"Here you are." Seeing Chen Qi and Chen Qi enter, Ye Huo hurriedly gave the position close to the fire to the other party, and then handed the polished bone to the other party to see. He is doing this kind of work for the first time today and has no confidence in his own technology. "Do you think this arrow is ok?"

Chen Qi came over and looked at it. In addition to cutting out the shape of the bone arrow of Ye Huo, the end of the arrow will be polished smooth with a grindstone. The finger feels a little satiny. It can be seen that the other party has spent a lot of effort on this thing.

"Yes." Chen Qi praised the remark, then took out a piece of paper from his small backpack and drew several shapes of arrows on it. He handed the paper to Ye Huo and waved to the other Beastmen to come and look at it. "Try to make the arrows a little serrated, like this."

Chen Qi's finger pointed to one of the shapes. The arrows made before are all uniform and smooth. This kind of arrow can increase the speed and accuracy when using wooden bow, but if it is replaced by a much larger siege weapon, it will be weak. Chen Qi takes out two kinds of arrow shapes on the paper.

One is a smooth Mitsubishi model, while the other is based on this with serrations. This kind of arrow can better increase the damage area, thus damaging the wound. Combined with the power of the siege crossbow, the lethality will be stronger than those of the previous arrows.

After hearing Chen Qi's explanation, the beast people changed all the half-made arrows into this shape, while Chen Qi and Aze went to the other side to work with the other beast people on the manufacturing method of the catapult.

The busy day soon ended. After nightfall, some Beastmen would take back the work they could do at home and continue to make it. Even though the street lamps outside the house were no longer lined up like in summer, the light-transmitting windows could still see the inside of the house lit up by the fire. Occasionally, some people would talk and laugh.

Snowflakes began to drift down again with the cold wind. Recently, there will be a snowfall almost every few days in this weather. Thanks to the snow cleared from the tribe, the ice wall has been thickened by several meters. In a few days, the height of the wall will be even with that of the original wall.

Chen Qi helped Aze to put on the hat of hide cape, then stuffed his frozen hand into the warm palm of the other party. Aze collected the hair from his hand as soon as he went out. Even if there was no hair covering, his palm was warm. On the contrary, Chen Qi's limbs were cold in winter and he could not sleep without Aze.

"This is only one day, and the snow has accumulated so thick." Stepping on the knee-deep snow, Chen Qi steadied himself and sighed as he walked.

"Someone will clean it up tomorrow morning." Aze led Chen Qi to his home step by step.

"I don't know how the lion wolf tribe is now?"

"There are many of them and they will be fine." Aze comfortingly pinched Chen Qi's palm.

Chen Qi smiled and didn't go on talking about this topic.

When they pushed open the gate, Ajing was making a snowman in the courtyard with a few small Beastmen. the oil lamps around the courtyard were lit. the young wolf was wearing a big fur coat and was watching them play in the corner.

Seeing Chen Qi come in, everyone stopped their movements. Chen Qi smiled and pinched Ajing's little face flushed with cold. "Why are you still playing outside after dark?"

"We'll finish it soon." Ajing pointed to a row of snowmen under the fig tree. His eyes reflected the nearby lights and were extremely bright.

Chen Qi looked in the direction of the snowman. The appearance of the snowman had been piled up. All that remained was the preparation of five features and limbs.

And play with Ajing is a few Beastmen little female, age and Ajing are about the same, wearing only a thin fur coat, in addition to the facial features, all other places are beast out of the hair, if it weren't for the other side is still upright, is a group of small animals.

Since the collapse of Yanshan tribe, Ajing has not played with his peers for a long time. these little Beastmen were brought by Axu in the afternoon. originally, he wanted Ajing to take them to learn some new knowledge. but some little Beastmen probably just came to a strange environment, and everyone was more restrained. Ajing wanted to take them to play first, which was why he was still making snowmen in the evening.

Chen Qi looked at the excited little faces one by one, and also became interested. He rolled up his sleeves and said, "I'll make a pile with you."

