The explosion appeared and disappeared quickly. Although most dragons were frightened by the explosion and fell into pits or were shot to the ground by arrows, some of them crossed the final barrier and came under the ice wall.

The first armored dragon, relying on its own hard armor, regardless of the direct impact on the wall of the ice city, the longest sharp bamboo stick collided with the armor. Although it blocked part of the impact force, it still could not help the huge impact and broke in the middle.

But unfortunately, buried with this bamboo stick is another sharp iron bar forged from the iron armor of Ankylosaurus. After forging, the iron bar is harder than the original hardness of Ankylosaurus, and it abruptly pierced the iron armor of Ankylosaurus. The Ankylosaurus was unable to unload, so it was nailed to the wall of Ice City alive.

Ankylosaurus screamed in a low voice in pain, but its limbs were short and it could not reach the wall. it wanted to retreat. however, the iron bar was barbed. when it moved, the flesh on the wound was torn to pieces. finally, the two hyenas coming up behind grabbed each other's hind legs with their mouths and pulled out ankylosaurus.

At the back of the ankylosaurus looked at did not dare to like before straight wait for a while hit forward, their armor is strong, arrows can't do too much damage to them, body shape is bigger than the hyenas, so began to slowly together, will catch up behind hyenas in the body.

Behind the hyenas began to walk out of a group of ankylosaurus and hyenas, their number is more than before, this time the road to the wall has been opened by a group of dragons, ankylosaurus and tightly protect the hyenas in the body, siege crossbow arrows do not do too much damage to them, so this group of dragons through the road full of holes did not suffer too much damage.

"What now?" Azhang jumped down from the nearby battlements, pinned the wooden bow behind him with a backhand and hurried to Chen Qi's side to ask.

"Wait a minute." Chen Qi looks dignified and looks at the second batch of dragon group getting closer and closer to sink a track.

Hyenas' claws are sharper than those of Ankylosaurus. They dare not directly hit the wooden iron rods buried on the wall of the ice city. After wandering around the wall for a while, they began to extend their claws under the cover of Ankylosaurus to disturb the ice on the wall of the city.

The sharp claws can only leave scratches on the wall at first, and when hyenas find a way, the ice on the wall starts to peel off one by one.

Beasts on the wall felt a little anxious when they saw this situation. They didn't get the next order, but they were calm and did not take any action. Only a few of them could not restrain their temper and harassed them with bows and arrows, but they were all blocked by the surrounding armored dragons.

In the anxious eyes of the beast people, the dragon group behind the support also caught up. They gathered closely at the foot of the city wall. There were no holes and traps under the city wall. The hyenas lined up after exploring a safe place, intending to enlarge the area destroyed by the city wall.

Several hyenas were escorted by the armored dragons to the only gate. The outer edge of the gate was covered with a layer of iron sheet with many protruding spikes. The dragons did not dare to bump into the gate, but they did not do much harm to the gate except scratching out some unbearable sounds. Seeing hyenas destroying the wall of the ice wall had already made good gains. They could only give up the gate, which looked particularly abrupt on the wall of the ice city, and returned to the busy dragon group.

"now, pour the grease." Chen Qi nodded slightly to Azhang nearby.

Several large pottery were burned and still bubbling grease poured down from the wall, spilling onto the dragons under the wall. Then, inflammable wood chips mixed with rubber fruits and some dry vines were thickly stained on the ankylosaurus. The ignited rockets flew down all over the sky. The ankylosaurus, which had been protected by the hyenas, was instantly ignited. The smell of flesh burning mixed with shrieks and spread as the flames rose.

Ankylosaurus began to run in all directions. Some of them even ran against the wall recklessly in the hope that the cold wall would lower their temperature or rub off something burning on them.

These wood chips mixed with rubber fruits are specially selected. This wood is characterized by flammability and flame resistance. The temperature during combustion is higher than that of ordinary wood. This wood is used as fuel when forging iron armor.

Because the addition of rubber increases the stickiness, it is very difficult to get rid of the sawdust only by the twisting of the ankylosaurus body, and according to the burning resistance of the wood, it is absolutely no problem to burn it for half an hour.

Without the protection of Ankylosaurus, the hyenas were once again exposed to bows and arrows. Unfortunately, they were tightly against the wall. It was difficult for the siege crossbow to aim at this angle. The hyenas had already dug a small gap in the wall during this period of time. The stake there had been tilted by the chaotic Ankylosaurus just now. The hyenas responsible for digging hid half of their bodies in the gap under the dumping of the second wave of grease and sawdust.

