"what? Is Ale pregnant?" Chen Qi was so surprised that the writing brush just covered with fruit-dyeing liquid fell off. The fruit-dyeing liquid on the writing head left a dark mark on the paper that had not been written yet.

The others in the classroom followed Chen Qi's words and cast puzzled eyes all over the place.

Ale face flushed, a face of embarrassed wife to sit behind Ye Huo, originally he was just going to secretly tell Chen Qi, who knows Chen Qi this a loud shout out, now good, the whole tribe knows.

Ake also looked at each other in astonishment. He didn't expect Ale to have the baby so soon. "If there are no other problems before the child is born, you should not do the guarding work for the time being, and I will propose it to the patriarch later."

"No way." Ale shook his head. "It's just been pregnant for a while, and it doesn't matter."

Ake glanced at each other. "There are now four people guarding the city wall in one day. The number of people in our tribe is much larger than before. There is no need for you to rotate as before."

"I think Ake is right. There is nothing else to do in the tribe now. All you have to do is take good care of yourself."

Ye Huo touched Ale's head with a smile, and was later glared at by Chen Qi before coaxing a few words. Ale reluctantly agreed, and then Ake ran to Azhang to say it. The result was undoubtedly agreed.

It is probably because Ale is the only pregnant female in Qi Ze City. Later on, Ale felt that he was almost a porcelain doll that broke at the touch. At home, Ye Huo swept everything away. All the clansmen went out to help him do things. Even Ajing, who was not yet an adult, saw that he was going to run up and grab something a little heavier to help him. Young Wolf used to grin at Ale once in a while as long as Ale stole it. Now he can only sneak away after being stolen.

Ale was not happy. The days when he didn't have to do anything were so boring that he was simply too busy to panic.

But also because of this happy event, the depression brought by the sudden crossing of the locust swarms in the tribe has been swept away.

Looking at Ale eyes empty on the table, Chen Qi a little speechless. Before, I watched him pull the other party to sew clothes for his unborn child. As a result, there were several blood holes in his clothes before he finished sewing his fingers. Let him follow Ka Luo to practice his cooking skills again. The cooked food makes people feel a stomachache at first sight. Later, he was asked to help with calligraphy and writing, but fell asleep on his stomach within an hour.

Who said that females are omnipotent? In other areas besides hunting, Ale broke the saying that females learn everything quickly and can learn everything.

"It's a pity that you have found a partner." With Ale as a comparison, Ka Luo really felt that his partner was a decathlon, and there was nothing he did not understand.

Ale raised his head and curled his lip unconvinced. "My hunting ability is as good as Ake's."

"But my Ake hunting is no worse than yours." Ka Luo rebutted relentlessly.

Ale choked for a moment and ran back pathetically to Ye Huo for comfort.

Ye Huo spoiled you and rubbed Ale's head, comforting him: "It's okay, I've learned everything you can't. We can do everything together."

Ale was moved to look at his partner and snorted softly at Ka Luo, ignoring him.

Everyone in the classroom has something to do. After lying down for a while, Ale got up and teased Ayao, then pulled up the pup. However, he did not know whether it was getting colder and colder. Both pups were not interested in him and did not want to talk to him. Before long, Ale had nothing to do.

Chen Qi looked at each other and had a headache. He looked at Ah Jiu, who was also sitting beside the fire staring blankly.

Although Ajiu has lived in Qi Ze City for a period of time, because of the great changes he encountered before, his temper is very boring. At ordinary times, he doesn't like to talk to people even if he sits in a corner. Although he will learn words from Ajing during this period of time, he can't play with Ajing, who is several years younger than him. Chen Qi tried to let Ajing and little wolf pup play with each other actively. Ajiu will try to cooperate, but everyone can see how reluctant the expression on the other's face is.

Chen Qi also did not know whether the other party had changed into this appearance due to great changes or whether it was the same dull temperament. Seeing that the other party was nestled in one side, Chen Qi gently called out the name of the other party.

Ajiu looked back and saw Chen Qi waving at him. He stood up and walked past.

"Long, can you play with Ale? You see, he is bored to the point of going moldy." Chen Qi asked.

Ajiu looked up at Ale and then at Chen Qi. He was silent for a moment. "I don't know what to play with him."

"This is very simple." Chen Qi took out a deck of cards from his backpack, which he drew these days. There were 52 cards in total, and the back was all painted a uniform dark blue.

Chen Qi asked Ale to come over again. Ale curiously picked up a card and looked at it. The card was a bit thick. It looked like two pieces of paper were stuck together, but Chen Qi did it very carefully. He could not tell if he did not look carefully.

