Two months' time is enough for the beast people in Qi Ze City to make a circle of siege crossbows for the whole ice wall, and the arrows dedicated to the siege crossbows are also filled with four watchtowers.

There was no sign of any dragon activity nearby during this period of time, and I don't know whether the hyenas that besieged the Lion Wolf Tribe have devoured the Lion Wolf Tribe or whether they have been wiped out by the Lion Wolf Tribe. If it is the latter, the Lion Wolf Tribe should give news to the surrounding Beastmen tribe.

Because we can't get the exact news of the Lion Wolf Tribe, even though Qi Ze City is still calm, we dare not relax our vigilance. two days ago, we also arranged a newly-formed patrol team to check the situation near Chishui river. besides secretly catching many fish that have grown fat in winter and improving the food of the clan, we had no other harvest.

During these two months, the Dora Plain seemed to return to the silence of previous years. Apart from the occasional wind, there was no sound or trace of biological activity in the whole plain.

The patients in Chen Qi's family moved out one after another after their health improved. However, due to the relationship between the small Beastmen and the hyenas that may attack in the tribe recently, Chen Qi changed his family into a temporary classroom and took over the underage children of Luoshui tribe, letting Ajing take them to do knowledge enlightenment.

I don't know if the Beastmen children are particularly good. Apart from the naughty boy Ayao, other small Beastmen behave themselves even when they are young. Nestor teaches them to learn Chinese characters and eat them when they are ready. Some older Beastmen will also eat them when they see those small Beastmen who are too small to eat with spoons. They will also automatically and consciously feed them to themselves before eating. It can be said that these small Beastmen need not worry about others at all. They are too clever.

Sometimes Chen Qi will stay the little Beastmen for the night. He is not at home during the day. At night, he will teach the little Beastmen to do some crafts and play some puzzle games such as building blocks. It has to be said that these little Beastmen accept new things much faster than those adults. This also confirms Chen Qi's determination to cultivate these little Beastmen. Sure enough, education needs to be started from dolls.

On the wooden shelf by the window, another batch of plants had been planted in the pottery tray. Before Chen Qi replanted a few mugwort plants, it was time for them to bloom. He did not plant all the remaining seeds at one time. He only took one and a half. The rest had to be planted in the yard in summer.

According to the growth of other potted plants, it is obvious that plants planted indoors do not grow as well as those planted outdoors. Chen Qi worries that the medicinal properties of Artemisia argyi will also change, so he only planted a few plates for standby.

Holding a light and soft clean brush, Chen Qi prepared artificial pollination for several plates of hot wormwood. Aze picked the last cabbages in the yard. Although the cold winter slowed down the growth of these plants, after such a long time, these cabbages are still too old, but as long as the outermost layers are peeled off, the leaves inside are still fresh and crisp.

After handling the family's affairs, Chen Qi explained to the group of small animals in the family who were studying hard, and they went out with Aze. Today they are going to see the newly-made catapult on the wall of Ice City.

The catapult is bigger than the siege crossbow, so it was moved onto the city wall separately. Beside it, a large wooden box of ice hockey has been set up. The hardness of these ice hockey is naturally not as hard as that of stone. Even if it is used to attack dragons, it will not do much damage. At most, it will interfere with the actions of dragons.

The catapult had been installed when the two men went to the city wall. Azhang was standing aside listening to the female of the Luoshui tribe who was mainly responsible for the production. The catapult was surrounded by the female such as Achu. They had helped to make the ice hockey before. They had not seen the power of the catapult and were curious about how to operate it.

Seeing Chen Qi and Chen Qi climbing up the wall, Azhang smiled and waved to them, "We are waiting for you to come and try the effect of this catapult."

Chen Qi looked at the situation outside the city wall and found that the city was as calm as ever before he stepped away. "There was no sign of hyenas today, was there?"

"No." Azhang shook his head. For the past two months, he has been guarding the wall of the Ice City every day, just because he is worried that the hyenas will suddenly break in. He has met a tribe that was trampled by the hyenas. For the new tribe, he does not want to step on the back road of the original Yanshan tribe. "It will only take another half month, and another half month in summer."

When summer comes, the hyenas will return to the depths of the forest.

"Bang" With a dull voice not far away, a white ice ball fell on the snow, splashing snow all over the floor.

"The distance is still too close." Chen Qi observed the ice hockey landing and commented.

"Can it be adjusted again?" Azhang asked.

"yes." Chen Qi nodded. This is the first test use of the catapult. Chen Qi asked Ye Huo with a pen and paper standing nearby to record the situation one by one, and then adjust the situation for today's use.

