Chen Qi house's two rooms were changed into heated kang beds in summer. This year they don't need to spend the winter in the hall, but there is no fire in the room, and it will feel a little cold once the temperature drops and they don't nest in the bed.

Aze had already turned the animals under his neck into fur after washing. Chen Qi was wearing a white coat of snow bear and was sitting on a bed that had been burned warm. The fur of snow bear was not the kui is a warm artifact. Clearly, it didn't look like much thick fur. Chen Qi wrapped it around him and the whole people could not feel the cold.

The outside of the window was completely dark, Chen Qi could not see the outside at all, and the moonless plain was engulfed by thick darkness.

For the beast people in Qi Ze City, they are peaceful and happy on the night when winter comes. They have just enjoyed delicious food and listened to a long and exciting story. At the moment, their room has a fire and warm beds to protect them from the cold of the first night. The guard in the watchtower also does not send out any danger signal. They can have a good sleep and have a good dream. The next day, they wake up to see a world wrapped in silver and life will not change much.

However, in a small remote tribe, the first night of winter is a nightmare for them. If possible, they wish this day was only an illusion.

"Chief of the clan." A young-looking, newly-adult female walked to the head of the clan who was no longer young. His eyes were red and he looked as if he had just burst into tears.

"Has everyone gathered?"

"Yes, I will wait for you."

Chief of the clan with each other quickly returned to their tribal center, the number of the tribe is not large, the full count is not more than three hundred people, and is still young female only less than 50 people, how can such a line-up resist the dark hyenas outside?

Yes, on the first night of winter, the hyenas in the forest stepped out of their long-held forest territory for the first time and appeared on the Dora Plain. It is strange that there is a giant wolf god in such hyenas that is almost skinny.

"We can't hold back the hyenas this time." As soon as the patriarch spoke, there was a muffled sob around him.

Everyone knows that the chief of the clan is telling the truth. The attack this time was not a few or dozens of hyenas, but thousands or even more than ten thousand hyenas. The three layers inside and outside the hyenas surrounded their small tribe tightly. Although I don't know why the hyenas rushed in and launched the attack without the first time, no one will naively think that these hyenas just simply surround here and won't swallow them up.

"We cannot have the entire tribe destroyed by hyenas tonight." The chief of the clan took a deep breath, looked around at his clan, and finally his eyes rested on the dozens of young females standing at the end of the crowd. "So, you have to get out of here and go straight along the Dorsal River to take refuge in other big tribes. No matter who is caught by the hyenas around you, you can't turn back. Even if one person can rush out, we are successful."

"Yes, chief." Everyone answered in a low voice, for fear that the noise would be too loud for hyenas from outside the tribe to break in ahead of time.

The beast people began to take the initiative to attack after rectification. Even if the hyenas didn't mean to break in now, they can't wait here in vain. Only by taking the initiative can they have a glimmer of hope of survival.

The first to rush out was a group of old females holding the burning wood. Perhaps because of the torches in their hands, the hyenas retreated a little way, and the beasts behind rushed out with them, closely following the old females.

"Why don't you let them rush in the first place? Small tribes like this can be easily beaten by you." The giant wolf god was lying lazily on the ground with a light tone, but he knew that the hyenas around him could hear him.

The head of the hyenas stood on a small slope. Snow fell on its back and then hit the ground. He didn't even bother to give his eyes to each other when he heard the giant wolf god's words, but he said, "Don't you think it's too boring to kill them too easily?"

The giant wolf god hissed.

In the distance, the hissing roar of the hyenas and the shouting and killing of the beasts were already heard. It was not long before a hyenas dragged a bloody body to come over, put it in front of the giant wolf god and left respectfully.

"Eat." The voice of the head of the hyenas was biting a bit more than the colder and colder temperatures around him, but the tone of the command did not allow anyone to object.

"I don't have the strength to bite."

The hyena leader looked at a hyena standing behind him and said, "Feed it back."

The hyenas slowly stepped forward and tore a large piece of meat from the dead Beastmen.

"If you hadn't destroyed all of us at the beginning, maybe you could have changed into a giant wolf god now. Why drag me on so hard?" The giant wolf god raised his head, narrowed his eyes slightly, tilted his lip angle upwards, as if he were laughing, "or you can catch Chen."

The hyena leader finally bowed their heads and stared at it coldly.

The giant wolf idol finally realized, "oh, I forgot, Chen is not pure blood, it can be mixed with half of black dragon's blood."

