The Beastmen on the city wall were tightly guarded until the sun rose the next day and did not see any sign of the hyenas turning back. Azhang arranged a small group of people to follow the footprints of the hyenas until they found that the footprints really disappeared at the entrance of the forest.

Unexpectedly, the hyenas actually retreated. Under the siege of countless hyenas, the beast people in Qi Ze City were unscathed. Whether it was the beast people in Qi Ze City or the beast people in the newly added Luoshui tribe, it was totally unthinkable before today. The beast people were still a little dazed at the news that the hyenas had retreated so easily.

The molting process of the pup lasted until the middle of the month. Ajing took him home to clean the blood on his hair and fell into a deep sleep. This sleep fully lasted until summer came.

Most of the dragons that fell into the pit were still alive, some of them were seriously wounded by arrows and bleeding, and some of them just slipped and fell down. No matter their energy or physical strength, they were not weakened too much by being trapped. It took the Beastmen a whole day to dispose of all the dragons.

After confirming that the hyenas would not turn back, the beasts hiding in the cellar also came out one after another. Ka Luo's eyes were filled with fog when he saw Ake unscathed. He thought this time he would come to himself with blood, just like last time. Even though he was prepared for the worst in his heart, he could not help crying at the moment when he saw Ake standing in front of him as usual.

Ake held each other and the obsidian in each other's arms in his arms. To be honest, when he saw such a large group of hyenas, he once thought that it was the last time in his life to see Ka Luo when he sent him to the cellar. He held the two men in his arms at the moment and finally felt a little more secure.

"I will fight with you next time." Ka Luo buried his head between each other's necks and said in a muffled voice. Although he did not take part in this defensive war, he knew that Chen Qi and Ye Huo had been fighting in the front line. The huge number of victories also gave Ka Luo confidence and made him understand that even males who could not be domesticated could fight side by side with females.

Of course, Ka Luo is not the only one who has this idea. The beast people hiding in the cellar all have this idea after they come out. Even this idea has taken root and sprouted in their hearts. This time the victory has become the best nutrition to nourish the young seedling, watering the newly sprouted seedling into a towering tree that cannot be sheltered.

"You need more exercise to fight." Before Ake could answer, Chen Qi, who was just coming, smiled at Ka Luo's words and replied.

With the shelter of the surrounding houses, the cold wind here is not as big as that on the wall. Chen Qi has untied the mask that has been hanging on his face, and his face is not hurt by the cold wind except that it is a little infrared. During the past year, his physical fitness has been improved by daily and uninterrupted exercise, which is also his performance of fighting for several days in a row. Relatively speaking, Ka Luo and Ali have been busy teaching new ethnic groups and all sorts of miscellaneous things in the tribe since the summer. The physical strength required to continue fighting for several days is no longer comparable to Chen Qi's.

"I will, call me next time you exercise." Ka Luo nodded firmly.

"Maybe you can call us." Ye Huo, as a male, does not need to go to the pit and trap outside the city to help deal with those dragons that have not yet died. When he came to help settle the little Beastmen, he heard the conversation here and came along with several males.

After several days of fighting, the fundus of Ye Huo was extremely black and blue, and his face was very pale, but the joy between his brow and eyes could not be concealed, even with a hint of excitement. Although he only helped operate a siege crossbow, it was the first time that he really felt the feeling of hyenas being knocked down. At that moment, he felt that his whole blood was boiling up.

"After that, in addition to writing, there will be several more outdoor classes every day." Chen Qi looked at the gathered animals and did not attack their enthusiasm. After all, it was a long-distance battle with weapons. No matter whether male or female, there was not much difference for him. Qi Ze City was originally small in number. If everyone could take part in the battle, the next time the hyenas came again, it would also relieve the pressure on the females.

After returning home, Chen Qi looked at the whelp. He had heard Ake say something about the whelp. At the moment, he saw the whelp lying quietly on the bed of the fire bed. He couldn't imagine the miserable appearance of the other party when they changed hair.

Stretched out his hand and gently touched each other's white and soft hair, found that each other's body is much stronger than a few days ago, but also a circle, maybe now stand up to be higher than Ajing.

"Don't worry, it's just asleep." Aze comfortingly patted Chen Qi on the shoulder.

Ajing saw a flash of joy in their eyes when they came back. Although he did not go out because he had to take care of the wolf, his ears were very strong, and the voices of hyenas' retreat and victory had long been heard outside. Seeing Chen Qi's face flushed with cold, he quickly got up and cooked a bowl of ginger soup for the two to dispel the cold.

