After two waves of hyenas exploring the road, the hyenas did not move. After waiting for an hour or two, the leaders of the other three walls gathered one after another.

"They only made two tentative attacks at the main entrance and nothing happened. The other three-sided hyenas did not move. What are you going to do?" Seeing the current situation, Azhang was very confused.

"The last time they attacked our tribe, they also sent hyenas to break a gap in the wall before they started their operations." Axu described the night attack on the Luoshui tribe to the public shortly after he came here, but he still could not understand the movements of the hyenas.

"Are they going to use the old methods to break the wall?"

"The city wall is inlaid with defensive stakes. If the hyenas are going to smash the ice with their bodies like the last time, are they going to be pierced by those stakes?" After all, those wooden stakes are all made of the hardest wood, and there are some extremely sharp iron bars interspersed among them. If hyenas dare to hit them with all their strength, they will be peeled off even if they do not die.

"Do you think . . ." After listening to the discussion, Chen Qi was silent for a while, then paused, then frowned and said his guess, "These hyenas seem to have thinking?"

Yes, thinking. Chen Qi still remembers the scene when he saw the hyenas for the first time. At that time, the hyenas were hunting for creatures on the plains. However fierce it looked at that time, the feeling to Chen Qi was that it was a beast, a beast ambushing its prey in order to survive cleverly. It was not much different from the beast in the animal documentary he had seen on TV before.

However, the second encounter with the hyenas was already when the hyenas sneaked into the walls they built using their ability to dig holes. At that time, although the hyenas were still beast-like, they obviously gave Chen Qi the feeling of being very clever and cunning. They seemed to take into account everything from attack to retreat. Chen Qi was very concerned about this kind of behavior, which was too human.

Now, the hyenas trapped outside are not so much a group of wild animals as a well-trained army, and their leader is the commander. They will not act unless ordered. After being ordered, even if death is ahead, they will march forward without hesitation. They even know how to learn from experience and lessons. The second group of hyenas will obviously take the initiative to bypass those traps.

Is this still a beast known to Chen Qi?

After hearing Chen Qi's analysis, everyone fell into silence.

Looking at Chen Qi with a frown and a tangled face, Aze reached out and grasped the other's tightly covered wrist. "No matter what they are, they are our enemies. This is impossible to change."

The hyenas will die if they do not attack the Beastmen, and the Beastmen will die if they do not resist. Nature's choice does not make them coexist peacefully just because they know each other.

"here they come again." Ake, still sitting on the battlements, interrupted the discussion.

The crowd quickly perked up and looked out of the city. They saw another group of hyenas coming up from behind. The number of hyenas this time was more than that of the previous two. There were hundreds of positions. They rushed straight at the city with great force and raised a cloud of snow dust behind them.

The attack and defense are still the same as before. First-class hyenas enter the attack range of the crossbow, and the beast guards on the front door begin to bend the bow and build arrows at the same time. First-class hyenas raise their heads and numerous wooden arrows shoot straight at them.

However, this time the hyenas are obviously prepared. No matter how badly injured they are, they will no longer easily expose their fragile eyes and throats to the bow and arrow of the Beastmen. When seeing them flexibly bypass the exposed traps and break through the first line of Abatis's defense, Chen Qi nods to Aze nearby, "Light Abatis."

When Aze heard this, he and the other two females picked up a special rocket arrow next to him and lit it on the fire plate next to him.

"Whew, whew", three arrows with fire landed on the first Abatis accurately, then three fell on the side of the place, was specially treated wood burning for a while, before the hyenas rushed to the front suddenly burst into flames, the fire started from the ignited Abatis, quickly spread to the Abatis adjacent to it, within a few minutes, around the whole Qi Ze City began to ignite a circle of fire.

Originally, I saw that I had broken through all the holes on the ground and was going to approach the hyenas in front of the wall. because of the sudden flame, the beasts had a natural fear of fire. this was the nature carved into their bones. even if the leader's orders came to a halt, the crossbows on the wall took advantage of this opportunity to shoot with arrows. many hyenas leaning in front wanted to avoid the oncoming arrows, and wanted to stay away from the heat wave near at hand. they began to move toward the flat snow. there was no doubt that there were several heavy objects falling to the ground and hyenas.

For the safety of the tribe, places outside Abatis within the range of archery will be hollowed out by the beast people long ago. If the hyenas dare to spread out and attack from the tribe. It is estimated that half of the hyenas' bodies are needed to fill up these holes.

