Early in the morning, Ake, who was out on patrol, came back with a little female covered with black fur. His hair was wet, his eyes were tightly closed, and his weak breath showed that he was still alive.

"What is going on?" Azhang and Chen Qi were waiting at the gate of the city to see when the patrol came back. They were startled to see this situation.

"I found it in Chishui River. Recently, the Chishui River began to freeze. This person did not know when he was washed to the shore and how long he had been in the water before."Ake quickly explained that when he first fished the other party out of the water, he felt that he had fished a big chunk of ice.

"Why don't you help him dry the fur first?" Chen Qi's heart sank when he saw the little female's dripping hair. The man did not know if he could be rescued.

"Then what now? Can there be any help?" After Ake found the little female, he only wanted to take his out of the cold water, thinking that bringing his back to the tribe might save his. He didn't think much of anything else.

Chen Qi asked him to lay the other side down, wipe the hair on the little female with snow on the spot, and then asked Ake to carry the little female to his house.

The little female has passed out. Chen Qi does not know whether the other party fainted due to cold or injury. He can only place the other party at a distance from the fire first, and then move to a place closer to the fire after the other party's body has warmed up a little.

"There is no wound on his body. He must have soaked in Chishui River for too long before he passed out." Ali said to the crowd after helping the little female to check his body.

Chen Qi cooked a little hot water for the other party. After the temperature was released, he scooped up a little with a small spoon to the little female's lips. The little female could not drink it at all. Finally, he could only moisten his lips with a piece of cotton cloth.

"I don't know how he got to Chishui River."

"It's not like you ran to the river and slipped and fell." Ka Luo speculated. Although the probability of this kind of thing is not high, it is not without it. You know, the Beastmen of other tribes don't run into the water like the Beastmen of Qi Ze City and learn to swim.

"Don't speculate now. Ake, you should continue to take people to patrol nearby. Others should continue to clean up the snow in the tribe and pull it up to the wall. No matter what it is, it is the most important thing to build the wall as soon as possible." Azhang said to the crowd.


"Chen Qi, you and Ali will stay at home today to take care of this little girl. If you can save his, you will try your best to save his."

Chen Qi nodded, "Well, I will try my best."

Azhang arranged for all the people and left with them.

Ali went to the storage room and took out a water and milk fruit. He cut it directly and put it by the fire to boil it until it was boiled and then put it beside it to cool.

Chen Qi took out his cloak made of fur of the snow bear and covered it on the little female. The cloak was much warmer than other skins and quilts, and it was light and lightweight. It was not too heavy to cover the little female and would not make him feel uncomfortable.

"He is still in a coma. Can he drink this milk fruit?"

"if you can't drink it, you have to drink it. as long as the Beastmen females can eat it, they can live without bleeding." For the Beastmen Ali than Chen Qi know much more.


The little female didn't know if he was trying to resist the cold of the river. Even his face was covered with fur and his fingernails were covered with fur. Among them, two fingernails were broken, and several were still cracked. He didn't know how the other party got it. Fortunately, the fingernails didn't turn up and there was no bloody scene.

After the shea butter juice was brought to about the same temperature, Ali took a small spoon and patiently fed it to the other party. even if he only drank half a spoon after feeding ten spoons, Ali wouldn't mind if the juice flowing out of the other party's mouth dirtied Ali's clothes. as long as the little female could drink a little juice, he would feel very happy.

As a result, the juice of a shea butter was fully fed for more than an hour, and the young female only drank a few spoons.

Ali laid the little female flat and stretched out his hand to tuck in the corners of his cape. "Let him sleep for a while first. Sleeping will help him recover."

"Mmm." Chen Qi looked anxiously at the little female with his eyes closed and sat watching.

About noon, Ali fed it again. This time, the little female drank more juice. Azhang and Ake, who came to visit the little female at noon, were relieved. Even though the young female hasn't regained consciousness, as long as he can eat, Ake has also brought over a dozen shea nuts from his home.

On this day, Ali fully fed the young female five times and five water-borne fruits. For the last time, only three spoons were fed to the other party and the other party could drink one spoonful. Just when the two thought that the other party would recover slowly in this way, at midnight, with the coming of a snowstorm, the little female suddenly developed high fever.

"What should I do?" After watching the little female burn so hard that even the black hair on his face could not resist the red on the other side's face, Ali also did not know what to do.

Chen used wet cotton cloth to moisten each other's paler and paler, and was a little flustered when he began to shake his chapped lips. Now he regrets very much why he didn't choose to study medicine. If he knew medicine, the child might have been saved.

"Chen Qi, try the hot grass." I don't know when, Aze took the previously stored moxa hot grass and handed it to Chen Qi. Chen Qi remembered that it seemed to reduce fever.

"Then you have to get over it." Chen Qi urged.

"Mmm." Aze took the hot grass to boil by the fire.

According to Ai Li's method before, two hot herbs were used to boil a bowl or so of water. After feeding half of the bowl to the little female and spilling half of the bowl by him, the other side's forehead gradually felt less hot than before.

Before daybreak, he was given more than half a bowl of water boiled by hot wormwood. This time, the little female slept soundly and opened his eyes leisurely in the evening.

