Different from the Luoshui tribe, even though dragons still appear nearby from time to time on this side of Qi Ze City, the days have not changed much for the beast people living behind the two city walls.

The swarms of locusts left for more than two months before they began to return, but the number of the swarms returned was less than a third of what they had left. The pace of each swarm was much slower than before, and it was not as orderly and orderly as before. The whole swarm was elongated and sparse. Instead, there was a kind of soldiers who were defeated and fled back.

The Locusts are still not interested in Qi Ze City. They just passed by and then disappeared on the plain.

However, the dolphin dragon seems to have a strong interest in Qi Ze City. Since there have been several incidents in which the dolphin dragon fell into the trap, as time goes by, more and more dolphin dragons are moving on the plain. Until the fifth time when several dolphin dragons were picked up in vain, Azhang finally held a meeting.

As soon as Azhang took his seat, he explained the purpose of the meeting. "These dolphin dragons are probably related to the forest. I want to send someone to the forest to see if the dolphin dragons are the same as in previous years."

"Don't you go deep into the forest to check the situation?" Aze asked, if you only look at the edge of the forest, you can't see the problem at all. Even if something happens in the forest, it should be in the heart of the forest.

Azhang shook his head. "We are not many people. It's too dangerous to enter the forest. Just find out if the dolphin and dragon groups have returned to normal. Other things can't change even if we know them with our current ability." Therefore, this probe is not to solve the root cause of the danger, but to confirm whether there is danger around him.

"The dolphin dragon will appear and hyenas are into the plains? Otherwise, how could it be so coincidental that when hyenas appeared on the plain, those porpoises that had disappeared for almost a year suddenly appeared." Chen Qi said what he thought.

"It is also possible." Azhang headache rubbed his eyebrows. Even though the days in the tribe are still as peaceful and peaceful as before, the world outside the two city walls has become more and more dangerous.

"There is also a need to resume inspections in the vicinity and to keep in touch with the Lion Wolf Tribe at intervals so that there can be an escape route in case of an accident." Azhang continued, "The last swarms of locusts headed for the Lion Wolf Tribe, but the number of returns this time was much smaller. Is it because some people have disposed of all these locusts or other reasons have stopped the swarms from returning to the forest? All of this needs to be communicated with people from the Lion Wolf Tribe. this winter we can't just wait in Qi Ze City."

Azhang looked around at the crowd and his voice sank. He said slowly, "I am always a little uneasy about what has happened recently."

Not only Azhang, but others also feel the same way. This is a kind of instinct derived from the female's innate sense of danger. This instinct helps them to avoid dangers many times. Even if there is no evidence that anything will happen to this uneasiness, no one dares to be too careless.

"Even if we want to make contact with the Lion Wolf Tribe, we cannot send too many people there. The plain may be full of hyenas now, and it is still possible to come back alive once we go out."Ake put forward his own thoughts.

This is also Azhang's worry. After all, last year he and Aze were ambushed by hyenas on their way back. The Lion Wolf Tribe is not close to here, but the Lion Wolf Tribe is also the only big tribe here. Recently, many tribes have merged into it. If Qi Ze City is attacked, the Lion Wolf Tribe is their only retreat. If other tribes are attacked by hyenas in the vicinity, they will also seek help from the Lion Wolf Tribe for the first time.

"As long as you cover up the smell, don't walk on the path that Beastmen often haunt. It should be fine." Aze said, "The reason why we were ambushed last year was that we followed the route of the locust swarms. The plain is so vast that hyenas cannot ambush anywhere. The hyenas I met last time did not find me before I broke into their territory."

Azhang hesitated for a moment. "Send someone to patrol the forest edge to Chishui River area first tomorrow. Once the dragons are found to retreat directly, they must not fight head-on with them. It doesn't matter even if they are brought to Qi Ze City. Just try these traps to withstand several dragon attacks."

Azhang said this also because he was afraid that the females who went out to inspect the situation would drag the dragons out abruptly for the safety of the tribe. The number of people in Qi Ze City was already small, and he could not allow anyone to be harmed.

The crowd discussed some details for a while, and reassigned the patrol. They also chose a five-member team to go to the Lion Wolf Tribe to find out about the situation. The leader was Asu, who would go after confirming the safety problems near Chishui River.

The patrol team was very fast and detected the situation near the forest the next day. Indeed, as usual, not only dolphin dragons that disappeared last winter, but also other herbivorous dragons began to appear near the forest, and the number was more than usual. Some even extended their activities into the plains. This is why many dolphin dragons appeared near Qi Ze City. If it takes a while, even the antelope dragons will appear nearby.

