Aze, who had just returned Chen Qi to the inner wall, frowned at the sound. Ake turned back just in time to look at each other. Aze sipped his lip and whispered to Ake, "It's a wolf."

Ake nodded and handed a siege crossbow that had just been moved back to Ashu, who came over. Then Ake patted Aze on the shoulder, "I'll go and have a look." With that, he slipped down the wall flexibly along the rope ladder on the wall and ran to the nearby buildings.

Azhang began to redistribute the withdrawn Beastmen. If hyenas rushed in, they could attack the Beastmen in front and behind the ice wall.

As the hyenas leader's roar fell, a large group of hyenas began to twist, forelimbs also excitedly digging in the snow at the foot of a few times, the breath of nasal cavity formed plumes of white fog, let their line of sight become unreal, staring at the ice wall eyes began to diffuse a little bit of red light, tail once swinging, all sending out the excitement of hide.

Originally stood lazily giant Wolf god saw this scene is a bit boring and the pie mouth, at that time a gust of cold wind blowing, mixed in the familiar voice of the wind let giant Wolf god shivered, its eyes looked blankly in the direction of the ice wall, that makes its soul pins and needles of voice is clearly coming from the strange Beastmen tribe.

The voice that belongs to the cub alone is not clear because it is too far away, and this is the timbre hidden in the blood of the giant wolf god. no one can understand the meaning except the giant wolf god.

It always thought that the cub kept by the Beastmen could not survive the first molting without the clansmen around, but the other was adopted by the Beastmen in this strange tribe.

Unexpectedly, in addition to himself, there are still living pure blood giant wolf gods in this world.

The giant wolf god's expression was only dazed for a moment when he was interrupted by the chief hyenas, who had been ordered to launch a general attack. he had no time to think about it. he threw down the unsuspecting chief hyenas on the ground in a swoop, and his sharp teeth moved gently between each other's necks. "let's go back to the forest."

The hyena leader neither struggled nor let other hyenas drag away the giant wolf god who dared to press on himself. his crimson eyes just looked at each other silently, "reason."

"enough Beastmen have been hunted this winter. this tribe is so interesting. now you've killed them all, and you won't have to play in the next winter." Giant Wolf God's warm tongue gently licked each other's cold and hard scales, saying words like whispers between lovers. The cub inside has not yet grown up. It does not understand why Chen did not take the cub away, but the cub cannot let the hyenas in front of him find that it is the only pure blood that has not been polluted.

"Isn't there another interesting tribe?" The hyena leader did not let go.

The attacking hyenas rushed into the ice wall. The small gap in the wall of the ice city was enlarged by the later hyenas. The Beastmen still on the wall already felt the wall shaking. Axu dared not stay longer and waved the Beastmen still on the main gate wall to withdraw to the left and right walls with the rest of their weapons.

The giant wolf god knows that it is impossible to stop the hyenas so easily after the leader of the hyenas gets excited. although there are many hyenas in this batch, there are still more hyenas that have not been brought out of the forest. even if this seemingly small tribe destroys this batch of hyenas, it will not grieve.

The giant wolf god folded up and suppressed each other's front paws. he lowered his eyes and made an act of obedience. "I'm dying. the final burial place for generations of giant wolf god is Sanchen river. now it's still some time before summer. I want to finish my last duty in the end."

The hyena leader stood up slowly. He looked down at the giant wolf god who had never obeyed since he was captured. At the moment, the other side was so humbly lying at his feet, a former Ajing of a race given the name "God".

"Do you want to protect Sanchen River?" The voice of the head of the hyenas had no emotion. It was as cold as the iceberg beside the San Chen River, which had not melted for ten thousand years.

"Yes, I am willing to let the water of the San Chen River return to its original shape."

"Don't you want to die, even if you eat Beastmen, you will live?" The hyenas leader looked at each other coldly, then raised the giant wolf's jaw with his tail and let each other look directly at himself, "don't you want to be a Beastmen?"

The giant wolf god's eyes were calm. "I have eaten enough Beastmen, but I still haven't become a Beastmen. Legends are legends and cannot be taken seriously."

The head of the hyenas looked at each other with fixed eyes and gave a long, gentle snort. "Then you can die. If you die, the hyenas are the overlords of the forest."

The male hyenas, who had been watching nearby, received a message from the head of the hyenas and sent a retreat signal to the sky. With the huge sound of the front ice wall collapsing due to the growing gap below, the armored dragons and hyenas, which had been pouring towards the Beastmen tribe, stopped their movements one after another and then retreated like a flood.

