Since fleeing from the tribe, the animals of the Luoshui tribe have moved from the Luoshui lake to the tributary of the Dorsal river, then from the tributary of the Dorsal river to the river of the Dorsal river and up to the vicinity of the lion wolf tribe.

Although they didn't come all the way by the dozens of bamboo rafts, in order to avoid the hyenas and to ensure that they could catch enough food along the way, they did not dare to stay away from the Dorsa River. As a result, many people in the tribe suffered from moisture infection for several months, and their bodies were more or less defective. Several of them also directly launched high fever. If it weren't for the good foundation of their bodies, they wouldn't be able to survive here.

The animals of the Luoshui tribe did not all rush to the Lion Wolf Tribe immediately when they arrived. instead, Achu took several females to inquire about the situation of the Lion Wolf Tribe first. based on their original discussion results, they originally planned to merge the tribe into the Lion Wolf Tribe. even if they could not merge, they hoped to be sheltered by the Lion Wolf Tribe and let them survive this winter. now, the result obviously does not conform to Achu's original idea.

In addition to a few females who went out to spy on, the rest of the Beastmen from the Luoshui tribe were resting on the Dorsa river. they had seen the locust dragons wandering along the river when they went up the river. although they wondered why the locust dragons appeared in this area, they did not dare to be careless. they found a place where no dragons had set foot before they dared to stop and rest. because of this, it took them most of the time to go to the lion wolf tribe, and it was already dark when the Achu people came back.

The temperature in winter nights is several degrees colder than in the daytime. In order to prevent sudden snowstorms at night, even if they stay here for a short time, they have to cover several straw sheds so that the sick people can have a place to shelter from the wind and snow.

Many fires were lit along the Dorsal River to brighten the area where the crowd was temporarily concentrated, because the fires were all surrounded to keep warm. Beasts have been waiting for each other to come back after Achu's several people left. At the moment, they saw several people coming back through the night and hurriedly surrounded them.

Axu calmed the feelings of the ethnic group and let everyone sit around the fire. After receiving Achu's signal, he explained everything they saw in Lion Wolf Tribe in detail. Finally, he explained their differences to the ethnic group and let them make choices together.

If they stay in the Lion Wolf Tribe, they will rush through the night to arrange the children and the males into the Lion Wolf Tribe. their females will be members of the guard tribe and must guard the wild before summer comes. even if they rest, they can only take turns to rest from the snow and wind in the temporary houses built outside the Lion Wolf Tribe.

If they go to Qi Ze City, they will start early in the morning. They have too many people with them. Even if they travel overnight, it will take several days. No one knows whether they will be so unlucky to meet the hyenas along the way, or whether they will be able to protect their clansmen through the winter when they go to Qi Ze City. However, one thing Axu is certain. At least they don't need to be separated from their families when they go to Qi Ze City.

After Axu finished speaking, the beast people fell into silence, only the "crackling" sound of firewood burning in the fire was unusually loud.

In the summer of this year, many Beastmen from Luoshui tribe have been to Qi Ze City. although they are not sure whether Qi Ze City has the ability to fight against hyenas, what they have learned and seen in Qi Ze City not only makes them feel at ease and even yearn for it. after returning to the tribe, they have also taught all the people in the tribe what they have learned. therefore, even if most people have not been to Qi Ze City, their understanding of Qi Ze City is much deeper than that of the lion wolf tribe, which only vaguely knows to be the largest number.

However, the females did not answer Axu's advice. Even if they have a favorable opinion of Qi Ze City, they cannot let the males and children in their tribe take risks.

Seeing that all the people were silent, one of the older males sighed. His voice was not loud, but all the Beastmen present heard clearly, "If you are all uncertain, then let's go to Qi Ze City. I remember that the child in Ye Huo seemed to be in that small tribe," the old male said softly.

Achu obviously didn't expect Old male to say so directly. He warned: "Qi Ze City is a small tribe with no more than 100 people."

Old Male looked at the several mentally wilted old females sitting in the hut. They were Beastmen of the same period. If they went to the Lion Wolf Tribe, he was not sure whether these old friends could survive the winter in the wild. "I heard even Male could fight in Qi Ze City." The old males have been protected in the tribe for more than 100 years. It never occurred to me that the males could stand side by side with the females. "I heard that there was a male who killed a large number of Ankylosaurs easily."