The main body responsible for making the catapult was a middle-aged female from the Luoshui tribe named Alu. He and his brother were very interested in this weapon. They showed different points from helping to make the siege crossbow, and soon surpassed the beast people in Qi Ze City who had been helping to make the catapult before, so Chen Qi gave it directly to them when he was working on the catapult.

This test did not finish all the hockey balls in the wooden box. after only two or three failures, the Alu brothers removed the catapult and moved it back to the studio to improve it. before leaving, they still did not forget to draw Ye Huo to record the problems. they could not read the text, and now they did not have time to learn it slowly. therefore, both the pictures and the text needed to be explained to them by Ye Huo.

When they saw that the matter was over, the chiefs of the two tribes, Azhang and Achu, continued to go back to guard. They now stayed on the wall almost every day except for going back to eat a meal or wash with their partners at night. They could only come to the wall if they had something to look for, while the routine work in the tribe was left to Ali and Axu.

"Let's go back first." Chen Qi pulled up the hide mask used to keep out the wind on his face. The mask has poor air permeability and needs to be pulled down every once in a while to breathe. Otherwise, he would be bored. Chen Qi would not bring this thing on the short journey from home to school. However, if he did not wear the mask on the wall, his face would soon be itchy and painful due to the cold wind. The taste was not good at all. Even Azhang's face would be covered with fur to keep out the cold when they were on the wall.

"Wait." Aze took Chen Qi's arm and stopped the other party from going back.

"What's the matter?" Chen Qi looked back at him doubtfully.

Aze's ear tip moved and his eyes were fixed on the direction of Chishui River. For a long time he suddenly picked up Chen Qi and ran to the watchtower on the front door.

In order not to damage the trap outside the city, the test of the catapult was done at an included angle, a long distance away from the watchtower, but Aze was very fast, and Chen Qi was still in his stupor when the other party had already pushed open the thick wooden door of the watchtower.

"here comes the hyenas."

Azhang, who was discussing things with Achu in the house, was taken aback by what Aze said when he suddenly broke in. Azhang and Achu quickly looked at each other. They hurriedly pushed the door and went out. Azhang also did not forget to let a female guard outside go back to inform all the people to take refuge.

In order not to attract the attention of the hyenas, they did not use the howl they have been using as a signal of refuge. Now most Beastmen are staying in the school, and other people who are not in the school will work together in the same family, so the notification is not troublesome.

The cellar used for refuge has been dug several new holes. Now half of the school playground is almost empty, with more than 300 or 400 people in it. Zhuo Zhuo, Ali and Ka Luo brought the Beastmen, who could not fight, into the depths of the cellar, while Asu led the other females with weapons to the outermost ice wall.

"Ye Huo, you go and count the number and see who hasn't come in." Ali handed a list prepared in advance to Ye Huo. All the people with names in it were going to take refuge in the cellar. After the confession, Ali hurried to light the fire. The cellar was unusually cold. Many Beastmen who came in and hid had no ability to become beasts. He needed to light the fire around him and bring in some warm skins and food.

Ajing also came with the little Beastmen, and the young wolf was wrapped in his thick fur.

The females in the tribe moved quickly. Ka Luo was directing the Beastmen to the depths of the cellar when they had reached the wall. the battlements could hide the Beastmen, so they could not see them even if they did not have to squat down.

"What is the situation?" As soon as Ake got to the wall, he leaned in and asked, there was still a lot of sawdust on his fur coat that had not been cleared away. Just now he was making new arrows with several females at home.

Chen Qi was not the only one who heard Ake's question. Even Ake and Achu turned their eyes to Aze. In the short time since Aze said that the hyenas had arrived and all the females had assembled on the wall of Ice City, no one but Aze had found any sign of the hyenas.

"Wait a minute, their speed is very slow."

"Are they coming towards us?" Azhang asked with a serious face. He was a man who watched Aze grow up and naturally knew Aze's eyes and ears were much more sensitive than ordinary females.

Aze nodded gravely. "Yes, their direction has not changed." The hyenas could not have discovered the existence of the Beastmen tribe at such a distance, and the tribe was sprinkled with fig juice. There were also several fig trees nearby. They could not have discovered the smell of the Beastmen.

But this group of hyenas seemed to have set a target and came straight towards Qi Ze City. Aze distinguished the faint chirping of the letter eagle mixed with the wind. Was it found by the letter eagle? Is that why they led the hyenas this way?

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