The thunderstorm lasted for three days and three nights, and the young wolf woke up on the day when the ice wall collapsed. his eyes were covered with thick dark gold. when he looked at people quietly, he would radiate a kind of general coercion of staying in the upper position, which would make people unable to look directly at him. only when Chen Qi shouted the name of the other party, he would instantly change back to the original stupid appearance, just like husky who had grown up for a circle.

Chen Qi put a large pan of fried dolphin and dragon meat in front of the young wolf. The young wolf rubbed against Chen Qi's palm. Only then did he happily pick up a piece of meat and swallow it before he could chew it. He looked hungry and malicious.

"Eat slowly." Chen Qi rubbed his little Wolf cub head long hair, told a way.

The young wolf responded in a low voice, and the speed of eating slowed down a lot.

Aze pushed open the door and came in. He was wearing a coir raincoat and a straw hat coated with several layers of waterproof glue fruit juice. As soon as the door was opened, strong winds and rain poured into the door, wetting a large area of the door.

"Have the drains been cleaned?" Chen Qi picked up a clean towel and walked over to help the other party wipe the water droplets on his body.

"Well, it has been disposed of. The accumulated water in the tribe has flowed smoothly into the moat."

The melting snow and the torrential rain that suddenly fell for several days without stopping were still too much pressure on the rough drainage channels planned before. On the night when the torrential rain started, a lot of water was accumulated in the tribe, and the accumulated water on the road in front of the gate was almost deep. I'm afraid if it continues, it will directly flood into the house. Can't, Chen Qi can only take people in the rain overnight to check the drainage situation, and made a new renovation plan.

Aze worried that Chen Qi would get sick if he stayed in the rain all the time. After Chen Qi confirmed the repair plan, he drove the other party home. He took the female of the tribe and perfected the drainage channel overnight, confirming that the water accumulated in the tribe did not come back until it was slowly drained.

"It seems that there was only one rain last summer. Why did it take so long this time?" Chen Qi returned Aze to his room and asked him to change his wet clothes, muttering doubtfully.

Aze shook his head. Although the weather on the plain is sunny in most cases, there are occasional abnormal situations like this. He remembered that one summer when such heavy rain came, it rained for more than a month. All the houses in the tribe were flooded. At that time, the chief of the clan took the clansmen to shelter from the rain in the cave behind the ancestral home. Many clansmen had high fever at that time, but when the rain stopped, the fever subsided and no casualties were caused.

"Will the animals on the plain migrate back this summer?" Chen Qi moved to another topic.

The plains have been short of the footprints of biological activities for too long. Chen Qi misses those creatures that are very similar to his original world. Compared with the dragons in the forest, the creatures on the Dora plains in memory are really cute and more than a little bit. Moreover, they don't need to eat pickled meat and fish every day when they come back.

"Mmm." Aze nodded and buttoned up the new shirt. "They came back on the first day of summer, but the chances of animals appearing in the vicinity were relatively small. Perhaps the large migrating troops have not yet arrived here."

Speaking of which, Aze looked up at Chen Qi. "When the rain stops, I'll give you a hunt. What would you like to eat?"

Because he could not hunt in the forest before, he had already let Chen Qi eat fish for nearly two years. no matter how to change the way to eat, he would inevitably feel bored. whenever he thought that he could not hunt fresh prey for his partner, Aze would feel a little depressed about his lack of strength. now finally, various kinds of prey appeared on the plain. Aze could not help but want to run out and hunt a favorite prey for his partner.

Hearing Aze's words, Chen Qi's eyes flashed bright. After storage in the previous summer, Chen Qi also found a lot of seasonings and stored a lot of seasonings. In addition, his memory of the previous world is becoming clearer and clearer. Some menu steps he clearly did not do will clearly come to mind. Chen Qi can't wait to try the taste of these new dishes.

Licked already almost drooling, "I have a lot to eat, want to eat tender lambs, wild beef, rabbit meat, wart pork meat is too old, you used to hunt the kind of wild boar taste better . . ."

Chen Qi said that Aze kept his words in mind. At the end of the day, Aze looked at him helplessly. "I will hunt all the game on the plain this summer and return it to you."

"That's a good idea." Chen Qi nodded approvingly. "In this way, I can make a collection of various meat ingredients and classify the delicious ones. When the animals on the plain migrate back, we will only hunt these kinds."