"What is this?"

"Solitaire." Chen Qi spread the cards out on the table. Ka Luo, who was sitting on one side helping to weave, saw them and leaned in.

"I'll teach you to play a very simple but interesting game." Chen Qi put four A's together. "This kind of game is called ghost card."

After that, Chen Qi explained in detail how to play the ghost card. This time, not only the few people sitting around him, but also the others in the classroom gathered together. After all, what he said was hard to make people understand at once, so he let them play it again while Chen Qi taught it again.

After all, it is a very simple card game, with no technical content, but more luck, and everyone will be able to play it after two rounds.

After having something that Ale can play and have fun, Ale changed his decadent mood and pulled others to play with relish.

Some beasts who could not get in to play pestered Chen Qi and made a new deck of cards.

Ali helplessly looked at the beast people who had all gathered together to weave cloth suddenly ran to play a little helpless, with a small stick in his hand gently knocked Chen Qi's head, "how on earth did you think of so many things? A few cards attracted the gang."

Chen Qi smiled apologetically at Ali, who grumpily gave him a supercilious look.

"Speaking of which, has Aze been guarding the city wall these days?"

"Mmm." Chen Qi smile away.

"Chen Qi." After some deliberation, Ariel finally asked with a little embarrassment, "Do you want children?"

Chen Qi stare blankly for a moment, a little heart, "are you worried about Aze because of this thing to hide out?"

"Isn't it?"

Chen Qi shook his head. "He was because another few porpoise dragons ran into the trap two days ago."

In addition to the first day of the few dolphin dragon, locust dragon group left soon after another three dolphin dragon fell into the trap set, this kind of harassment by dragon from time to time, but the tribe did not suffer too much damage and still live quietly situation makes Aze always feel a little uneasy in my heart.

Aze has experienced two tribal defeats. For the first time, he was too young to help, but he still remembers the scene when the hyenas stepped into the tribe. Aze has lived here for several years. The frequent arrival of dragons like this has never occurred in previous years. He does not think these are mere coincidences. On the contrary, Aze thinks these are signs before something is coming.

The fall of the first two tribes was not too sad for Aze, but this time it was different. His favorite people lived here, and he could not let go even a little danger.

"I thought . . . sorry." Ali sighed.

Chen Qi shook his head. "You don't have to apologize to me. Instead, I want to thank you for being so concerned about Aze."

"Aze is the child I have seen since I was a child." He has been a strong man since childhood and has a stubborn character. Although I watched him grow up, he has been taking care of me since childhood. Even if I am not as strong as him, I will be very happy as long as he is happy.

"Don't worry, I will make him happy all the time." Chen Qi looked at Ali's eyes firmly. "And have you forgotten that there is still a little female and a little wolf cub in our family. These two cubs are not the sons of Aze and I, so you said if I want children, I already have two, but I don't have the energy to have another one."

Sitting not far away, Ajing's ear tip, which was concentrating on reading, moved, stretched out his hand and pressed back the head of the young wolf who wanted to raise his head. he opened a new fruit dyeing solution to dilute it, only shaking his hand. a few drops of fruit dyeing solution dropped to the ground, and the young wolf licked off his tongue as soon as he reached out. he could not see any trace.

In the evening, the falling snowflakes fell from the sky again. This time there was no storm, and the sky was not covered by thick clouds. Even the sunset could be clearly seen, just because the sun had no temperature, it looked a little chilly.

The white-haired Beastmen squatted motionless on the city's head. Snow had covered him with a thin layer. Everyone could see that he had been squatting here for a long time.

Suddenly a shadow came down to block the snowflakes falling from the sky. Aze took back the hair on his face, raised his head and saw a familiar smiling face. "Why are you here?"

Chen Qi held an umbrella in one hand and waved his food box in the other. "I'll send you food and see the sunset."

Aze stood up and the snow fell to the ground. He looked at the small wooden bridge connecting the two city walls. A layer of snow had accumulated on the deck of the wooden bridge, and a set of footprints could be clearly seen on it. Aze frowned and disagreed with the tunnel: "next time don't go to such a dangerous place by yourself. call me and I can hear you here."

"Yes, yes, yes." Chen Qi responded obediently and lit the food box with his chin, warning: "It's too cold outside. The contents here are going to freeze to ice. Let's eat first."

Aze brought the food box. He wanted to take the umbrella in Chen Qi's hand, but Chen Qi refused. He could only hold each other's hands with cloth gloves. Even if separated by a layer of cloth, Chen Qi could feel the warmth between Aze's palms.