Cold snowflakes fell to the ground, slowly covering the bloody ground. After the battle, the whole Beastmen tribe was almost razed to the ground. The house was violently pushed down by the hyenas. The stone slab that built the house was crushed by the hyenas. Even the ground was planed by the hyenas, for fear that any Beastmen would hide in some corner.

However, due to the initiative to drain water at the beginning, a small group of Beastmen rushed out of the enclosure of the hyenas. Although they were still trampled by the hyenas, they soon became a delicious food for the hyenas.

What the hyenas did not think of, however, was that in this contest, which was suppressed in both strength and quantity, a young female escaped, his whole body was covered with fig juice, and the black fur of the beast became his best disguise at night.

His father is the most powerful Beastmen in the tribe, and the female, who is not yet an adult, is thin. His father wrapped him in front of him and gave him some skins. He looked like a man. After he rushed out of the encirclement, he quickly threw his son into a tall bush and led the hyenas behind him away.

But his father didn't want to be a drag on them, so he took the initiative to become a bait in the tribe. After father left, the little female fled in another direction. He knew that there was a river in that direction. Although it was not the Dorsal River, he had a chance to live as long as he jumped into that river.

At last he succeeded. At the last moment when the hyenas who found their tracks caught up with him, they jumped into the cold water regardless.


When Chen Qi woke up the next day, the outside of the yard had been covered with a thick layer of snow, and the oncoming cold wind made him shake.

"Don't be cold." Aze came out with a cloak, draped it over Chen Qi and told him.

Chen Qi raised his head and smiled, "Mmm."

Azhang arrived early in the morning after breakfast. Today, the construction of the ice fence will be carried out, and all the people of Qi Ze City, old and young, will attend.

When several people arrived at the gate of the city, the hunting party on patrol just came back. after the last hyenas incident, the patrol scope has now been extended to the vicinity of Chishui river. this is not only to allow the beast people to carry out the construction work outside the gate with ease, but also to quickly arrange the counterattack when finding the traces of dragons.

"No abnormalities were found today." The leader of the team, Ake, came to report the results of today's tour to Azhang.

Azhang nodded. "There wasn't much snow yesterday. Today, let's get the prototype of the city wall first."

The foundation of the ice wall had been dug early in the morning. Although it is only a few meters deep, the snow is not enough to fill the whole foundation.

Beasts have long had experience in making city walls, and now they have a tacit understanding of division of labor and cooperation just after watching Azhang's demonstration. Some people are responsible for loading snow, others are responsible for compacting the snow back to the designated place, and after that, some people will be responsible for sprinkling water on it.

Although the number of people making the ice wall together this time is much more than last year, the scope of the ice wall is several times larger, and the snowfall in one night is not enough to build the whole ice wall, so until the snowfall starts again in the afternoon, the ice wall will only be surveyed to fill up the foundation.

The second snowfall was much more urgent than last night's. With strong winds, there was a rhythm of turning the snowstorm, and the windows were blowing loudly.

Chen Qi house's windows are made of locust dragon's eyes, which are much better sealed than the wooden paper windows of other people's houses in the tribe. Moreover, the windows can still be closed to see the outside scenery and have good light transmittance. Therefore, several males in the tribe like to stay in Chen Qi's house when they are free.

Ajing was silently writing the story Chen Qi said last night. Ye Huo was printed page by page according to the words written by Ajing. the others wanted Chen Qi to say it again. as a result, Chen Qi took the newly printed page of Ye Huo and handed it to the people smiling. they let themselves look at the words above and then harvested a lot of drooping heads.

After the snow stopped, the patrol made another tour around the area and found that there was no danger before letting others go out to build the ice wall.

The ice wall built this time has only one gate, with a width of about 10 meters. The outer wall is buried with sharpened wooden stakes and bamboo as before, but this time with newly forged iron bars.

The last batch of ironclad except for creating a dagger for every beast without combat effectiveness, almost all of them are used to make these sharp iron bars. These iron bars are much harder than wooden stakes and bamboo. Azhang has tested them. As long as there is enough strength to hit them, even the ironclad can be pierced.

When the wall was built about three meters high, Azhang finally let people bury the deer outside the ice wall. Several deep pits several meters wide were dug outside, fearing that the Beastmen would be injured by mistake. No sharp weapons were buried in the pit trap.

The deer also has several rows of barriers in front of it, such as resisting horses. Although these may not be able to block dragon attacks, they should also be able to disturb the enemy a little.

This calm day lasted about a week.

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