A month later, Ajiu's health improved. Ake took him to his home, which had a vacant room for the other party to live there until he reached adulthood.

Aze filled the freshly cooked porridge and handed it to Chen Qi. "It snowed again last night. Are you still running on the playground today?"

"Go." Chen Qi carried the porridge to the table and set it, "You have no duty to guard these two days, have you? After clearing the snow on the playground, let's practice archery together."

Aze brought over the last two bowls of porridge, "okay."

"Ajing, little Wolf, how are you? It's time for dinner." Chen Qi shouted at the bathroom.

A white head poked out from behind the door, followed by a child dressed in a red fur coat. Chen Qi watched the two little guys coming up, skillfully finding their place to sit down, touched his chin and said to Aze, "Aze, do you think the wolf has grown taller again?"

Young Wolf heard Chen Qi call his name and looked up at each other.

Aze handed Chen Qi the chopsticks. "Well, Ajing's shoulder is almost high."

"I am only eight years old this year, and I will grow taller." Ajing pounded the congee in the bowl with chopsticks and DuRang.

Little Wolf pup stuck out his tongue and licked each other's hanging palm. Before, it could not even reach the stool. Aze needed to raise the stool specially to eat on the stool. Now the stool is specially made, but its height is the same as that used by others, only the width of the stool is increased a lot, enough to accommodate the growing body of little Wolf pup to squat on it.

Chen Qi poured a cup of heated milk fruit and handed it to Ajing. "Of course, if you can keep drinking a cup of milk fruit every day, you can grow faster than the wolf."

Ajing's little faces were crumpled together. Even the one-year-old Beastmen did not drink milk fruit. He did not understand why Chen Qi insisted on drinking it every day. Can it really grow taller? Azhang is sure that even Aze has never drunk it again after one year old, but the other party can still grow so tall.

"Awoo." See Chen Qi poured himself a plate of warm milk fruit, young Wolf with big eyes softly let out a cry, the appearance of the milk sound milk gas and its growing size can be out of proportion, Chen Qi couldn't help but come forward to pick up a handful of each other's beautiful white fur.

Aze quietly gave Chen Qi a chopstick, which he liked to eat, reminding him that it would be cold if he did not drink milk for a while. Chen Qi reluctantly let go of the young wolf.

Little Wolf whelp was inexplicably plucked by Chen Qi. He also received a disgruntled stare from Aze. He bowed his head and licked his own milk fruit.

Looking at the young wolf happily drinking the milk fruit, Ajing also did not know whether the longer and bigger the other party was really the reason for the milk fruit. he wanted to think, or looked up and took a sip of the milk fruit in his hand.

After breakfast, three people and one wolf took what they needed to use today to school. In order to save resources, most of the Beastmen will gather in the school to study or do things together. After a period of time, the newly-added males have found a mate. Azhang, the patriarch, was not too happy. He also held a grand wedding party for them. Even on such a cold day, it took three days to break up.

"Chen Qi, let's clean up the snow on the playground." As soon as Ka Luo came out with the tools, he saw Chen Qi and several others enter the school gate.

Before Chen Qi could speak, the long-lost howling alert came from a distance.

"I'll go and have a look. You'll wait in the house first." Aze told Chen Qi in a hurry and ran to the wall, followed by several females who had just run out of the classroom.

"What's going on? Is there another dragon coming?" Ka Luo had no fear on his face. He also helped to make the tribal defense structures. Naturally, he was confident that these structures and traps could keep dragons out of the tribe.

"I don't know, let's go first, and we'll see what happens when Aze and his family come back."

Now there are two walls. Beasts who can't fight don't need to hide in the cellar, just stay in the classroom. Ali has already started counting the number of people. He needs to be responsible for all the beast people who cannot fight in a crisis to stay in a safe place.

Aze didn't leave for long this time. He came back in less than an hour. Chen Qi didn't hear any fighting or the roar of wild animals.

"what's the matter? Is there any dragon coming?" Chen Qi looked at Aze's slightly complicated expression and breathed a sigh of relief. He knew his partner very well. Aze's expression proved that even if there were dragons to attack this time, the problem should not be too big, at least it would not endanger the safety of the tribe. But Chen Qi was a bit strange and did not understand what made Aze show this complicated expression.

"Elder brother, isn't the dragon class here?" Ka Luo and Ali looked at each other and asked doubtfully.

"Well, it's a dragon." Aze nodded, "It's just a dolphin dragon."

"dolphin dragon?" Why does this dragon, which has disappeared since last winter, appear here?

Only when Chen Qi stood on the wall of the ice city did he understand what Aze meant.

This time it was really dolphin dragons, and the number was not very large, only four or five, ranging from adult male and female dolphin dragons to juvenile dolphin dragons. They looked like a family, but they didn't look like they were coming to attack, instead they seemed to get lost and came here. As a result, they all just fell into the deep pit traps outside before they got close to the city wall.

Azhang also did not understand why the disappeared dolphin dragon suddenly appeared here, so he did not dare to let people go down to check the situation.

