"Are you going to just surround them and not attack?" To solve the dinner today, the giant wolf god will clean up the blood on the corners of the mouth, this just leisurely pace to hyenas leader's side.

"There are too many of them." The number of hyenas lost in hunting activities over the past few months is also quite large. If they directly conflict with these Beastmen, they won't get much benefit. Although hyenas leaders don't care about the lives of their subordinates, they are not interested in battles that are too big to win.

The giant wolf god glanced at the dark beast people on the wall of the tall ice city. he had to say that the ice city wall provided a good barrier for the beast people. if there was no defense like those small tribes before, maybe the hyenas did not confront them here at all, but killed them directly.

Although they have had the experience of breaking through the ice wall, the number of hyenas that can enter through the broken cave is too small. If the number of Beastmen differs greatly from them, it is easy to say, but now if they enter in batches, they need not think about anything other than being hunted by the Beastmen.

"Come here." The voice of the head of the hyenas drew back the slightly absent thoughts of the giant wolf god. it slowly walked over and lay meekly in front of the head of the hyenas, revealing its unguarded neck.

The hyena leader's eyes became deeper and deeper. He rubbed the back neck of the giant wolf god with his head first, then his teeth gently bit the soft skin of the other's neck and sucked the blood inside like enjoying it.

At the moment when the sharp teeth pierced the skin, the giant wolf god's body still could not help but stiffen for a moment, then relaxed quickly. it struggled to stand up until it felt the gentle stone licking the wound gently.

The feeling of blood loss from the body is very bad every time, but the chief hyenas control it well every time he takes it, except for a little leg weakness, there is no other greater discomfort.

"You have less and less energy in your blood." Hyenas chief slightly sadly licked the lip Angle edge stained with a little red.

"No way, the Beastmen ate too much." The wound was not deep, and the giant wolf god only slowed down a little and did not bleed again.

The chief hyenas, who had been replenished, returned to their original lethargy and went straight down to sleep.

At this time, the male hyenas, which had been acting as mounts for the giant wolf god, came up from behind. today, it was ordered to hunt a small group of Beastmen who did not know where to come from to the lion wolf tribe. the Beastmen were discovered by them as soon as they arrived at the Dorsal river, but apparently the surrounded lion wolf tribe did not take this opportunity to rescue them. the hyenas easily ate the small group of Beastmen.

The male hyenas walked slowly for a while until it was half way from the tall ice wall. There was still bright blood on its mouth that had no time to clean up. It looked up slightly and glanced slowly at the Beastmen on the wall. It opened its huge mouth and gave the Beastmen a long roar.

The letter eagle, which had been hovering in the sky, was frightened by the sound of the male hyenas. It almost fell off its body shape. After several feathers were lost, it was able to stabilize its body shape. When it flew again, it was further away from the hyenas.

The voice of the male hyenas lasted for a long time before it stopped slowly. It didn't walk back to the head of the hyenas. It just stood there quietly. The blood on the corners of the other side was so dazzling.

Listen to the voice of the male hyenas, the heads of the lion and wolf clan look darker. the Beastmen who came to take refuge in them sent a signal when they encountered the hyenas, but the outside was crowded with hyenas. let alone rescue, it was a question whether they could even go out. the heads of the lion and wolf clan naturally would not gamble with the safety of the whole clan, only when they did not hear the sound of rescue.

He has made up his mind that if hyenas dare to attack, they will definitely fight back to the death, but if they just surround themselves like this outside, they will definitely not go out.

The number of hyenas is much less than the number of females that can fight in the Lion Wolf Tribe, and it is impossible for them to stay on the plains in summer. there are still ten months and no days left before summer. There was a gleam of cold light in the eyes of the heads of the lion and wolf clan. it was only good to survive for another ten months without a day. after they survived, they won.

Bai De was shocked by the roar of the male hyenas, and his face became even paler. He just wanted to find out about the situation and found that no one spoke to him at all. After a turn, he went back to the inner city bitterly.

Because of the influx of tribes, even if all the fighting females have gone out to defend, there are still many Beastmen in the inner city.

Bai De walked through the tribes that had been covered with many houses to the deep rock cave, which was farthest from the ice wall and was the place where the Lion Wolf Tribes settled their males and minor children.

"Have you run to the wall again?" Ai Li saw Bai De coming with a chill and pointed to the fire nearby to let the other side warm himself. His son has been very weak since the high fever. Even though he still has a lot of hot grass, he doesn't want the other side to get cold and hot again.