"I don't know if I can catch a few animals that are easy to raise, but it is a bit troublesome in winter because it is too cold. If I can get a warm room for raising animals, then we can have fresh meat even in winter. Even if we can't hunt dragons, at least we don't need to eat fish every day."

Chen Qi said he was more excited and even picked up a pen and began to record it. "I heard that rabbits have good breeding ability, but unfortunately I haven't raised them. Let's catch some live rabbits to raise them this summer. Just don't know if they will give birth in winter, we now have a cellar to store vegetables, raising a few rabbits should be no problem . . ."

Aze indulged in watching Chen Qi pour out words and even wished he wanted to go out and hunt a few animals to come back and test his theory. He also tenderly brewed a cup of scented tea for the other party so as not to make his throat dry and uncomfortable when he said too much.

As the rain from the tribe slowly drained into the moat, the water level of the moat, which was not too high, was almost level with the ground, and the closely connected pits and traps also became reservoirs due to the rain.

As a result of the sudden rainstorm, the dragon carcasses that had not yet been disposed of were still outside the city, just worried that the carcasses would be rotted due to the gradual rise in summer temperatures and placed outside the trap, which was also cheaper for the first predators who returned to their original territory and were hungry.

A strong male cheetah returned to his former territory. The difficult migration made it very difficult and even lost its mother, but it did not make it weak. It returned to the place where it was born earlier than other cheetahs or even the elephants that led the way.

But its former territory was full of orcish air, and even a reddish-brown wall that it had never seen before appeared.

The male cheetah is a little anxious. It knows that its former territory has been occupied by Beastmen, and it can no longer stay here. The strong smell of Beastmen has already indicated that tribes have formed here, and Beastmen tribes are not allowed to stay here in danger.

The male cheetah made a circle along the reddish-brown wall at a distance, and did not care about the rain wetting his hair. The rain could also cover up its smell, so that the Beastmen could not find themselves.

All of a sudden, it saw a huge hill piled up by the bodies of hyenas not far ahead, and the energy in the flesh and blood of hyenas clearly penetrated into its nasal cavity even through the dense rain curtain.

The male cheetah looked at the situation around him, lowered his body and approached the immobile hyenas under the cover of newly emerged weeds.

Nose sniffed in these hyenas, which have clearly died for several days, blood has long been stiff, the body has begun to emit a faint smell of decay, for the male cheetah has been used to eating fresh meat, the smell makes it straight frowned.

Although it came back a little earlier than the big migrating troops, it had a good meal yesterday before leaving the big migrating troops and is not hungry now. It can wait until tomorrow when the migrating troops return to Chishui River to hunt again. So although this pile of hyenas meat looks good in energy, the male cheetah still can't let it go after a struggle.

In the end, it shook its tail, looked around at its former leader, and headed for Chishui River. Its mother's territory is opposite to Chishui River. It can inherit its mother's territory, hoping that there will not be a Beastmen tribe suddenly appearing there.

Although male cheetahs don't eat these rotten hyenas, it doesn't mean that other predators won't eat rotten meat. After the male cheetah left, several coyotes that have been closely following it emerged. This kind of guy who likes to pick up white food originally wanted to see where the male cheetah's territory is. He came to eat it when he was hungry. I didn't expect to have such a surprise just now.

Many emaciated animals like to follow large herbivores. They dare not hunt casually in the migrating large army with the small plates of coyotes. Many predators like them like to snatch some food from the cheetah, which is a predator that can hunt alone without any threat. They picked up two antelope meat behind the male cheetah yesterday and ate it. Although the hyenas robbed them later, their hunger resistance is better than that of the cheetah. The hyenas won't leave the migrating army ahead of time. The coyotes can completely take possession of the prey the male cheetah discards next time.

At the moment, seeing the food piled up into mountains, several coyotes have long left the male cheetah behind them. Without hesitation, they dragged a hyena out, tore apart the scales of the other side with great skill and began to eat.

Later came the returning lions, big-eared foxes and flying vultures. Predators who originally lived in this area did not expect to receive a free meal when they returned to their hometown. Because there were enough of them, they behaved very harmoniously, and the movement of eating was kept as low as possible, for fear of leading the animals.

Several guards who were sheltering from the rain in the watchtower on the city wall saw this scene naturally, but no one came out to stop it. The only real armour they could use for this batch of dragons had already been stripped off by them and transported back to Qi Ze City. The meat mountain was divided by these predators, which could also save them the trouble of throwing them away one after another.

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