Ajing smiled and greeted a few small Beastmen and he went back to the house to get the materials. Then a group of people began to hum and scoff at the dim light in the courtyard.

"Ah, why do you use sweet potatoes to make your mouth? This sweet potato is too big. Oh, look, your mouth is broken."

"Can this leaf be used to make clothes?"

"You may need to take a rope to tie it to the snowman."

"Leaves can be used to make hats."

"Your hand is crooked. You should move back a little."

. . . . . .

The noise in the courtyard even several patients who had been cultivated in Chen Qi couldn't help pulling open the door curtain probe and looking out. When Axu came to pick up the little Beastmen, what he saw was a large number of small ones busy earnestly while giving directions.

". . . . . ." What are they doing?" Axu saw Aze coming with a small bundle of branches and asked.

Aze handed the grotesque branches to the little animals, then walked beside Axu and replied with a smile, "I'm making a snowman."


Aze used his chin to point at the snowman that had been gradually formed, "those are the things."

Axu leaned over curiously. He had never seen a snowman before. He looked at the row of snowmen under the fig tree and was slightly surprised.

After all, the little Beastmen were piled for the first time. In fact, the pile was not good-looking. Even though Ajing and Chen Qi helped to adjust it, it was still a little crooked, but for the Beastmen who had never seen these things before, it could be said to be exquisite.

Seeing that it was Axu, a little Beastmen came running and took Axu's hand."Axu, I piled that up."

Axu rubbed the snow off the other side's head and praised: "It's very bad. I didn't expect your snowman to look so good."

The little Beastmen straightened his chest and cracked his lips with a big smile. During this period of travel, even though the little beast people have been carefully protected by the adult female, they still lost weight for several rounds, especially several little Beastmen with high fever, who couldn't eat at all after fainting, with their cheeks deeply sunken in, but also because they are female and have strong recovery ability. after recovery, they will get a good sleep in 7788. otherwise, they would not dare to stay outdoors for so long.

Other little Beastmen saw Axu coming and followed him around, holding each other's hands to show him the results of his own production. Axu patiently looked at them one by one, nodding and praising each one.

Chen Qi, who saw this situation nearby, couldn't help laughing. Axu was tall and his facial lines were stiffer than those of ordinary females. this appearance doesn't seem to be liked by children. it would be nice if he lowered his face a little and didn't frighten the children into crying. Chen Qi never expected that he would let the small animals pull him around. "they do like you."

Soon after the snowman was built, the wind blew and the temperature dropped suddenly. It looks like there should be a snowstorm tonight.

Chen Qi shuddered and did not want to stay outside any more. He gathered his cape and suggested to Axu, "Otherwise, let these little Beastmen stay at my house tonight. The bed of the fire-resistant bed in Ajing is big enough, and if they sleep sideways, it should be enough for them to squeeze."

Many houses in the tribe have been built with new heatable kang beds in the past two days, but it will take some time to use them after they are built. Now many Beastmen sleep by the fire with a hide on the ground at night. Naturally, there is no warm heatable kang bed for comfort.

"Will it bother you too much?" Axu hesitated, Chen Qi's house also took in many Beastmen, but most of them were sent when they were sick. Now the accommodation in the tribe has been arranged, but there is no need to send people to Chen Qi's house.

"It's okay, you don't have to worry, just let them stay here tonight and have dinner here."

See Chen Qi not reluctantly, Axu nodded and agreed after thinking.

Aze went outside and dug several barrels of snow to come back. He first burned a big barrel of hot water in the bathroom. Chen Qi asked Ajing to take these little Beastmen in and clean them up. He went to check the condition of those who were sick.

The most seriously ill Beastmen have been transferred to the fire bed in the hall. The heat on them has dissipated and the people have woken up. They are still very weak just because they have been ill for too long.

Seeing that no one was getting hot again and again, Chen Qi also relented and went to the hearth to prepare dinner for the large group of people in the family.

Although Lu Se's condition has improved, he hasn't left yet. He took over the job of caring for the patients after other females who were supposed to take care of them were pulled to work. Because Chen Qi said before that he should be given the job of cooking, Lu Se did not rashly prepare the dinner. He also knew that the cooking method in Qi Ze City was far from theirs.

