Thanks to those porpoise dragons who somehow broke into the trap, Qi Ze City has harvested a lot of fresh meat during this period of time. In addition to the food stored for the winter before, now every household can eat the food stored until summer and there is still a lot of surplus.

The fish in Chishui River need not be caught by the Beastmen this winter. In addition, the Beastmen throw away a lot of animal skins and bones and feed them in the river at intervals. I believe this batch of fish can also be fattened well in this winter. When they go fishing again in summer, they can catch the fat fish again.

"Not to say that even the antelope dragon appeared nearby recently? Why is it suddenly less? Have they all gone back to the forest?" Chen Qi hung his cloak on the clothes rack beside the fire to dry and asked.

Aze took a red wild fruit from his pocket and handed it to the young wolf. he replied, "it is not clear why. tomorrow morning we are going to follow behind to see if they have all gone back to the forest."

The young wolf sniffed the wild fruit with his nose. Recently, he has become the focus of attention in his family. What is delicious and delicious will be piled up in front of him first, hoping he can grow back his hair as soon as he finishes eating. Aze brought back this time a kind of fruit that only comes out in winter. It is a bit astringent, but he has seen many dragons love to eat it. Unfortunately, this kind of fruit is not easy to find.

Although there is a wolf in the name of young wolf, it is not a complete carnivorous animal. after being raised by Chen Qi, they can't even eat raw meat now. they are not picky about plants such as vegetables and wild fruits, and they will eat anything the Beastmen can eat. Fortunately, Chen Qi several people have planned to raise it for a lifetime, otherwise a giant wolf god who could not eat raw meat will return to the wild, and it is estimated that he will not live for a few days.

"Be careful when you go out." Chen Qi told a sentence and then passed the topic, "We improved the crossbow these days and made it portable, which is more convenient than wooden bow, and it is a bit more lethal, that is, the timing is not very good, and it needs to be adjusted again. When you have finished, you can replace the wooden bows with these □, so that even if you can't beat them, you have a better chance of escaping."

Some dragons in this world simply exist like bugs. Apart from the sharp nails of the females, these cold weapons invented by Chen Qi cannot even break the defense of the other party, such as Ankylosaurus. It is estimated that these things are not much different from itching when they are shot at the other party.

Chen Qi sighed, "I really hope summer will come early, so that at least some iron arrows can be made." At present, the temperature cannot melt the iron.

"Summer will come in a few months. Don't worry." Aze touched Chen Qi's head and comforted him.

"Awoo." Little Wolf whelp took a small bite of wild fruit to Ajing's face and motioned the other party to eat it.

The two little guys now have to eat and sleep together, and the little wolf cub has to share everything with Ajing before he is willing to eat. Ajing took a bite of the wild fruit, a bitter taste filled his mouth, and a small face crumpled together in an instant.

Young Wolf looked at Ajing's expression and cocked his head. He did not understand why the other party did not like the wild fruit. For young Wolf, the wild fruit was much more delicious than usual. Seeing that Ajing did not want to eat any more, he swallowed it directly in one bite. He chewed it and swallowed it a few times. Although the mouth was a bit astringent, he felt his whole stomach was warm and extremely comfortable after eating it.

Chen Qi looked at Ajing balsam pear with a small face and poured each other a cup of tea to gargle with amusement.


When the people of Qi Ze City were busy working on various defense weapons, a remote small tribe had just experienced a bloody fight. No, it should be said that it was a one-sided massacre. A small tribe of several hundred people became food in the stomachs of hyenas just overnight.

Hyenas leader lazily prone on a small high slope, it is sticking out its tongue licking the blood on its claws. Since being run away by the beasts of the Luoshui tribe, the head of the hyenas has had a fire in his heart, feeling as if he had been slapped hard on the face, burning with pain.

This is the first time that the head of the hyenas has encountered this kind of thing beyond his control since he cleaned up the whole group of hyenas. He must teach these Beastmen a lesson. However, they have stayed at the Luoshui Lake for several days and never seen the Beastmen again. Later, when they are looking for other Beastmen tribes, they often beat the air.

It was not easy to find this small tribe with people here tonight. The chief hyenas didn't just sit idly by and watch the scene of bustle as before. Instead, they took the lead in attacking a group of Beastmen. At the moment when warm and delicious blood ran down their throats, the evil fire in their hearts, which had been oppressive for several days, slowly fell down.

"You seem to be in a good mood." The giant wolf god walked slowly to the hyenas leader. his breath was much better recently. he no longer needed any other hyenas to mount him except when he was on his way.

Hyenas leader inclined Ni gave each other a look, continue to lower the head to clean up their hair.

"Where are you going to hunt your dinner next?" The giant wolf god looked down at the head of the hyenas. he had to say that the head of the hyenas was too unlike the hyenas. when the other party got down, he was half a head shorter than himself.

The head of the hyena cocked his head for a moment, but did not reply: "Where do you think they went?"

For hyenas leader this mindless problem, has been with the other side of the giant Wolf god naturally know what he was asking, in addition to the tribe near the Luoshui lake was they escaped under the nose, all the tribes that have passed since these days, looks like found their traces in advance and retreated.