"Do you think the retreat of hyenas has anything to do with wolves?" Chen Qi got up and covered the young wolf with the skin that had been warmed up. He gently asked the people around him. Although the distance was far away, he clearly saw the shadow of the giant wolf in the hyenas at that time.

"Maybe." The hyenas' departure took place after the roar of the pups. Aze was not sure whether there was a relationship between the two.

Chen Qi looked up at each other and did not speak again.

After disposing of the hyenas and ankylosaurs that were still alive in the pit trap, the beast people took turns to have a good rest all night. As a result, a snowstorm broke out the next day. The dragon bodies outside the gate were buried by the snowstorm and turned into snow-white mounds. Even the blood under the snow was buried.

After the snowstorm stopped, the beast people gathered all the dragon bodies together, with a total of 500 or 600 heads, and piled up a mountain as high as an ice wall.

Every day Azhang will let the patrol animals go to the edge of the forest to check the situation. After all, it is too close to the forest for fear that the hyenas will turn back halfway. The collapsed ice wall was not rebuilt, but the traps outside were re-integrated to prevent scattered dragons from passing by.

The only harvest of this battle is probably the hundreds of heads of ironclad armor. With this batch of ironclad armor, they will be able to make many weapons when summer comes. At least it is no problem to replace all arrows with iron ones.

While the Beastmen in Qi Ze City were replenishing their equipment and fixing traps and handling the pile of dragon bodies, the last day came quietly and silently. The rumbling sound of the collapse of the ice wall came down to Dora Plain with the morning light. Many fires were lit on the inner wall, enough to light up the nearby ice wall. Chen Qi and Aze waited on the wall early in the morning. Last year, he was a little flustered by the sudden collapse of the ice wall. But this time, due to preparation in advance, the huge water flow all converged into the moat and could not reach the inner wall at all.

"I didn't expect such a strong wall of ice to melt as soon as it melted. Is there anything different about this snow?" Even watching Chen Qi again was still shocked by this scene.

"Nothing different." Hearing Chen Qi's question, Aze wanted to think and answered earnestly.

Chen Qi felt a little funny when he looked at each other with a straight face.

Because it is a moonless day, the plain is shrouded in darkness. When the sun rises, the snow around it has all melted away. Not only is the moat, but also all the potholes outside are filled with water. However, before Chen Qi can have a good look at the changes on the day of the transition between winter and summer, the thick dark clouds in the sky have covered the sun that just got up a short time ago.

At first it was just a gust of wind, then came the sound of thunder from a distance. It was only a short distance from the city wall back home that the torrential rain poured down. The Beastmen who came back a few steps late were drenched in water in an instant.

Aze's fur has been collected, and Chen Qi took the other party to the bathroom to take a bath, then changed into a light summer suit. No longer need to layer upon layer to cover their skins, Chen Qi felt the whole people are relaxed a lot.

The Lion Wolf Tribe without moat was not so lucky. the terrain in the tribe was already somewhat shorter than the plain outside, plus the three tall outer walls that were built later, all the water that melted instantly poured back into the tribe. the beast people living in the periphery of the tribe were all dizzy with the water, and some choked with dirty water due to panic. only those who responded quickly and ran to the roof avoided the disaster.

Fortunately, the space in the tribe was large enough and the water was quickly diverted away without causing too many casualties. The torrential rain that followed for several days made the beasts of the Lion Wolf Tribe miserable.

The Lion Wolf Tribe does not have drainage channels like Qi Ze City. In addition, there are already a large number of people who do not have houses to live in. The houses have just been wetted by the ice water from the ice wall. After that, the continuous torrential rain has accumulated water as high as calves in the whole tribe. Many frail beasts have started to heat up.

"What now?" Looking at the lightning that seemed to strike at any moment, Yu asked anxiously.

The people of the Flame Hill tribe have their own houses because they were the first to merge. But now, because of the rain and accumulated water, there is no dry place in the house, even the fire can't be lit, and even the several males lying on the flagstone bed with high fever are full of water vapor.

The color of Ayan's eyes went out clearly. "Find some people to go to the forest with the Lion Wolf Tribe to find hot grass." After thinking for a long time, Ayan looked around at the people and said.

The others were silent. They had seen the huge number of hyenas this winter. They heard the male of the Lion Wolf Tribe say that the hot grass generally grows in the deep forest. If the Beastmen sent to look for the hot grass can come back, it is still possible. But looking at more and more people who fell due to the high heat, they also knew that the forest must be entered.

"I'll go." Ayu looked at Ayan, eyes firmly tunnel.

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