A few loud birdsong after birdsong, the giant wolf god looked at the sky and added two more little red dot, "these little things are very useful, so soon found traces of Beastmen."

Leaving the large majority behind, it was these faithful eagles who had been haunting them that discovered the two small tribes. after discovering the usefulness of the faithful eagles, they also did not know how the hyenas leader did it. now the faithful eagles circled around the hyenas every day to find the traces of the Beastmen for them. because of this group of faithful eagles, they did not need to detour around as before. as long as they walked in the direction of the forest, they were not afraid of losing sight of the Beastmen.

See hyenas leader unexpectedly rare ignored himself, giant Wolf god looked slightly confused side head in the past, I saw hyenas leader slowly with elegant pace, eyes staring straight at the front of a certain direction. The giant wolf god looked down the line of sight of the hyenas leader. through several tall trees, he could see a square white shadow standing on the snowy plain in the distance.

The giant wolf god is no stranger to this abrupt ice wall on the snowy plain. speaking, this is the third time I have met him. the giant wolf god picked his eyebrows and eyes, then gathered his eyes and withdrew his eyes.

The head of the hyenas seemed to be very interested in this kind of thing. He looked back at a head of hyenas that was half a step away from him. The head of the hyenas received the eyes of the head of the hyenas and then gave a loud roar upwards. The group of hyenas that had been moving slowly suddenly stepped up its pace.

After hearing Aze's words of waiting, the Beastmen all hoped that the hyenas would bypass Qi Ze City and leave. However, with a roar of the beast, the dark herd slowly coming from the horizon dispelled a fluke in their hearts.

Chen Qi did not return to hide in the tribe. Besides him, there was also a Ye Huo that had been responsible for helping to make weapons. The two of them were the only two males guarding the wall of Ice City. No one knew more about the use of siege crossbows and catapults than they did.

Azhang handed over command to Chen Qi. He was used to leading his clansmen to fight the enemy in close quarters. He was not good at this method of long-range attack.

"How can there be so many hyenas?" Chen Qi looked at the dark herd. How many thousands of animals were there? Or is it over ten thousand? There is no clear number.

Aze stretched out his hand to hold Chen Qi's hand. Chen Qi looked back and saw the worry that could not be covered up between the tight brows and eyes of the other party. He gently squeezed the other party and comforted him in a low voice: "Don't worry."

"Mmm." Aze replied softly, but his expression did not relax. "I will protect you." The last sentence Aze said very gently, like talking to himself, and like what is firmly in the oath.

For dealing with the attack of hyenas, the Beastmen in Qi Ze City have been rehearsed many times a few days ago, so at the moment they are just standing quietly behind the battlements waiting. Although nervous, they are not impatient.

Azhang licked his slightly dry lips. Rao is that he lived to this age and had never seen so many hyenas before. "Are these hyenas the hyenas that attacked your tribe?" Azhang asked Achu standing beside him in a low voice.

Seeing the leader of the giant hyenas, Achu nodded his head.

"I can't imagine how you escaped at their hands." But also unscathed. You know, the number of hyenas that attacked the Yanshan tribe was less than one-third of this, and almost wiped out the entire Yanshan tribe at that time.

Achu smiled, "thanks to you." If Qi Ze City hadn't taught many things to the females of their tribe, they wouldn't be standing here now.

Azhang patted the other side on the shoulder, "I will be a tribal person in the future."

After the hyenas arrived, they did not rush forward in a hurry, but slowly spread around in the direction of the main entrance. until they finally stopped, Chen Qi discovered that this group of hyenas actually surrounded the Qi Ze City. Is this a worry that the people inside will escape?

Azhang also found this situation, and Chen Qi discussed a few words, then according to the exercise before, and Achu is responsible for one side of the wall protection, and finally the wall to Asu and Axu command.

The hyenas looked at the situation on the wall from a distance. In addition to the many towers and the partially covered siege crossbows, the battlements blocked their view, making the hyenas unable to see how many Beastmen there were in the Beastmen tribe as soon as they met the lion wolf tribe.

Chen Qi frowned. Now the position where the hyenas stood was just outside the scope of the trap and also outside the scope of their bow and arrow attacks. If the hyenas did not act first, the things they had arranged would have no effect. Of course, they also hope that the hyenas can take the initiative to retreat without any action. If they can, no matter who they are, they do not want to confront such a large group of hyenas.

Obviously, the head of the hyenas was not as good as Chen Qi thought. After looking at this strange ice wall, which seems to be much thicker, several heads of hyenas came out behind it. They nodded slightly towards the head of the hyenas and then rushed towards the ice wall.

