In the vast snowfield, a group of animals dressed in different styles are running forward rapidly. Each of them is carrying another Beastmen or heavy luggage behind him. Even though everyone looks gaunt because of long-term travel, the pace at his feet is not half stagnant.

"Dad, the Chishui River is ahead." Axu, who had gone ahead to explore the road, returned to convey the news to his father, the patriarch.

Soon after they set foot on the direction of Qi Ze City, they found that the letter eagle seemed to be heading for the Lion Wolf Tribe. although they occasionally met the letter eagle once or twice along the way from the Luoshui tribe to the Lion Wolf Tribe, this time the huge sense of crisis enveloped everyone's heart. just like the night when the hyenas surrounded the Luoshui tribe, it was not only Axu who was directly opposite to the hyenas, but also the beast people who withdrew ahead of time vaguely felt that this group of hyenas was the hyenas that besieged the Luoshui tribe that night.

Achu looked at the river that had been completely frozen in front of him, and his nerves that had been tense for several days also relaxed a little bit, because he found out the relationship between Xin Ying. He had planned to double the speed of normal progress by them day and night. From the night before, they were on their way at other times except to stop to eat. He was afraid that the hyenas behind him would catch up with them and did not dare to stop at all.

However, after leaving the scope of the Lion Wolf Tribe, the letter eagles had no intention of catching up.

"It seems that we will arrive soon, and we will hold on a little longer." Achu comforted his partner behind him and then gave the clansmen another blow.

Over the past few days, several Beastmen have fallen ill. The same symptom is fever. Achu's partner Lu Se is one of these people. This is also one of the reasons why they have to travel overnight. Now they can only hope that there is something in Qi Ze City that can treat this symptom.

Achu's eyes darkened. Even though he was separated by several layers of skins, he could feel the temperature coming from his partner's body. He knew that if Lu Se did not bring down his fever, he would lose it.

"I'm fine, don't worry." Probably feeling the uneasiness of his partner, Lu Se patted him on the back to comfort him. He knew that the people who were the first to fall into the state of high fever had fainted.

Axu stepped forward and gathered Lu Se's fur. He must cover the other side tightly, leaving no gap. After that, the ancestors left one step at a time. Several females of their group were scattered around the clans in order to detect whether there was any danger around them.

There are a lot of messy footprints left on the snowy plain where no one has been walking for a long time, but these footprints need not wait until tomorrow to be completely covered by the next snow, so the beasts need not worry about leaving traces to be found by the dragons on the plain.

"Asu, is that Axu?" In a light snow slope not far from Chishui River, several females in white fur cloaks quietly nestled on the ground. The cloaks and snow were well integrated and became their best camouflage.

"What nonsense? The Luoshui tribe is almost a month away from here. How could Axu come here at this time?" Without waiting for Asu to speak, another female beside the Beastmen replied.

At the beginning of the question, the female was a Beastmen from the Luoshui tribe. Although he was not familiar with Axu, he still knew better than the Beastmen who spoke to his. Even if he knew that the Luoshui tribe could not be here at this time, he was still full of familiar feeling to the several figures getting closer and closer.

Asu looked along the direction of the female children said, saw the familiar figure, the in the mind "hitched", then body type flash blunt past.

Several other Beastmen still lying on the ground looked at each other, also no longer lie prone in situ camouflage, hurriedly follow up.

The sudden appearance of several white figures startled Axu. He pulled the Beastmen closest to him back a few steps and assumed a defensive posture.

"Axu, why are you here?"

The familiar voice reached the eardrum. Axu looked intently and saw the figure that had been on his mind for several months suddenly appear in front of him. Before the rising guard color in the beautiful blue eyes receded, the body had already stepped forward and hugged the familiar figure in his arms.

In the past few months, even though he has appeared calm and strong in appearance, he has not been afraid for a moment, afraid that he may never see the person in front of him again.

Asu, who was suddenly clasped, was stunned. Then he remembered that there were still people around him. Fortunately, his head was covered with a big cape and hat. His red eartips were hidden inside and would not be found by all.

"You . . . . . . why are you here?" Asu was stuttered by the sudden embrace and asked again softly.

"Our tribe was attacked by hyenas." Perhaps because of excitement, Axu's voice trembled a little.

"what?" The Beastmen who turned out to be the Luoshui tribe exclaimed.

Axu calmed down the mood and simply said about the hyenas. Several Beastmen in Qi Ze City turned pale when they heard this. Although they knew a lot of hyenas had appeared on the plain after winter, they did not expect that even the Luoshui tribe so far away from here had entered the attack range of the hyenas. In addition, the letter eagle that had already appeared in the range of lion wolf tribe, would the next target of the hyenas be Qi Ze City?