"Go and join the big tribe." Giant Wolf god replied perfunctorily.

The chief hyenas got up and said, "then let's go to the big tribe."

Giant Wolf god hissed, "are you too high to see yourself or too low to see the Beastmen? With your team, if the Beastmen are united, do you think you will die under the claws of the Beastmen or will the Beastmen be swallowed by you?"

"ah." The head of the hyena stared at the giant wolf god and asked thoughtfully, "are you worried about me?"

The giant wolf god rolled his eyes. "I'm worried about why you're not dead."

The head of the hyenas burst out laughing a few times, but no emotion was heard in the laughter. The hyenas who were cleaning up the battlefield stopped when they heard the laughter of their heads and looked up at the direction of the high slope where the head of the hyenas was located.

The laughter lasted for almost a minute before the chief hyenas finally stopped, "then let's take a look, Beastmen horde." Say that finish should step down the hill.


The Lion Wolf Tribe has been in turmoil recently. The same news came from all directions. A large number of hyenas are attacking every Beastmen tribe they meet on the plain. Several Beastmen tribes have died in their bellies.

Although Beastmen narrowly escaped from several tribes, no one knows how many small tribes could not escape and deliver the news.

A large number of small tribes living along the tributaries of the Dorsal River and the Dorsal River fled towards the Lion Wolf Tribe. They could not resist such a large number of hyenas, hoping to get help from the Lion Wolf Tribe or directly merge their tribes into large tribes like the Lion Wolf Tribe.

However, the Lion Wolf Tribe is located between the three rocky mountains. The area in the middle is already limited. There is no way to accommodate so many animals who suddenly come in. Later, I don't know who came up with the idea. In addition to the original outer layer of ice fence, three ice fences were built completely. Apart from males and children, other newly-added females, whether injured or weak, once they are adults, are all arranged in the three ice fences. The rest place is built with a few thatched sheds with simple firewood. Apart from sheltering some snowflakes, they can't even resist the cold wind.

However, even in such a harsh habitat environment, more and more Beastmen still cannot be stopped from taking refuge here. There is no way. Now the Beastmen on the plain have become more and more unscrupulous. They even stop covering their tracks as they did at the beginning. They jump on the Beastmen when they find them directly, just like the hyenas attacked in previous years. However, the hyenas seem to be more organized, fierce and numerous.

"dad, we can't arrange the clansmen here." Axu said to his father, the chief of the clan, after a turn in the lion and wolf clan, there are many old females in their clan. those are soldiers who once guarded their clan. if they were allowed to live on a snowy plain with simple straw huts for several months in a row and several snowstorms came down, they would not survive this winter at all.

Achu's current is a piece of green and black that cannot be covered up. Over the past few months, they have been worried that they will encounter hyenas, who have been walking along the waterway. Many people who have been soaked in the cold water have fallen ill one after another. They finally reached the Lion Wolf Tribe. They thought they could find a piece of protection here, but it only backfired.

"Although Qi Ze City is small in population, their defense is not poor, and the sick people can no longer be delayed. As you can see, there is no way to get treatment here, not even a place to block the wind. How do you make them survive this winter?" See Achu eyebrow eye shake, Axu continued to advise.

"ah." Achu sighed, "you have seen the number of the group of hyenas, Qi Ze City even if defense again good, just less than one hundred people of small tribes, how can stop the pace of hyenas? I can't take the whole tribe to risk."

"Dad, are you going to give up those sick and old soldiers?" On hearing Achu's words, a tree retorted in the first two steps. Just now they have been reminded that except for the males and children who can enter the newly excavated caves of the Lion Wolf Tribe, others undoubtedly need to stay outside the city, and the males and children who are arranged to enter the Lion Wolf Tribe will easily fall ill or freeze in such winter if they are not taken care of.

Achu looked at the two recalcitrant sons, he did not understand, but if he stayed in the lion wolf tribe, it would be no problem at least to save the male and the child, but if he went to Qi Ze City, he would gamble with the whole tribe. Although he had been in contact with the beast people in Qi Ze City for a period of time and knew that they had some strength, the beast people who had been to Qi Ze City also brought back many novel things to their tribe, but this was not enough to convince him that these things alone could keep a chance to live in such a large quantity.

Everything is empty in the face of overwhelming power.

Axu also knows the worries of his patriarch father. He talked to each other many times along the way, but they finally came to the Lion Wolf Tribe first. Although he is not 100% confident that Qi Ze City's defense capability can withstand the Hyenas, he believes that at least they stay in Qi Ze City, and the survival rate of the whole tribe will be higher than that of the Lion Wolf Tribe.

Seeing that Achu frowned and hesitated for a long time, Axu could only use a compromise and suggested, "Dad, let the clan choose for themselves. Whether to go to Qi Ze City together or stay in Lion Wolf Tribe, we have to live in two separate places."

On one side of the tree followed by nodding, "Yes, Dad, if you can't make up your mind, or let everyone choose together."

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