Chen Qi was not idle when waiting for the time for the hot grass to boil. He planned to give these people a simple physical cooling first.

The hot animals were all wrapped in thick animal skins. Chen Qi did not dare to take off all their clothes. He only opened some of his clothes and then removed the skins that covered his hands to dissipate heat.

He sent Ajing outside to get some ice cubes back to make ice bags and put them on their heads. Then he mixed a little warm water and asked the female patients to wipe the corresponding places for them according to his method. There was no suitable alcohol. Chen Qi also used brewed wine to replace it. When all was finished, the room was filled with a strong smell of wine.

After the hot grass was cooked, one person fed a large bowl. Perhaps he came to a warm place and even Lu Se, who had been holding on to his spirit, fell asleep after drinking the soup.

At this time, Ashu, who went to cook ginger soup for the ethnic group, also came back and did not forget to bring a bowl to several people who had been taking care of the patients.

After Achu settled his people back, he sent them to rest, leaving only a few patients' families to continue to guard here. Chen Qi did not dare to be careless. From time to time, he had to observe the situation of the patients, and he did not know whether the effect of Aizhecao was really too good. Even the heat on those who fell into coma early was slowly fading. Chen Qi was in the mood to find out the reason why Luoshui tribe came here at this time after they put down the big stone in their hearts.

"I didn't expect it to be so dangerous outside." Chen Qi sighed, if it weren't for have been in danger, Luoshui tribe beast people will not come all the way to escape Qi Ze City.

Aze hesitated for a moment. "You said that when you left the Lion Wolf Tribe, you saw the letter eagle. Is the hyenas going to attack the Lion Wolf Tribe?"

Axu took over the freshly cooked food Ali handed him. Recently, in order to travel, they only eat cooked food once a day. Apart from cooking the food casually, they have no time to stir up the flavor of the food. At the moment, when they smell the aroma of the food, their stomachs have already started beating drums. Rao has been quiet as if he could not help swallowing saliva.

After thanking Ali and eating a mouthful of fresh and sweet fish porridge, Asa replied, "There are many small tribes going to the Lion Wolf Tribe during this period of time. At present, the number of Lion Wolf Tribe is probably more than that of Hyenas. Even if Hyenas really want to attack Lion Wolf Tribe, they may not get any benefits." This is also one of the reasons why they hesitated to stay in the Lion Wolf Tribe.

Next to the tree has been drinking porridge while shoveling food into his mouth, Chen Qi saw a few people a pair of hungry malicious appearance, can only let them finish first and then talk.

I wiped the patients with wine again and tried the temperature on their foreheads, which is much better than when they just arrived here.

When all the people finished eating, Azhang just pushed open the door to enter. In order to prevent the cold wind from pouring in, he was careful when he lifted the fur curtain.

"How are they?" Seeing rows of sleeping Beastmen, Azhang asked in a low voice.

"Don't worry, it's already starting to slow down." Ali asked him to roast the chill in the fire nearby so as not to bring it to the weak patients.

"Thank you very much today." Achu solemnly bowed to all the people in Qi Ze City, and all the Luoshui tribes around him also expressed their thanks.

Azhang motioned with his hand, "I would also like to thank you for the information you have brought."

Beastmen tribes have a tradition of accepting other tribes in times of crisis. This is not only for their own refuge in times of difficulty, but also for the survival of the whole Beastmen.

After all, the hyenas have already arrived at the Lion Wolf Tribe and have no time to let the Beastmen deploy slowly. Azhang came here to discuss the future with the people.

Achu didn't know about Qi Ze City, so naturally he had full power to arrange things for Azhang. There were too many hyenas coming this time. In order not to cause fearless casualties, all the guards who patrolled the Chishui River every day were withdrawn, and fig juice was sprinkled several times around the tribe, hoping to cover up the smell of the beast people.

"We didn't bring enough food this time around. If we don't go out again, I'm afraid we don't have enough food to finish this winter." Achu expressed his worries. Not only did they not have enough food, they did not even have enough clothes to keep out the cold. He also saw that there were not many houses in Qi Ze City. Qi Ze City was already very good to provide a place for them, but food and clothes needed to be solved by them.

"You don't have to worry about food." Azhang smiled and explained that the food that had been delivered to their homes recently, together with their summer storage, was enough to support them through the winter.

Achu several people looked at each other after listening, apparently with a grain of salt for such a simple method of hunting dragons. Axu and Shu had been involved in the killing of Ankylosaurus before, but they accepted it well.

After all, people from the Luoshui tribe are new here. Azhang left after discussing the arrangement with them briefly. After dark, several hot Beastmen woke up hungry. Chen Qi fed them some warm rice paste and each of them drank the last half bowl of herbal soup made from hot wormwood.