"Why don't you finish it first and then send it to me?"

Chen Qi smiled Xi Xi, "I can't eat without you."

There was no one else in the watchtower. The charcoal in the fire was almost extinguished. Aze shook off the snow on himself before entering. He rekindled the fire before finding a piece of hide to spread on the futon and sat Chen Qi down.

Chen Qi opened the food box, which was relatively large, and brought it directly from the bowl. Even after such a short journey, the food inside would have been cold. Chen Qi directly heated the bowl on a charcoal fire.

The soup in the bamboo tube did not completely lose its heat. Chen Qi handed it to Aze. "You should drink some soup first to warm yourself up."

"Have you found any other abnormalities today?"

Aze took a sip of warm soup with a bamboo tube. Wild ginger slices were added to the soup, which was a little spicy. However, it felt a burst of heat. "No, the locust swarms showed no sign of returning to the forest, other dragons did not appear again, and there was no sound outside the city. It was quiet and I was a little scared."

"oh." Chen Qi raised his eyebrows. "There is something that can scare Aze in my family? Then I will accompany you on duty here."

"No . . . no." Aze shook his head hurriedly. "I'm not saying I'm afraid of silence. I'm just afraid that the next moment behind the silence will suddenly jump out of a danger that I can't solve."

Chen Qi squeezed his hand. "It's okay. I'll help you solve what you can't solve. If I can't solve it, then both of them will work out a solution."

Aze felt a warm current in his heart. "Mmm."

Chen Qi took out the heated food and handed a pair of chopsticks to Aze. "Are you hungry? Let's eat something first. Today's food is all made of dolphin and dragon meat. This kind of food delivered to your door is delicious."

"Mmm." Aze smiled, picked up a piece of meat with chopsticks and handed it to Chen Qi before eating it himself. "Is there anything happening in the tribe today?"

Chen Qi pulled some sweet potatoes into the charcoal fire that had just heated the food."The only thing to say is that I taught Ale to play cards, and Ali thought you were hiding here every day because Ale was pregnant and you weren't happy."

"ahem." Aze choked, "Why am I not happy?"

"Is oh, I told him that we already have two sons, one more must not raise, you didn't see the obsidian that bear sample, can annoy Ka Luo off a lot of hair every day, I don't want another tired every day my bald head, I'm not young, don't want this head had already lost. Still, Ajing and his pups are good breeders, smart, and know how to help father."

Aze was stunned. This reflected what Chen Qi said. He smiled, "I also think my two sons are quite good." Put several dishes Chen Qi likes to eat into each other's bowls. "We have talked about this before. You don't have to worry about me. I have long since stopped clinging. Thank you."

Chen Qi breathed a sigh of relief and smiled again. "Well, I knew my Aze was the best."

Aze's ear tips turned red and he bowed his head to eat carefully.

"After eating, let's go out and watch the sunset. The setting sun in the plain snow is beautiful."

"It's too cold outside. Wait till the temperature gets warmer."

"Winter temperatures are not the same? Will it only get colder and colder after a while? I've brought my cloak. It won't be cold. It's a cloak made from the fur of the snow bear that you've hunted me back. I'm almost sweaty wearing it."

Aze hesitated for a moment before finally compromising: "Well, I'll take you home after watching."



The dark night with heavy days and months can always hide most of the dangers. In this opaque night, it is best to sleep comfortably in a warm bed and have a dream.

But for the beast people of Luoshui tribe tonight, in such a night, only endless nightmares appear in front of their eyes.

Between the two rocky mountains, a 10-meter-high ice fence blocked the way into the Luoshui tribe. There was not even a gate on the ice fence. The bare wall was crystal clear and could not see any trace.

"ah." The head of the hyenas looked at the strange ice wall with great interest, and the beasts standing on the wall were also looking at the dark mass of hyenas. They did not know whether it was hidden by the night or whether it was an endless mass of hyenas.

"Why are there so many hyenas?"

Axu walked up to Achu and said, "Give it to me here. You and the clan will withdraw first, leave the land and go to the center of the lake."

"No, I'm here to watch. You take people out."

"Daddy." Axu sank. "There is no time to argue with you here now. Ashu, you and Daddy will take the clan out first. I'll keep watch here. Once the city breaks down, I'll find you in the first place."

"well, brother, be careful yourself." Ashu smell speech took Achu's arm and quickly left, Achu didn't insist on, he knew his eldest son's strength, now let the family safe evacuation is the most important thing.

"dong." A dull crash came from under the city wall. Axu standing on the wall felt a slight earthquake.