His body had no strength, but even if he was weak again, his eyes were still alert when he opened them at the beginning. He relaxed only after he found that there were Beastmen around him. His lips opened and closed a few times, and he found that he did not even have the strength to speak.

"Don't worry, you are all right now." Chen Qi touched each other's forehead comfort way.

Ali brought over a bowl of rice paste that had been warm all along. "You haven't eaten anything since you slept yesterday. You can have a rest and have the strength to talk."

Ali lifted the other side up and let him lean on himself, feeding him a small spoon of food as before.

Perhaps because the little female woke up, the other party didn't take another bite to spill, and obediently finished eating a large bowl of rice paste. when he saw that the bowl was empty, he still looked at Ali unsatisfied. he was hungry longer than Ali knew. he once thought he was either frozen to death by the river or starved to death.

Seeing that the other party still wanted to eat, Chen Qi was worried that the other party would eat and support because he was too hungry. He suggested, "Take a break before eating."

The little female nodded slightly when he heard this, and Ali put him down again. It was not long before the little female fell asleep again.

In the next few days, the little female ate every time he woke up, and slept after eating. all they knew was that the other party's name was Ajiu. for the time being, they couldn't know why the other party fell into Chishui river or what tribe it was.

During this period of time, the ice wall was also built a lot higher. Even the inside of the ice wall was buried with two rows of deer bangs, and the deer bangs outside the city were also newly added with the fried/bomb invented by Chen Qi. This kind of bomb/bomb is placed in the deer bang close to the trap, so even if it is not powerful enough to kill dragons, it is a success as long as it can frighten the other party into falling into the trap in panic.

With the progress of the defense project completed slowly, the little female named Ajiu also gradually recovered. It was only because he was soaked in the river for too long, his voice was estimated to be injured, his voice became a bit awkward and his voice was hoarse. He needed to listen carefully to hear what the other party was saying.

Azhang originally suggested that the other party should take good care of himself before telling his story, but Ajiu insisted on telling the people what had happened in his tribe after he regained the strength to speak. He knew that the news was very important to all the Beastmen tribes, and he could not miss the news because of his body.

Ajiu's tribe is located next to a small slope. The small slope is not as good as the original Yanshan tribe's Yanshan, and its defense capability is not good, but it is the best place they can find nearby. The tribe is not far from Qi Ze City, nor near. Ajiu arrived after floating in the river for almost a week.

After listening to Ajiu's account of how the tribe was destroyed, apart from sympathy for Ajiu's suffering, they were secretly worried about such a large-scale attack by hyenas. If this group of hyenas came to Qi Ze City instead of Ajiu's tribe, could Qi Ze City withstand tens of thousands of hyenas with its ability?

No way.

Don't think everyone knows the answer.

"It would be nice if we knew about this matter, and don't mention it to the rest of the tribe for the time being." After hearing this, Azhang turned gloomy. "Let's get the ice wall to the planned height overnight these days, as well as the layout of the traps outside the city, and finish it as soon as possible these days."

The crowd answered.

Azhang stretched out his hand and touched Ajiu's little head. the hair on his face was withdrawn. Ajiu's childlike little face was exposed. he experienced the collapse of the tribe at his teenage age. even the whole tribe may have survived by himself. the child suffered much more than he expected. "Ajiu, would you like to stay in our tribe?"

The look on Ajiu's face was still calm when he had been telling about the affairs in his tribe. At the moment he heard Azhang's words, he suddenly started to cry with a loud voice. At the beginning, he was still sobbing with tears. Later, he uncontrollably cried out and even pumped heavily. He felt like he was going to faint from crying.

Azhang gently held him in his arms and gave him a good back so that the child wouldn't cry.

After Ajiu finally cried enough, he nodded firmly, "I was saved by you, and I will be a member of your tribe in the future."

"It should be our tribe." Ake opened his mouth and corrected.

Ajiu froze, then nodded, "I will be a member of our tribe in the future."

"Well, I'll register you after you have taken good care of yourself." Then he stood up and said, "Let the others continue to build defense facilities with me."

Azhang sent Ake and Aze to convey the news to the Lion Wolf Tribe, and then hoped that the Lion Wolf Tribe would send someone to convey it to other tribes so that the Beastmen Tribe would be prepared for defense. After all, the number of people in Qi Ze City was too small to be notified by each tribe.

After working day and night, Aze and his colleagues also came back. The ice wall and the traps nearby were finally completed in a month. The ice wall was several meters higher than the original earth wall and now completely blocked the view. Even standing on the wall of the earth city, they couldn't see the view of the plain outside, so the guards arranged the guard's location on the wall of the ice city.

The four gates of the earthen city wall were heavily closed, and an air wooden bridge was built between the two walls with ropes. The only way to get to the ice city wall was from mid-air. At first, the beast people were not used to the feeling of hanging in mid-air.

Looking at this crystal-clear and solid ice wall, the beast people in Qi Ze City feel that their sense of security has been strengthened somewhat. There are two walls to protect them. No matter what kind of dragon can enter, can they?

With the completion of the ice wall, the days have returned to the original peaceful life.

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