Old Male mentioned this matter and others couldn't help but think of those females who had left for several months and chirped about it as soon as they returned to the tribe. At first, they thought they were just exaggerating. Later, they saw that Axu did bring people to get the so-called wall and trap, and successfully blocked a small wave of dragon attacks, and no one was injured. They had to believe it. If it weren't for the large number of hyenas attacked last time, they had a natural rocky mountain as a barrier and a Luoshui lake behind them, so they wouldn't need to abandon the tribe and run away.

Many males in the tribe have already started families. Naturally, they do not want their partners to have to stay in the wilderness and snow all winter. They also worry that they will never see their partners again after winter.

Most of the feelings of the Beastmen come from one place to the other. Once they become partners, it will be a lifetime. Even if the males are not as persistent as the females in the reproduction of their offspring due to environmental influences, they will not want their partners to stay in dangerous places for a long time in exchange for their safety.

After listening to the old male, a young male took his partner's hand and said, "let's go to Qi Ze City. if male can fight, I am willing to fight."

With a male's response, other males have also voiced their opinions. It is not necessarily safe to stay in the Lion Wolf Tribe, but at least they don't need to separate to get to Qi Ze City.

Lu Se stepped forward and walked to Achu's side. His body was emaciated and his face even showed a little morbid. That was the precursor of illness. He looked at Achu. "For so many years, you have been standing in front of me to protect me. If I have the chance, I want to stand beside you, even if I can't protect you, at least don't be a drag on you."

Achu took each other's wrist back. "You have never been a drag on me. You are my partner."

Lu Se smiled gently, "I also agreed to go to Qi Ze City."

"Do you all choose to go to Qi Ze City?" Achu looked around at his clan. His voice trembled a little. He knew that this decision would change the fate of their entire tribe.

The clansmen looked at each other and nodded in succession. Even the sick Beastmen lying in the hut, supported by their families, nodded seriously to express their opinions.

Achu took a deep breath and decided, "Then let's go to Qi Ze City."

Since the target has been decided, it is only natural that preparations should be started. Although they brought a lot of food with them when they left the Luoshui tribe, they were pressed for time at that time and had few things to take with them. At the moment, it is only natural that they could capture enough food for their entire tribe in the coming week or so in the Dorsa River overnight.

However, the beast people who do not need to be busy take the time to rest. There is no way to go by water in the later journey. In order to get to Qi Ze City as soon as possible, they must maintain sufficient physical strength and cannot become a burden to the clan.

The next day, as the sun rose, the mighty Luoshui tribe and their party put out the fire and set off on the way to Qi Ze City. The place where they are now is relatively remote. The Lion Wolf Tribe will be completely bypassed on the road. Therefore, they were not found to have just left the front foot. In the other direction, a few reddish dots in the sky are flying towards the Lion Wolf Tribe.

A loud bird song resounded through the sky, and the hyenas leader, who was walking in the middle of the line in the snow, raised his head slightly crossly.

"These little things really like to expose your whereabouts. Clearly they still need to survive on the prey you hunt. Why don't they know how to give some help to your hard-working thugs?" The giant wolf god walked slowly beside the hyenas leader, a face of banter tunnel.

"Shut up."

The giant wolf god will not listen to the orders of the hyenas leader. he will listen to the sound of the birds. he will bring some happiness to his voice. "these little things are sending messages to the beast people. I think the beast people must know that you are coming. will you be able to save the air when you arrive?"

"Where can the Beastmen escape if they want to?"

"At least by the end of this winter, they will have won. After all, you have no energy to do any more trouble here in summer."

Hyenas leader cold snorted.

The giant wolf god pretended to be surprised and said, "do you want to stay here in summer? I won't accompany you. I don't want to die."

"I will let you go back to the forest before the end of winter."

Giant Wolf god reassured, looked up at the sky that a few letter eagle, "they don't fly oh, isn't there a Beastmen tribe in front? I don't know if you still have a chance to stay where you are for dinner tonight."

The hyenas leader ignored it and walked slowly towards the direction of the eagle in the sky, leaving a large messy footprint in the snow.

However, there is still a lot of distance from the hyenas, and a warning howl of wolves follows the bird's song from the snow. The noisy tribe fell into an unprecedented silence when they heard the sound, but soon everyone began to busy quickly.

The beast people who went out to guard couldn't help but sink in their hearts when they saw the dark figure coming slowly from the snow. After finding out the situation, they retreated back to the wall of the ice city.

Seeing the familiar ice wall, the interest in the eyes of the hyenas leader flashed by.

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