In the effort to speak, Achu and his clan also caught up from behind. Because Asu had been to the Luoshui tribe, Achu was no stranger to each other. Asu also knew the situation of the Luoshui tribe now. In addition, today's patrol mission had been completed, so he returned to Qi Ze City with these exhausted Luoshui tribe's beasts.


Taking advantage of today's fairly good weather, Chen Qi took a bath for the pup. Now the pup has no hair all over, so it is very convenient to clean it up.

"I always feel that you are getting uglier and uglier now. When will you be able to grow your hair again?" Chen Qi gave the young wolf who had taken a bath to Ajing, who was already holding a towel and waiting on one side with a little abandon, and said.

"Awoo." Young Wolf glanced at Chen Qi piteously and then arched into Ajing's arms.

"It's okay. The wolf is always the best in my heart." Ajing rubbed his little wolf cub's head and comforted him, and then directly carried him back to the fire to prevent him from catching cold.

Having been comforted by Ajing, the little wolf pup's mood instantly improved. After wiping off his body, he obediently asked Ajing to put on a new fur coat for himself. This fur coat was specially designed by Chen Qi. Not only shoes and hats, but also the tail was wrapped in soft fur. If it weren't for the strange bald face, I would have thought that the young wolf had already grown hair.

It's just that this dress is really strange. If you don't look at it carefully, you can't see that the little wolf cub is a giant wolf god.

"Chen Qi, Chen Qi." Ajing had just taken care of the pup, when the voice of Chen Qi was heard outside the house. Then the door of the hall was pushed open with a gust of cold wind. The burning flame was blown to tilt in the direction of the pup and almost burned onto the newly dressed fur. The pup was scared a few steps away from the fire.

Chen Qi poked his head out of the bathroom. The mist evaporated from the hot water in the bathroom has not dissipated yet. Chen Qi stayed in the bathroom for a long time and the continuous saltpeter was a little wet. He was startled to see a group of people in the dark. "Axu, why are you here?"

The people who came in were the people of the Luoshui tribe who had just arrived in Qi Ze City. many of them were suffering from high fever. today it was Aze's turn to rotate on the wall. seeing the Beastmen who had fainted, Achu immediately took them to his home without saying anything.

After hearing Chen Qi's question, before the Luoshui tribesmen could explain, Aze stepped forward and told Chen Qi about the situation of the patients. Chen Qi found out that these people were still carrying several people behind them.

"Go and take out the remaining hot grass in the house." Chen Qi briefly checked the situation of the others and was startled by the heat on the Beastmen. After burning like this, can the incurable still be saved?

Chen Qi did not dare to delay any more. When Aze went to get hot grass, he asked Ajing to warm the heated kang bed in the hall. Then he took out some bamboo mats and skins and spread them around the fire to make a simple bed for Achu to put the sick beasts in place first.

At that time, other animals who heard the movement also came. Ali saw this situation and hurriedly gave Chen Qi a hand. Achu, the chief of the Luoshui tribe, placed several sick animals and left several females to take care of them here. He took Axu to the outside to place the other clans together with Azhang, the chief of the Qi Ze City.

Along the way, many Beastmen suffered from physical problems. At this time, no one can fall down.

Aze had already cleaned the wormwood and found a big pottery filled with water to start cooking. Chen Qi walked to the edge of a row of wooden shelves by the window. The shelves were full of plants planted in pottery dishes, mostly edible plants such as scallion and garlic. Several dishes were just grown wormwood.

Chen Qi planted two trees and successfully planted seeds of the moxa grass Aze had just brought back. Chen Qi did not expect plants to grow in this winter, so he tried to plant some crops in the warm house. He replanted half of the previously collected moxa grass seeds, but he didn't expect to actually grow.

Although the growth of the planted crops is not as good as that in summer, only a few plates of scallion and garlic are enough for a few of them to eat occasionally this winter.

Chen Qi did not hesitate to dig up the plates of hot moxa grass that had not yet fully matured and blossomed. After cleaning up the contaminated soil on the plates, he handed them to Aze for mixing and boiling.

There are more than a dozen people in the Luoshui tribe who are suffering from fever this time, and only the few remaining ones are afraid of insufficient medicine.

"Chen Qi, can I help you?" Ashu placed his father, who was also sick and feverish, and went to Chen Qi to ask.

"You and Ali go to the cellar and cook some wild ginger and some ginger soup for your family. There is still sugar in the storeroom. You can add some to cook. Remember to let everyone drink some and don't catch cold." Chen Qi told while busy.

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