Perhaps it was because I experienced an attack on the ice wall and knew that the beast people standing on the wall had a bow and arrow that could attack from a long distance. Therefore, even if they rushed towards the wall, their heads were always half-lowered, and their eyes were slightly pulled down, preventing any attack from hitting their fragile eyes.

When these hyenas started to charge, Ake jumped onto the battlements. He stood upright with his back and waist, with an arrow barrel full of arrows on his back. The arrows of his arrows were made of bone. From summer till now, he polished them slowly whenever he was free. He especially liked to collect all kinds of animal bones to make them. In addition to the large arrow barrel full on his back, several bundles of the same arrows were placed under his feet.

Ake pulled out an arrow and pulled the bow cleanly. When he saw the oncoming hyenas, his eyes were still a little excited. He hadn't felt this way for a long time since he couldn't enter the forest to hunt for dragons. It seemed that the blood that had been calm for a long time was boiling up at the moment. He licked his slightly dry lip angle and kept his eyes tightly fixed on the hyenas' movements. He didn't hesitate to loosen his arrow-holding hand until the hyenas running in front entered his attack range.

"Whew," accompanied by a sound of surprises, the arrows went straight towards the hyenas. Soon they heard a crunchy sound. The arrows left a pink mark on the hard scales of the hyenas, and then they fell to the ground. The hyenas suffered from pain. The movement paused because of the arrow and was soon overtaken by the companions behind them.

The attacked hyenas quickly reacted, growled angrily, took up their limbs and continued to rush forward.

Ake gave a light tut and jumped down from the battlements. He said with a little regret: "These arrows are not strong enough to break even the scales of hyenas."

Originally still surprised Ake archery and strong a lot of Chen Qi eyes gave him a complex look, so far range for he estimates that even the hyenas fur can't touch.

"Chen Qi, do you want to try the power of these siege crossbows?" Standing on the other side of the tree eager to ask.

Chen Qi shook his head. "These hyenas have traps in front of them. They will fall directly in their direction."

Chen Qi's voice just fell, and sure enough the hyenas fell into the trap one after another. Then he heard several angry animal roars from under the trap.

Looking at the men who suddenly disappeared from the ground, the hyenas leader's eyes flashed a trace of surprise. The giant wolf god also seemed to feel a little strange about this phenomenon. He asked the male hyenas to put themselves down and take a few steps forward to see what was going on. However, the trap was dug deep and nothing could be seen except the angry roar.

Behind the head of the hyenas, another group of hyenas came out. The number of hyenas this time was a little more than before. They did not move forward as fast as the first group of hyenas. Moreover, the hyenas also kept a long distance away from each other. Even if they encountered a trap again, they would not fall into the trap like the others before, even if they could not do a stop buffer.

Seeing the hyenas coming again, Chen Qi nodded to the waiting Ashu. Ashu received the order and excitedly pointed the crossbow with the best arrow at the oncoming hyenas.

The cross bow has a much longer range than the wooden bow. Before the hyenas reach the position of the first trap, they "whew" twice. Chen Qi's left and right cross bows shoot out at the same time. They hit the front hyenas one after the other. One arrow hits the hyenas' forelegs and one arrow hits the other's flanks. Both arrows are bone arrows with greater strength. They break through the hyenas' scales and penetrate into the meat. The blood will soon stain the silver scales around them.

Hyenas obviously didn't expect that the arrows that didn't do any harm would have such power before, plus the front leg injury, they fell straight to the ground, just wanted to look up to see what hurt themselves, only to see another arrow shot coming, straight into each other's eyes, hyenas could not care for the wound on their bodies, whining and rolling, then fell into the trap that had been exposed.

The hyenas, who had fallen into the trap ahead of time, obviously didn't expect a blood-covered companion to fall in. Then another roar sounded from under the trap.

Ake succeeded with one arrow, drew the full bow again, and continued to do the same when another crossbow knocked the hyenas to the ground. Soon two or three heads of the rushed hyenas fell to the ground, while the others fell into the traps that had not yet been exposed.

Also because of the impact, in addition to the two or three traps near the innermost part of the wall have not been exposed, hyenas have been able to see deep holes in this road.

Chen Qi looked thoughtfully at the snares that kept roaring and said with uncertainty, "Do you think these hyenas are all running towards one place, as if they are deliberately testing."

Because he shot several hyenas in succession, Ake stopped jumping off the battlements. Seeing the hyenas no longer coming, he sat cross-legged directly and was not afraid of the cold wall made of ice. Hearing Chen Qi's words, Ake froze, "Can't you?"

Aze, who had been watching the war, was silent for a moment and slowly said, "They are exploring."

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