"You don't think these porpoise dragons are the bait that the hyenas rushed over?"

"This possibility cannot be ruled out."

". . . . . ." Chen Qi was silent for a moment." Will the dragons here evolve?"


"Is it possible to become an intelligent creature like a Beastmen who knows how to think?"

Hearing Chen Qi's question, Azhang froze, bowed their heads and thought for a moment, shook his head, "I don't know."

"I think we can look at the situation first. If there is no sign of hyenas nearby, we can have them brought back." Chen Qi smiled, "After all, the food delivered to the door is white, not white."

Azhang nodded, and so did he.

Until late afternoon, no sign of other dragon activities was found in the vicinity by the animals that Azhang sent out to inspect. Only then did people pull these trapped dolphin dragons back to the city, and the original trap was disguised again.

The unexpected prey made the ethnic group very happy. They had not eaten any meat except fish for a long time.

In the evening, a simple meeting was held at Azhang's house. Everyone discussed the situation. Although they finally came to the conclusion that there might be another change in the forest, they did not suggest entering the forest for inspection at the current time. After all, the information from Ajiu was that the number of hyenas going out for the activity was too large for the small Beastmen in Qi Ze City to cope with. Entering the forest at this time was a very dangerous thing. Now staying in Qi Ze City and relying on the existing defense, it should still be possible to save their lives.

However, within a few days, they met a swarm of locusts.

The scale of this locust swarm is much larger than that of last year. All the locust swarms have red blood silk in their eyes and are very grumpy. All the tall trees outside Qi Ze City that have blocked the footsteps of the locust swarms have been pushed down by the locust swarms.

Fortunately, the swarms of locusts are still a long way from the ice wall of Qi Ze City. They do not seem to have any intention of wandering away from the swarms. Although there is a lot of movement, they do not seem to be in any danger for the time being.

"Have all the locust dragons in the forest come out this time?" Ale asked concerned.

The swarms of locusts have gone for most of their genius and completely left Qi Ze City. All the beasts who saw this scene did not look very well. It can be imagined that if such swarms of locusts were such, the small ice wall would not be able to hold them back.

However, no one could answer the question of Ale. As the locust dragon left, the animals who became heavy in heart did not become relaxed.

Then the thickness of the ice wall increased by several meters, the traps outside the city were dug several more times, a row of Abatis was added, and a lot of tobacco was added under Abatis. Although the surrounding environment was opened up a little, it was not clear how much anesthesia effect tobacco had when burning in such a place, but as long as there was a little effect, it was a living hope for the beast people.


"It seems that your subordinates have made several new moves?" The giant wolf god seems to have a better look than before. his fur is not as withered as before and he can eat by himself.

"If you mean you can speak, then it is." The leader of the hyenas walked slowly forward, followed by a mighty group of hyenas, very not awe-inspiring, also did not care to let the beast people find their existence, anyway they can't escape its claws.

"Are you going to eat all the Beastmen? If you kill all the Beastmen, where will you go to find delicious food like Beastmen?"

The hyena leader seemed to listen to a very funny joke, "Do you think I can kill all those Beastmen?"

"Giant Wolf god gens is not almost killed by you? There is nothing that cannot be done." However, it knows that the hyenas brought out of the plain by the head of the hyenas are less than one-third of its subordinates.

"This is different." The hyenas' eyes darkened, ignoring the giant wolf god.

The giant wolf god turned back to the adult male hyenas that followed closely behind them and waved their tails. the male hyenas took two steps forward, bent down slightly, lowered their heads and waited meekly for the giant wolf god to speak.

"I am too tired to walk."

The male hyenas slowly dropped to the ground, and the giant wolf god dropped his emaciated body on each other's back. its size was much larger than that of the male hyenas. now it was lying behind the male hyenas, and its gray fur almost covered the entire body of the male hyenas. However, the male hyenas obviously did not put the weight of the giant wolf god in their eyes, and easily stood up with the giant wolf god behind their backs.

The giant wolf god found a comfortable position and closed his eyes slightly. when the giant wolf god finally stopped moving, the male hyenas stood up and walked a few steps to catch up with their leader who had walked out of a long distance. Other hyenas, who had stood waiting for the male hyenas to carry the giant wolf god back, followed them closely again and went on in an orderly way.

"Speaking of which, I remember there seems to be a big lake nearby, and there should also be Beastmen living there."

"The water in that lake is salty and can't be drunk. Who would not want to live in what place?" The giant wolf god doesn't even bother to lift his eyelids. he seems to be getting more and more sleepy recently.

"I haven't seen a large salty lake yet, so I should add some insight."

"I don't even have the ability to be a beast and still want to think like a human . . ."

Before the giant wolf god had finished speaking, his sharp claws had reached his throat, and the hyenas leader's red and red eyes were fixed on him. for a long time, they slowly loosened and walked on casually. "then let's go to the saltwater lake and have a look. you haven't eaten for several days and find you some delicious snacks."

The giant wolf god did not speak again, quietly lying on the back of the male hyenas.

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