Let the people rest assured that there is no carnivorous dragon near the forest, at least temporarily don't need to worry about a dragon to attack Qi Ze City, get the news, the city was a little depressed atmosphere is relaxed a lot these days.

Chishui River has been frozen again. After patrolling nearby for a few days, the patrol team confirmed that there was no problem. Azhang asked Asu to take people to the Lion Wolf Tribe. This is the only exchange of information after nearly three months since the last message was sent to the Lion Wolf Tribe.

Chen Qi asks Aze to take him to the wall of the ice city every day. He usually goes there in the evening and comes back after sunset.

Chen Qi has been very busy every day recently. He started to study giant siege weapons with several old females. However, he can only draw a rough outline of these things, but the operation principle inside is not very clear, so the production speed is very slow. Even Chen Qi is not sure whether these things can be made.

Fortunately, the Beastmen in Qi Ze did not have much to do after winter came. Except for some people who still made some daily necessities, others patiently accompanied Chen Qi to play games.

"Chen Qi."

Chen Qi is improving the drawing of the new siege crossbow. This crossbow can be directly installed on the city wall, with long range and stronger penetrating power. Even if the armor of Ankylosaurus cannot be broken, it should be possible to injure the Hyenas from a long distance. Chen Qi was seriously painting when he heard someone calling his name outside the house. He raised his head doubtfully and saw a fiery plush figure rushing in with a gust of cold wind.

The siege crossbow was too big and Chen Qi could not do it by himself, so the workshop was set up in the original sewing classroom. Every day the beast people would come here on time to gather, study and make it.

Veterans have a strong practical ability. Chen Qi only explained it once, and compared with the drawings, they can imitate similar things. However, the effect still needs to be adjusted and perfected over and over again, and only when they are actually in actual combat can they see how powerful they are.

"What's the matter?" Chen Qi catches Ajing who rushes in rashly.

Ajing's little face was full of panic. he took Chen Qi's hand and walked out. as he walked, he explained, "go back and see the wolf. the wolf is ill."

Chen Qi got a fright. The mood of the pups has not been too high these two days, and they are very sleepy. They lie prone by the fire for a whole day. Because their appetite has not decreased, Chen Qi didn't think in the direction that the other party will get sick. He thought it was just the weather getting colder and colder, and the pups wanted to hibernate in several snowstorms.

At that time, I heard Ajing's words and had no time to explain anything to the others in the room. I hurried behind Ajing and hurried home.

"Go ahead and do your own thing. I'll see." Ali stood up and confessed and followed.

The snow on the road outside the house has been cleared. A lot of ice balls have been made from the cleared snow and put on the wall of the ice city for standby. Although the damage is not strong, Chen Qi's words are better than nothing.

When Chen Qi stepped into the room, the young wolf was lying prostrate on the fur blanket by the fire. His body was also covered with a piece of fur blanket. Seeing Ajing and Chen Qi coming into the room, he purred twice, burying his head in the fur instead and forming a big ball.

Ali, who followed, closed the door behind him. The cold wind was blocked outside and the room slowly warmed up.

"Wolf, what's wrong with you?" Chen Qi squatted down in front of the pup and tried to lift the hide blanket on the other side. Who knew the pup didn't know how to get it inside. The hide blanket was torn to death by the other side. No matter how Chen Qi got it, he couldn't lift a corner. The pup kept whining while picking up the hide blanket.

"What is going on?" Ali came up anxiously, but he looked at the young wolf from haven't slap big grow into this picture now, would have the young wolf as his family, now see the young wolf this picture, is worried and heartache.

Ajing spread out his hand and handed the contents of his hand to the two men. It was a small handful of white hair. Chen Qi looked at each other doubtfully and did not understand why Ajing handed him a hair at this time.

Or did Ali react? He looked at the young wolf cubs in the fur blanket, and then at what Ajing had in his hand. He asked with uncertainty: "Is this the fur of the little wolf?"

Ajing nodded hurriedly, "I didn't pull it down, I just touched it gently, and then the fur on the wolf began to fall off." The corner of Ajing's eye began to turn red slowly. "Chen Qi, is the wolf sick?"

". . . . . ."

Chen Qi turned his face delicately to look at Ali, hesitated for a moment and asked, "Will the Great Wolf God change his hair?"

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