Young Wolf heard Chen Qi's question, his body stiffened and arched into the blanket. He snorted uneasily.

Chen Qi saw each other's appearance, worried that the young wolf would be suffocated. He stepped forward and coaxed him to lift the animal skin blanket. "Little wolf, can I see it?"

Young Wolf has a high IQ, which Chen Qi found shortly after picking it up. Although it can't speak, it will have certain reaction to the conversation of the beast people. Chen Qi once thought that young Wolf could understand what they said.

The animal skin blanket quivered, perhaps because it had been stuffy for too long. The breath from the young wolf was a bit heavy. Ajing stood anxiously beside him, tightly holding his skirts, don't understand what happened to young Wolf.

"I'll do it." Ali gently pushed aside Chen Qi and motioned the other party to stand aside. Then he twisted a corner blanket and patted the body of the young wolf with one hand and kept moving. With one hand pushing hard, the hide blanket was lifted in a corner. When the young wolf wanted to pull up its claws and pull back the lifted hide blanket, Ali twisted the other corner with the other hand, turned it hard and brought up a piece of fluffy hair. The hide blanket covered by the young wolf was completely uncovered.

Chen Qi looked at the young wolf cubs in consternation. The young wolf cubs were not only stripped of a lot of hair on their bodies, but also a large piece of hair on their faces. They looked like they were being pulled down alive. In addition, the big eyes of the young wolf cubs, which were full of fog, looked very miserable.

All three of them gasped, and then their hearts ached. Chen Qi tried to touch the head of the young wolf as usual to comfort each other. Who knew that he had just brushed his finger and brought down a handful of white hairs, which scared him never to start work again.

"Ali, this is how to return a responsibility? Do you know?" Chen Qi asked Ali somewhat at a loss that he had never raised any animals. Even young wolf pups were taken care of by Ajing. At ordinary times, he also helped to feed some food and occasionally pulled a handful of fur. Moreover, the pup has always been very healthy and smart and doesn't need much care.

Ali squatted down and checked, holding down the body of the young wolf with his hand, not letting the other party drill back into the hide blanket.

However, although the appearance of the young wolf looks miserable and his spirit is a little withering, his body does not seem to have much problem. Before he met the young wolf, Ali's knowledge of the giant wolf god was all hearsay from word of mouth. Naturally, he did not know why the giant wolf god suddenly shed hair in the big winter.

"Uncle Ali, is there anything wrong with Wolf?" See Ali don't talk, Ajing  was red rim of the eye, he also dare not begin to touch the young wolf.

Ali shook his head. "I don't see what this is, either. It looks no different from the common phenomenon of molting." Ali stood up and comforted, "There is nothing wrong with the wolf's body. Watch for a few more days."

"Change hair? Why do wolves change their hair in winter?" Ajing did not understand.

Beastmen also change their hair sometimes, but they usually change their hair in summer, and their hair has already been collected at that time, so the change of hair is not obvious. However, this molting of the giant wolf god is obviously completely different from what Ajing knew. how cold is winter? If wild animals change their fur in such weather and do not have enough fur to keep warm, they will not last for a day.

However, the hair on the pup is not only beginning to fall off slowly, but it doesn't look like it will grow new hair. This has to worry Ajing. What if the pup can't survive this weather? Ajing came forward to cover the uncovered hide blanket back on young wolf. he probably felt the depressed mood of young wolf. young wolf stuck out his pink tongue, licked Ajing's face, and let out a cry in a low voice to comfort him.

Since there is no problem, several people also have no other way, Chen Qi to give young wolf made some milk fruit and meat, Ali will just lift skins blanket was brought out of white hair pick up one by one.

After eating the food, the young wolf continued to sleep on the fire. although several people have seen the appearance of its hair falling, he obviously didn't want to expose himself to the public like this. the young wolf put his whole body into the fur blanket and was only willing to leave a nose to breathe outside.

Ali stayed for a while and found that there was nothing else to do, so he went back to the studio in the school. Chen Qi stayed and took care of the young wolf with Ajing.

In the evening, when Aze returned from the handover, he saw the little wolf cub look like this. He made a temporary bed for the little wolf cub by the fire. The bed was covered with several layers of animal skins, and the quilt he was covered with was replaced by Chen Qi's fur and snow bear cloak.

The young wolf lost his hair very quickly. the next day, he lost half of his beautiful white hair. he could clearly see the pink skin in the potholes, and how ugly it was.

During this period, when other people in the tribe heard that the young wolf was ill, they brought his favorite meat to visit him. when they saw someone coming, the young wolf once again bundled himself into the quilt and refused to let others see what he was like now. Chen Qi watched with both heartache and amusement. Finally, he could not help but accept all the meat they had brought over. Then he simply mentioned to them the current situation of the pups and told them not to worry and let them leave first.

On the third day, all the hair on the pup fell off. even though he was shivering in the fur of the bear, Chen Qi lit another fire behind him to warm the whole room. the only consolation was that the appetite of the pup was not affected. besides being hairless and cold, he needed to hide at home every day, which was not very different from usual. occasionally, in order to let the few people in the house not worry too much, he would climb up and walk a few steps, only the fur cape of the bear.