"dong." There was another sound, followed by a continuous crash.

Axu picked up his wooden bow, the arrows lit a fire, and with a "whew", the arrows flew straight away towards the hyenas that were hitting the wall at the gate.

The arrow with fire hit the hard hide of the hyenas, leaving only a hint of gray and black, and fell to the ground. The hyenas did not seem to be affected by the arrow. The speed of the impact increased instead of decreasing, and the ice at the impact position began to flake off a large piece.

Axu's eyes darkened, and the arrows shot at the hyenas in succession. The hyenas were probably angered by the arrows that kept falling on them. They just wanted to raise their heads and shout at the Beastmen on the wall. As a result, there was a sharp pain in their left eye, followed by another sound of arrows. With the sharp pain in their right eye, the hyenas were in complete darkness at the moment. They shook their heads angrily and ran into each other.

The head of the hyenas narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at the Beastmen with frosty face in the faint fire on the wall. When the head of the hyenas with arrows in its eyes was about to break into the group of hyenas, he raised his head slightly. The hyenas standing in front were killed by his companions and then dragged to the back to eat.

"Go on." The head of the hyenas issued a quiet order.

Standing in front of the head of the hyenas walked past, just before the head of the hyenas impact position to continue to launch the impact, this time no matter how many arrows fell on the body it didn't lift up too much, and these arrows also can't break it skins defense, in addition to a little pain without other substantive damage.

Axu stopped the attack and waved his hand behind him. A plate of grease fell from the sky and just fell on the hyenas, followed by red-hot charcoal and bundles of wood still burning.

When the flame met the grease on the hyenas, it quickly set the whole hyenas on fire. The hyenas stopped hitting the wall and rolled around in pain in the snow. The wailing sound of the animals sounded a little penetrating in such a night.

The head of the hyena stood and watched until the other hyena could no longer move.

At the same position, the same impact, and after the arrows, the grease came down from the sky with the flame. Although the hyenas dodged the first few waves of attacks, they were finally caught red-handed.

This time, the head of the hyena didn't wait for the other hyenas to come forward until the other hyenas could not move, but another hyenas rushed up as soon as the other hyenas were lit.

"Why do they want such a head on the ground? Didn't all the previous hyenas attack together?" A female asked with puzzle.

Axu shook his head. "All we have to do is to delay the evacuation of all ethnic groups. Their attacks one by one are beneficial to us."

The other Beastmen nodded, and they only focused on the hyenas attacking the city wall. As for the other hyenas, they stood too far away to shoot even arrows, even if they wanted to attack.

This war of attrition lasted for the middle of the night. As the ice dropped more and more, the beasts could not do any harm to the hyenas until the smashed hole was enough to cover their bodies.

"What now?"

Axu looked around at the dark hyenas outside the gate. "You should withdraw first."

"What about you?"

"I will not withdraw until it breaks the wall."

"That's too dangerous. It's no use staying here now. If you want to leave, let's go together." Others disagree.

Axu shook his head. "I always feel that if I leave now, the wall will be broken in a short time. if I stay here, I can buy you some time."

What other Beastmen would like to say, Axu waved his hand, "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing, I'll be fine, and my water is the best in the tribe, then I can jump directly into the lake and swim to you. Don't be too slow. Leave quickly. This city wall won't last long."

Others had no choice but to tell a few words and then leave quickly.

Axu waited until the last moment when the wall was broken to evacuate along the nearest rock. As soon as he left, a big hole appeared in the ice wall at the back foot. The dense hyenas poured into the Luoshui tribe, but the first few hyenas rushed into the pit behind the ice wall. They became fillings to fill the deep pit and were trampled by their companions.

Looking at the Beastmen tribe that has become empty, the giant wolf god couldn't help laughing, "is it too much? This time let all the beast people ran away. You said that you have searched all around this place. For such a large tribe, have the Beastmen been taken away by the beast gods?"

The hyenas leader looked at the dark lake before him, and there was still a large mess on the bank of the lake.

"Oh, interesting." The hyenas leader walked slowly along the lake. The cold lake threw itself at its feet with a little salty taste, making it feel a little uncomfortable. Then he stepped back a few steps.

"Where is it interesting?" The giant wolf god motioned the hyenas beneath him to put themselves down. he liked the salty water very much and even had an impulse to roll in the water.

The head of the hyena asked the head of the hyena, which served as the mount, to pull back the giant wolf god so as not to let the skinny giant wolf god really rush into the water. when the giant wolf god got away from the water, he said lightly: "the Beastmen are probably somewhere in this lake."

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