Seeing Chen Qi getting busy, Lu Se hurriedly went over to help.

Because of the large number of patients in the family, Chen Qi cooks light meals. A vegetarian dish of congee with several stir-fried dishes, like Ka Luo, who loves frying everything, he never cooks anything.

Although there are many vegetarians, the people of Luoshui tribe who are accustomed to eating meat do not abandon it. They seldom eat this kind of food, which is almost all plants. These days they realize that so many plants can be eaten. If they could have known it earlier, they would not have needed a full meal in so many winters.

The crowd gasped as they ate. They were secretly glad that they had chosen to take refuge in Qi Ze City. If they were to stay in the Lion Wolf Tribe now, it is still hard to say whether they could cure the high fever or whether they would be eaten by hyenas.

Ajing picked a handful of figs to wash the little Beastmen. They hardly bathed after winter. At the moment, there was hot water, and Ajing was eyeing them with eyes on one side. Several little Beastmen hardly rubbed off a layer of skin before finally washing them out.

Seeing that the animals were washed clean and even came out with a faint scent of figs, the patients who were sitting together were a little embarrassed, and they had not washed them again after winter, because they didn't feel anything when they were used to the smell. now, when compared with the animals, they suddenly felt how smelly and dirty they were.

Chen Qi looked at the people's expressions with amusement. "After you finish eating, go and clean up later." Aze has changed the hot water in the bathroom again. The boiling water is enough for these people.

A few people looked at each other, looked at Chen Qi gratefully, hand eating action to speed up a lot, all want to go in early to clean.


As several snowstorms passed, the motionless hyenas were almost covered by snow into small snow mounds. If it weren't for the pairs of eyes still blinking with cold light, it is estimated that no one would find the small snow mounds alive.

No Beastmen tribe has returned to the Lion Wolf Tribe in this period of time, but the hyenas have long eaten the flesh and blood of Beastmen. their energy not only enables them to survive this winter, but also prevents them from dying even if they stop eating before the next winter comes. Therefore, in the days when there is no need to hunt or travel, the Lion Wolf Tribes are facing each other quietly, and they are not even bothered to move. anyway, the chill penetrated by these snowflakes has no effect on them.

Lion Wolf Tribe has been confronting this group of hyenas for more than a month. No one has taken the first step to break the deadlock. The giant wolf god yawned wearily, thinking that the hyenas and lion Wolf Tribe would confront each other until the end of winter. The hyenas leader finally opened his eyes from his nap. As soon as he got up, the snow on his body began to fall and quivered slightly. The snow fell down the silvery scales and no snowflake remained on him.

The hyena leader took a deep look at the still dark ice wall filled with Beastmen females, then slowly turned around and said softly, "let's go.", was still quietly acting as a light snow pile of hyenas suddenly all action.

A small number of hyenas took the lead in front of the chief hyenas, and then the other hyenas began to disperse, completely surrounding the chief hyenas in the middle. The hyenas, which were still quietly surrounding the Lion Wolf Tribe, suddenly walked in the direction of the forest.

Don't know where to rest a few letter eagle found the hyenas, long-lost several bird song resounded through the sky, fluttering wings to follow behind the hyenas, this time in order to no longer be hyenas roar, they dare not to lead the flight in front of the hyenas, after the first few bird song also immediately fell into silence, but that every once in a while fell feathers still pointed out the direction for later companions.

"Just leave?" Giant Wolf god to lie back to belong to their own exclusive mounts, apparently for hyenas leader this sudden decision to leave a little can't understand, according to the strength of the hyenas leader, even if the hyenas group may suffer heavy losses, but it is not can't give the Beastmen tribe to fall.

"Mmm." The head of the hyenas flicked his tail lightly. It does have the strength to capture the tribe, but it may need to lose a lot of men in the early stage. It has hunted a lot of Beastmen this year and is not in a hurry for this moment. In the future, it will have plenty of opportunities to eat the tribe with the least loss.

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