Bai De didn't reply. He went to the other side and took some dried meat and put it into a pottery dish to cook. They are now surrounded by hyenas and can't even go fishing in the Dorsal River. Apart from the fighting females, the rest of the tribe can only eat a meal of insufficient food a day to maintain their physical strength. In order to save resources, even the fire needs more than a dozen people to use together. For Bai De, who has never been hungry even when he came to the Lion Wolf tribe, this winter is the most difficult winter he has ever had.

Bai De stirred with a clean stick and cursed the hyenas curse that caused the current situation several times in his heart.

See Bai De ignored himself, Ai Li also didn't say much, he had no affection for himself, the late partner's father, the fetters of the beast is not deep, the two of them have nothing to do since his partner died, if it weren't for considering the situation of his son, estimates that he didn't even bother to speak to Bai De.

Perhaps it was the smell of meat. The little female in Ai Li's arms shrugged his nose and woke up slowly. He found that Bai De was cooking gravy. His dark and big eyes were shining brightly at pottery, who was already steaming. His stomach rang a few times in due course. In the morning, he only drank a bowl of warm water with half a milky fruit. Today, he had not eaten any other food and had been hungry for a long time.

Bai De's action was very slow. He had to cook until the dried meat was a bit erosive before he stopped. The little female and Ai Li, who had been watching for a long time, filled a bowl and began to eat themselves.

In order to eat an extra meal, Bai De cooked the food of the three of them to powder in this way and added a large amount of snow water. Although he still could not fill his stomach, it was better than eating only one meal a day.

"You are no longer the head of the clan. Don't always run up the city wall. Now there are no females available to protect you." Taking advantage of the gap between the broth, Ai Li low voice warned. Although he was surrounded by Beastmen, everyone was asleep most of the time in order to preserve their physical strength, and only an alien like Bai De would think of running out every day, so Ai Li did not worry about being heard by others.

"I see, I don't need you to take care of my affairs." Bai De waved irritably.

"Bai De, did the hyenas come in?" The Beastmen who were woken up by the noise of the two men propped themselves up and interrupted their conversation.

Bai De's expression is still very gentle in front of outsiders, hearing the Beastmen' questions, he said exactly what he saw. After hearing this, the Beastmen breathed a sigh of relief. As long as the hyenas didn't mean to attack, even if the Beastmen felt indifferent after being besieged for a long time, he was very grateful to the man who passed the technology of making the ice wall to their tribe.

Other Beastmen who had not yet fallen asleep heard Bai De talking about the situation outside, and surrounded them in twos and threes. Bai De enjoyed being surrounded by all the people, so he took pains to answer their questions again and again.

Ai Li hissed, fed his bowl of dried meat into his son's mouth, and then even drank two bowls of broth to feel better in the stomach, saw his son also want to go over to listen to Bai De, stretched out his hand to catch each other back, patiently coaxed each other to sleep again.

As long as you fall asleep, you don't have to worry about the hyenas outside.


Compared with the situation of the Lion Wolf Tribe, Qi Ze City can be said to be very peaceful. they store a lot of materials in summer, such as cotton to keep out the cold. even if the population suddenly increases several times, they do not have to worry about food and clothing as long as the materials are handled properly.

Chen Qi and Aze came to the school with several sacks of cocoons and thread. Now most of the others gather in the school except the females who are out and the Beastmen who have something to do in their hands. They have received too much help from the Beastmen in Qi Ze City. Now they can't even cut down trees in the forest. They have to get together to keep warm to reduce the consumption of firewood.

"Have you brought all the wires in your home?" Ali mirth to Chen Qi backpack to pick up.

"It's useless for us to keep it. As you know, no one in our family can weave at all." Chen Qi replied indifferently that these things were slowly collected by Aze in the forest during the summer. He was originally planning to make some new clothes for Chen Qi. However, Ali was busy every day, and they did not know how to weave cloth, so they put them on hold. Now the beasts of the Luoshui tribe were in short supply, and Chen Qi brought them all.

Chen Qi delivered the items and went to the classroom next door, which has been transformed into a weapons manufacturing room. Ali is much more professional in weaving and sewing. As long as the materials are handed over to the other party, Ali can naturally make them into warm and beautiful clothes, so Chen Qi is not worried.

A lot of firewood was piled up in the weapons manufacturing room, but in order to prevent accidents, only a fire was lit in the middle. Chen Qi felt a chill when he opened the door. He always had the illusion that the room was colder than the outside.

Ye Huo is sitting around with a bunch of Beastmen to build arrows, because there is no way to open the furnace to melt iron. To increase the lethality, bone arrows are the most suitable for now, but grinding bones is a kind of hard work, and many bones have too hard texture. According to the strength of males, only one arrow can be produced in a day.

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