and followed him closely. as a result, the baby was too energetic and ran fast. Ka Luo couldn't catch him at all. finally, he could only throw him to Ake and ran to prepare food for the two.

Ake is using a finger to hook the collar behind the obsidian, letting the other side how scampering all don't go, was a pair of big eyes were covered with fog.

Small eyes were looking everywhere on the court, and when they found a familiar person and a wolf nearby eating quietly, their eyes were bright and they hurriedly waved small claws in the direction of Ajing, shouting softly, "wolf, wolf, wolf, Ajing Ajing . . . . . ."

Young Wolf heard the voice of the obsidian, raised his head to his direction yi yi tooth, Ayao stun, then stopped struggling, eyes of the fog into moisture, tightly sipping small mouth, young Wolf see each other no longer shout their two names, and lower the head happily enjoy the food.

Hearing Ka Luo's call, Ake turned the other side's face to himself with Ayao's collar. Seeing the moisture in the other side's eyes, Ake bent his fingers angrily and flicked Ayao's forehead. With a straight face, Ake said, "As a female, how can you cry easily?"

Ayao see Ake's expression small plate could not help but shake shake, also dare not say a word, the results such as Ake a let go of yourself, suddenly cried and ran in the direction of Ka Luo, also shouted as he ran "father father", like chasing behind a large group of hyenas.

Ake looked at his son with black thread and ran nimbly through the crowd to Ka Luo's arms. He turned back and glared at young wolf. Ajing apologized to Ake and vomited his tongue. He also tapped young wolf's head to show his punishment. As a result, young wolf's tail drooped sadly and he did not eat anything. He just lay on the ground like that. Later, Ajing fed him one mouthful of dinner before he stood up briskly.

After returning to his partner, Ake rolled up his sleeves and took what Ka Luo had in his hand. "I'll do the rest."

"No, you feed Ayao to eat." Ka Luo threw his son and his son's portion of porridge to Ake and began to work again.

Although Ake's cooking technique is not as good as Ka Luo's, it is not so bad as to be inedible. It is just that Ka Luo once ate Ake's cooking before and never allowed the other party to touch the food again. Ka Luo can't stand the sudden loss of two or three grades of what could have been more delicious.

Ake took over his son wryly and waited quietly for his partner to feed him.

Some females in Qi Ze City still have the same cooking skills as barbecue. They have no family members or partners. They usually eat alone and finish their work after they have been hastily disposed of. They are too lazy to tamper with complicated cooking methods.

However, some Beastmen newly added to Qi Ze City probably used to only eat barbecue with bitter taste. Only after they came here did they know that the same material can make so many different flavors. They didn't need to go hunting, so they usually spent a lot of time learning other skills with the old females in Qi Ze City, and cooking was one of them.

At that time, the newly-added Beastmen looked at the fried black meat slices of Qi Ze City's female, and did not know who could not see them first. They ran to help. Then the others saw them and gathered together. When Chen Qi and Aze went to the cellar to move out the wine that had been brewed for several months, they found that the Beastmen in the courtyard had already gathered together in twos and threes to eat in a lively way.

Sometimes I saw a group of females gathered around a male trying to learn how to roast meat on the iron plate. When the piece of meat was caught on the hot iron plate, it gave a squeak. Then the sauce was brushed again, and the meat fragrance was scattered around. All the people gathered around could not help but swallow saliva. A few pairs of eyes looked unblinkingly at the movements in the hands of the male, hoping only when it could be roasted and then they could share one piece.

Chen Qi opened and sealed the two jars of wine and put them on the table. Asu was a one-cup man. He didn't like to drink this wine either. After eating, he packed a bamboo tube of wine and baked several boxes of food and went to the watchtower at the gate of the city to deliver food to the guards who were forced to watch the night.

Aze knew that Asu would stay on the wall and the guards would not come back, so he took the two cakes he had left specially.

Asu smiled and patted each other on the shoulder, "Happy birthday."

"thank you."

Other Beastmen who like drinking are also welcome. Ale was the first to come and pour a cup of wine for Ye Huo.

The atmosphere at the scene was pleasant and relaxed. Chen Qi was sitting on the edge of a wooden table under the fig tree. Aze brought two large plates of steaming food. Chen Qi took it with a smile. "Where did you get the food? He came back so soon."

"Ka Luo made it. Try it." He originally wanted to go to Ali's place, but when he saw Azhang cooking, he turned decisively and came back.

"Did you grab Ka Luo's food and not get caught and fought by Ake?" Chen Qi handed Aze a pair of clean chopsticks and moved to Aze.

"He can't beat me." After a pause, he added, "and Ka Luo gave it to me on his own initiative."

Since childhood, he and Ake have had many fights. At first, they won and lost each other. Later, I don't know when Ake has never won him again. Although he hasn't fought with Ake for several years now, he must not lose in front of his partner.

Looking at Aze's eyebrow eye with a few small expressions of showing off, Chen Qi helplessly lost his smile.

Although Chen Qi prepared a lot of food for dinner, it didn't take more than two hours to finish all the food. Everyone was seldom so happy. Even after eating, they didn't want to leave so early and gathered together to chat. However, the life of the beast people was too inflexible and boring. Apart from the recent dragon attacks, there was nothing new to pay attention to. However, everyone in the tribe knew about those events and had nothing to say.

Later, Chen Qi told them the story of the Three Kingdoms. The story was very long. From the beginning, Chen Qi talked about the tripartite confrontation until a little cold fell on Chen Qi's nose and Chen Qi stopped.

Seeing Chen Qi stopped talking, Ka Luo could not help but open his mouth and remind him: "Chen Qi, why don't you continue talking? What happened afterwards?"

Chen Qi did not reply, but raised his head and watched another crystal-clear cold fall on his face, mumbling, "Winter is coming."

The crowd just recovered from Chen Qi's story and raised their heads one after another. With the arrival of midnight, little snow began to fall from the sky on time. After no one began to speak, everything around became unusually quiet. The breathing and heartbeat of the Beastmen next door seemed to be clearly audible.

"Now that winter has come, let's leave tonight." Azhang said.

Aze nodded, and they packed up the things in the yard before leaving. When the fence door in the yard was gently closed by Azhang, who was the last one to leave, snowflakes had dyed the ground mottled white and could print clear footprints on it.

"Let's go back to the house, too. The weather will turn cold in a little while."


"Chen Qi." Aze took Chen Qi's wrist.

"hmm? What's the matter?"

"Thank you, it's really great that I was born in this world."

Chen Qi smiled. The candlelight beside him softened Chen Qi's eyes. "Me too. It's great to be in this world."

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