I don't know if the hyenas leader saw anything, obviously the hyenas leader didn't intend to sacrifice so many of his subordinates, and seemed to have made up his mind and the road just explored with the bodies of hyenas.

The attack of hyenas was stopped because of Abatis. Although the number of hyenas in the third wave was much higher, they were still knocked to the ground with bows and arrows when the other side rushed to the last hurdle.

In addition to the more and more exposed pits, the road the hyenas tread has been dyed red with their blood, and from a distance it looks like a slightly mottled blood road.

The chief of the hyenas narrowed his eyes and looked at the fire wall in front of his subordinates. He neither ordered them to rush by force nor ordered them to withdraw. He just stood and watched silently until all the hyenas were shot down by arrows.

This time it did not order another attack, so it stopped to confront the beasts on the wall, as if it were back to the day when it confronted the Lion Wolf Tribe.

Until the dark, hyenas did not attack again, Azhang let people take turns to rest, although Chen Qi wanted to stay, but his body is not as strong as the females, especially after a fall in the dark suddenly dropped a few degrees of temperature, coupled with the cold wind on the wall that kept drilling into the body in all directions, finally had to return to the tribe. However, before leaving, Azhang also found out that the hyenas had the intention to attack and must send someone to tell him.

Azhang naturally understands the seriousness of this matter. There is no one here who knows how to use those traps better than Chen Qi. Even though they have discussed several defense plans again, they finally solemnly promised to send someone to find Chen Qi once Hyenas have taken action. Chen Qi was relieved and Aze left.

Because they would go to the city wall again at any time, the two did not hide in the cellar of the school, but returned to their home. Aze helped Chen Qi burn hot water and soak his frozen body before simply eating something and lying on the warm bed of the heated kang to rest.

This time the hyenas stopped for three days without any action. During this time there was a snowstorm. Abatis had long been burned out and turned into a thin layer of black carbon ash, which was covered by the snowstorm. If it weren't for the hissing roar of hyenas from time to time coming from under the potholes, and the hyenas that seemed to be carved in ice in the distance, Chen Qi almost thought that the threat of Qi Ze City had been lifted.

Almost at noon on the fourth day, the hyenas finally moved again, still the main entrance, still the road that had already exposed the trap by falling into several heads of hyenas. This time, it was no longer hyenas but a group of ankylosaurs that led the way.

"How is Ankylosaurus?" Beasts on the city wall looked at the ankylosaurus slowly coming out from behind the hyenas are stunned, his face is becoming more and more dignified.

Beasts who had been resting in batches returned to their posts one after another. Their hearts were more nervous than the hyenas when they came here on the first day, and they felt vaguely that something was coming.

This time, there are also quite a number of ankylosaurus. A rough estimate is that there are hundreds of positions. In addition to ankylosaurus, there are also a group of hyenas with 200 to 300 heads.

Different from the previous tentative skirmishes, it seems that the hyenas are going to launch a real attack.

Chen Qi glanced at the Beastmen who had gathered back to the main gate because there were no hyenas attacking the other walls. "This time I'm afraid the traps can't hold them back." The previous trap was to kill hyenas, but the main purpose was to intimidate more hyenas. Chen Qi knew hyenas were smart, and he hoped that these hyenas would be frightened away by these annoying traps. Obviously, it is impossible now.

"Whew" A huge crossbow arrow shot the armored dragon running in the front. A clear and crisp crash accompanied by several sparks. The armored dragon's body was staggered by the sudden arrow impact. Then it quickly stabilized its body and continued to follow the troops around the traps.

Not the kui is the world's hardest scales dragon, crossbow arrows in addition to hit a dark red marks on the other side of the breastplate, simply can't even destroy the breastplate, and their fragile eyes have been hung low, can't find any flaw.

The Ankylosaurus and the hyenas behind them easily broke the place where Abatis had been loaded, and they were about to rush to the front of the city wall.

"Release the arrow."

With Chen Qi's orders, a row of rockets rustled down and hit the poorly placed deer in the second row respectively. Flames accompanied by bursts of explosions sounded in the group of armored dragons. Although for the thick-skinned armored dragons, these small explosions did not cause too much damage to them, but obviously this unnatural sound caused real shock to them. They no longer rushed forward in an orderly and undivided manner. But in order to avoid these explosions and the sharp stones scattered along with the explosions, they began to clash left and right. The traps and holes around them were crushed one by one. They could no longer tell whether there were any traps around them, and one by one fell into the huge holes.

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