"Hyenas have entered the city wall." Axu, who has been keeping an eye on the dynamics of the hyenas, said to the crowd, because of the angle, the hyenas that rushed into the gap first were guarded by the hyenas behind and went into the gap for some distance. When the hyenas were rekindled, it had completely hid in the dug gap.

Hyenas are not in a hurry to break through the wall, but to continue to dig around, when those who were lit hyenas have fallen, the ice wall gap has opened two or three meters wide, and several head hyenas followed crowded in.

I don't know whether those armored dragons intentionally or unintentionally, but they trampled all the traps not far from the city wall when they fled back with flames.

With the wall itself blocking, hyenas entering the wall can no longer be attacked, and the Beastmen on the wall can only focus on those dragons within the range of bow and arrow attacks.

This time the attack, until the several head broke into the wall of the hyenas will be completely through the wall, finally will be the last head of the hyenas scurrying around to the ground, during the hyenas leader did not send dragons to attack, also did not let these burned dark subordinates to retreat.

Azhang with a small group of Beastmen jumped off the ice wall and disposed of the hyenas.

Chen Qi asked some people to return to the inner wall along the aerial rope bridge.

I didn't think even fire could scare off these hyenas, and Chen Qi's eyebrows were screwed together by this deadly attack method of hyenas. They broke the ice wall with only a few hundred heads of ankylosaurus and hyenas, but looked at the number of hyenas still not reduced much. Is the remaining inner wall and traps enough to stop these hyenas?

Chen Qi looked up and looked at the dark group of hyenas outside the city. He didn't expect that he was looking into the eyes of a penetrating person. It was already good to see the body of the hyenas with Chen Qi's vision. It was impossible to look into the eyes of one of the hyenas. However, Chen Qi knew that the head of the hyenas was looking at himself.

Because in the outdoor, even if Chen Qi was wrapped in animal skins, his body was still very cold, but at this time he felt a cold sweat coming out from behind by the sight.

"Chen Qi." A panicked voice sounded. Chen Qi was thrown down by a warm embrace on the cold wall and rolled several times. Before Chen Qi could return to absolute being, the man had released himself. Several surprises were accompanied by a bird song. Chen Qi looked down the voice and saw a few drops of blood dripping on his face, followed by a rapidly rising fiery figure.

Letter eagle? Don't believe eagles don't attack living creatures?

"Are you all right?" After repelling the sudden attack of Xin Ying, Aze turned back to check Chen Qi's situation and was relieved to find that there was no scar on the other side.

A loud landing sound sounded not far away. A huge wind almost blew Chen Qi's cape hood off. Aze hurriedly helped the other side to hold it down and tilted slightly for Chen Qi to block the ice slag blowing here.

Chen Qi looked in the direction of the huge wind and saw that the flamingo bird that had just intended to attack himself was fluttering on the wall of the nearby ice city, with a crossbow arrow on its body.

Axu let go of his controlled crossbow and rushed to the front of Xin Ying. He stepped on the wings of the other party, which were still fluttering. His sharp fingers had already severed the slender neck of the other party. He threw Xin Ying's head out of the city. He walked to the front of Chen Qi and said to Aze, "Please take Chen Qi back to the inner city wall first and give it to me."

Aze nodded, shouldering Chen Qi and planning to leave along the rope bridge.

"If the city wall has a tendency to collapse, you must withdraw as soon as possible." Before leaving, Chen Qi confessed to Axu.

"I will." Axu promised and returned to the crossbow he had just used.

After the wall was broken, the head of the hyenas finally began to move. More than half of the other hyenas surrounded on three sides withdrew to the front door. The head of the hyenas raised his face with a loud roar. The sound of the beasts spread far away with the cold wind, and even the beasts hiding in the cellar could hear it clearly.

A female took the males who were helping to make food outside back to the cellar and whispered to Ali about the situation outside. then he disguised the hole outside the cellar and sprinkled fresh fig juice all around the school.

No one found, just follow Ali left the cellar of young wolf did not follow the people back, it ran out from behind the school to bypass the line of sight of all, looked in a hidden corner in the direction of the tribal front door, looked at it for more than an hour, until many Beastmen have withdrawn the inner wall to rearrange the preparation for battle, young wolf this just began to take off his fur clothing.

Although the fur coat was just made to fit, it was not difficult to take it off. The pink flesh without any hair was soon exposed to the cold air. The pup could not help shuddering and then howled upwards. The sound was not like its usual howl of wolves or the cry of any other animal. Although the pup was a little sharp because of its young age, it was very comfortable to listen, just like a warm spring gently brushed over the heartstrings of the beast people.

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