Chen Qi directly modified another coat made of fur of the snow bear and gave it to the young wolf. With the shelter of the coat, the young wolf was finally willing to wander around the room when he was not sleeping, but the two fires were never extinguished. In order to take care of the young wolf, Ajing also moved his bed out of the room and slept with the young wolf everyday.

Chen Qi thought that the hair of the pup would soon grow back. As a result, the pup was still bare until the first siege crossbow was completed.

The arrows of the siege crossbow are made of wood. Now the weather is too cold to forge iron arrows. Instead, it has been made of several bones. It has been tested with dolphin dragons swinging nearby. It can injure dolphin dragons, but cannot break through dolphin dragons. This lethality is not enough to kill hyenas, but it is better than the long range of this weapon. It does not need close combat with enemies and can greatly reduce the losses of beast people.

Chen Qi was not satisfied with the effect, so he took the Beastmen to continue their research in the studio, hoping to make a more lethal siege crossbow.

In such a day of making crossbows and taking care of young wolves, time passed quickly, and Asu and others who were sent to exchange information in the Lion Wolf Tribe also returned.

This time several people in Asu did not meet any hyenas on the road, but brought back some bad news from the Lion Wolf Tribe.

In addition to Ajiu's tribe, many other tribes were destroyed by the hyenas overnight. Several Beastmen as lucky as Ajiu escaped from the hyenas. They fled to the nearby small tribes. After the news was passed in, the small tribes defected to the Lion Wolf tribe in married with children. Within a few short months of winter, thousands more people were added to the Lion Wolf Tribe. in addition to males and children, many newly added females simply did not have enough houses to live in and could only settle outside.

The sudden influx of lions and wolves cannot be settled at all. In order to give the females a place to rest temporarily, lions and wolves have opened several caves at the edge of the rock mountain. However, due to the addition of these numbers, lions and wolves are more closely guarded. They are close to the Dorsa River and do not need to worry about insufficient food.

Only the last group of locusts that did not return finally confirmed that most of them had settled down near the Dorsal River, and a small number of them were suspected to have crossed the Dorsal River. A small group of Beastmen hunting in the Dorsal River had seen the figure of locusts seemingly appearing across the Dorsal River.

The news once again enveloped Qi Ze City in a tense and gloomy atmosphere, but no one mentioned abandoning Qi Ze City to take refuge in the Lion Wolf Tribe. They just silently carried out their work. The crossbow makers were also speeding up their movements, hoping to have enough weapons to protect the tribe's safety before the hyenas hit.

The work of going out to patrol has changed from once a day to three times a day, and the number of troops has increased by several. It is necessary to patrol under the condition of ensuring their own safety.

After the dolphin fell into the trap for the seventh time, the plains began to slowly see the trail of the antelope and the rabbit dragon. occasionally, the lone locust dragon came out of the plains, but soon returned to the forest. after a patrol team found the stegosaurus near the forest, they drew back the area they visited for a while. obviously, stegosaurus had no intention of stepping out of the forest for the time being.

Shake off the falling snowflakes, Chen Qi took off his cloak and put it on the clothes rack by the fire to dry. After the fur cloak of the snow bear was left to the young wolf, Chen Qi now has to make several psychological constructions for himself every time he goes out. If it weren't for the glasses, he would really like to wrap up his eyes before going out.

Standing by the fire to warm up his body, Ajing handed him a dry towel that had been warmed up. Chen Qi gently wiped away the water drops on his eyelashes after the snow melted. he looked at a young wolf with his eye socket covered with animal skins and only a pair of big black eyes and nose. he asked softly, "how is the wolf today?"

Ajing nodded, "Little Wolf also had a good meal today and ate more than yesterday."

"Awoo." Young Wolf let out a cry gently, seems to be in response to the scene.

Chen Qi leaned over and touched the young wolf's head through the hide. "hasn't the wolf started to grow hair today?"

Young Wolf smell speech, licked Chen Qi cold fingers, drooping head.

Little Wolf cub's hair has been off for more than a month, but there is no sign of it growing again. At first, everyone was worried for several days. However, seeing that little Wolf cub did not feel any physical discomfort except for the spirit of withering away due to lack of hair, he slowly let go of his heart and could only make some delicious food for it to grow its hair earlier.

"it's okay, even if the wolf has no hair, I will still like the wolf as before." Ajing promised.

Chen Qi smiled and rubbed his two little heads in praise.

A few people played for a while and Aze came back. Aze is now in charge of patrol work and does not need to go to the wall to guard, so Chen Qi has not been on the wall recently.

Help Aze take off the white cloak covered with snowflakes outside. Seeing the other party looking solemn, he asked doubtfully, "Did you find anything today?"

Aze wiped his wet hair with a dry towel and nodded. "The number of dragons moving around these two days has started to decrease again."

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