Looking at the returning hyenas, the giant wolf god secretly breathed a sigh of relief. the voice of the cubs in the wind had stopped. it slowly stood up and returned to its original languid appearance. it also motioned for its own exclusive mount to get down so that it could sit on it. When he had found a comfortable place to sit, he looked at the hyenas leader and said, "next winter, maybe you can really take shape."

"I'm not the only one. I believe many ethnic groups can transform themselves." The head of the hyenas looked at the group of hyenas that had returned, confident and firm in tone. He worked hard for a long time to achieve this goal, and he also believed that he could do it, but there was an accident in the middle that delayed his plan a little. After swinging his tail, the hyenas leader turned and headed for the forest, "thanks to your cooperation."

"What would you say if Chen came back to see this?" The hyenas chief stuck out his tongue and licked his lip corner. "I'm really looking forward to it."


When Ake found the pup, the other party had stopped yelling. There were fine white hairs growing on the pink, hairless skin. Its back was slightly arched, its limbs stretched very straight, and the nails on its claws appeared. Its face was a bit ferocious, and it looked like it was in pain.

Traces of blood oozed out of the pores of the young wolf's growing hair and dyed his otherwise beautiful white hair mottled red. seeing the miserable appearance of the other party, Ake felt a pinch in his heart and hurriedly walked over to take off his cloak and put it on the other party. "how are you, wolf?"

The young wolf cried sadly when he saw it was Ake. Then he turned his head and pulled off his cape. It was molting and could not be covered by anything. Even if it was surrounded by freezing ice and snow, it could only bear it.

Seeing the young wolf's movements, Ake relaxed the strength of his cloak, and the cloak stained with a few traces of blood was easily pulled to the ground by the young wolf. he also stepped back a few steps and opened a distance from Accra, continuing to endure the pain of rapid growth of hair and bones.

Ake had not seen many giant wolf gods and did not quite understand the habits of giant wolf gods. although he knew that young wolf cubs were in pain at the moment, he also saw that this situation was of little help to him. even if he was anxious, he could only stand and watch quietly.

Azhang, who had found the young wolf missing, left the cellar under the protection of Ali. They did not dare to make too much noise to avoid affecting the beasts who were still fighting outside. After a turn in the tribe, Ake and the young wolf were found in a quiet corner.

At that time, the hair of the pup had grown to a finger length, and the nails of the limbs had fallen off again. At the moment, new nails were slowly growing.

"What is going on?" Ali was taken aback and hurriedly pulled Ajing to come over.

Ake briefly told the two men about the situation.

When young wolf saw Ajing coming, his head hung high and his throat was a bit hoarse. it was obviously because he dared not roar at will. he knew there were enemies outside, but he also smelled the smell of belonging to the same clan. It doesn't know what this is, just instinctively to kin for help.

Ajing squatted down and watched the pup quietly for a moment. "I'll just stay here with the pup, Ake, go back to the wall."

"Do you want to take the wolf back to the cellar first?" Ali suggested.

Ajing shook his head. "No, wolf can't go back indoors now."

Giant Wolf God was born in nature, and there was not enough strength in the room to support the other party to change the hair. Although Ajing did not quite understand it, he was the person who had the most contact with and knew the young wolf. Even though the young wolf could not speak, he could understand the meaning expressed by the other party. The other party could not go back to the room now.

Ake took one look at the two men. although he was still worried about the young wolf, the danger was still not relieved. he could not stay here for too long. he told the two men to take the young wolf back to a safe place immediately after they had changed their hair. however, he had not yet reached the bottom of the wall. a loud rumbling sound of the collapse of a heavy object came in from the outside. Ake's heart tightened and the ice wall collapsed.

The distance between the ice wall and the inner wall is not far. Apart from the moat, there is a small piece of Abatis buried with fire/medicine. The beasts of the inner wall are quietly waiting for the hyenas to step into this sunken area. This is their last defense. If the hyenas step through the moat, the beasts will have to fight with the hyenas.

However, the mighty hyenas suddenly retreated after collapsing the ice wall, because the collapse of the ice wall left no shelter, and even the beasts of the inner wall could easily see the retreat of the hyenas outside.

"What's going on?" Ake, who had just returned to the city wall, saw the situation and asked doubtfully the Beastmen standing closest to him.

"Hyenas seem . . . to have retreated."

In the puzzled eyes of the beast people, not only the hyenas in front of the main gate, but also the hyenas that have been surrounded on three sides quickly returned to the queue. Their speed is very slow, but they are indeed walking towards the direction of the forest.

Axu stopped the attack on the wall of the ice city when the hyenas withdrew, until the figure of the hyenas disappeared completely behind the horizon and the tense nerves of the hyenas finally relaxed. It was not many days before summer. If the hyenas really returned to the forest, it would prove that they were safe.

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