Chen Qi did not dare to sleep on this day. He stayed with the patients all night until the heat in everyone's body dropped to normal. He only rested on Aze for a little while.

Lu Se's illness was the lightest of all. He woke up at first light. Seeing his sleeping partner curled up beside him, he felt a twinge of heartache. During this period of travel, Achu lost a lot of weight, his eyes were dark and his cheeks were sunken. Lu Se motioned with his eyes that Axu, who had found himself awake, was lighter and did not wake up the other party.

"Father, are you better?" Axu bypassed Achu and reached out to gently lift the other side.

"Much better."

Axu reached out to check each other's body temperature, and found that it had returned to normal. The stone in his heart finally fell to the ground. He gathered the fur coats for each other so as not to catch cold. In order to maintain indoor air circulation, Chen Qi opened a slit in both windows of the hall. Although the cold wind would not blow directly at the patients, Axu was not careless either.

A bowl of steaming congee was handed to the two men. Chen Qi specially prepared it for the patients, adding mashed dolphin and dragon meat and a wild ginseng to replenish qi and blood for the animals who had been ill for several days. "Hungry, eat something to cushion your stomach first."

Axu took it gratefully and slowly fed it to Lu Se.

In addition to the few people who were in a coma that were too severe, the other beast people also woke up one after another. After drinking porridge, the whole color became much better. Beasts seldom get sick, and the common symptom is this kind of fever, and this kind of symptom will soon get better as long as the fever subsides. After hearing Aze's explanation of this disease, even if several people are still not awake, Chen Qi is not so worried at first.

Thanks to a rally held before, Qi Ze City has built several dormitories, but these dormitories are different from other houses. There is no fire pit bed, and heating can only be done by fire. After discussing with all the people, Azhang moved all the females into these dormitories to live in. They have fur turned into animals, and they are not as afraid of the cold as the males.

The males and some children and the elderly temporarily live in other people's homes. The original females in Qi Ze City voluntarily gave up their homes to these Beastmen to live in. Moreover, it is easy for the Beastmen' homes to temporarily build several heated kang beds. Naturally, the heat preservation effect is much better than those in the dormitories.

Even the school is temporarily used to accommodate the Beastmen of the Luoshui tribe, except for the classroom that has been changed into a workshop. Although it is a little crowded, it is not difficult to survive this winter.

With the addition of Luoshui Tribe, the number of people defending at ordinary times increased a lot. Chen Qi asked them to install the improved siege crossbows on the wall of Bingcheng.

Now the task of the whole Qi Ze City is to make sure that the weapons trap is normal every day and to wait for the end of winter.

The lethargic patients slept for another two days before waking up one after another. Chen Qi was relieved to confirm that they had no other serious problems besides being relatively weak. In the days when the Luoshui tribe slowly merged in, Chen Qi resumed the design and production of weapons before, and his bombing/medicine and things like catapult had not been worked out yet.

With the addition of Luoshui Tribe, Chen Qi found several Beastmen with great practical ability. They were able to return things perfectly according to the drawings and Chen Qi's instructions. Although they sometimes got tangled up because they did not understand the principle, the progress was much faster than before. Even the power of the previous siege crossbow was increased a little. Unfortunately, due to the limitation of materials, the pure wooden arrows were still not enough to kill the dragons.


"Father, will we be all right?" It seems that only two or three-year-old little female is tightly held in his arms by his male, father, with a few strands of vacant eyes.

"It's okay. If you're sleepy, go to sleep. If you wake up, the hyenas will leave." Male gently stroked his child's back, softly comforted.

The little female nodded cleverly, found a comfortable place in his father's arms, and then slowly went to sleep.

On the wall of the ice city on the outermost edge of the Lion Wolf Tribe, dark and full of completely beast-like females, they either stood straight or half hunched, their sharp nails gleaming cold, ready to tear the enemy's throat at any time.

"Chief, they have been around here for three days." Although Bai De is a male, he has been a tribal chief for half his life, so at the moment he is not hiding in a safest place in the deep part of the tribe like other males, but he comes to the wall of the outermost ice city every day to observe the confrontation between the hyenas and the beast people every day.

The female, known as the patriarch, did not reply. He stared sullenly at the giant hyenas that looked like the heads of the hyenas in the distance. It was the first time he had seen such a large hyenas. Compared with the countless number of hyenas behind each other, the giant hyenas frightened him even more.

Seeing that the chief of the clan did not take a reason to himself, Bai De's expression was not very good either. He was just about to ask if there was any other movement in today's hyenas, but he heard the man around him say slowly, "This is not the place for you to stay."

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